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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premiere!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premiere!

Christina Aguilera has premiered her upbeat new song “Not Myself Tonight” on her A.P.E. radio station.

The 29-year-old songstress belts out, “I’m not myself tonight, tonight. I’m not the same girl, same girl.”

Not Myself Tonight” is off of Christina‘s fourth studio album, Bionic, due out on June 8th.

Listen to the premiere of Christina Aguilera‘s new song, “Not Myself Tonight” below!!!!!!

Christina Aguilera: ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Premiere!
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  • Jakie

    I am already SICK of this stupid airbrushed picture!! (give it a rest Jared)
    And The song S U C K S !!!!
    Craptina flops again.

  • kiKi


  • Lisa

    Eww. That is really bad! I thought she had a ton of help?!
    And she still Fd it up?

  • Laura

    I just can’t stop listening to it!

    You Go Xtina!

  • Danny

    You can still hear her gross voice . Fail.

  • Rude Boy

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE SONG! ADDICTED ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany

    I love her and love the song.
    sounds like a huge HIT!

  • Paula

    I don’t like it, She is tring way too hard Christina needs to find herself, She seems a little lost :-(

  • Stephanie


  • Pop diddy

    F A I L

  • G


  • Frida

    I like it, it sounds a bit like Sexy back in the beginning though?

  • Kala

    What is this mess? Who is this chick?

  • jenny


  • Mims



    Lets throw dog poo on haters ugly faces.

  • sierra

    those pictures of her really annoy me.. like shes trying to be something else

  • Phil

    Hahaha! WTF!? THAT’S “her” ” new” sound? It sounds like all the other crap on the raido, This b!tch has been acting like she is reinventing the wheel , And then she drops THIS top 40 garbage?

  • Xxx

    Ugly song from an Ugly tranny.

  • hazal

    I think it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cuz it’s atlerntive and she used her amazing voice perfectly,that’s really genious♥

  • YOU

    Haters dont like her cause they wanna be her. ug ugly selfish hos

  • grace

    I LOVE IT!

    its a great club-banger track.
    i cant wait for her to start performing it.

    go christina!!!

  • zxc

    Love it. Great choice for first single. Very energetic. Can’t wait for whole album.

  • sally

    better than anything BRITNEY or GAGA have ever done!!! suck it haters THE REAL LIVING LEGEND IS BACK!!

  • Xtina!

    Ummmm, Brittney Spears has been doing this sound for years!
    There is nothing “futuristic” about it, In fact it sounds like OLD Brittney!!
    I love Christina but, She has dropped the ball on this one.

  • so brand new

    ♥ her!

  • asd

    No comparison between Xtina and tranny gaga?! Shocking. Where are haters?!

  • Jj

    ROFLMAO! Ohh the Gays are gonna LOVE this one!
    Hahaha! Who even listens to this girl (besides the gay community? And I don’t think THEY even like her that much)
    Like who is her target audience? I don’t get her……

  • Jj

    @asd: Lady Gaga is way too good to be compaired to this hot mess!
    To compaire the two would be an insult to Gaga!
    Gaga is a Queen, Christina is a wanna-be

  • maya

    I really hope her Album has more to afford! But her voice is good here not to agressive and not to low! I wish she would sing more about herself than about other peoples life – the same to Justin Timberlake, they are just to boring and uninteresting, have to use other people to have to say something!
    Britney always sings about herself!

  • tasha

    If Gaga had sung that it had been much better

  • Spencer


  • slambang

    I like the beat, but the words aren’t very good. She can do so much better.

  • sheila

    This says absolutely nothing about her, she is always herself! What should her fans believe or think, that’s just not her!

  • Julieta

    I love it!

  • Ray

    Ok..Hot but somewhat tired beat, Ok Lyrics, Great Vocals but the vocals dont fit the song at all… And IMO the last thing is what is killing the song for me… Sorry Christina… Hopefully the other songs are better…

  • lol

    I love that she hid to work on this, lol, & I love that she thinks this is a “future electro sound” hahahaha!! Omg! She has got to be the stupidest girl alive!!!
    lmao! I think Santogold & M.I.A played her dumbass!
    This is crap

  • Khristi

    Good for her…I love it. It’s electro with amazing vocals.

  • jonas

    brit ??no.madonna is doing this kind of music since 98 with ray of light. thats was a huge it. amdonna is #1 in the world. and she always is a step ahead. amdonna music are the most played in europe. for dance. its called house music. tottally european. this is trash. and brit too ,and gaga

  • CFan

    I love the track!!

    I like how her vocals sound over it!

    The song has to grow on me though.

    But there have been tons of songs that start out like that I haven’t liked in the past like “Single Ladies”, “Telephone”, heck…even “Dirty”.

    I’m glad Christina is back!!

  • infamous

    I dont like it! Maybe it will grow on me

  • Ro

    I love her but i’m not sure about this song sadly, hopefully it’s a grower

  • FAN

    The haters are SERIOUSLY NUTS!

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing. The new single is a BOMB!!!! A meteor crashing the Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!! An epic club banger!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Christina’s voice MURDERS, as always! :D

    The haters are extremely angry I see. You know what that means? It means Christina is doing something right!

    The haters fear for their favorite artists! LMAO!!!!

    Can’t wait for JUNE!!! :)

  • Landin

    Her voice does not sound good over this type of music, It sounds like two diffrent songs played at once.
    Christina is fair, but she needs to stick to her strong points and not change her self to jump on a bandwagon to make a buck,
    She is not suited for this at all, Even if her ego thinks she is.
    Someone should have told her the truth. She is a bit of a poser.

  • ANA

    Love it!!!

  • FAN

    I’m laughing at the hater’s comments. LMAO haters over analyzing, always whining, never making sense.

    “She’s not suited” “Her ego thinks she is” “Gaga this, Caca that” etc.

    Just shut up. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Christina, for giving us new music!!! You can do anything and do it better than everybody! You are a force of nature!!! :D

  • Todd

    It would be great if she didn’t throw in the vocal warmups…You know the background runs will be what she will sing when performing live.

  • tal

    love it !!#$

  • FAN

    People have such high expectations of EPICTINA Aguilera!

    But please, let her have some fun! Relax! LOL

  • xxx

    I love her so much but this isn’t good :( Hopefully it grows on you after a while.

  • Jakie

      since it’s about to be “hidden” I thought I woul post it again!
    lmao!! Enjoy!!


    I am already SICK of this stupid airbrushed picture!! (give it a rest Jared)
    And The song S U C K S !!!!
    Craptina flops again.