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Selena Gomez: K-Mart Clothing Line!!!

Selena Gomez: K-Mart Clothing Line!!!

Selena Gomez is launching a back-to-school clothing line with K-Mart called Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez.

What a smart biz move for both parties. And to top it off, retail prices for all the pieces will be capped at $24. Amazing!!!

The 17-year-old Disney starlet, who stars on Wizards of Waverly Place, tells WWD, “[It's] the whole Texan cowgirl meets the glam Boho chic of Hollywood. Since the announcement, we added a lot of accessories. I love scarves, and long necklaces and cute bangles. It’s constantly changing, which is cool. It will change with me.”

Congrats, Sel!!!!!

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Photos: Donato Sardella
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  • Geraldbean

    She is cute, and I am sure she’s a lovely person but there is something about her I find really annoying. Even Miley Cyrus to me has more of a likability factor because she seems much more normal than Selena.

  • justsaying


    i agree with you there. she’s cute and all, but she’s too much of a goody goody. she’s only 17, so where’s the fun? maybe she’s too focus on not getting the bad rep like miley, so instead she becomes boring.

  • hen

    she’s really cute! is she related with the football player mario gomez?

  • helllo

    I think she was just raised right. And she probably just doesn’t want to get into all “bad” stuff. Also, her mom had her at 16 so she probably raised her to be a good girl.

  • Venom

    Most beautiful girl in the world.

  • pita bread

    Seems if you’re under 20 and on TV, sooner or later you must have your clothing line. But do they differ from one another much?

  • alex

    I love her, but not enough to shop at Kmart.

  • Infamous

    Seems age appropraite clothing

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..who shops at k-mart? ahahahahahaa…

  • angel

    I was really excited…but I don’t like this at all. I like some pieces but not together. I adore you selena but, no. We don’t even have K-Marts over here….haven’t had them in years, lol. I wish she had them sold at Target.


    OH MY GOSH!!! IS THAT BARNEY??? THE BIG HEAD??!!wahahaha :P

  • mailey

    ok, these outfits suck.

  • annie

    I love her SELENA IS THE BEST!!!!

  • Jen

    Miley 2.0, seriously could they be less original? LOL

  • flyaway

    @Jen: Um…since when is Miley original?? hahaha, that girl follows trends, not sets them.

  • koolkat

    @Geraldbean: Miley is loud and obnoxious while Selena is mature and poised. So I’d rather take Selena any day than that trailer trash hick.

  • Amber-louise

    Yep, Id say those gross clothes belong at K mart

  • Angie

    I don’t like her or her clothing. She’s too much of a goody-goody who wants to be all perfect. Atleast Miley is real and is who she is instead of trying to be someone. And her clothes are much more awesome than Slutena’s.

  • cathy

    you are beautiful and sexy in the clothes

  • Dilish

    She s hot n d best n beautiful……………….. she s too much

  • Bresdin
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  • Ohhithere

    LOL. probz another fail like Miley’s? xD

  • selinaG97



    @Angie: This is coming from a “goody-goody” so listen up. I’m tired of hearing how goody-goodies are all boring, and they aren’t “real.” I’m real, am I not? Cut her some slack. Maybe she doesn’t want to be like Miley Cyrus. I used to look up to Miley, but then she sort of stopped being someone I wanted to look up to. I look up to people like Selena, who set good examples to girls everywhere, and of all ages. I think she’s handled herself and her fame very well to be only 17 years old.

  • angie’s a slut

    @Angie: shutup whore. miley’s an ugly dog

  • Darby

    Can’t wait for Selena’s line… she is a big inflince on me and my little sister and even though she’s making a movie, going on tour, and making a CD she took time off to make a clothing line for her fans.

  • Darby

    LOVE… Selena’s music and show… and can’t wait to see her new movie coming out in July!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://aim isabel

    okay people first of all miley cyrus is a whore. always has been. always will be. selena is more down to earth. sweet. and just because most of you rather be ho’s than a good role model then keep that to your self. because i feel sorry for who ever is watching you. selena is way more prettier. also miley got a good head start into fame from her dad. who suxs. also not every 17 year old gives lap dances. or takes half naked pics of themselves. miley is just whote trash! selena is my favorite celebrity.

  • lady valentine

    so true, the closest k-mart to me is about 45 mins away.

  • Sandra

    she is SOO BEUTIFUUUL!

  • Fashion Girl

    Fashion Girl
    James Alban

  • Monica

    I think this is a decent line of clothing. Selena is young and following her dreams. If you don’t like these clothes then….NEWS FLASH….don’t buy them! And about her being a “goodie goodie” (which there is nothing wrong with) that has absolutley nothing to do with her clothing line. If you have a problem with the person that she is and the clothes that she wears then why don’t you write her a letter telling her to sell skanky clothes since you seem to think that in order to be “real” you have to be a nasty girl. She is real because she follows her heart and has her head on straight. I say look up to her instead of trying to put her down.

  • sweet

    dit is fantastis

  • Selena Gomez biggest fan

    Selena Gomez rox!
    And her shoping line is great it has everthing !
    And good prices!
    I love Selena!
    I hope that I get by from her Dream Out Loud!
    I love you Selena!
    And she is smart 2 open a clothing line of hers!
    I love Selena!

  • Anonymous

    @justsaying Selena doesn’t wanna be a bad girl, she can be whatever she likes, so what if she doesn’t want to be a slut ( no offense to Miley I love her) you can’t expect her to go clubbing can you!
    Maybe she doesn’t care what ppl think of her.

    I am goon love her line!

  • Stella

    I love Selena and Miley’s clothing line.
    They’re so cute.
    My favorite stars making clothes it’s really cool and creative!

  • http://crazyconverse10 crazyconverse10

    i love your cloths so much cuter than mileys clothes yours 1000009 much betta

  • http://crazyconverse10 crazyconverse10

    @mailey: ya mama nd daddy suck you BITCH asshoe

  • http://crazyconverse10 crazyconverse10

    @Geraldbean: no she dont miley is a skanky sluty bitch nd you can tell her i said that

  • aselenalover

    i dont think slesna is boring,,i love selena and all the stuuf she does but it seems that all those the teenage stars are doing soo much,,i mean what will they do when they grow up? i love selena and if she just ever said hi to me it would be the best thing ever :)

  • aleesa

    LMAO Whats a K-mart? xD those still exist? Walmarts the place to go or even target but not k-mart haven’t seen on of those in years.
    And i agree with alot of you saying shes a goody-goody i just notice that I like ALEX more then Selena xD

  • hailey

    she is a dick

  • kaylia

    i luv selena shesa a very pretty gurl and very talented and i like these cloths too there cute and original and y duz everyone have to compare miley and selena y cant we all just except that they r both beautiful smart talented gurls and leave it at that neither one of them r sluts and neither one of them r bad ppl or bad influences and selena is not a goody goody ok she is smart and she has a good head on her sholders so just let them both bee!!! :P

  • http://kmart salar

    salar rashed wali

  • betty boop

    @mailey: you are very stupid you know they are really cute!!

  • Joana

    Omg stop hating on Selena Gomes. Like who would ever compare her to sluty Miley.??

  • MercyDUUUUDE.

    These outfits are..just not cute. Miley’s is more fun, and just…not so weird. Selena is FAKE AS CAN BE. She uses people for publicity. But that’s not the point. Who the hell shops at K-Mart? I didn’t even know they still have those, considering where I live they don’t have any because they closed them down. And from what I can remember, all they had their was CRAP. Everything’s practically on the floor lying around. Yuuup. Say all you want about Miley, but at least a good store wants to sell her clothes, unlike little miss fake. [:

  • justin bieber

    hay baby gomz’s

  • crazybamagirl

    Okay for everyone who is sayen that Selenas cloths suck …then guess wat dont buy them okay and those who say ohhh i dont wanna shop at kmart nobody cares if u dont want them u dont have to buy them but that dont mean that u can diss selena..i like her fashion line and i like kmart….and everyone wants to compare selena and mileys cloths ..okay i like mileys line too its very creative and so is selenas ……and selena aint a goody goody just cuz she dont take half naked pic of her self and cuss and stuff dont mean shes a goody goody it just means that she wuz raised right….and selena aint fake bein sweet and caring and luvin her fans dont make her fake it just makes her nice……so dont judge her or her fashion line…..and dont judge miley either she is who she is and she made a mistake so wat shes under pressure leave her alone too….and u no wats sad selena and miley r prolly friends in real life and think its funny how ppl always compare them! :P