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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Support Matt Damon

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Support Matt Damon

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck support their close friend Matt Damon at the 2010 American Cinematheque Annual Award Presentation at The Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

Jen wore a gorgeous, strapless J. Mendel dress, Brian Atwood pumps and a Bulgari clutch. She was seen rubbing shoulders with producer Harvey Weinstein and TV personality Lauren Sanchez.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck coming out to support Matt Damon

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Credit: Axelle, Nikki Nelson/WENN; Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Katsaridoula

    OMG she is seriously ugly, sorry to say that, but she looks like a man. Affleck holding hands with a tranny

  • W

    I love the outfits. Gorgeous as always. Jen and Ben are so sweet together.

  • mk

    Matt looks soooooo cute.

  • teri

    Ben seems to be so sad. I see this tiger and Jesse James cheating rubbing off soon.

  • Geraldbean

    Both her and Ben’s sex appeal really went down the crapper after they had children. It’s funny cos it’s quite common for that to happen to normal folks but not in Hollywood…. but then that’s funny because we all forget they are normal too!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please – if Ben were sad he’d be home. He loves his wife and children and he’s supporting his friend!! Some of you need to give it a rest – Ben’s not going to marry you!!
    Besides, Ben & Jen are more popular and well known that Tiger or Jesse – trust me the women would have come forward already looking for their 15 min if he was having an affair!

  • team america!

    i just came to post a maaaaaaaaatt daaaaaaamon comment and then i just lol’d at the sad sad marriage critics

  • hong kong

    So cute! Ben helping her to come down of the stage! He is such a sweetie! And Jennifer really looks so beautiful. I saw some pics on jen Garner Net, she looked SO beautiful. She has long and beautiful legs and amazing eyes. Ben and Jen look good together. What a loving couple :) (I know i will get many Thumbs Down for my positive comment but I dont care, they look so good and in love) The way ben helps her is so sweeeeet!!!

  • Dimana

    Jen is so pretty.

  • jack

    What kind of weird headline is this? ben affleck presented the award to matt damon, and yet your post makes it seem like it had something huge to do with jennifer garner, who doesn’t even have an ounce of Affleck or Damon’s success or recognition around the world.

    I guess all you care about is a girl with good skin wearing a short dress. What a waste and sort of disrespectful to Damon. Thankfully, the serious news outlets have focused rightly – and respectfully – on Affleck (the presenter) and Damon (the winner).

  • W

    @jack: Yep, congratulations on Matt. It’s a shame for JJ’s misleading. Appreciate the true friendship between Matt and Ben. So precious. Always love them: Demon – Affleck – Phoenix., many more XD

  • ml

    Jen is so BEAUTIFUL

  • ripple

    I agree. This should be about Matt who won the award and his name isn’t even in the title. Congratulations, Matt!

  • Honeybunn

    Congratulations Matt Damon………

    Matt and Ben have a true friendship.
    I loved that Matt said that Ben was his Hetero Life-mate….lol.
    Jen Garner said that Matt was her husband’s husband.
    It nice to see that Matt and Ben are still really close after all these years. There are people who love Matt and hate on Ben. But… even these people have to admit that Matt and Ben have a close bond that goes beyond what people may said or think about them personally on blogs.

  • Anon

    Where was Brad?

  • noname

    Where was George?

  • shamrock

    Salute and Cheers to MATTY~

    He deserves this accolade for all his worthy films, efforts with ONE/charity, and his down to earth appeal to the public. Matt and Lucy are very refreshing as they seem to be always united together during his projects, award ceremonies, and in life. Very sweet!!!

    It would be nice to see the headlines with Matt and his wife by his side, not these two that seem to capture all the papz attention. Anywho, Ben will always be Matt’s BFF and it’s great to see Bro love is strong and supportive during this major accomplishment for Matt. Hopefully, Ben will receive this in time, and Matt will be there for his buddy.



  • eva

    I think Jen and Ben are a classy couple as well as Matt and Luciana, you never hear drama from or about these people, and they are not fame or pap whores. I think Jen looks nice. Congrats Matt I think you have always been and are a class act.

  • Truthteller

    @teri: A TAD SAD????? Girl, you are insane. They both look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and JJ I guess knows both JEN AND BEN more popular on JJ than poor ole MATT DAMON so he heads the article this way. Matt’s a bore but he has had a lot of success so deserves this award (as much as

  • go sox

    Those Boston ties are for life…..I’m so happy to see that’s the one thing that will never change in their lives. They have beautiful wives and families now; life is good. Congrats to Matt!

  • P.R event for Matt

    Yes it is Matt Damon’s award… and it would be nice to get a photo
    of Matt Lucianna and Ben together.. It is Jen Garner who puts a
    damper on it… Love the photos of Ben and Charlize Theron together..

    And Lauren Sanchez is the co host of EXTRA… with Mr. Lopez..

    It is so nice seeing Matt and Ben hugging knowing their friendship
    is still there..It is like what Matt said that he is not really friends with
    George but he did do a video for Mattie..

  • P.R event for Matt

    Why not just headline it …JEN GARNER CONGRATS MATT DAMON

  • sheila

    Ben has got so ugly, he use to be attractive when he was younger but now is getting uglier by day!
    Now Matt is much more attracitve than in the past, he has became a very attracive man!



  • really

    Jennifer (Mrs. Affleck) is just BEAUTIFUL, she is so exotic. Congrats to Matt, but I could care less about his azz. And as for Ben, I only like him because of Jennifer Garner and when he holding their beautiful kids. Jen, she makes him look less sly.

    So prost to Jen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dreads

    Wow. I mean, WOW. Jen cleans up real good :o lol…. She looks great here. I don’t like Affleck though. He never seems interested in her. Their babies are cute, especially Violet who has mommy’s cute trademark dimples XD

  • Gaga for Gaga

    What did Ben’s REAL wife, Mattie, get an award for, most consecutive BO bombs for big budget films? Ha-ha-ha-ha
    What a loser.
    Saaaaaaaaa-lute, loser!

  • Truthteller

    The reason Matt and his wife don’t get any pictures on JJ even tho the event is for Matt is because nobody really cares about them! It’s obvious!

  • julie

    jen looks beautiful, congrats matt, and love ben, always has, always will, some haters are just nuts and jealous. a permanent fan.

  • Chris

    What is Jen Garner doing on stage, everyone else that was on stage that talked about Matt had worked with him, Garner is the only one whose only connection to Matt is that she married his best friend but of course she had to get on stage and get herself some attention like typical. famehoe.

  • Anon

    I think Jen looks great, so does Ben. A cute couple.

  • Katsaridoula

    Jennifer Garner is so beautiful…a natural All-American beauty. Ben truly adores her you can tell and their daughters are gorgeous.

  • mimi

    @Katsaridoula: I couldn’t agree more.

  • T.O.

    Not a fan usually, but Wow. She looks great.
    Whoever co-ordinated this show should have done a better job with the lighting. She can hardly see the stairs because of the spotlight.

  • i heart that

    She’s beautiful.
    Not sure this is the best dress or her.

  • i heart that


  • tasha

    Ben looks like a ugly rat!
    Sorry but what wrong with his teeth, they seems to shrink!

  • maya

    I don’t believe that Ben loves Jen that much, but he has to marry someone and Jen was the only normal nice woman who wanted him to create a family with! This is the Truth and i think Jen know that and accepts!

  • Dan

    Jen Garner is so pretty wow!!!!! beautiful woman i have no words.

  • joseph

    Matt Damon is a mediocre actor with bad taste in women….no more comments.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think the reason we don’t see Matt & his wife as much in the press is b/c he doesn’t live in LA. The minute he’s in LA the paps come and bother him.

  • Michael

    If Ben is not in love with Jen Garner, I will go to Los Angeles and take her away from him. she will become thae most happy woman in the whole planet.. I hope Ben reads this message. i love your wife !!!!!

  • Jackie

    Lexy fyi not that many people like Mat Damon he has this smile that looks so fake. he is not genuine on the other hand he is not a good actor he is average the paps don’t care for someone like him..he also has an ugly wife the paps know no pretty girl will cause any drama..welcome to hollywood honey…

  • T.O.

    @Jackie: Yeah. Right. Because you know the inner workings of Matt Damon’s life.
    Get real loser. You know nothing, so stop pretending that you do.
    I hate ‘know it all’ people like you.

  • Lainey

    Then Damon’s ugly wife took the stage to share her thoughts. There was a long uncomfortable silence, then she just flashed her t*tties and vajay because that’s all she is smart enough to do. P.S. Damon’s movie bombed at the box office again this weekend! Thank goodness he can afford to buy publicity like this because no one will pay to see his crappy movies anymore!

  • Pippi

    Jen was on stage because she presented the award to her and Ben’s good buddy. Ben hosted the roast. Does that answer the question for your #30 Chris.

    Ben and Jen are so great together and I love how they keep a lid on their private life and stay out of the drama that is so Hollywood.

    Great couple and I wanted say to them; Keep up the good work being great parents to their beautiful daughters and many happy returns. Nobody deserves it more than these two. God bless!

    Oh and congrats to Matt. He is also a super guy and I love that he and Ben are still friends after all this time. BTW, I think Lucy is pregnant. Hope its a boy this time.

  • Pippi

    I understand that this event will be telecast on ABC this spring. I can’t wait to see it. Lauren Sanchez’s husband is Ben and I think Matts agent or something.

    I didn’t see Casey Affleck but his wife Summer posed with sister-in-law Jen. So cute. Love the Afflecks and Damons.

  • ellie


  • michile


  • s

    Love her