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Kate Gosselin Jumps Into the Jive

Kate Gosselin Jumps Into the Jive

Kate Gosselin tries to wow the crowd as she dances the jive with partner Tony Dovolani on Monday (March 29) during the second week of Dancing with the Stars.

Unsurprisingly, Nicole Scherzinger scored the best of the episode, earning the first 10s of the season for her jive with partner Derek Hough.

While ratings for the show were down from last week’s numbers, the show still brought 22.56 million viewers. Pretty impressive!

Tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC to see who will be the first couple sent home!

30+ pictures inside of the second week of DWTS

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kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 01
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 02
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 03
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 04
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 05
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 06
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 07
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 08
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 09
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 10
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 11
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 12
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 13
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 14
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 15
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 16
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 17
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 18
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 19
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 20
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 21
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 22
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 23
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 24
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 25
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 26
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 27
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 28
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 29
kate gosselin foxtrot week 2 dancing with the stars 30

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  • Kelly

    What are you talking about jared? Kate didn’t “wow” anyone. Did you even watch? She was f*ckin terrible

  • revoltin’

    clip clop – clip clop…she stumbled around like a complete klutz

  • alex

    She was horrible!
    Thanks for the laughs Shopping Kart!!
    I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!!

    She looked like a big red truck being led around the dance floor. Poor Tony, I hope they are paying him extra for putting up with Kart.

  • Dianew

    SHE didn’t WOW the crowd AND SHE danced the ‘jive’. get your facts straight before posting. The woman was a total flop! Poor Tony looked like he was heaving lumber around.

  • beth

    She is clumsy, and really very disturbing with that constant sinister Grinch smile.

  • Nanea

    Neither is she fabulous, much less on DWTS, nor did she wow anyone.

    Aren’t her 15 minutes up by now?

  • pity party

    Kate “everyone leaves me” Gosselin…….had to laugh at that one

  • missy

    Perez says she had a melt down and Just Jared says she wowed. who is right, i sure didn’t watch!

  • amy

    What have you been smoking Jared?

  • Kenisha

    It was the jive… and she looked TOTALLY out of her element. She forgot her steps, was counting aloud and wasnt allowing herself to have any fun. Shes not ready for this…she should go home to her children.

  • What DWTS was

    JJ watching, for cryin’ out loud??!! Gosselin was g*dawful, marginally better (technically) than poor old Buzz Aldrin — and I’m not even sure I’d give her that, but at least he has a pleasant demeanor and she’s got a sh!tty attitude for someone who’s totally dependent on a pro to get through from week to week.

  • Gina

    I could swear I saw Pam Anderson shoot Kate a ,”cut me a break” look at the beginning of the show (when they were all lined up) and then look away in disgust.

  • Lucy

    Wowed the crowed? What show were you watching?!

  • Hate Kate

    - the woman has zero,000000000000000000000 rhythm

  • xoxo

    it was both…there is video footage of her and her partner fighting about her not being able to dance and she blames it on him..that caused a meltdown and then he threatened to quit on her…and then they did not wow the crowd…this performance was better than her others, but still sucked in comparison to others…so i cant believe im about to say this..but both perez and JJ were right…

  • Carrie

    Wows the crowd, foxtrot fabulous? What show were u watching Jared? Oh I know you were too busy trying to come up with a chic headline for your employee/pap tipper Rachel Bilson to even pay attention to the actual show.

    This women was terrible!! I can’t wait until this hag is voted off the show. She needs to go home, stop chasing her overexposed 15 minutes of fame, get a real job and raise her kids.

  • Ana Velez

    she dances like a russian bear in the circus!! Enough said AND the nerves to tell her teacher a thing or two how to dance!! ROFL..Typical…

  • flo

    The shrew danced like a carthorse and was worse than I ever could have imagined.

  • poor Tony

    Tony would have a better shot in this competition with a stuffed cadaver.

  • Sue

    xoxo…she only danced one other dance, the waltz last week, and she sucked at that too! The judge said it looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around on the dance floor and last night he looked like he was dragging a corpse around. She’s one of the worst dancers they’ve ever had on this show….she’s in the same league as Master P

  • missy


    just watched it on u-tube! Just Jared you got punked!

    thanks x0x0

  • Anna

    How much is Kate’s publicist paying some of these sites/magazines anyway? She didn’t “wow” anybody, has NOT won our hearts; and is not a heroine to anyone.

  • Haha

    providing for the children my as*…Instead of having 6 nannies, why doesn’t go home and take of those children herself?

  • GaPeach

    She’s bad – has no musicality – and I don’t understand why she thought she could even participate in this program. She does have a bad attitude – but she’s not the only one. Chad #85 has a sour look and he can’t dance either. Aiden and Jake are bad and have bad attitudes also.

    Nicey is very good as is Pam Anderson. But Pam’s partner is too frail looking. She looks like she could do it without him.

    But Nicole is the best and probably will win. Evan is a close second – if he’s able to look more like he’s dancing and not skating.

  • lexy hates bilson

    When is she going to get voted off so I can go back to watching?? She’s ruined the show for me! I imagine she’s ruining the shows chance at male viewers too! I’m sure men WOULD tune in to watch Pam Anderson’s boobs jiggle, b!tchy Shannon D. and then there’s the tired old, man-hating, Kate!

  • Jess

    She just doesn’t have it.
    And since most people in America don’t like her I don’t see her staying for very long.

  • Lisa

    Kate could be a great dancer, ………if she could hire someone to do it for her.

  • AutumnM

    Kate was a FLOP last night. She was stiff and looked like a deer in headlights. Just awful!

  • briseis

    Jared, I’ll have what you’re having! Sheesh, please don’t just post anything — was this a press release or what? She didn’t do the foxtrot, she did the jive. And she did NOT wow the crowd. You could see she kept forgetting her steps and was always looking to Tony with a “What’s next?” expression. Buzz Aldrin had a far more pleasant disposition, even though he knows he might be voted off first. I know this is not the NYT blog but still!!! Next time, Jared, please get your facts straight!

  • DWTS a joke

    Go on with yourself, Jared. That was not fabulous. Kate is a damn joke. Tony looks worn out and miserable, Kate is up to her old tricks and Tony is her new Jon. She’s ruined DWTS! Like an old rotten onion, we will have to watch peel by peel the layers of narcissism peeled away till the blackened core is revealed…FINALLY BEFORE HER SHEEP-LIKE FANS GET IT!

  • jealous much?

    Kate wasn’t that bad. You all have to exaggerate to prove a point, “that she is a bad person”. She was OK. Being a mother and not a performer she has shown guts. Her fans are pulling for her.

  • briseis

    Jared, thanks for the email response, and for fixing the thread. Appreciate it.
    I am pulling for Kate not to be voted off yet. I need my laughs. But I feel for Tony, who always came across as being nice. If Kate got Maks — wow, can you imagine the fireworks?

  • attention K-Mart shoppers

    Will the publicists for Jennifer Aniston and Kate Gosselin please just stop? Enough already! America along with the rest of the planet is tired of your clients’ antics. We know that you are partially responsible for shoving them down our throats along with the media. Stop spinning, lying, dipping and diving. Just stop, for the love of TV and Cinema…..STOP.

  • Rhonda

    When the show announced she would be on, I commented that I hoped she got Max. he’d drop her on her ass so fast, now that would be worth watching!

  • Cayenne

    Just two seconds into it I could no longer bear to watch it! She embarrased me and I felt so sorry for Tony! How could she disrespect him like that. ( I can’t even spell I am so upset – sorry for the spelling errors)…anyways… she exposed herself with that poor behavior and I’ll bet she’s sorry for it today because the ugly truth is out now as for her sour behavior. Now, all can see why Jon had such a difficult time in the end dealing with her and left. I don’t know if I can blame him anymore. Look, Tony even left. How could she dare think that she can say those things to Tony who is a professional dancer and instructor and teacher and need I go on!

  • Cayenne

    I heard Max would have no part of the show if they paired Kate with him!

  • Michelle

    JJ you are being dillusional come on Jared. She was horrible and I didn’t watch but can only imagine. I read how horribe she was to Tony. That poor guy she is an evil witch who pimps out her kids. I don’t understand why she is on this show and why people pay any attention to this b****.

  • Cayenne

    ABC = Master crafters of ratings!

  • meghan

    I have to say I was rooting for Kate in the beginning. Her having no dance experience against all the other stars I wanted her to do well; even if I don’t care for her. I watched last night, and I couldn’t bear to watch Kate. I can’t believe she talked to Tony like that. Well, yes I can believe it….
    Her true self is coming to the surface again. Even though Jon has gone completely loony, I can see why he has gone a little bit crazy. Being with her can cause people to go a little insane. It shows what kind of person she is if Tony says “I quit!:
    Lord….. :/
    As far as her dancing, it was truly painful to watch last night. She looks like she is in pain and her smile is saying. “I don’t want to be here.” At least she could show a genuine smile and act like she was having a good time. At least for her partner. I hope she gets voted off tonight, so I can enjoy watching the other contestants.

  • peezy

    People are telling her to go home to her children…I dont see anyone pointing the fingers at top execs,lawyers, ect who are so busy they send their kids to boarding school, or have live in nannys while they are out trying to provide for their kids!!!

    Oh please kate is doing what she has to do, to secure a better future for her kids….Did you think she could depend on John? LOL…

    I conquer that she is not a great dancer, but she is enjoying all the blessings that God has brought her…Haters keep hating!

  • Rhonda

    Tony always seems to get the shaft on every show! I loved how sweet he was to Sara Hughes! he must be getting so frustrated getting handed the worst hand, everytime. Hope he got a HUGE raise to dance with the monster.

  • Toni

    Jared, is she one of your favorites now? Because that’s the only way you can say she did good. Kate was horrible and she was clumsy. She was basically being dragged around like a shopping cart just like a poster or two and even Bruno said. Also I think Bruna has a vendetta against her because he just seems to shred her into pieces the most.

  • SheepleZapper

    @peezy: God didn’t bring her blessings. Science did. God made her infertile because God knows this woman has no soul. Keep loving the shrew. You look like a friggen idiot defending her.

  • SheepleZapper

    @jealous much?: her fans are delusional, uneducated housewives with no llfe of their own and no moral center.

  • dawne

    I always sided with Jon in terms of the emasculating woman and her phoney Kleenex interviews about how put upon she was; never owned up to any responsibility in the failure of a marriage with eight kids……if anyone was objectively listening they would have heard Jon say SHE asked him to leave when he let it be known he wanted to end the show and she should come home off the road trying to become a STAR. He may be imperfect but she is the lethal toxin in that house. He took it for a long time. No wonder he went a little nuts when he got freedom from daily criticism.

    She is as phoney as Aniston and her ego as large….and her talent as limited. They are both uber ambitious fame ho’s. And we are equally as tired of both of them…neither can hold a man because they are so controlling.

    But the powers that be continue to hoist this kind of fame seeking on the viewing public…it is our fault if we continue to feed their fame addiction like the worst of enablers.

    Problem is most guileless people believe in the hype and PR initiated images as well as believing everything they read and hear.

    But beware: These types of narcissists are very cunning, much smarter than the average sucker they are successfully able to fool. So shame on us.

  • KC

    Honestly, she moves more like she has just been stung by bee than as if she is dancing. Her thighs were WAAAYYY too big for the skimply little dress. It only made her look bottom heavy. She needs to go now. Disgraceful.

  • Kami H

    Gina, you are insane and seeing things that you WANT to see. Pam may be a slutty ho, but I think she can contain herself while on a live TV show. Only you have no class.

  • Kai’s granny NinaBoBina

    @lexy hates bilson:
    I don’t think you want her to really go. What would you do? Who would you hate on? DWTS is having the highest ratings ever thanks to idiots like you who watch Kate to “hate” her. They love you.

  • JJJJibbersKippee

    I love Kate. I have pictures of her all over my bedroom walls. I spend all day downloading her pictures and cutting and pasting them. I am not too psychotic am I? I have no life, no friends, only hate, hate, hate to keep me warm at night and my pictures of Kate.

  • Emma

    Even Tony hates her!