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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chess and Cigars

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chess and Cigars

Leonardo DiCaprio was joined by his fellow celebrity buddies, Lukas Haas and Kevin Connolly for a few friendly games of chess over a couple of fine cigars on Sunday (March 28) in Beverly Hills.

The 35-year-old actor’s girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, recently commented on their stronger relationship after their time apart. “It was a half year for which I am very grateful,” she told Israel’s L’Isha magazine. “I needed it. I came to understand a lot of things about myself.”

“I worked on myself [and] I grew up,” Bar said. “I didn’t know what ‘alone’ was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today I’m not afraid of being alone.”

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying chess and cigars…

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  • Judy

    he should stop smoking. makes him look old.

  • Buzzy

    Leo should stick to cigarettes. Cigars are just gross.

  • Nicki

    He looks very sexy with this cigar…. and Bar is a very lucky girlfriend.

  • scrug

    Bar’s commentary on their relationship is just sad (that looks alike Robin Wright Penn ‘s commentary on Sean Penn during their marriage)

    i believed he wanted to stop smoking!

  • Jess

    Gosh he’s Sexy! <3 :D

  • Bam

    Well Barfie is ALONE right now so that’s definitely up her alley! Nice to see Leo hanging out with people who will ALWAYS be around and who he likes to spend time with!!! :)

  • Grapes

    @Bam: well of course she knows all about being alone. lol Its almost a month since they’ve been together! lol lol lol See Leo has lots of FREE time! lol

  • lol

    Jared, why did you have to ruin this post about Leo by mentioning Barf? You are like obsessed with her. Who cares what she said again to get some publicity? Leo should dump her already and find a quality woman!
    Leo looks great and I think he should stop smoking cigars AND cigarettes. Good luck with that!

  • it

    He is too fat…not attractive.

  • noooo

    Bar is hot, He does not! lol

  • noooo

    Leo go to the gym!!!!

  • Grapes

    @lol: lol I think she realized that because they’re starting to take their long breaks again she had to say something for publicity!!! Leo spends more time with Lukas than Barfie!!! Break up coming, then she will have all her alone time!HA!!!

  • Fact: Jen haters are dumb


    I’d take Leo over Brad Pitt any day.

  • lol

    @Grapes: I hope you are right and that way overdue break up is coming soon. I have my doubts but I do hope you`re right.
    Leo doesn`t look fat at all.

  • jolie

    I don’t think he respects bar, it just seems like he drags her along whenever its convenient for him…….

  • @15

    Well said. And apparently she is fine with it which makes her look desperate and dumb.
    It seems like Leo really likes this new sports bar in LA. He goes there a lot with his friends these days.

  • Lucy

    Bar is a beard. It’s clear Fatso Leo truly only likes to spend time with his boys.
    He might bed women just because he needs that kind of Hollywood image.
    Bar would kill her mother for publicity, so she will agree forever in bearding up.
    Same goes for Miranda Kerr.
    These Are all so fake.

    And Leo is just a fattie with a bloated face.

    Never understood his appeal.

    Money appeal, I guess.

  • Elli

    Love Leo! not sure about Bar. Just saw his bio on he is a pretty busy actor. Handsome man.

  • wow

    He use to be attractive but he’s losing the hot and looking average.

  • b.o.r.i.n.g person

    leo looks like a jerk

  • Joe

    guy’s a closet case.
    btw..he is a bit bloated.

  • j

    leo is an amazing actor!!! thats wat makes him hot

  • In love

    I was blown away by Leo in shutter island. I’m so in love with him now

  • petunia

    LEO is a great actor, haters go find another place to vent! You people that call him fat have no idea what FAT really is! Leo is simply the best actor of his generation. His body of works proves that. Happy to see Leo enjoying his time with his buddies. Two thumbs up!

  • BeReal

    That girl is soooo brainwashed. Good to be alone?? Soo not true. Get connected Bar to healthy people with some faith. You sound more alone by saying that! Life is all about healthy relationships with friends and family, and not about being alone…I don’t know what toxic crap Leo is feeding her but she sounds like an empty shell…

  • resources for teachers

    He has changed so much. Looks so much more mature. I think it’s nice but as for cigarettes he should really quit. I can’t wait to see the new movie with him, forgot the title.

  • threemousketteers

    Somehow when Bar got together with Leo she seems not so hot anymore.

  • threemousketteers

    @resources for teachers: It’s shutterisland. similar to Gothika but the plot in reverse ! hee

  • ashley

    he has the worst fashion sense and his body is average. yet, i think he is the most sexiest man alive, he makes everything look good, and i’m completely obsessed with him.

    & i LOVE all these people who think leo and bar should break up =P

  • poppy

    What’s the deal with an Israeli and American? children with perfect genes???????

  • equilibrium 88

    Look at Bunchén! She’s moved on in wedded bliss already O.O

  • juniper

    I like Leo and think he is a good actor, although I don’t think he is ready to settle down and felt crowded by Bar. I think she fed into his notion that she needed to be strong alone first (in other words don’t crowd Leo he needs his space). If a guy is ready for a relationship he will make you feel wanted and will not feel crowded or make you feel you need to be strong alone (i.e. without him).

  • ella

    I’m his fan, i really am, but seriously what’s up with the clothes ? Knee-length pants and socks doesn’t really go together that well,IMO

  • Argentina

    Well i love Bar but i think she deserves someone better than Leo… He doesn´t respets her, he is never there for her like she is always there for him… And that interwie… OMG! We all know she doesn´t fells that way, she wants to start her own familly and she wants to get marry and spend most of the time whit the men she loves… I don´t belive when she says that a relationship can only works if you are alone and you´re noy afraid… What she really means is ” My relationship whit Leo can only work if i can be alone in Israel and he can be in L.A whit his friends and he can go out whit them and be surrounded by models” and i think she doesn´t deserves that… She deserves a man who respect her and can be there for her all the time… And i think that´s what she really wants.. If she says other thing it´s because she loves Leo so much and doesn´t wanna ruin this moment whit him talking about marriege and familly because Leo hates the idea of being a familly man… he only wants sex partners… and that´s so sad… you deserve better B!!!

  • A

    He isn’t losing his hotness. He is just changing into a man instead of having boyish-good looks. He’s very sexy & hot! I for one am happy to see him become more manly.

  • ella

    @Argentina: Well said, but the fact that she always puts up with everything that he has done behind her makes me see that they deserve each other.
    One of them need fame, and one of them need a bed warmer. I’m sure you guys know who’s who

    In an interview he said that he feels lonely sometimes, i just hope he can find someone who’s with him for who he really is not what he has.

  • pictures see

    @Argentina: look at the pictures…does that look like a guy that is ready to settle down with Barf. Does that look like someone in love?!?!? lol That looks like a guy that doesnt give a f*** really about her and uses It when he get It all with he snap of his fingers! She might be in love but Leo CLEARLY isnt in love with her!!! lol And if you were a Barf fan and you were TRUTHFULL with yourself you would see that. Nice hanging with Lukas Leo! Talk about always hanging with someone! lol

  • Argentina

    @37: that´s what i said… that he is not in love whit her!!! i don´t know if you didn´t understand what i said… but i think he doesn´t respect her and if he is not in love they shoul split up… i used to be a fan of Leo but seeing the way he acts whit Bar makes me think what kind of men was i loving… A man who doesn´t fell any kind of respect for his girlfriend!!! That´s so sad… he is not the man i thoug he was… Bar deserves better…

  • Nicki

    For the “ignorant” ones, Bar is in Israel right now. This is why you don’t see them together. Capice?

  • equilibrium 88

    @ella: those are rather superficial reasons ? A bed warmer? for fame?? I guess Bar really loves him.. but it’s probably not mutual. But it’s true whenever i see news about Leo then there’s news about Bar OMG. haha.

  • pictures see

    @Nicki: she is ALWAYS in Israel or SOMEWHERE ELSE. The point is the feelings between barf and Leo aren’t mutual. Barf will follow Leo like a puppy dog to the center of the earth and back. And Leo wont even lift a finger to see his girlfriend anywhere she goes, who he clearly is “in love” with!! lol I find it weird that he spends more time with his male friends that he does his girlfriend that he is “in love” with! haha!

  • haha

    @Nicki: of course thats where she is! never with Leo! haha that’s the trend!!! Leo gets some sex then send her off again!!!

  • Barfie’s and Leo’s schedule

    This is Barfie’s and Leo’s schedule:

    1) sex for a few days,

    2) then back to Israel for a month or 2

    3) sex for a few days,

    4) then back to Israel for a month of two! :))))))))))

    I bet Leo tells her he needs “space” a lot! She seems like she would crowd him!! lol

  • french


    Poor Bar =).
    She doesn’t like him at all, she wants to get attention

  • looolol

    he is dressed like a ten year old again

  • sara

    So basically Bar was clingy and Leo didn’t like it. Wow! only 6 months to find herself and then back with the guy she had to find herself away from. That doesn’t even make sense other than she just told the world that Leo doesn’t want to be with her very often and it drove her crazy so he dumped her with the words “grow” up and she came crawling back claiming to have grown and now she has to bite her tongue when she wants to complain about him not being around 24/7.

  • yup

    @sara: that’s IT in a nutshell! Now she can’t complain because that was the reason for the break in the first place! lol

  • Mandy

    She also wanted to move in with him to be with him 24/7 so she woudlnt be ‘alone’ and leo said “hell no, you’re not moving in with me” lol

  • natalie

    Mandy #48, when did Leo tell you he rebuffed (look it up) her attempt to move in with him? Or are you just clairvoyant (look it up)?

    Leo is a great actor, but looks like a troll. It appears somebody smashed his face in. He has the ugliest face shape, and a terrible body. Leo makes Robert Pattinson look like a dreamboat, and that’s a difficult task LOL.

  • Mandy

    @natalie: You’re just upset because Leo can’t stand being around Barf the troll for 2 long. People mag said Leo broke it of with Barface because she wanted to move in with him. I guess he needed his S P A C E. Funny how he doesnt seem to need space with his real friends. He only needs lot of space when it comes to Barfie! Its the truth!!!