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Christina Aguilera & Angelina Jolie: Sex Ring Similarity!

Christina Aguilera & Angelina Jolie: Sex Ring Similarity!

Christina Aguilera‘s latest round of promo pics for her new album Bionic revealed a very interesting piece of jewelry — Betony Vernon‘s “Petting” sex ring!

Yes, the same $1,250 ring that Angelina Jolie wore for her June 2007 cover spread for Esquire!

The sex ring connects the index finger and thumb of the right hand and forms the chi murda position (the yoga/meditation gesture for a one-pointed, concentrated mind). A little naughty but still luxe!

Betony Vernon‘s erotic collection of jewelry can be viewed at and purchased at

Now Brad Pitt and Jordan Bratman have something to talk about!

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christina aguilera sex ring angelina jolie 01
christina aguilera sex ring angelina jolie 02
christina aguilera sex ring angelina jolie 03
christina aguilera sex ring angelina jolie 04
christina aguilera sex ring angelina jolie 05

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  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..that’s one late swagger jacker. `she doesn’t have an original bone in her fake body.

  • Sara

    That picture of Christina is gorgeous.

  • Eloise Hawkins

    Wow… $1200 for a hand-job ring. How CLASSY.

    Aguilera is shamelessly overhyping this album, but from the tidbit “sneak peak” I heard, it doesn’t stand a chance at gaining the momentum she needs to relaunch her career. Her songs, especially as of late, seem to lack the “hook.” Nothing about her music sticks with me.

  • Sef

    Chrissy looks hot, wow sexy.

  • cdc

    Love the new Christina pics. She looks great. Can’t wait for her new album.

  • Julie

    Copying Angelina now . this whole album is swagger jacking. Single copying Britney if you seek amy “all the boys and girls” the single cover copying madonna human nature. Album copying Angelina and Robyn Fembot theme. New nick name clonetina fits her to a T. Swagger jacking queen.

  • James

    Julie you sound dumb go eat McD and fart! Xtina is stunning.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    her music is gonna be so hot and catchy, Lady Caca fans better watch out because Christina is back.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    @Julie: you’re just jealous because christina can actually sing and has her own style. She is not copying anyone, no one copyrighted those trends so haters like yourself need to back off.

  • GG

    Are these people forreal this a product? How is it copying? lmao She is a a sexy white girl though beautiful eyes.

  • fresh

    Very naughty. Love it.

  • 7

    hmm I’d love to try it out.

  • essie


    Christina looks hot!!!

    I’m loving the new look.
    And I actually saw her with that ring a while back.

  • amour1

    Xhristina said it best “if you don’t like it FUCK YOU”…..leaving bashing comments is so pointless.
    I think she looks great and I kinda want one of those rings LOL

  • ohboy

    I love naughty ladies.

  • Conando

    Christina looks fabulous! They also share birthdays: Christina & Brad = Dec. 18th, Jordan & Angelina = June4th.

  • CFan

    I can’t wait for her new single tomorrow!!

    “…cause I’m doing things that I never doo—ooo—-ooo”

  • GG

    How does this ring work though? It looks like it would hurt the guy? lol

  • CFan

    ooops It’s actually “…cause I’m doing things that I normally don’t dooo—oooo–oooo”

    Lol. I need the song to come out already.

    I’m getting nervous!!

  • shaylin85

    christina is gonna give all these hoe’s a run for their money when legendtina comes bak and christina copy’s nobody she’s always original fuk britshit lady gogo and angelina the sluty homewrecker

  • Uh…

    You know these photoshoots are STYLED, right?
    So the whole “swagger jacking” i this instance is the STYLISTS problem.

  • CFan

    It’s not swagger jacking anything.

    I could swagger jack on so many celebs. The pic he posted of my girl Angie (and yes I adore Angelina) could be a replica of Sharon Stone during her Basic Instinct times. You can do this for days for countless celeb promos, shoots. etc.

    I find it funny nobody mentioned how Christina’s had a circus theme before Britney came out with the song and then did a whole tour with the same premise. But it’s whatever…the circus theme is used many times. Pink used it as well

  • brandon

    oh snap… that’s kinky, i like it.

    i’m literally laughing out loud at the haters. i love it! keep giving chris that energy. if you really didn’t care you wouldn’t be commenting on something obscure as this. people do similar things in the entertainment industry all the time. no one had anything to say when both britney and p!nk did circus themed albums after christina did her circus themed back to basics tour. fall back.

  • ykw

    Hey, U want publicity? Throw Angelina’s name in it…or Brad’s…or any of their kids…works every time.

  • Ummm, No

    @brandon: Annnnnd, Christina did her circus tour AFTER Madonna,
    So you betta fall back son,
    Christina WILL loose at the “Copy cat game” everytime.

  • happy girl

    xtina is 3 years later than ms jolie of course but xtina still looks hot too. ;)

  • Luq

    it is even necessary dissing Christina if you all those HATERS are so into other artistes? what have you gain HATERS by making such malignant comments? satisfaction? if that’s your aim, reckoned you have some GROWN UP THINKING to do!

  • Audrey

    Cool pics, can’t wait to hear Christina’s new song!

  • anna

    A whole post dedicated to plugging a product? Wow.

  • teri

    Angelina is so sexy in the first photo with her super long legs.

  • kerri

    thank you!!! thats drives me nuts! christina make circus/sailor themes popular again and then britney does it, pink does it but no one says anything! its tall poppy syndrome, they try to knock down the strongest, talent prevails…….bionic will be huge.

  • kerri

    @I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L: really? christina did circus then oh look, next album for britney is circus and then oh look so does pink……….and th ering is a piece of jewllery…no body ‘owns’ the look but the designer and on top of that christina has her ‘dirrty’ side which still shines through, she does wot she wants.

  • Atrium


  • xmenkk

    Julie, why u’r so freaking dumb? There are like a million people who’r named ‘Julie’, why the hell do u copy them????????? Tell me!

  • Emily Latella

    what’s all this talk about Angie being involved in a sex ring?

  • Bruno – Xtina rocks!

    Christina’s looks 1000000000000000000000000000 X better!
    Go Christina!

  • QQQQ

    Jared, being an assh_le as he prone to do at times. What is the fcuking point of this post. Funny how he didn’t post the picture with the finger up the ass. But its all good

  • Gertrude

    Its funny how Beyonce,Lady Gaga can be inspired by other artist but Christina label a copycat…At least Christina body of work is different.Britney Spears just keeps copying herself…Beyonce copy a performance from Kylie Minogue concert and did it on and award show…If you ever mention that at your comment gets flag.

  • Khristi

    Christina is so badass….I love her attitude and she can sing her ass off. It’s funny to me-everyone else can be outspoken and unapologetic and people love them for it, but not this one. If she says anything that has to do with negative talk she’s considered a bitch. Weird.

  • omraee entertainment llc

    what wonderful moms’ you are

  • Miami Girl

    Please don’t even try to compare Christina to the nastiest w.h.o.r.e in Hollywood…Jolie is butt ass ugly now and nothing she can do will change that…She and Brad both have aged beyond their years…No money to be made off of them anymore…People don’t even care whether they have anymore kids to exploit…Christina is publicly a great mother…Brad and Jolie have a mess of misfits on their hands, as was expected…Comparing the two is like comparing class to trash…Jolie is a gutter rat just like Li-Lo, Gosslin, Winehouse etc…You get my point….:)

  • -

    Christina is so beautiful! Can’t wait to listen Bionic! And, copy? No, she is not copying anyone. She’s the one, she’s perfect. An Idol s2

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    i do agree that CA seems to be copying someone everytime you see her. she seems to lack vision. and i dont like that pic of AJ. she can look much better. bad pic.

  • sowot

    da btich calling itself miami girl has a big stinking pooosy just like jennypoo because soooooooo many men stick their poles up her holes. fcuk off and go bathe btich youre stinkin up the thread.

  • Miami Girl

    #44 ~ I am not going anywhere you silly moron…If anything I have brought on some of my own “peeps” on this site to help freak your crazy butt out…As long as you promise to continue to openly lose your cookies on here, “well” mission accomplished…LOL…:)

  • ooooo

    That ring interests me :)

  • ho hum.

    Miami PIG… just mad cause your girl ANU S STAIN just got caught jackin Angelina’s STYLE YET AGAIN by wearing the earings Angelina rocked in 2003!! …..That BARREN WHORE WILL NEVER FIND A MAN! OR A DECENT STYLISH LOOK OF HER OWN!…THAT’S WHY GERARD HIT IT AND QUIT IT!!!….LOL!

  • Neil

    @Miami Girl:

    Do you really think any thinking person is going to buy what you are selling? Next time try selling stew, NOT SPEW. You can say Jen is more attractive than Angie (if it is YOUR opinion) but you are just talking nonsense when you say the other stuff. You want to make ME uncomfortable you best mix a little truthiness in with the hate, otherwise non-haters and neutral types will just pass on your offerings, mainly because of the bad smell. Haters will lap it up of course but otherwise you really are wasting your time. Consider this a general comment to any other haters suffering similar bouts of delusion.

  • Miami Girl

    #47~ “Oh my”…All caps…Did I strike a nerve??? I certainly hope so…My work here is done… “Well” for today anyways…Jen & Gerry Rock!!!!!!


    HAWT & BEAUTIFUL…Christina Aguilera & Angelina Jolie, that is.