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Hayden Christensen: Mexican Food is a Must

Hayden Christensen: Mexican Food is a Must

Hayden Christensen steps out for some Mexican food and heads back to fiancee Rachel Bilson‘s home in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (March 28).

The 28-year-old Canadian cutie was also seen picking up two cans of Coca-Cola and a box of Swans Down cake flour.

Looks like Hayden tried to keep cool, rolling a can of Coke along the back of his neck!

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen picking up Mexican food…

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hayden christensen mexican food 01
hayden christensen mexican food 02
hayden christensen mexican food 03
hayden christensen mexican food 04
hayden christensen mexican food 05
hayden christensen mexican food 06
hayden christensen mexican food 07
hayden christensen mexican food 08
hayden christensen mexican food 09
hayden christensen mexican food 10
hayden christensen mexican food 11
hayden christensen mexican food 12
hayden christensen mexican food 13
hayden christensen mexican food 14
hayden christensen mexican food 15
hayden christensen mexican food 16

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  • bas

    he’s so dorky but it suits him

  • wowowow

    he and rachel came into my work on valentine’s day in niagara on the lake. he bought a hat and was super nice and friendly. she was trying on hats and seemed nice. they were totally normal and cute togetheri wish people would stop hating on them.

  • Holly

    Who is this and why are the paps even bothering to take his photo? Desperate & out of work!

  • phat-ruley


  • sidony

    Wish you could stick on to their fansite/s so that you aint get miserable coz it surely looks like you’re barking up the wrong tree around here; as its been ages that their JJ paid threads are always been consistently condemned.

    Its been TIPPED OFF by you know who – someone so homely & so little yet got a huge desire to get famous even w/ such empty credits!

  • brightside

    Looks more like the canadian zombie! If he’s hot then why doesn’t he take off his hoodie, for crying out aloud! Walk around in a tee – like most people do.
    Being a cynic I believe – and am often proved right – that most people in the film industry are abusing drugs. He certainly looks like one of them.

  • G is for Giggles


    Finally pics of HAYDEN


  • G is for Giggles


    Finally pics of HAYDEN


  • Rattlesnake

    Yawn !

  • monreal

    He looks sleazy & smelly… anyway HC, had done consistently cr@ppy & flop movies but still can get press?!?!

  • justmyopinion

    I wonder when/if they are ever going to get married? It seems like they’ve been engaged forever…… every article you see says “fiancee”, but when are they actually going to get married?????

  • screwed

    it looks like that…that HC’s here if not for an obligatory photo ops, its a b00ty call just in case he’s really straight LOL

  • Pepto

    He’s a moron. He deserves the hell he’s going to get. She’s just using him, it’s just as clear as can be. And he sticks around and takes it. Just wait til she pops out a kid. Idiot.

  • brightside

    If one of those coke cans is for Rachel I seriously hope he doesn’t give her the one he rolled around in his neck sweat, urk. That is pretty gross.

  • Viper

    Oh hellll noo this man looks like a poster child for an drug champaign. Can he get anymore uglier or is this a natural gift of his. Don’t care how super nice he might be with the ever so press happy rabid Batshit Bilson it’s call playing the fans. I don’t think it’s good press for them to be mean to each other in public reason they try to put on ares. Only a total jerk would dress like this or look this bad in public. Add to this he’s going on 29 and he looks older then Yoda.

  • verity

    Jeeez what kind of pants is that?! Ewww & Gross – just like him!

  • shadowy

    Haydamn’s golden & ingenuous years crop up during Star Wars and right after his stint ended there; “mocking, loathing & cursing” by almost everyone in the biz are just an everyday occurrence to him; be it in his professional &/or most esp on his personal life. Must have been something to do w/ the dreadful-fungus-type of company that he chose to keep & the lame attitude that he usually now embrace.

  • brightside


    Ankle flappers – as worn by grubby old guys!

  • CL

    @G is for Giggles: HELL YES!

  • Viper


    At least that old man’s presentable in them not to mention clean. This dude who is what 29 or 229 looks like he rolled right out of the trash dumpster and onto the street. .


    Your so right about the company in which he has kept in the last 4 years and fungus is more or less a good description of her. Notice how JJ once claimed “their house” now it’s “her house” like he does with the fiance word when it suits him to profess fiance or down grade him to B/F.Basically it all falls under the catagory of who gives a damn the man is walking proof he is washed up in HW his looks must appeal to The Better Farms and Garden manure types for it sure as shit isn’t attractive here..

  • brightside

    He is just not attractive – besides looking unclean!
    I have never rated him as an actor or even as handsome. He’s too puberty-faced!
    He looks like he’s still waiting for his testosterone to kick in…
    As a couple, whether they marry or not, they are so well matched!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t think they are well matched. Do you think she’d ever step out of the house looking like this? I mean she admits she takes about 2 hours to get ready…whereas he looks like a regular guy who rolls out of bed and goes to pick-up the take out. Also he’s not interested in shopping 24/7.
    But he’s obviously happy with her and I’m sure they’ll get married or at a minimum she’ll get knocked up. It is interesting that JJ refers to it as her house b/c we all KNOW she can’t afford 2 homes in LA and Los Feliz on her own!

  • MK


  • The truth

    We don’t know why hayden is there do we.? WE all know when he come there its only for work related anyway. And jj you always think that hayden is coming to see rachel all the time? Don’t think he has something else like working? Yes might has been tipped off but we don’t see rachel with him.Also we don’t know who house that is either.Hayden hasn’t been here for three months and jj you think he’s here to see her. I don’t see but one bag he has in his hand anyway. You know that rachel don’t cook at all. Why would he just come and leave like always. Rachel is a fool to let hayden come and visited her.the things she has done and said about him.JJ you can just say that’s his girlfriend or bff cause that wehat it seem like. You all need to stop putting down hayden. Rachel is the one that needs help to let him do her like that. Noone is using anybody is this the only way to promote her up coming movie then something is wrong with her. Hayden did not go to get no cake mixand i didn’t see but one dinner and two drinks. no. 11 i know tired are that too.There is no date set and its not going to ghappen anyway. JJ always try to make rachel look good no matter what. know that hayden really don’t live with her and jj knows this.Rachel is not going to marry him at all. Just want people to see him there to make things ok with the public that things are on. We don’t know who house that is,.he should be at her real home.not in la. You all need to leave him alone on how he dress.Its what he wanted to wear. its not like he actually live in la.You all know he come for an acting job that’s why he was here and why they why they wasn’t together? Stop suagr coating everything for her she don’t need it. That is not going to make her movie do any better when it comes out..And why it took so long fore himto come and visited la anyway? We all know the answer to that question don’t we A job.

  • jess

    He is in LA. probably he and Bilson are ****. I think they are a normal couple.

  • Abcdefgh

    Adam Brody is the luckiest guy in the world.Hayden I am sorry sweetheart, You deserve better.

  • from NY to LA

    So Hayden followed Rachel from New York City to LA after spending last week with her in New York after all. And she sent him to the store to get cake mix for her, how cute, I remember she said in an interview she did like to bake cakes. The speculation on these two is hilarious, also the anger behind the bashing comes through, people are still mad they are together, even after 3 years! Really funny!

  • The truth

    Why would think that? Jess if he wwant to be with her like that he would have visited her early that this.She don’t need him for that do he ? He always there for work related and never be with her for anything else.This not going get rachel off this hook about him not being with her these last past three months.sShe woyuld be a fool to be with him and hesn’t be with her.She soppose to have broken-up with him.That’s the rule when a man haven’t been with you in three months are sixty days are more.Rachel is a fool to allow him to come and see her anyway.SDhe nothing a man freak anyway. When is she going to learn that he is not going to make her a star by laying up with him. A man will promise you anything to get what he want from you. Also Hayden has already left anyway. so jess what that make rachel ? That’s all she can do that’sm why she don’t have a acting job anyway by being with a man.Jess he was only there for one day. you don’t know why he came there in the first place. Its not about rachel all the time. And he’s also walking too don’t that tell you something. Rachel will never no good at actring or anything else as long as you and other think that he come there for. Its nothingn normal about it when Hayden don’t live with her all the time.Its too late to call them a couple when noone coyldn’t say that two years gao. Now that adam has a new girlfriend and natalie has someone. they are couple? Right ? everytime that happen something is behind it everytime.He might be there for an job. something rachel don’t know anything about right now.Next it will bre they are breaking up. Nothing is what it seems here. That is not going to make me believe nothing is good is not going to come out are this. rachel is nothing but a tramp and nothing good is not going come out are this. Jess hayden is only here for one day only not the whole week.Rachel should be working not be hanging around waiting for him to visited her for personal gain.When adam wasn’t working she didn’t want be bother with him.She just think hayden is there to help her to get notice and maybe someone will hire her.Sleeping with a man do not get you anywhere these days.If he wanted to sleep with her he wouldn’t have waited so long to visited her. Jess don’t you know he has a brother and a business there too?Where is rachel anyway. Stop trying to make something out are won’t see him there days from now. he will be gone back home.And for those that say he’s loser rachel is the one for putting up with the things that he do to her. she has lost respect for herself as a woman.No guy is going t spend just one day with me and leave. Jess you got this all wrong. You must have a boyfriend that lay up with you leave..That’s not very smart at all. Rachel just a fool not him to go that far to let a man do to do that to her. That’s right hayden is smaet to get what he want and leave. That ‘s what rachel want in her life. someone that don’t live with her all the time. That’s not real life and you know this. Why would you said such a thing like that anyway?There is more to life than sleeping with someone and being with them regularlly. If they are couple why not come right and say it?They never do. Her and adam was alright about it.This is nothing but a joke and yopo know it.Couple don’t be apart three months and everything suppose to be ok Jess..Hayden only come for work related and nothing more.JJ should that by nothing nad no financee anymore. just visits for work. No one really askm him anything anyway. He has went back home already>

  • lisa

    “He’s a moron. He deserves the hell he’s going to get.” -

    Why he deserves the hell? Because he went to the market? LOL – People here have serious mental problems.

  • lisa

    Why people here are obsessed with this guy? I would like to understand.

  • jamie

    he’s quit smoking? I don’t see pictures of him smoking anymore :D

  • from NY to LA

    @ The Truth Hayden flew from Newark to New York City last Monday 3/22 (photo of it on his fansites) and met up with Rachel, they were seen on 5th Avenue on Thursday, Rachel flew out Friday to LA, and Hayden flew to LA sometime after that. You say they have not been seen together for 3 months, that is not so, did you forget about all the pictures of them together at the Olympics in Vancouver a month ago? You always come unglued when they are together, you should get some help to get over your obsession with these two! It does not matter if they are together or not, you don’t even know them!

  • Mary

    @ Jamie-
    He still smokes.

  • Viper

    I’m positive he hasn’t stopped smoking first off he is never around enough to prove it. We don’t see him as he secludes himself away inside while the LA fungus is out shopping. I’m sure he gets plenty of smoke time in while she is not around him look at his pockets there is a box in there. The Canadian brand he smokes. Yes he was at the winter games no brainer also she left him a few days after she got there. It was all for press attention that she went there. There is no sports intelligence with this woman to truly have a need to go it was a photo op session they did. Besides he stayed partying with player and fans. They can’t be around each other for more then a few weeks at best, seems he rather tune her off then actually spend enough time with her.

    As to the Newark shots yes he was in NJ airport making a transfer all you got in NY was rumors of him and her. 5th avenue is not a place you walk Un-noticed and if they were there like Katie Holmes (who is the same level as RB at times) leaving NY hotels there would have been press around. Very hard to believe it would have gone with only 1 person claiming to have seen them on the street..Just something to sell off to the tabloids. As for the cooking she never has been a cook she herself claims that she tried to learn as she tried to learn to sew i’m sure neither pan out well we saw the copycat crap she did in fashion. I agree with if he is so hot why not take the hoodie off that is like a mental fool for sweating to death on purpose. it’s not like he doesn’t have a shirt on under it. Guessing it’s a 4 day old t-shirt that was never washed as he has that unwashed look or as brightside said a pre pubescent teenager look..


    Not all ppl who act the same are a perfect fit trust me they will cancel each other out eventually. In this case HC has SW fan groupies to fall back on plus he can get work. when one in the relationship achieves more then the other jealousy hits and war begins. In this case RB is seen as more the fool for taking on someone who looks and acts so wooden.

  • so typical

    Is that you Vendredi? So obsessed with someone you hate, kind of weird, lol!

  • mary

    It’s the male version of Kristen Stewart, lol!

  • jamie

    @33: how do you know?

  • Venom

    I agree with Viper!
    Can he get anymore uglier?? Damn those cut off baggy pants. He looks like a poster for a drug addict! He just looks like he needs to bathe and some clean nice clothes stat! God! Has he got ugly! He looks like a walking trash can.

  • Sandi

    @ 34 Hayden and Rachel were both in Vancouver for “a few days”, she left Wednesday, and Hayden was seen that night with KOS at a club, but that was the last time he was seen. He would have been spotted if he stayed at the Olympics after that, on twitter, or somewhere, he probably went home. You doubt a random twitter sighting from someone in New York is true, but believe he stayed at the Olympics with no sighitings at all for several more days? There is a twiiter picture of Rachel with a fan at an airport from this past Friday, the girl states she is leaving New York and Rachel is on her flight. The picture is on her twitter page, if you are interested, I’m sure you wil find it.

  • Reed


    So she left NY for LA and was on a flight back who cares who twittered it. As for HC being in VC after she left it’s his former home he knows where to lie low when he doens’t wish to be seen which is all the time. If he didn’t wish to get a pic op done he won’t

  • Ahari

    He was seen about two weeks after the Olympics, partying at a KOS concert in Toronto, for whatever that’s worth. And that didn’t come from just Twitter, a Canadian celeb gossip blog ran it also. I think the interesting thing with all of this is that these two spend such precious little time together. And we know this because when they are together, she makes d*mned sure there’s a guy with a camera around to document it.

  • The truth

    So all are you and jj can stop talking about his like that.. And others you all know has lft already. And jj you can stop calling Rachel his fiancee cause there will not be a wedding are no kind .Need to stop about him like that too. Rachel is the one that got herself in that mess telling lies about them getting married. Knowing that he hardly be with her anyway. She should tell the truth about it. And stop hiding from the public like this. She can’t go telling about there relationship. When she know that he don’t live with her that much. Its the same over again he visited then he leave.He shouldn’t do that when we all know that he only stay with her a short while then he gone.Not like when she was with in Canada. Hayden is not going to stay long there. Rachel is the fool for letting this gone this long. She is too lazy to go outside like she use to.What ‘s going on? Is she really in la or at her house she has. Like said JJ you can’t get tghe story right> It wasn’t Mexican it was cake mix that’s all. And shouldn’t have mention Rachel cause she was not in the picture at all.Also why don’t she break-up with Hayden like she did Adam? Don’t see the relationship going anywhere like she was with Adam.Adam has money too and the connections just like Hayden. Both are men and are the same. Why hurt someone like that.? Now what’s the problem with hayden now> That’s what she left adam for right? So why she is in hiding ? Other times we would see her with her friends and family. Hayden can’t save her career its already over for her.She messed it up by going to canada with him feb. Noone told her to do that. And him visiting her is not going to things any better.( that if he did do that). I see him walking and no car what happen?JJ next time if you don’t see rachel with him please don’t mention her atl. If things not going well just don’t say nothing about her if you don’t know what’s going on. And jess please don’t say things like that when you don’t know what’s going on with them.That go for jj too.We all you like her making up things is not going to help. And for others don’t you think he for work instead are her. He really don’t live with her. anyway. And she does has another house and he’s not with her there ok fools. Rachel has tricked you all and you all are mad at home. you should be mad with rachel she was the way that lied to you all not him. He told the truth last year and is that she lied about being Adam too.Cause hayden never stayed away from her this long.JJ don”t want people to think that they are not together. If their not they are not.. Case close

  • S

    Are you counting the days when they are together or not? How pathetic is that? I cant believe there are still people out there in heavy denials after three years.

  • Mary

    You can see them in his pocket. That big square? That’s the package his kind come in. duMariers or however it’s spelled.

  • trish

    I’m a big fan of his but man, those pants freakin ugly.

  • trish

    I should have said those pants are freakin ugly.

  • Sandi

    @ 41 Ahari They are not always photographed when they are together, they were not photographed in New York this time, and were in New York last August for several days before they were photographed.. Anytime they are together for very long, though, eventually, they do get photographed,as you said.. But , who cares if they have they pictures taken, or not? Like S in #43 says, it does not change the fact they are still together, after 3 years it is pointless to deny it, unless you are #42. And I would think going to a concert, restuarants, etc., would be normal for both of them to continue doing when they are not in the same location, life does not stop just because they are apart. It is a typical long distance relationship, I know for a fact they can work out very well.

  • Reed

    They lead seperate lives and that is well evident how long this so called relationship will last is not rocket science really. Ppl who have this much seperation just go on doing it. As for the length of time they have been a couple well if you add up the entire time they have been together it would be equivalent of 1 year. Funny thing is many ppl can be together for longer then these to, get engaged, married then bingo divorce or break it off. The lenght of time has nothing to do with it. It’s a matter if they can withstand a marriage or each other. So far all they prove is that they love the attention this is getting them. This is not a good indication anything will work out in the long run.

  • jamie

    @mary: I don’t see anything

  • brightside

    He is weird. He can’t act and his skin is grey. That’s not a normal, healthy color for skin to be. He is not handsome. He dresses like a hobo and he doesn’t look clean. How can anyone fancy him?
    Chris Pine, now, I can understand why people fancy him, he’s so damn sexy! But this one who looks like death warmed over…beats me!
    @lexy hates bilson:
    They have a lot in common. OK, so he looks like a street derelict and she likes to spend two hours chosing what belt to wear round her neck but they still have a lot in common. There’s their age, their shared lack of talent, their appearance (he’s not-quite handsome and she’s not-quite-beautiful), their culture (little difference really between a canadian and an american – there’s more cultural difference between the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh), their ‘careers’ etc. Yes, she’s not as intelligent as he is supposed to be, but, for most guys that’s an advantage, and she likes shopping which he doesn’t. Still, she seems willing to put up with his indifferent sexuality and, I guess, like a lot of guys he adheres to the adage that ‘you don’t need to look at the mantelpiece while stoking the fire’. It may end up being a starter marriage but it’s hard to see how either of them could do any better than with each other.