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Victoria Beckham Needs More Time With Her Husband

Victoria Beckham Needs More Time With Her Husband

Victoria Beckham launches her new dress collection at the TSUM shopping center in Moscow, Russia on Thursday (March 25) and then returns to LAX airport on Friday (March 26).

The 35-year-old fashionista reportedly wishes to spend more time with her husband David Beckham. “They are still in love with one another, but the last year has seen their lives go in two different directions,” a source told The People. “David is a brilliant dad with the children, but has had to put up with only seeing them for short periods for much of the year.

Victoria would never stand in the way of his footballing career, but the truth is she has been left a bit upset by her husband’s keenness to spend his time away from the family,” the insider explained. “She’d much rather he remained in California at their home this summer, especially now that he’s got this injury.

20+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham returning home after launching her new dress collection…

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victoria beckham needs more time with her husband 02
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victoria beckham needs more time with her husband 04
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victoria beckham needs more time with her husband 21
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Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • wow

    She looks great as always.

  • LuckyL

    The “source” needs to f*ck off.

  • Corve

    she’s honest about her relationship

  • george

    Thanks JJ.
    I Love her style.

  • Dreads

    Wow, she looks great. I think she’s a tiny bit too skinny but her outfits are so classy and cool. This one here is amazing yet simple. I absolutely adore her style. She looks fabulous!

  • Dreads

    @LuckyL: Agreed. Some people really need to mind their own damn business!

  • Fact: Jen haters are dumb


    tell that to the Jen haters! They refuse to listen!

  • LuckyL

    Dreads, I really love her style too. Always age appropriate, yet not stodgy and classy with clean lines–just like her fashion line.

  • peggy

    This “source” seems to be trying to cause trouble and may be making it up as they go along. Like the sources who said Brad and Angie were in trouble.

    But not to worry true or lie doesn’t matter this is JJ the worse it sounds whether a falsehood or not is the faster it gets printed.

  • bubu

    david is the briliant, he is one of the greatest footballer of the world…

  • Nic

    More celebs should look to her how to balance family life, and businness, to her and Gwen. They go and do their thing, but then they are back to their kids and family. The tidbit is dumb though, tabloids are so stupid with their specualtion!

    LOVE this trench dress on her, so sexy, and the hair&make-up is perfect as always.

  • The Dame

    People need to stop talking trash about people theyve never met.

  • Whamo

    She needs more time at the dinner table.
    If she wants to spend more time with her husband she should go and hang out with him…it’s not like she has a job or does ANYTHING. I mean really, what does she do other than shop and walk around in horrible outfit? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this woman. Apparently she’s a grade A B!tch.

  • KC

    They may have tons of money but I wouldn’t want to be away from from husband and family for extended periods of time. I would be homesick.

  • nokia


    Read the article above you blind…

    she is a fashion designer

    Horrible outfit? are u stupid? her dresses have been worn by Demi moore, madonna, cameron diaz, courtney cox, jennifer lopez, heidi klum, etc


  • irina


    Victoria Caroline Beckham (née Adams; born 17 April 1974)[1][2] is an English singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, businesswoman, actress and model. (wikipedia)

    lately her fashion line has earned great reviews and a bunch of famous people has been wearing it. I understand that she has several items in promotion, so she’s not lazy or a house wife, which she well could be… do not like her a lot, specially when she made a big fuss of wearing all chanel in ski slopes, per example, but I can recognise this of her, she does not like to sit on her butt and receive the money her hubbie makes, she is an entrepreneur.
    She is the main force at home, she’s always with the kids, so I do not think she’s the only one away from home. Just as Sandra Bullock, who get blame for being cheated on. Some actors usually have a lot of free time, in the case of Sandra, she took time off, maybe even some years to care for her family, but when she works, she sometimes has to be away for a period of time, and then she gets the blame. Sad.

    And her VB dresses are VERY nice.

  • Madalene

    Always so pretty and chic!

  • e

    Enjoy your family but please let it be AWAY from the cameras and not for public show, more money, fame and branding!

  • AutumnM

    Not much of a fan of hers, but I must say that Victoria looks nice here!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    She’s Beautiful
    Good Woman

  • Sally

    She’s not so happy now the fashion world is accusing her of ripping off Osman Yousefzada which probably does not surprize the general public.
    However, every cloud etc. – loads of great PR for Osman.

  • duh

    Yeah – Rock on Osman

  • A

    She is pretty and any interviews I have seen of her, she is very funny too! She really is a good mom. You can tell by how close the boys seem to her. She found out her husband cheated on her. I’m not saying she’s perfect. We all have flaws. And I know she has tons of money, but I really believe she is sad because she desires a better marriage with David and a closer family unit. I hope they can achieve that! I guess it’s all up to David at this point if he feels like he wants to put in the effort with her to try.

  • Status quo

    Yes! She looks like she gained a little bit of weight and she looks so much better and healthier! My only hope is that she gains a little more and bam! Fabulous!

  • Ghetto Fabulous

    they could be together if they are not prancing around for more money than they already have.. however i can’t imagine becks and wifey broken up, they both come off as incredibly stupid and retarded and deserve each other.

  • sev

    Ugh Is this the woman who keeps saying David is her soulmate and has posed and done countless video/photoshoots with him sensually and in underwear for money and fame and to establish her name?
    Whoever is behind this tidbit about ‘family’ perhaps misses the posh and becks circus!

  • please

    i would get bored of a woman who never reads & shops all day too.
    i can only imagine the painful conversations in that household:
    ‘ dey-ved, wha u fink of my hair tuh-day babes?’
    ‘ its ohrye (*squeek*) wha u fink a mine?’
    ‘ absolutely…’

  • Whamo

    nokia @ 03/29/2010 at 10:52 am

    Do you really think she sits there designing and sewing herself? Do you really think SHE wrote a book herself? Do you really think she writes her own music? Give me a break this woman is a useless waste of “not very much” skin

  • dolly

    All her designs are rip offs not just the Osman one but that is blatant. What is interesting is that even though she copied it his actually falls better. the guy is very clever. His choice of colour is much better too! Classy guy.

  • and

    she is so boring on her own that they have to keep bringing up Becks. go bore yourselves with the heels and silly frocks and leave him alone!

  • Ugh!Ugh!Ugh!

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for this miserable excuse for a human being? Is she seriously complaining of their seperation when it is totally in their control NOT to be seperated? Get Over-Yourself you whiny, spoiled, vile bit**!

    She’s unbelievably VILE! Classeless, pretencious- $$$-fame-grubbing-selfish-greedy-only relevant now-a-days due to her marriage and the Beckham last name! She has accomplished nothing on her own. She was part of a bubble-gum pop group that “got lucky”- the group would have survived without her talentless a**! She married Beckham and due to his talent/good-looks branded themselves and sold themselves to the media as the perfect couple/family- if Diana had not died- the british press would NOT have glorified them they way that they did. They got press for presenting themselves as the all-perfect-family, but then had to face the hard glare of reality when beckham’s affair was exposed in 2004- (not so perfect after all now are they?) She tried a solo music career- failed, she tried being a stay-at-home mum- failed, she tried being the “perfect wife”- obviously failed since her husband has had numerous affairs- one exposed, tried “writing” a book- failed, tried designing denim jeans- failed, is only re-defined as a so-called-”designer” due to her last name being “Beckham” NOT based on any talent. She’s a filthy-rich pseudo-celebrity who once upon a time was “famous” for being in a girlie band but who knows without being married to Beckham would be where all the other SG’s are- NOWHERE and even more so in her case since she’s a talentless shrew of a woman. Her only “talents” are leaving her family on a consistent basis for nothing of importance, getting dressed up in inappropriate but overly expensive clothes/accessories and prancing her ugly self through various airports. She’s NOTHING of any sort of Importance what-so-ever. She’s VILE and she’s clueless if she truly believes that she needs to be away from her family/husband for days on end- they have enough $$$ to last them several lifetimes- it’s their selfish pursuit of more, more, more that causes their seperation from one another and their family…-Selfish Greed. Nothing more, nothing less. Can’t stand the Beckhams’!

  • Ashleigh

    What a pig snout has been loser this woman is.

    GO AWAY!

    Nobody gives a flyinh f*ck about you, your has-been of a useless husband or your fugly spoiled brat kids- Go the f*ck Away!

  • goshdarnit

    Honestly, she’s so frickin ugly it actually hurts to look at pictures of her. What an ugly, ugly woman she is. Yikes.

  • Ivy

    She looks so good!

  • ++Logan++

    Okay if she loves her husband so much, why is she running all over the world promoting her stupid ‘designer-wannabe’ brand instead of spending time with him especially since he had such a bad injury that is probably going to end his football career????

    She’s pathetic…she craves money, fame and attention too much and then complains that her husbands never home…girl your never home!!!

  • nokia


    Shes home in LA with her family now…

    Okay so if she just sit at home and doing nottin she will get criticize for just using her husbands money and doing nottin, and when shes doing something for herself she also criticized… you people

  • arapaima

    she looks better with this skin tone, instead of the usual fake tan/bronze. it’s fresh

  • d

    She would not have been in any position to launch dress line in Moscow (or wherever) and getting publicity for it without David and his football!
    Her ‘fans” are ignorant and deluded as it gets!

  • go

    David Beckham free kick scored in the World Cup 2006

  • go

    David Beckham Argentina Penalty World Cup 2002

  • go

    1998 World Cup DAVID BECKHAM freekick vs Colombia

  • on

    this woman is shameless and has done everything to remain in the spotlight. she continues to sell stories about her marriage and relationship with David, talk about intinmate details just to stay in the press while at the same time her own people go all out to discredit David in order to build her up and make her look good in the media when she is just plain nasty. she needs to go away! And stop posing with the tabloid slimeballs in the desperation to be popular!

    what decent woman would continue to flaunt and pose sexually with her partner and talk about your husband’s private parts etc for money and fame after he cheated on her?