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Adam Lambert & Ke$ha: Wango Tango Twosome

Adam Lambert & Ke$ha: Wango Tango Twosome

The line-up for the annual WANGO TANGO festival concert event has been announced.

Here’s who will be taking the stage at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles: Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Usher (and his protege Justin Bieber), Ludacris, Akon, Iyaz and B.o.B.

KIIS FM’s Ryan Seacrest will host the show, along with the rest of the KIIS FM Airstaff.

Tickets for Wango Tango go on sale to Kiis Club VIP Members on Friday, April 2nd at 10AM. You can register to be a VIP at!

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Photos: Brian Ach/Wireimage
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  • sarah


    Both are so ugly!

  • Castorella

    I’m so excited for this!

  • Tina S


    Honey, you are way out in left field on Adam being ugly! He’s one of the best-looking men on the planet! Now, Ke$ha is another whole story and I wish folks would quit pairing him with her. She’s way out of his league, talent-wise.

  • Tina S

    So when is this thing?

  • TA

    @sarah: Umm speak for yourself he is freaking adorable

  • aaaaaaaaaaaargh


  • laura

    Just love love love Adam!!!!

  • Imogen 23

    Lambo is gorgeous
    he even looks good in a kilt LOL

  • !
  • !!
  • !!!
  • !!!!
  • ffff

    I hate Kesha.

  • Jermaine

    Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Usher, Justin Bieber, Ludacris, Akon, Iyaz and B.o.B? What a cra.p lineup, Lambert;’s alright I guess but the rest please

  • lol

    There’s only one set of photos of them together and you keep using it, I really don’t care for Kesha I think she is 100% talentless.

  • BritBrit


  • ugh

    she is so cracked out omg look at her eyes

  • Betty

    Don’t click on the damn story if you people don’t like Adam Lambert or Kesha!!!! I don’t click on Bin Laden’s stories!!! What a bunch of immature IDIOTS you haters are!!

  • Harley Quinn

    They both look like freaks. I hate Adam’s haircut, he should have a simple cut, that cut is not cool or different at all. It looks cheap on him. He’s not Bowie he must know that. He and Kesha should stop doing that kind of make-up.

  • QueenB

    @BritBrit: THIS. And stop trying to make Keshabert happen, he is way out of her league everything-wise but she thinks she’s all that, honey get real.

  • .

    @Harley Quinn: His hair and makeup always looks different, JJ only post the same thing everytime.

  • Jay

    Yes! I can’t wait for this!

  • Ignorance

    @Harley Quinn: Could you elaborate “freaks” because I’m really curious what you think the opposite means. Who said anyone is Bowie, why are you bringing him into this lol? I don’t give a f about Kesha but Adam’s been wearing all sorts of crazy makeup and outfits from the age of of 7, weather he was painting his face to look like a monster or an old man or wtv. Glam-rock = freedom of expression and satirical tongue in cheek humor, it’s so amusing how Americans freak out when the rest of the world gets it. And he’s had a billion haircuts too, most of them have suited him, he even had cornrows once at Burning Man lols.

  • goldfrapp

    adam ♥____♥

  • omgosh

    I met Adam in London the day before last, he was SOOOOO sweet and patient and funny with everyone, proper friendly and accomodating with all the girls and the dudes, he was so sweet but not patronising with the lady in the wheelchair and he held the door open for the woman behind him, I think I love him.

  • justine

    So excited to see this concert. Love Adam, Ke$ha, Akon, BOB and Usher. Uggghhh, cant stand Bieber though.

  • niwatori

    I looove Adam. But the line-up is boring. The only worth-while artist there is Adam♥Lambert.

  • Luv

    Sounds like there is something for everyone. Too bad I’m on the East Coast! Love Adam. Hope he sings If I Had You. Will be waiting for the You Tube show.

  • swan

    I wish Kesha was as good as she thinks she is. Adam, nothing to complain about here.

  • Harley Quinn

    @Ignorance: What I mean by “freaks” is that they try so hard to look different but being different is not about how you look. Being different is making something unique, something original and i don’t think they do that by their music. Maybe they are talented or one of them is talented but if they are why they try so hard to look different?

    Beatles didn’t wear make-up to be different. Elvis didn’t wear make-up to be different. Bowie didn’t wear make-up to be different but he did wear make-up and it did look cool not freakish.

    I don’t know how Adam Lambert was when he was 7 so i don’t have anything to say about this.

    I dont mean to insult. That’s just what i think. It may be right or wrong but it’s my opinion, so it’s not a fact.

    By the way i’m not American, i’m from Istanbul/Turkey aka rest of the world and i don’t like glam rock, i like 70′s classic rock. Stones, Beatles, Doors, Who, etc. Thanks.

  • swan

    @Harley Quinn: Adam doesn’t TRY HARD to look different. He’s always had this look even before he became a celebrity. Adam has always been into make up and theatrics, especially after seeing the Thriller video. I suggest google before making assumptions. He’s not doing it for people to look at him or talk about him, like maybe Kesha here. It’s just what Adam likes. Period. And to be honest, even when Adam’s not wearing over the top outfits or whatever, people still notice him. You know why? Because he’s so much more than his aesthetic.

  • Harley Quinn

    @swan: You may be right but you may be wrong too. There is a chance that he was trying hard to look different since he wasn’t famous. It can be about him trying to be noticed for some reason which is private and is not my business. I find that look repulsive. It’s ok you don’t find it repulsive or you like it. He might be so much more than aesthetic but i don’t know him. I say what i see.

  • sillyme

    Adam is not that good looking. He reminds me of one of my older aunties. But, both Adam and Kesha together…scary! Looks like neither of them has bathed in a while.

    Adam’s a good singer, though, I’ll give him that. But, why does he always want to be around female celebs? Why don’t we ever see him with some of those male rockers who were praising him back when he was on AI?

  • http://none laura

    i always love adam lambert hes mr. perfectionsit to me; hes warm-hearted-generous-kind and polite what a good traits he possesses; love his moves-dancing and his unique voice– hes a national americas treasure.-like his hair?eyes?nose?and face very unque plus his name mr. adam mitchel lambert.-a household name.
    plus hes mix european roots(his dads side) scandinavina-norwaygian and uk.-hes unique and handsome; he has euroepan looks as well has a very nice sultry blue eyes..

  • snaps

    @Harley Quinn: It’s so cute that you think your opinion matters to anyone. Sorry for your life.

  • Lock

    sarah, personal attack is not cool, not to mention what you said is so not true, unless you are blind or homephobia. I don’t think God wouldn’t like for you to attack an amazing artist like that. Just watch out, okay? Don’t end up going to hell yourself.

  • swan

    @Harley Quinn: Exactly. You don’t know him yet you judge him. That to me is repulsive.

  • jessica

    Two weirdest people in Hollywood — absolutely hate their personalities.

  • TWEEETS ^^^^

    RT @stephenfry: @adamlambert Having dinner with Bryan Singer – trying to persuade him to be on Twitter. He says he knows and loves you. As do we all, x

    RT: Brooksyonair Just interviewed @adamlambert! HOW NICE IS HE!

    RT: lauratkinson Adam Lambert is coming into our office soon, like in ‘the old days’ when popstars bothered to come and meet people.

    RT: lauratkinson So basically adam lambert is hot, super funny and lovely. You’re in for a treat, @deanpiper

    RT: deanpiper Just had such a laugh with @adamlambert Such a nice guy. Had a fun goss – done a little video too…will post later hopefully.

    RT: Pip_EntFocus Spent an evening with @adamlambert Lovely guy

    RT: jenofcroths Adam Lambert is very handsome. And he set the door alarm off. (LOL!)

    RT @theboygeorge Adam lambert is lovely, we met tonite. He’s a beauty! And very normal in the best possible sense. Merha Club was shi.te. Adam was the highlight!

    RT @TheMissPollyRae @adamlambert is gorge what a sweet guy @theboygeorge single launch party

    RT @TheLadyLloyd Took @adamlambert to meet @theboygeorge tonight at his launch! Adam looked so stunning what a beautiful boy!

    RT: KarenNEdwards Just had a little chat with Adam Lambert about JEdward easter eggs. He’s an actual sweetheart!

    RT: DelaneyMan Adam Lambert in the heat office. He is make-uppy and Americanny but most of all sexy. The whole staff have gone dead giddy.

    RT: DJSliick Cant Lie Im an Adam Lambert Fan

    RT: sovisual my impression of @adamlambert was wot a crazily, gramorously, jawdroppingly, accommodatingly, shiningly, smiley human being he is! (yep, this dude is straight)

    RT: sovisual finished the adam lambert interview. by far the best time I’ve had in a long time. he stayed with us for a while after the interview and just hungout its was amazing!

    RT: SHF*** Adam Lambert is hilarious, and too sweet for words.

    RT: sovisual I may just have a TINY crush on Lambert….

    RT: Melinda84* Adam Lambert is so funny, one of the most fun I’ve had interviewing a celebrity, thus far, hands down.

    RT: Mike Ruiz Adam Lambert and I (photo), one of the coolest people I’ve worked with in a long time, hysterical sense of humor!

    RT: CPAndrew Adam Lambert has so much positive energy and executive realness, what an amazing character and life outlook, mad talent aside.

    RT: PhillipeBlond Adam is MAGIC!!!!! You have to meet him in person.

  • Mari

    OMG I have to go to this!

  • k

    someone PLEASE get these people some soap and water

  • custom made prom dress

    I have nothing against them, they look nice together. And as for Adam I’m not a big fan of his but I like his style and I admire him for always trying to do what he wants and look how he wants, no matter what people say.

  • Kristina

    So excited to see Adam!!!!!

  • ash

    this is a weird line up, they need Katie Perry, and maybe orianthi to even it out! moar girls!!

    love Adam
    Usher and Bieber, tho
    kesha *new single is okay.

  • asle

    oh and please let adam do his thing, dammit!

    it amazes how the most opinionated people are the ones who know nothing about him, They are always the ones with the strongest negative opinion.

    I heard one lady say he did not like him and he was a screamer, and admitted to not seeing one performance or interviews of his? wtf! that makes no sense!!

    I hate when people base the opinions on the title of gossips blogs.It means they cannot think for themselves.

    You know, has anyone ever stopped to think why he commands such a loyal following? It has to be something about him right? It would make me curious as a non fan as to what it is?
    I’m your average 25 year old girl, and I find him fascinating!
    He refuses to be put in a box, and I kinda like it.

    Don’t like? fine, move out of the damn way..
    Don’t like the look? close your damned eyes…

    All AI right here

  • Mark

    Lambo’s the best

  • http://Horseyglam TheGlambertGurl


    Hey! Shut up! I am a huge fan of Adam Lambert AND kesha. She isn’t ugly cmon!

  • http://234061 ANGELICA


  • http://234061 ANGELICA