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Gabourey Sidibe: SNL's Newest Host!!!

Gabourey Sidibe: SNL's Newest Host!!!

Precious star Gabourey Sidibe just signed on the dotted line to host her very own episode of Saturday Night Live!!!

E!‘s Marc Malkin first reported the news about the 26-year-old actress from Brooklyn. Gabby will host April 24 while Jennifer Lopez hosts this Saturday, followed by Tina Fey, Ryan Phillippe and Betty White (along with other comedienne).

Earlier this month, Gabby scored herself a recurring role in The Big C, a dark comedy series on Showtime.

Congrats, Gabby!!!

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  • happy girl

    Is it me but I find she is getting annoying in interviews. Over it.

  • Emma

    She’s done one movie. She doesn’t deserve to host SNL already.

  • molly

    SNL is so over!

  • brightside

    I’m glad she getting work but…..the arms…gosh, I didn’t realise the size of them!

  • Katie

    God she’s fat. So unhealthy. Nevermind what she looks like, she’s just disgustingly obese.

  • mickey

    She should REALLY start wearing clothes that cover her arms.

  • liyah

    Gosh she’s so big

  • Corve DaCosta

    this should be good

  • james

    how can Jennifer Lopez be hosting this saturday ? she already did a month ago.

  • t


  • jazzmanchgo

    Good for Gabby! I admire her deeply, I think she’s truly gifted, and I wish her all the best.

    That being said, though — yes, her interviews have gotten annoying. That “giggly girly-girl” routine of hers is beyond cloying, and her public displays of her various “celebrity crushes” have become downright embarrassing. She needs to project an image of greater maturity and sophistication if she’s going to be a “role model” for girls or young women, regardless of their size.

    Nonetheless — she’s learning as she goes, and it’s no doubt a lot to learn for someone so inexperienced in the public eye. I hope she succeeds and thrives, both in acting and in life.

  • Uverse

    This is all a sympathy thing.
    The fad will end quickly and she won’t be able to buy a job.
    Unfortunate for her.

  • white chocolate

    damn she’s fat and ugly

  • Anon

    Way to go, Gabby! I’ll be watching SNL when you host. Keep smilin’ girl! Proud of you.

  • bradley

    SNL after one movie? okay, but why the heck is she so fat? is she ill or just eats too much? I like her, but anytime I see her I can’t believe my eyes – lose some weight baby!!

  • sarafina

    Well done Gabby……….. Howerd Stern make a comment……….. I dare you………

  • jazzmanchgo

    p.s. By the way — it astounds me how no one has recognized the downright sexist nature of most of these comments about Gabby’s alleged health risks. How much does Cedric the Entertainer weigh? How much did Biggie Smalls weigh? Jamie Fozz’s snarkly little comment about “The Notorious Precious” illustrates perfectly the gender-based double standard in all this. Biggie used his obesity as a personal trademark; he even traded in on it for his name. And we all got the joke and went along with it, without thinking. But then, he was a man — he could do that.

    (I also don’t remember anyone making any similar comments about Orson Welles or Jackie Gleason, both of whom lived into their 70s and had long, varied, and successful acting careers.)

  • jazzmanchgo

    Uh — that’s “Jamie Foxx,” not “Fozz,” of course. (!!!!)

  • Peter

    She’s going to play the role of the whale in the new “Moby Dick” film.

  • Dog Lover

    u must be a fatty

  • ck

    This gal can host, but someone like Kristen Bell can’t? Ok then.

  • Allie Baby

    @Dog Lover: I don’t know why, but that was funny as hell. Maybe because I’m hearing the voice of Stewie saying “fatty.” Yes, that most certainly is it.

  • jazzmanchgo

    Nope — I’m 5’10″ and I weigh about 180.

    I just think that there are a lot of other “issues” (i.e., biases) behind a lot of this Gabby-bashing. I stand behind everything I wrote above (including my criticisms in my first post).

  • shaar


    Kuddos for the mature comment. God knows not everyone here can be honest without being hurtful.

  • Ilia

    You need to get some. People are criticized every single day for how they look, what they wear, their sexual orientation, color of their skin, so on and so forth. She is in the public eye and people will express their opinion, and you need to chill. STOP clogging up the post with your self-indulgent nonsense. She is unhealthy looking, period! No amount of your bull-sh*t will change that fact!

  • jazzmanchgo

    @Ilia: Okay, fine. But say the same thing about male celebrities, as well.

  • molly


    race, right? never ends!

  • Lo

    @jazzmanchgo: When Jared POSTS photos of Cedric the Entertainer and Jamie “Fozz,” we’ll comment. Until then, we will comment on how fat and disgusting Gabourey is.

  • Dog

    who said she wouldnt get another gig

  • Mai-Tai

    I agree with some of the comments. I’m overweight myself and I know all the weight can’t feel good to carry. I recently started working out at Gold’s and it’s taxing on the body. Granted, she is young and the full force of the weight hasn’t hit her (I felt great when I was her age), but this is not healthy and now is the time for her to lose it.

  • Camille

    I don’t think she has to work out because she has to have a perfect body but because it’s not good for her health.People should tell her the truth because it’s not ok to be like that.
    In my country being that fat is considered an illness.

  • iggles

    Her arms are ridic! Seriously, that’s not a good look!
    Just being honest. Flame all you want..



  • ka-blamo

    As long as she doesn’t swallow up Andy Samberg, I’m cool with it.

  • happy girl

    SNL has not been funny since Will Ferrell left. The show is pathetically bad. The irony is this: SNL and all those comedians made a career of making fun of overweight people who look just like Gabby – remember the Patrick Swayze skit with Chris Farley? And now she is hosting. I am sure they won’t make fun of her in skits. Or maybe they will, dunno. Hypocrisy. But I guess if you get an Oscar nod, you go on the show. Fair enough. I just think her interviews lately are really a 1 trick pony and not cute anymore.

  • Ben Franklin

    She owes Howard Stern money, if he didn’t say that stuff about her, this would not happen.

    But I feel bad for her to be on SNL when it’s so unfunny. Sorry, I meant, “Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfunny.”

  • Leo

    All you folks are doing is making her more famous, and putting more money in her bank account! You guys calling her fat and ugly are just sad, and jealous because your not living your dream! Instead your stuck at a boring nine to five, and only wishing to be where she’s at.

    Congrats Gabby! Make these haters CHOKE on their words!

  • Rocky


    ITA! The dress is very pretty, but her arms should be hidden a bit. I’m not call her any names, because I don’t go there. Calling people names is something dumb ass jerks do. I hope one day she gets the help she needs to address her weight problems.

  • Rocky


    Howard should look in the mirror. I’m sure he can’t separate his ass from his face when he looks into it. Can’t stand him!!

  • Lauren

    Every time I see a pic of her I feel sorry for her. How does a person let themself get to be that size? Was she using food as an emotional crutch? Does she realize how unhealthy it is to be that size? I wonder if the people in her life (ie family, friends) have expressed any concern to her about her size. It’s one thing to accept your body as it is and another to be slowly killing yourself wtih food.

  • I’z_is_ the judgement

    Her hands look like hippo feet

  • wings

    Gabourey, the other black meat, will shuck and jive her way on SNL –maybe Howard will be a walk on!

  • anna

    I can’t believe she’s 26! She acts and speaks like a teenager.

  • Notorious G A B

    What Stern and Robin were saying and yes, they were snarky, but it was true, in the long run, if she remains this large……what roles can she play? Lara Croft type, a romantic lead, sexy love interest, swashbuckling sidekick to Captain Sparrow? I’m sorry, they were trying to say as far as HW goes, she just doesn’t fit in. Stern even said, she may be a very nice girl, but look around, who’s getting the steady work in HW? I mean, she’s not just a little chunky, she really is dangerously overweight and it ain’t attractive or healthy.

    She was briliant in Precious, but when they put out a casting call how many talented, very large, black actresses could have showed up? This was a very specific character role that she could fill, but HW isn’t clammering for her type for a majority of its movies. That’s the reality of that business.

    In the interviews I’ve seen her in, especially the Oscars, people were acting like she was the sh*t, all just pretending that this girl was the next “it” girl, like Carey Mulligan. Oh, wow, don’t you look gorgeous, that tent, er I mean, dress you’re wearing is just so, big, uh, I mean beautiful. It was embarrassing to watch and I was embarrassed for her. Oh yeah Gerard Butler, I’d hit that. Yeah, babe he’d hit you, too, right across the room and run screaming to get away from you. (He handled it brilliantly, though, but G-d knows what he was thinking.)

    I think hiring her now is just playing off the recent publicity and racial sympathy. Precious has been out over a year, no?, so how come all this time she wasn’t getting any work?

    When a white female entertainer gains 10, 20, hell even 5 lbs they are ripped to shreds. Brittany! JS’s “mommy pants”, wow the media really did a number on those two. Yeah, they got so huge. NOT! Look what they did to J L Hewitt. She was so humiliated by those photos she had to claim that she loved her body, and women unite, we should love our bodies, blah, blah. But soon after, showing off body on mag covers having to prove to the world she lost weight and having to backtrack what she said. I mean she couldn’t get thin fast enough.

    Would they do that to a black female entertainer? No, because certain people might say, oh you’re just being racist. Record execs told Ann Wilson of Heart to lose weight, did they tell Aretha? Sorry, I know she’s the Queen. How about Jill Scott? Mo’Nique? Yes, these are beautiful, big, black women, but the media doesn’t rip them apart for their weight. It’s acceptable to be a little thick, if you’re black, but If you’re white you have to be super skinny.

    That being said, still, Sidibe is way, way too big to be ingnored and I’m sorry, but I think all this hoopla is so phony, pretending her weight is not an issue. If she were white and this morbidly obese and with only 1 gig on her resume, I really don’t think she would be doing SNL or any other show. Where’s the huge girl from Hairspray? JMHO

    Ok, wow, was I ranting or what? Shoot me. But I still have over 1800+ characters left to write. snark
    Alright, I’m done, bring on the thumbs.

  • Yay

    She is so funny, I bet she’ll do great on SNL and maybe bring some sharp wittedness to their lame writing staff. She’s hosting after one movie because her one movie was a popular peice of popular culture and garnered much praise. She is someone people want to see (sorry to all the haters who think otherwise) so SNL booked her. They book hosts based on ratings because their writing is so bad… Also a lot of people won’t host SNL because they are scared of the format or know that they are not talented enough to do live comedy. Kristen Bell is not someone people care about seeing on TV, I guess, if she didn’t get picked. Or she doesn’t feel like she can host SNL…?
    Good for Gabby!


    People need to recognize that our society has sought to control women by judging their bodies and deeming that the only feminine body is an underweight one. Those who are spewing fat hatred and the fat haters who are veiling their prejudice with “concern” for her health do not even realize that they have been brainwashed to view size diversity as unnatural despite the fact that fat is, obviously, a natural body type that has existed as long as humans have walked this earth. How disgusting it is, indeed, to say you are disgusted by another human being’s body. A body that, if you are religious, is made in the image of God. A body that is not your own. Shame on you all for being so foolish, so hateful, and so blinded. You cannot even see how you are being controlled.

  • tiago

    anyone can host the snl… that show died after the 90′s, check the hosts in the last 10 years, some of them are almost unknown to the general public… and btw this girl needs to loose some weight and fast, she looks like she’s still in a young age and being morbidly obese will put an to all her dreams of having a carrer in movies and tv

    if you don’t care about ppl’s health don’t bash the ppl that point that and try to give a warning about this problem

  • Heather

    She looks so scary and weird in that lead photo. She looks like a Sumo wrestler or something. And her short fat arms make her look like a fat dwarf. She is absolutely terrifying and frightening to look at.

  • jerk


    I mostly get annoyed when men equate blubber with muscle. “I’m a big guy! A real guy!” Yeah, cuz you lay around eating 6000 calories of grease and mashed potatoes a day. Hard work, ain’t it?

    Having said that, Gabby’s arms are SHOCKING in that photo. Looks like she’s bigger than in the movie.

  • jerk


    Also, with Cedric the Entertainer & Jackie Gleason, it seems more natural for a comedic figure to be overweight. I guess they appear jolly.

    Read more: