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Ashley Tisdale: High School Musical Spin-Off!

Ashley Tisdale: High School Musical Spin-Off!

All things fabulous!

Ashley Tisdale is confirmed to star in a spin-off movie based on her High School Musical character Sharpay Evans, her rep confirms to

The 24-year-old starlet will shoot Disney Channel Original Movie’s Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures this summer. No word on whether or not Lucas Grabeel will be back as Sharpay’s twin brother, Ryan Evans, but the movie will premiere in 2011.

The Tizz will not only act, but will also serve as executive producer of the movie. Somebody fetch Ashley her Jimmy Choo flip flops!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see The Tizz getting her own spin-off movie??

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72 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale: High School Musical Spin-Off!”

  1. 1
    Lucasmile23 Says:

    and Lucas?My Luc Luke Lukye Lucas?

  2. 2
    Miimow Says:


  3. 3
    iris Says:

    that’s just too lame for words

  4. 4
    MollyMakeout Says:


  5. 5
    blahblahblah Says:

    Epic Fail.

  6. 6
    ashley Says:

    thats REALLLLLLLLLLLLY exciting<3

  7. 7
    In The Know Says:

    Like this girl can exec produce anything. Disney is so f__k_d to drain this girl to the last drop of her 15 minutes that they are willing to give her a title. Really NUTS!

  8. 8
    e Says:

    I hope it’s an early Aprils Fools joke, but then again, since Ashley seem to have made it a habbit to say one thing and do then do something else in the past, her saying that she have moved on from Sharpay and HSM might be just another one of those and she really is doing this.

  9. 9
    abby Says:

    Sorry but I think its kinda sad she’s still holding onto the whole HSM/Disney thing. Most of the cast is younger then her and have moved on to other things that aren’t HSM or Disney and are more grown up. Its like Ash is Peter Pan. She never wants to grow up.

    Well Ash sweetheart I’ve got news for your, your almost 25 years old. You not exactly a tween anymore. Time to let it go and grow the hell up.

  10. 10
    charm Says:

    1 step forward 10 giants step back

  11. 11
    Leyla Says:

    WOW. this is actually really sad. she needs to move on. major fail.

  12. 12
    M Says:

    Boring, I guess she can’t get other jobs.

    Stop falling back on something that is safe. Fail!

  13. 13
    Shan Says:

    She’s 24 and still doing these roles for Disney? How long is she going to keep that up? Time to grow up and move on to something else

  14. 14
    tatum Says:

    Great! I always liked Sharpay.

    Thankfully its not Vanessa. Her character was so dull and vanessa just cant act.

  15. 15
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    No one else will hire her for movies it seems… This and attending Perez Hilton’s birthday party definitely puts her in the hasbeen category…

  16. 16
    Kirreii Says:

    It’s sad cause she’s always saying how she wants to go for other roles and how she really feels a connection with her brunette side, yet she agrees to sign onto this…-_-

    Kind of a downer.

  17. 17
    ivanka Says:


  18. 18
    Allie Baby Says:

    Someone is hard up for work…

  19. 19
    Luiz Felipe ATBR Says:


    Acredito MUITO no potencial da Ashley e dou apoio em todas as decisões profissionais dela. Se ela acha que isso é bom para o crescimento pessoal e profissional dela, que assim seja!

    So happy!


    LOV U ASH!

  20. 20
    shaar Says:

    Most people posting here might not be interested in this because she doesn’t hit ur demographic, myself included, but I know my tween n teen younger cousins n their girlfriends will positively die of happiness when they hear this. So I say good for Ashley, her fans will love this news.

  21. 21
    peggy Says:


    Vanessa had Bandslam and 2 more MAJOR motion pictures coming out and just was awarded Showest. She’s doing just fine obviously your opinion is not shared in Hollywood.

    And this is an ASHLEY thread.

  22. 22
    paddisonluvr Says:

    Wow. Talk about taking the HSM franchise WAY too far. HSM 3 should have been the end – technically, the 1st and 2nd movies were the only good ones anyway. Ashley needs to figure out where ELSE she can take her career.

  23. 23
    kgg Says:

    This is soooo sad! Yep, Ashley is getting good at saying one thing and doing another. Hopefully she’s doing it for the money because it surely will not advance her career. Good luck with that, Ashley.

  24. 24
    Clarisse Says:

    Lucas return for Ryan please!!!!

  25. 25
    blahblahblah Says:

    @tatum: lol! good one! Vanessa just recieved an award and has two major films coming out that are getting a ton of buzz and Ashley is returning to Disney Channel! You are soooooooo right!

  26. 26
    vancrazed Says:

    I’m like so sad for her. She is 25 and she can’t do anything else. Like seriously….oh well.

  27. 27
    Keep it Real Says:

    Ashley has to pay bills like any other adult. You folks act like the HSM kids (beside Zack) have Hollywood beating down their doors and it is NOT true. Btw Vanessa’s movie Bandslam was a FLOP FLOP FOP. She better pray the Ramona Beezus thing works out or she will be in the same boat as the Tizz. Hopefully Ashley may use this opportunity to branch out into producing or something.

  28. 28
    Alison Says:

    I love Ashley! between this and her CW show HELLCATS she will be a force on TV this upcoming season! GO ASHLEY!

  29. 29
    Teri Says:


  30. 30
    ffdf Says:

    @Keep it Real:
    Ramona Beezus? what?
    its not her movie. is selenas

  31. 31
    BestToHer Says:

    @Keep it Real (#27)…Vanessa’s next two movies are Beastly and Sucker Punch. Romono Beezus movie, I believe that one has Selena Gomez in it. As for Bandslam, first of all, Vanessa is not the lead star for the movie. The lead stars were Galean Conner and Aly, therefore, these two lead stars were suppose to carried the movie for BO number. In Bandslam, Vanessa has a supporting role and was in the movie no more than 9 or 10 screen times. Plus Bandslam is considered as critically acclaimed film and the critics also reviewed Vanessa’s acting as great performance. So what Bandslam flop in the BO, but Vanessa is still getting offers for feature movie roles that are not Disney.

    As for Ashley…she is also doing executive producing for this DCOM Sharpay movie, so maybe her Blondie Production Company is part of it. It will give her experience in producing it. Plus being as the main/lead star of the movie, she will make her tweens/teens and HSM fans very happy and gained some more new tweens/teens fans. Maybe this will lead her to be a director for Disney or produce new DCOM TV series for Disney. There is a plus side to all this for Ashley.

  32. 32
    Jen Says:

    It’s sad that she has nothing else going on so she’s clinging onto the HSM fame. She needs to move on like everyone else has done. She’s almost 25 and is still wanting to cling onto the kid/tween fanbase. She’ll never be taken seriously if she doesn’t try to mature her audience.

  33. 33
    Markella Says:

    Shes doing this for her younger fanss and sure vanessa has two other movies but ashley has now two movies and a series!!!! plus at least ashley isn’t gonna play a prostitue in Sucker Punch

  34. 34
    cookie Says:

    This is what happens when your career stalls. Desperate, sad, tragic. Must be a killer for her to see how well Vanessa’s career is going.

  35. 35
    em Says:

    I like Ashley, I really do, but this is just, this is a joke.
    She’s 24 years old and she’s still doing DCOM’s and things like that. I remember when i heard about that show she was now going to do, i wasn’t very thrilled but this is just terrible.

    1. High School Musical was good while it lasted but it was best the ended it at 3. I thought the cast realized it. It’s best to end something while the party is still going then when are kicking you out the door. I hate that they are milking it to the very end and i would think the cast would all collectively decide to leave it a good thing and respect what it’s done for them, period. I’m disappointed Ashley is doing this.
    2. This is not an excuse for a producing gig. Ashley is not 12, she doesn’t need to produce this kind of a film. To me it speaks negatively about her as a producer because the only thing that can develop out of this is some money. And it tells me she cares more about the dollar bills than she does about the actually production or film.

    Anyway, i’m blabbing. I love Ashley i really do, but i just wished sometimes she grew up a little bit. Hanging out with Perez Hilton and then all her pointless music, films as an actor and producer.

    I’ve always seen actresses in two lights, the one who wants to play the emotionally driven un pretty nerd (a well developed character) or the one who wants to play the pretty cheerleader despite not having any substance. I really hate to say it but i think Ashley’s the second.

  36. 36
    HaNnAh.kAy=] Says:

    thanks god…that means i don’t need to see her anywhere but Disney channel only(she’s almost 25 and still suck with Disney, what a wonderful career!)

  37. 37
    em Says:

    I mean no offence but i have to disagree. Anyone who wants to be a real actor and understands depth of charcters and good film knows that it’s the most unlikely roles that are most strong. Look at all the great actors, the reason why they are so great is because they can play such flawed people. Natalie Portman, Marissa Tomei, Nicole Kidman, Julia Robert and many more all have something in common they’ve all been nominated or won an academy award for playing a prostitue/stripper and the list goes on. Zack Syner isn’t a rauncy teen comedy director, he puts substance into his characters. Vanessa after sucker punch will probably be taken incredibly serious among actors.

  38. 38
    Kirreii Says:

    It doesn’t matter how much money Ashley makes out of these shows or how many of them she has. What matters is where her career is heading. I personally have no problem if she wants to keep her fanbase as tweens and kids, but she has stated herself that she wants more mature roles. And this isn’t it.

    She can have a million series and movies, but her acting skills and her career would still be in the same place. What makes someone a good actor/actress isn’t the number of movies or shows he/she has where they play the same role over and over again. Au contraire, it’s how well he/she can depict different characters. I seriously don’t see this with Ashley, I’m sorry. Dear fans, I’m not saying that she is a horrible actress, I just don’t see her as a versatile one.

    And people, stop comparing Vanessa and Ashley. They’re two different people with different careers. Why can’t this go through your thick skulls?

  39. 39
    annasaurus Says:

    She’s doing what she can to make money with her limited looks and talent, you guys shouldn’t begrudge her that.

    @em: You made a thin allusion to the fact that you need to play a prostitute/stripper to get nominated/win an academy award. That may be true but I hope you’re not daring to suggest that Vanessa Hudgens will ever get one for a role in Sucker Punch. Zack Snyder does not put substance into his characters. He puts style over everything else. Expect a fantastic trailer and an overally weak and disappointing movie.

  40. 40
    rock_chick_chic Says:

    jared didnt you make justjared jr especially for all this silly tween stuff? also wow disney are so original *rolls eyes*

  41. 41
    sj Says:

    @Markella: with the way her career is going, she wishes she could play a prostitute

  42. 42
    kami Says:

    maybe she’s doing it because she gets to be one of the producers.

  43. 43
    birdie Says:

    I like Ashley but this is a step down for her. HSM ended perfectly and
    her character Sharpay was a caricature, plain and simple with no redeeming qualites, put in the film as a comic villain. She should have left Sharpay on a high note. As far as her career she has a production company and she should be developing new original projects for herself. I hope it’s not too late for her to change her mind.

  44. 44
    ... Says:


  45. 45
    Josh Says:

    WHY WHY WHY! Ashley why!
    You were making good progress! =(

  46. 46
    em Says:

    I’m not saying that Vanessa will get nominated for an academy award for this role, that’s very farsketched. But a user before commented and made it seem that playing a role of a prostitute, is just playing a prostitute and not a person, that it would have no substance and i was making a point that it’s clearly not the case. And my message is that i don’t believe Zack Synder is going to make a pointless bid to have a stripper scene just for the sake of a stripper scene. I’m not saying it’s citizen kane or anything.

  47. 47
    em Says:

    Also i said great actors often play flawed people (aka real people). Nowhere did i say you need to play a prostitue. I said many people have gotten recognition for playing one because they bring the humanity to the character not because they are a stripper/ prostitue.

  48. 48
    xxxx Says:

    Ewww… just go away please, all the HSM people suck.

  49. 49
    Nicki Says:

    UGH, how sad.
    I thought she had moved on, guess she couldn’t find any work so she had to resort back to old school. Poor poor girl.

  50. 50
    lis Says:

    bad move. the high school musical franchise should stay at 3 and that’s it. although, i’m guessing it won’t be released in cinemas so at least it will be confined to the disney channel.

  51. 51
    vh only Says:

    @tatum: hey. maybe u are just updated with disney but not in the whole hollywood. vanessa got 2 major films that will be out this july 2010 and next year (2011). i think our opinions are so different. :((

    BUT for ashley, it’s a good thing that HSM became ur stepping stone into ur better career. :))

  52. 52
    mms Says:

    really cool

  53. 53
    mms Says:


  54. 54
    ljljl Says:

    perfect ı really excited

  55. 55
    ash Says:

    good luck ashley

  56. 56
    tiffany Says:

    yay go ashley ! i wish lucas is in the movie too i love him :)

  57. 57
    lisa Says:

    and just when i thought the whole HSM fad was over.

  58. 58
    Karen Says:


    I be she would play a prostitute if a role like that was offered to her!

    Really, I like Ashley and think she has comedic acting chops. I don’t know, maybe she is just going after the wrong kinds of roles and is set on trying to be taken seriously as a dramatic actress and should have her people and herself looking for a really good comedy even if she wold be playing a supportive role. Comedic relief roles in movies that have better known actresses playing the lead usually steal the movie or at leas get a lot of notice. Maybe the drama thing will not be her forte.

  59. 59
    jazmin Says:

    This is an Ashley thread so let’s leave it as that. I like Ashley and wish her the best but I showed my 16 yr old daughter this post and she’s like nooooo, I won’t be watching that. I see younger kids may watch this movie but I’m afraid teens will back away from it unless they are die hard fan of Ashley.

  60. 60
    ash Says:


  61. 61
    grover Says:

    Huge mistake. Bad career move. Desperate.

  62. 62
    Anna Says:

    this girl must be confused…
    she seems to get in the habit of saying she’s trying to do one thing and then a couple months later she’ll totally go against that.
    same with her hair and all. she’s goes from blonde to brunette too much.

  63. 63
    BARBARA Says:

    I agree with Karen, I think ashly wood be great in comedys, she also should try for character parts, even small parts can help her get notice.

  64. 64
    anny nilsson Says:

    seriosly shut up ..if she wanna do it then you guys don’t don’t have to care ??

    You guys dosen’t even know her .


    im really proud of her that she isn’t like briteny spears or lindsy lohon ..

  65. 65
    anny nilsson Says:

    seriosly shut up ..if she wanna do it then you guys don’t don’t have to care ??

    You guys dosen’t even know her .


    im really proud of her that she isn’t like briteny spears or lindsy lohon ..

  66. 66
    NekoNekoLovex33 Says:

    @Keep it Real: oh wow get your facts right Ramona Beezus is Selena Gomez ‘s movie and Vanessa’s are Beastly and Sucker Punch….. dumbass -.-

  67. 67
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