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Gabourey Sidibe: The Big C Trailer

Gabourey Sidibe: The Big C Trailer

Gabourey Sidibe takes a nice stroll in the East Village with a friend before heading to the train on Saturday (March 27) in New York City.

The 26-year-old Precious star is joining Showtime’s dark comedy series The Big C in a recurring capacity. Gabby will play a quick-witted student opposite Laura Linney as her teacher.

Next up for Gabby is the indie drama Yelling to the Sky where she plays a teen figuring out her identity in a depraved New York neighborhood.

Check out the trailer for The Big C below!

Gabourey Sidibe in The Big C

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  • mia



    just because gabourey’s famous doesn’t give her an excuse to not try and lose weight. she should try to get healthier.

  • Ilia

    I keep hearing people say that she is a positive role-model for the young girls – why is that so? Since when did obesity become an amicable trait? I think bashing and shunning her for the physical appearance is completely uncalled for, but can we be realistic and find a middle, objective ground where there are no emotional flares on either side of the camp? This woman is not a role-model by any stretch of the imagination, but quite the contrary, she is a poster person for the heart disease. Get real people! Parents who want their daughters to emulate her need to be evaluated for mental disorders, period!

  • MajorIndulgence

    They’re saying she’s a role model because of her confidence and acceptance of herself. We KNOW she’s obese.

  • xxx

    Oh no. Please, buy a treadmill. It’s unacceptable.
    She lives in America – she has access to gyms, the outdoors, healthy eating options but she chooses to ignore that.

  • Mitchy

    She may be “obese” , but imagine how well she eats!? you know you jealous! needz me some of that bomb southern cookin’

  • sarafina

    I think she will succumb to the pressure of Hollywood, but i hope she does in her own time and for herself and for health reason.
    But in the meantime lets look at her talent, i wish her all the best in whatever she does…….

  • Katsaridoula

    she looks like a barrel

  • Natalia

    I am 200 myself and I know that I eat a lot, sometimes its scary, but I cannot even imagine how much she eats….you have to consume massive amount of food, and you have to do it alone because even when you are fat we still know we eat a lot and usually its done alone because itsshameful, she is mentaly sick person and I feel bad for her. She really needs help…:-(

  • Sallie

    That show looks GREAT! Can’t wait to see it! :) :) :) Yay!

  • Missb

    No matter whether you’re skinny or obese, you should know what you can wear and what you can’t. Leggins for her? No go!

  • jkjkhkj

    it looks like she’s barely in this show….

  • Pattycake

    Gabourey looks over her head in this…but who wouldn’t? This is Laura Linney! She is a phenomenal actress. I can’t believe she’s coming to TV. Lucky, lucky us…those of us who have Showtime.

  • Sabrina

    How mean all of you are ! I can do not believe that !
    Why do you care so much about her obesity ? No matter what it’s her life and not yours.

  • Sabrina

    How mean all of you are ! I can do not believe that !
    Why do you care so much about her obesity ? No matter what it’s her life and not yours.

  • des

    i gree w/ sabrina (post above me). its her life, not ours. thank god for that cuz, i would hate to be that gigantic!

  • #4

    But then again when the skinny ones are confident and accept theIr skinny bonny frame, there is no ‘role’ model attached to them but slurs and insults eventhough statistics clearly show that they are more death related to illness due to overweight than underweight.
    It’s the double standards to the core.
    There is ZERO tolerance for the skinny type and they have to endure the ‘skeletal’, ‘anorexic’ insults left and right and are bashed even when they show the same confidence and acceptance about their flat, skinny self (not even indulging in the breast enlargement which is the paramount of acceptance in Hollywood) and yet they are never traded as BEING A ROLE MODEL BECAUSE OF THEIR TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF THEIR OWN underweigt, flat chested FRAME under all the insults from boy’s frame, anorexic, sack of bones (hello, it’s never said ‘sack of greae/fat, and even worst, they are deprived of their ‘feminine’ worth by peiople constantly saying that a REAL woman is not like that…
    i don’t see the overweigt women being deprived of their own gender because of the excess of grease but the skinny ones are not even perceived as having their gender, as being woman, just a specy in between…the ultimate insult !.

  • nes

    I think that she should lose weight not because of what nobodys like the ones who post on JJ say to criticize her , but for her own health. She is prone to any disease with that weight she has.

    And for the rest of you criticizing her, I doubt you guys are fit so instead of criticizing her you should look at you flabby selfs before criticizing someone.

  • F

    So, yes. She is fat, get over it!

  • luisaonline

    it’s time to lose weight!!!!! Unless she wants to play the fat kid all the time!

  • juniper

    I think it is cool that she is taking the NY subway and not hiding away from the public even though she is now a celebrity.

  • eli

    I am not sure where the ides she is a role model because she is obese comes from. She is a role model because she believe in herself enough to go past her physical appearance and possible health issues and make her talent shine. You know nothing about the reason for her obesity, in many cases it is not so simple as eat less, it can be a rather complex problem. ZERO tolerance for the skinny type, you are joking aren’t you? There is nothing but skinny types EVERYWHERE in the entertainment/fashion industry! Girls starve themselves to try to look skinny do you foresee girls going out of their way to get weight? I bet not.

  • Lurker

    She has neck. How long can she continue to play a teenager?

  • Anon

    Gabby, looks like you picked a winner. I loved the trailer and cannot wait to see it. Something different to watch, with real people! Smiling at you, girl!

  • # Eli

    No i am not joking. the bashing of the skinny typre is CONSTANT and nobody ever has anything to say against it. But once an overweioght woman is bashed, everyone is up and arms.
    The skeletal comment is often slur but let’s ad FAT comment and you have an army up in arms agianst it.
    Agian ZERO tolerance for the skinny type who, for some strange reasons CAN BE trashed left and right but once overweight it is politically not right to say even the ‘FAR’ adjectif to an obviousely obese person.
    Again if Gabby was skinny, there will be skinny, anorexic, skeletal, druggie jokes and everyone would find it ok. But she is obese and if one person say even FAT’ word, everyone is up in arms telling everyone to STFU that she knows it and accept it (why not teh same tolerance for the skinny type who also knows it ?)

    It’s like it is ok to bash the skinny girls but politically incorect to even describe the overweight ones as being fat.
    Double standatd to the fault !

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahahahahhahahaaa.. howard was right, her career’s pretty much done.

  • Freddie

    To be fair, I haven’t seen Precious yet, but I can’t help but feel that – at least to a certain extent – her sudden fame is due to her weight, and how that is such a rarity in Hollywood. Now, I’m no cynic, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to love her.

  • gina

    She should loose some weight,not because people are bashing her but for her own good. Diabetis is the # 1 killer to people who are obese.

  • CindyBrady

    Tom Cruise would hit that.

  • DenDen

    The trailer looks good. I will definitely be watching it.

  • brightside

    I would accept the role model argument better if I felt she had been chosen for the part of Precious based solely on her talent and not on her size. Yes, she is talented – but there are a lot of disabled actors/ess who are talented yet don’t get the recognition their talent deserves. The film industry is so double-standard.

  • ++Logan++

    In Hollywood there only seems to be room for the underweight and overweight.

    They need some normal girls who have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

  • DC

    WTF?! Lose some weight for gods sake and tights look like crap on you….

  • Lukas

    Wow .. it’s another snorlax.. she and katiethesinger123 can be BFFs

  • betty

    i cant wait to see this show! laura linney is amazing. lucky gabby to get to act with her.

  • Jaye

    GF needs to get rid of the bad wig; only Brit Brit is allowed to have a bad weave. Oh, and she does NEED to lose weight, like yesterday. Fat is fat, it’s not pretty and isn’t HEALTHY. I know, been there, done that, but not to HER extent. I’m sure she’s not looking to die young. If her doctor isn’t telling her to lose weight, he needs to have his license revoked. Even Mo’ nique came around to see it was ruining her health and lost some weight.
    She isn’t a role model for anyone. “Stay morbidly obese and you too can play a stereotypical underprivileged ghetto teen in a movie ,” isn’t a role model’s anthem. There are far too many obese teens, even toddlers for her to be waving that flag.
    Didn’t think much of her acting; Mo’nique stole the show IMO. Gabby was ok, but if she wasn’t FAT, she wouldn’t even have been memorable. Even her Mom said she got the part because she was and is fat. I wish her every success in her career, but even more, I wish her a long healthy life.

  • AJ

    that chick is just disgusting

  • NAte

    I LOVED her in The Blind Side