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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Ducati Duo

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Ducati Duo

Orlando Bloom hold hands and leads his girlfriend, Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr, through LAX airport on Sunday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

On the way into the airport, both Orlando and Miranda took the time to sign autographs for fans and take pictures with them. They caught a flight to NYC!

Earlier in the day, Orly was seen leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood with friends. He hopped on his Ducati motorcycle and zoomed off.

Mr. Bloom sure loves that green shirt of his!

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr catching a flight at LAX…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 16
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 17
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 18
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 19
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 20
orlando bloom miranda kerr ducati 21

Credit: Matingas, Whittle, Bauergriffinonline; Photos: NationalPhotoGroup, SplashNewsOnline
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140 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Ducati Duo”

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  1. 1
    Geraldbean Says:

    So cute :]

  2. 2
    gorgeous.... Says:

    Miranda always looks so effortlessly cool and stylish and beautiful of course……lucky Orlando.

  3. 3
    k Says:

    He does not look cute with that hat

  4. 4
    lol Says:

    she has the face of a cat and a young boy

  5. 5
    mira Says:

    She is way too skinny and he is just puny. Not hatin’ jus sayin’.

  6. 6
    YAY! Says:

    Love them!!!!
    Wonder where they are headed?
    He is looking so adorable with his mussed hair and scruff.
    And Miranda looks great, as always.
    PS: Miranda, please burn those pants of Orlando’s.

  7. 7
    @5 Says:

    You’re surprised that a model is skinny? What planet are you from?
    And Orlando is not “puny” IMO. He is lean, but I don’t think that anyone as tall as he is, or as well built, can be called “puny”….IMO

  8. 8
    hmmmm Says:

    I wonder if there are better quality pics out there? In the first pic on the third row, where Miranda has her left hand raised, the ring(s) on her middle finger look like a wedding set. You know, a solitaire diamond and a wedding band. I want a close up of that ring to see what it really is, because it sure looks *ahem* interesting.
    Maybe all of the engagement denials are true. You aren’t engaged if you are already married.
    OH MY!

  9. 9
    -.- Says:

    More papfest as usual. Ridiculous as always. Morons!!!

  10. 10
    scrug Says:

    it was when his last movie is out? why is he again here? he’s a male Rachel Bilson for me(famous for what? because he was a supporting role in a franchise movie)

  11. 11
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, that’s right.
    Forgot to apply the hater double standard….
    Flying together, eating together, walking together is a “set up”.
    Being seen alone is PROOF that they don’t care about each other.
    Haters….soooo pathetic.

  12. 12
    @10 Says:

    One of the biggest stars of the last decade, who STILL lands in the ‘most popular’ polls, is a nobody to you?
    Then why did you stop to post, hmmmm?
    Must be something interesting about him, then. Unless your life is really that empty and sad?

  13. 13
    @9 Says:

    Since when is flying out together a papfest?
    Or are you saying that paps are NEVER at LAX? If you are saying that, you are even dumber than you appear (and that’s saying a lot).
    Paps LIVE at LAX. Why do you think that there are so many pics of celebs at the airport.
    Soooo stupid.

  14. 14
    Get it right, JJ Says:

    The pics on the Ducati are from the 26th according to the timestamps on the pics.

  15. 15
    Hanna Says:

    I used Miranda Kerr’s KORA skin care range and it was horrible! I got a really bad reaction from using it. My mom bought it for me and she said that it was fairly pricey compared to similiar products. So just letting you know.

  16. 16
    zzz Says:

    cant she afford longer jeans?

  17. 17
    @15 Says:

    It works great for me. My skin has never been better.
    Love the stuff!

  18. 18
    Johnisbored Says:

    Re: KORA
    Me and my girlfriend did some research on KORA and it is NOT organic. My girlfriend has very sensitive skin so we have to check all products. We thought Kora may be a good option because miranda kerr has claimed it be organic but it contains all the nasty stuff most other skin care ranges do. So we were a weee bit disapointed :(

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    She said that it has organic ingredients, not that it was 100% organic. Big difference.
    Much of the “nasty stuff” that you mention are stabilizers and preservatives to keep it from spoiling, or losing it’s texture or overall quality.
    The only way to get something that is 100% natural and organic, is to make the stuff at home in your own kitchen.
    Your friend may be able to find some with chemicals that are friendlier to her particular skin, but that’s about it.
    I have used the Kora range for about six weeks now, and I will never buy anything else. i love it. And it smells amazing!

  20. 20
    Johnisbored Says:

    Actually, she was in adelaide (Australia) and she told the media that she was hoping to get the product certified organic – can’t be certificate organic if it is not. That is why it is not certified. Sorry to disapoint you. She shouldn’t say it is organic if it is not. False advertising.

  21. 21
    Kora Krap Says:

    For sensitive skin, and a sure bet on looking younger than you are I have just one word “Cetaphil”.

    I started working at the company I am currently at just right after my 40th birthday. I had worked there that whole year until my next birthday and in office tradition my coworkers bought a cake, sang HB, and thought I was turning 26! They were pissed at me that I was 40 and looked 25!

    Forget all that expensive horsemanure. Miranda Kerr is full of crap and just trying to make money. In 2001 I read Kate Bosworths BETTER recommendation in her Self Magazine article to use Cetaphil. I threw out all my other skin care lines and havent used anything else since. Take that from a woman in her 40′s who still gets hit on by men in their 20′s. :)

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    It IS organic.
    The “chemical” ingredients are derived from natural ORGANIC sources.
    It is just a matter of time before it is certified.

  23. 23
    @21 Says:

    If Kate’s recommendation was so much better, how come Miranda’s skin is 1000 times better than Kate’s???
    Think about it.
    And suuuuure you got confused for a 25 year old. You believed the load of garbage that your imaginary friends *ahem* I mean co-workers, handed you.
    Miranda is 26, and looks 18.
    Kate is 26, and looks 40.
    Maybe you should have looked at Kate’s latest pap shots before making these claims. They make you look like an idiot.

  24. 24
    huh??? Says:

    Why all of the Kora hate?
    Mad because Orlando and Miranda are still together, so you attack her from another angle? Kind of transparant, don’t you think?
    Kora is a very good product, IMO. It makes my skin look fantastic. It’s worth a little extra money for my skin to look as great as it does now.
    I’ll keep buying it, that’s for sure.

  25. 25
    Kora Krap Says:

    Awwww believe what you want. Spend hundreds of dollars a year on overpriced overpackaged crap that will be non-existent a year from now anyways. I spend $10 on something that has been proven over 30+ years to be great for sensitive skin AND the slowing of the clock is just an added benefit. I am not lying and neither were my coworkers. I suppose the complete strangers in their 20′s that ask me out are just trying to make me feel good about myself? LOL! Why be so insulting anyway? Did I insult YOU personally in some way? Kora IS overpriced, and I agree that marketing it as organic is false advertising until its has been CERTIFIED organic. Bread and cereal companies slap “whole grain” on their boxes because the product contains grains, but actually “whole grain” products high in fiber and whole grain benefits have to be certified as such. Its a marketing game and how gullible you must be to defend it so. That or you have some kind of stock in it?

    Kate does not look 40. If she hadn’t taken up smoking and would eat more she would stay young looking longer. But that is another issue. Why the venom towards Kate anyway? It was advice she gave in an article, or do you want to call me a liar about that too? She wasnt trying to pimp out overpriced crap to line her pockets. Ten whole American dollars gets you great skin care that lasts. Take it or leave it, but Miranda Kerr could care less that you are over spending your hard earned cash as long as she convinces you its worth spending so she can get paid!

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