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Kelis: 'Acapella' Video Premiere!

Kelis: 'Acapella' Video Premiere!

Check out the latest video from Kelis – it’s her new single, “Acapella“!

Definitely a weird vibe but some great costumes!

The 30-year-old singer teamed up with producer David Guetta for a new sound! Her new album, Flesh Tone, is out this summer.

“I signed a new deal and I’m madly in love with life and ready to share something with you,” Kelis, who signed with Interscope Records late last year, wrote on her site.

Kelis – “Acapella” Video Premiere
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  • yo sista

    her new look is a bit of GaGa meets some of Sade. Too bad she isn’t as appealing as the first or as talented as the second. NEXT.

  • Allie Baby

    Please. Just stop Kelis. Nothing has been awesome about you since Milkshake and Bossy. Those songs hold your sound. Go back to that or just shut up. Looking like a scary, bootleg Avatar.

  • Karo

    i like the song, pretty smooth… and i especially like the dogs in the video! :)

  • Tori


  • Talk Sense Girl

    I think she signed up with the Illuminati not a Record Company!
    The Horns and Bull Nose Ring are just too much.

  • Dreads

    I’ve always loved her style. You people are mean, especially not appreciating the originals and preferring the new comers such as this Gaga thing. I think Kelis is awesome. I do love her style and well, I just love herrrrr

  • Kate

    trying to be Avatar ?
    song is cool, the video is O.K

  • Hit!!

    This’ll definitely be played in gay clubs across America!! And definitely in Europe…they love this club music

  • Venom

    Gold digging whore.
    F*ck off and die.

  • tyra

    Cool. This song is about her son (you can see him at the end of the video.

  • jaliah

    I have no idea who she is but the photo is beautiful and her skin is fab.

  • Mary

    This is an awesome song and a totally original video. All you people who think this is “weird” just don’t have an eye for the obscure and inventive. Kelis has always been ahead of her time.

  • guertri mecca

    Stop comparing Kelis to Manly Gag-ME
    Kelis been here and been outrageous since 1999.
    U ppl are so stupid and misinformed to even say that.
    Gag-ME is nothin fresh to music. Shes a copycat and shes wack.
    Kelis makes better music and much more original.

  • Mel

    Copying Lady GaGa. I mean, she went from “Milkshake” to this Euro-dance shiz. This isn’t something she would do if she wasn’t desperate to copy Lady GaGa.

    But I notice that whenever other stars try to copy GaGa, they just look ugly and ridiculous because they go overboard. GaGa knows how to still look hot and appealing.

  • Jen

    I love lady gaga, however Kelis, has always been ahead of the game when it comes to being more out there, not everyone is copying lady gaga.

  • Melb2010

    Go Kelis, this song is awesome and to all the haters. Kelis has had her own style from the jump, do we remember her rainbow hair and “Caught out there’ if you look at recent pics, GaGa been rocking clothes Kelis wore years ago and as for money goes, she was a singer before she married Nas and she’s still one after him. Get a life you rejects. Kelis is here to stay!!!!! Go Kelis, acapella rocks!!!!

  • JoJo711

    Never been a fan of Kelis, but FINALLY I GET IT!!! Love the song and the video. Videos have to be very imaginative and clever to get my attention and this one works. Just love the song, could listen to it all summer long. Go, chick.

  • James

    LOVE this video! Solid song too.

  • Sacha

    THIS is how you do Africa, Rihanna. Love the tribal video (adorable son btw) and the song is great.

  • gigi

    i love this song. … i hope this gets airplay. i love the fact that she takes chances and doesn’t come back singing the same way like some other artists in the game today. way ahead of the game … and i can see folks stealing her sound. hope there is a remix with kanye and lady gaga that would be hot.

  • dshsethseo

    Breaking news: There used to be music before you were old enough to hear it!

    Meaning, there were artists who were weird and trendy and fashion forward BEFORE Lady Gaga.

    Heard of KISS? Madonna? Prodigy? Marilyn Manson? Hell, even Britney.

    Kelis is no way copying Gaga. Kelis was on the scene before Gaga (Kelis’ breakthrough album was Kalediscope, not the one with Bossy and Milkshake on it). She was just as eccentric back then as now. So if anything, Gaga has Kelis influence, not the other way around.

    Love the video. Love the music. Love that it’s about her kid. You go girl.

  • dshsethseo


    Mel. Do me a favor. Google Kalediscope. Then get back to me.

  • loloa

    LMAO @AllieBaby

    oh man thats funny LMAO!! boot leg avatar

  • ugh

    she is damn ugly. always was.
    like the song though.

  • maya

    lady gaga looks like a tranny.. theres nothing HOT about her… kelis HMMMM lets see how her next few singles are:)