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Rachel Bilson: Pregnancy Rumors are Hilarious!

Rachel Bilson: Pregnancy Rumors are Hilarious!

Rachel Bilson totes around script and a Chanel straw bag (Spring/Summer 2010) on Tuesday morning (March 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress recently laughed off pregnancy rumors. She told Cleo magazine, “I thought that was hilarious; it was like, really? Where does this come from? I went to the doctors because I have sinus problems. I walk out and it was raining, so I had a big raincoat on – so [the tabloids] thought I was pregnant. And I was like, actually, I had Q-tips stuck up my nose ’cause I’m having sinus issues — if you wanna think I’m pregnant, then fine!”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson laughing off pregnancy rumors…

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46 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Pregnancy Rumors are Hilarious!”

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  1. 1
    april Says:

    she’s lookin good except her hair needs a new style

  2. 2
    mommy Says:

    Rachel needs help before getting pregnant

  3. 3
    heinje Says:

    You can tell that she’s aware that she’s going to be photographed because she has the script in her hands when it can easily fit into her bag. She wants the world to know that she’s working or at least looking for work.

    Mischa Barton used to do this before. Get photographed walking around holding a bunch of scripts.

  4. 4
    cami Says:

    @heinje: nice catch!

  5. 5
    Rita Says:

    Who thought she was pregnant? Stop making up rumours about yourself, although I think pregnancy will help her get photographed alot because people just love nobodies with babies.

  6. 6
    Marie Says:

    What, Hayden wouldn’t come out with you for your photo op? Poor baby! Maybe next time.

  7. 7
    plebeian Says:

    wtf?? She looks incredibly beautiful!! If only I was her!!

  8. 8
    Ahari Says:

    Why dredge up old rumors that she started herself anyway? Why not just say she’s out desperately trying to get a job so she’ll have a legitimate excuse not to move to the farm? Because you know she’d rather be set on fire than to have to move out to the sticks with Hayden.

  9. 9
    elle Says:

    Yeah, she probably started this rumor herself… so sad

  10. 10
    Katie Says:

    Right?! Who cares about her anymore?? Does she do anything besides call the paps on herself and start her own rumors? What a joke.

  11. 11
    max Says:

    HILARIOUS!!! laughing so much…..are you just going to drag out stories from that article in Cleo till she goes into an office building again??

  12. 12
    julie Says:

    Since there’s no real news happening with Bilson, Rachel and her handlers create their own news.

    I’m not pregnant.
    I’ve been engaged for nearly two years.
    Watch me leave my house as I go to an Oscar party hosted by the same people I write a column for.
    Watch me as I walk around wearing an assortment of shoes and bags.
    Follow me as I go from one casting agency to another.
    Watch me as I put money in the parking meter.
    Watch me buy coffee.
    Watch me put money in the parking meter while holding a cup of coffee.
    My boyfriend is a human dictionary.
    I’m hanging out at the Olympics.
    I’m hanging out with my kid sister.
    I’m hanging out with my mom.
    I’m helping plan by best friend’s wedding.
    I love fruits and vegetables.

  13. 13
    Jax Says:

    How pathetic and transparent can a person be? Seriously. She drags her fake “fiance” out for the monthly photo op, looking like a strung out homeless person, now this. IDK, she looks kind of bloated to me, she must be hitting the booze and other ingestibles pretty heavy. I agree though, the thought of moving to Canada where no one cares about who she thinks she is or what she does must be absolutely terrifying, lol.

  14. 14
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    She always “happens” to be carrying around important documents after she calls the paps. Just like last time – she was carrying around a bag the size of a suitcase and yet she and her mother are holding medical documents in their hands so the paps can get a photo.
    Someone tell Rachel that what’s more “hilarious” than the pregnancy rumors (which I agree she starts herself) – is her alleged “career”. We know she’s not pregnant b/c being pregnant might mean her doing SOME work!!

  15. 15
    annasaurus Says:

    She wishes she could be pregnant. Then she could do a total media image overhaul like Nicole Ritchie and everyone will love her.

  16. 16
    nik Says:

    Well she might as well start having kids, since her acting career is over. Might as well do something productive like raising kids instead of being pathetic and still hoping that someone will give her a job in hollywood.

  17. 17
    Meagan Says:

    She is truly a member of the group of celebs I can honestly say should NEVER have children. She’s too self centered. It always has to be about her. When her future family, her “fiance’s” family was falling apart at the seems, she showed her support by having his mother papped at a Home Depot. Yeah, this selfish piece of work would be a model mommy in front of the cameras, the rest of the time the dad and a host of nannies would be raising the kids.

  18. 18
    i Says:

    People, shut up. I love her, she’s adorable. At least you never see her going out to clubs getting drunk everynight like all the rest of Hollywood.

  19. 19
    Meagan Says:

    Um, no. This is a comment board, not a fan site. You don’t see her at clubs falling down drunk because when she goes out clubbing she doesn’t call her pap buddies. Like her “fiance” once said, “If you don’t want to be seen, you won’t be seen.” She’s proved that herself by not being papped at all for days or weeks on end. Please.

  20. 20
    brightside Says:

    The point being, JJ? Does a random 10 minute rumour that everyone has forgotten, and hardly anyone believed in the first place, really need a detailed explanation? Not unless the person wishes to keep said rumour in the public domain to drum up more publicity!
    Sinus problems, hmmm, yes, coke can do that to you….

    Re the script:
    A friend of mine, expert in work avoidance, gave me a tip one day on how to goof off work without looking like you’re goofing off. His tip, he wanders from dept to dept with a sheaf of important looking papers in his hand and stopping to have a chat to his mates along the way. To the bosses he looks as though he’s legitimately employed tracking down the ‘person’ to whom the papers are ‘relevant’. Sometimes a piece of paper is just a piece of paper, nothing more, even when several of them are stapled together.

  21. 21
    luke Says:

    who gives a **** about her anyway

  22. 22
    Ahari Says:

    I said exactly the same thing about those “sinus problems,” Brightside.

  23. 23
    CN Says:

    why is everyone hating on her?
    dont people have better things to do than insult people they dont even know?

  24. 24
    Viper Says:

    What doctor would put Q-Tips up your nose unless it’s broken in that case who broke her nose?? Sinus issue don’t require that type of treatment she needs to learn to lie better. Rumors of her being knocked up i’m sure was arranged by the PR manager. Honestly there is nothing else productive to ask the woman. Plus she denied there is any wedding in the near future. Gee guess many of us figured that one out already.

  25. 25


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