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Jennifer Aniston: On The Hunt In Madrid

Jennifer Aniston: On The Hunt In Madrid

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler attend The Bounty Hunter photocall held at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday (March 30).

Jennifer, 41, and Gerard, 40, have been promoting their new film throughout Europe for the past week, dropping by Paris on Sunday and then Berlin on Monday.

After promoting her film, Jen will return to Hawaii where she’ll continue to film Just Go With It with co-stars Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker.

FYI: Jen wore open-toe slingback pumps from Gucci.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler looking white hot for Madrid…

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jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 01
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 02
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 03
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 04
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 05
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 06
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 07
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 08
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 09
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 10
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 11
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 12
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 13
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 14
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 15
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 16
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 17
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 18
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 19
jennifer aniston gerard butler spain 20

Photos: Thorton/WENN
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  • Holly

    Here comes the fights… wait for it…….

  • Loma

    Such a beauty, she look great in everything she wears!

  • carly

    She looks really good!

  • Hate the Ang

    but really,,,,, Jen is becoming imitation vanilla

  • dundies

    I don’t think there together. lol that picture of them was hilarious and thats his sense of humor. How funny would it be if your friend was having their picture taken, and u did that

  • lena

    Ok, these pics of Jen have inspired me to have a good day. Just seeing that beautiful smile and sparkly eyes have melted away any residuals I had from my bad day yesterday. She’s soooooooo naturally beautiful. And Gerard is such a handsome man…….she’s soooo lucky to have him in her life. He seems like he could just make your everyday fun. Even if they are not a couple, I hope that if Jen ever does decide or can have a baby, that it is his. That baby would be just beautful. Keep smiling Jen, you’re such an inspiraton.

  • mslewis

    Jennifer looks so much better in her daytime photocall outfits than those awful things she is wearing for the premieres. This white dress is lovely, as was the grey skirt and white top from yesterday. Gerry looks totally bored. Bet he’s glad this whole mess is over.

  • peter

    she looks always good

  • peter

    she looks always good

  • eliott

    Once again, Mr. Butler, you look great. And the good news? It’s just about over. Everyone involved learned a valuable lesson.

  • Meela

    She looks fine. I like her dress, but I wish she could do something different with her hair. It always looks the same – blond, straight and longish – except now it looks damaged and thin.

  • lena

    Jen is gorgeous.

  • mum

    Gerard looks ugly!

  • chin can’t act
  • bet

    The body tight dress. She look like angle with her with dress. love her body shape.

  • bet

    she look like angle with her white dress.

  • Catalina

    Oh Jen, you try so hard and it always backfires on you. Get some self respect and stop hanging all over your costars. Are you that terrible to be with that you don’t date, you don’t spend time with family, and the only time you are with friends is when you fly them to Mexico?

  • Here’s


    For the umptenth time this week. Thank goodness this is the last we will see of fingers up the butt girl this week!

  • KMcG

    I’m with Meela. The hair is gross and thin.

  • chin can’t act

    Catalina @ 03/30/2010 at 10:17 am

    i know. she clings on every one of her male costars. what a desperate b!tch she is.

    look at me. I am chinifer & I am a retard. my chin is long. i have the same hairstyle all the time & i paid $50,000 for it. my eyes are tiny & my nose is so huge i had it done because i am insecure and lied about it that I have a deviated septum.

  • Anon

    Gerry looks so unhappy.

  • bet

    You have to see the ass and the waist on the back , it is prefectly curve.

  • needs more chunk

    Needs more dirt and sticks added to that lifeless hair.

  • carol

    She isn’t wearing her extensions in these images. Horrible hair.Saggy knees. Great legs? Cameron Diaz any day.

  • The Doctor Is In

    Guess no spray tans available in Spain — he looks like paste.

  • Crystal Maiden

    She’s as pregnant as the day is long. Her baby bump can be seen plainly in some of these new pictures, especially the ones from other sites that have been taken from Getty Images. When you see her from the side, she is totally thick in the middle, no waistline whatsoever, and her belly pooches out about 2-3 inches. It’s very obvious. Just wondering with her sleeping around with anything with a peen, if Gerry is the daddy? It would not be beyond her to use this to trap him.

  • bet


    again it your choice, i just do not think Cameroon Daiz has a good look. and also, she sound most the time just like Paris Hilton. When ever she got intereiw, She try to mention like “We famous people blah blah blah” she sound too dumb too me most of the time.

  • chin can’t act

    Anon @ 03/30/2010 at 10:29 am +3
    Gerry looks so unhappy

    because he is so tire of promoting this stupid movie.

  • shannon

    gosh she looks 30! go jen! i want to look like that when i hit 40! i know 20 somethings that dont even look that hot!

  • Whoriston Pregnant???

    No just bloated from playing butt hockey with Butler, nothing more.

    Her knees are horrible!! No over tanning Europe to hide the flaws.

  • chin can’t act

    Crystal Maiden @ 03/30/2010 at 10:44 am

    i hope its true that she is pregnant but I doubt it. this chick wouldn’t let her body gain an once. her body is the only nice thing she got going. her face is ugly & if she lets her body go it would be over for her. ugly face & not so hot body anymore. chiniston wouldn’t let that happen.

  • chin can’t act

    also, i don’t think you can get pregnant from having a finger up your @ss. bwahahahahahahahahaha!!

  • KVB

    None of the women in Hollywood right now compare to her overall look ~ inner joy, natural humor, playfulness, physical body, and her couture package. She wears classic clothing beautifully and there’s rarely a choice that can be criticized. Her film partner looks exhausted or has a virus?

  • pink roses

    She never tires of prancing around the world promoting her terrible McMovies.

  • PH

    I just noticed that Aniston and Butler are not truly international stars. Oh sure, they promoted this movie to death in the US and Europe, but Aniston has never been invited to a premiere of a movie of hers in Asia. Johnny Depp just went to Japan to promote Alice in Wonderland. Brad Pitt regularly has a premiere of his movies in Japan. Asia is such a big market nowadays, and yet Aniston has never been there. I believe IIRC that she did go to Australia to promote TBU. But it’s only to the white folks that she has been promoted to, never to Asians, or South Americans. So to those who say that she is loved all over the world — nyet. Europe and the US is NOT the world.

  • KC

    Although she is very thin, I just don’t like these tight-fitting clothes on her. The dress and heels don’t work together. When it comes to dressing substance is better than trying to be sexy.

  • Adam

    The wrinkled knees show her real age.
    41+ , too much tanning, extremely high heels shoes… Act your age!
    Maniston, how old do you look without your heavy makeup, fake blond hair, fake blue eyes and artificial tan?
    Go home, Maniston, just go home and never come back.

  • Preggers?

    I have to agree that Jen looks quite preggers. With her strict diet and exercise routine, she would never have that pouch unless she was pregnant. This will be interesting.

  • together

    she looks great, hair, body, dress. all the negative comments on here are sad.

    i think it would be nice if they were dating, but the body language seems oddly off . . . and i don’t think gerry butler has the ability to be a one lady guy.

  • Whoriston Fan BET

    Hahahaha, just shows how dense buttison’s fans are that her pet BET thinks Cameron Diaz sounds dumb in interviews and her idol sounds smart???? Whoriston is dumb as a box of rocks and her interviews consist of a bunch of I do, I will, yeah, oh you know, yeah sure, umm maybe, just you know and hair twirling. She’s a scholar!

  • chin can’t act

    Whoriston Fan BET @ 03/30/2010 at 11:18 am

    you know i never realize that but now that you mentioned. its so true. she never really completes a well structured sentence.

  • bet


    Yes most of the time Cameroon, sound too dumb to me and giggle too much for no reason. as much you want to make your idols sound smart, jennifer always very strait forward forward talker.

  • bet

    Whorliston fun Bet

    but sometime she cut short some question becuase most are analyzying things too much.

  • not pregnant

    For those of you who think Aniston is pregnant here are a few choice word’s from Lainey’s article today:

    Not really feeling Jen’s night look ….. This time with a sparkly nu_de short Valentino, it’s no exception. Hate. And again, for the second evening in a row, it’s unflattering. From some angles she actually looks like she has a belly pouch.
    STOP. Right there. Stop with your BumpWatch silliness. First of all it’s boring. Second it’s ridiculous. Jennifer Aniston does not have a bump. What she has is a poor choice. Because as you can see today, in Spain, in a tight white sheath, there is no bump. There is only fit. A much better one. And a solid pair of heels too. She glows. One of her best showings on this whirlwind.

  • Janeth

    love love love me some Gerard Butler and Jen Aniston… Loved the movie. Worth my 12 dollars! Gotta say his hand is still on her butt see picture # 4. Oh those 2! lol

  • “hater”

    Ewweee more armpit cleavage and lots of ugly sun spots on the arms. I bet Gerry still can’t get that smell off his fingers.

  • Janeth

    Oops meant picture # 5 sorry

  • Jully

    Who let the dog out?

  • Helen

    She has zero respect for her fans – making these crappy movies and luring her stupid fans into paying $8 for it. Just like she used her divorce to trick everyone into feeling sorry for her. I bet Sandra Bullock will not be on the cover of Vanity Fair crying about how she was dumped.

  • Kely

    Anyone looks good – even Maniston – if they have people spending thousands on hair and make-up. She is a plain woman who spends a ton of time and money on herself. Or as they say, a 6 dressed up like a 9.