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Jesse James Checks Into Treatment Facility

Jesse James Checks Into Treatment Facility

Jesse James has checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with his personal issues.

The 40-year-old West Coast Choppers head “realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage,” his rep told People.

Before checking in, Jesse went about his normal routine, taking his little ones to school and going to work in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Sandra Bullock, Jesse‘s wife, moved out of the family home in mid-March after rumors of Jesse‘s infidelity broke.

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  • LadyB

    I guess sandra won’t be divorcing him now.

  • babyboo

    For sex addiction or something else? Confused…

  • really

    Sandy please get a new man.

  • letstalk

    I hope Sandra doesn’t fall for this illusion again. Rehab doesn’t change a man.

  • Haha

    Oh please… All of a sudden, he’s “suffering” from sex addiction after he’s caught cheating on his wife with multiple women? Both him and Tiger Woods are joke.

  • Holly

    What timing this jerk has. She wins an academy award, tells the world he has her back, and the movie… The Blind Side? Man, this could not get any worse for her.

    Sandra seems like a strong woman though. I hope she gets rid of this cheater and finds someone WORTHY of her love.

    And please, lets not throw in the whole “sex addiction” bull sh%t. Addiction my a$$. Some people just dont WANT to keep it in their pants. Seriously.

  • spicylily, Thailand

    He should know better before doing something to hurt Sandra and his kids who love and care about him.
    He lets his lower part of his body leads into troubles.
    May be this is who he really is….
    And he can not pretend to be a nice monogamy husband any more,..

    I believe Sandra will do the right move and she deserve a better man.
    And although his children are innocent but it’s not Sandra responsibilty for her cheating husband’s kids.

  • Jules

    Sandra needs to dump his sorry a**!! She deserves WAY better than him..

  • Puffin

    Another “man” who can’t admit he is a cheating, disrespectful husband, but instead has an addiction problem. Sandra, don’t fall for this BS like Elin did!

  • KC

    He is going to need a lot of treatment. I think Sandra is smart enough to know better than to stay with him. It is his loss and unfortunatly an even bigger loss for his young children. How selfish of him!

  • öpöpöpöp

    omg he is a ugly jerk…and i hope sandra will find a man she deserves…he will never ever change…what he done she cant forgive something stupid like this

  • ghfztzzt

    he is and will be a stupid cheater

  • sillyme

    Oh, good Lord, rehab for cheaters? How ridiculous. What exactly is it going to teach them that they don’t already know?

    I don’t know how a woman can stay with a serial cheater…but, each woman is different, so…

    Although, like with Tiger, we don’t know how many of these women who are coming forward are actually legit. We can’t expect James to go public and say, I slept with this one, this one, this one, but not that one.

  • judge less

    Well it is good that he is going for treatment of some kind, st least he did admit he has a problem. But we never heard his side of the story or Sandra’s for that matter, only hos looking for fame/$$. Wonder how many serial cheaters there are in marriages around this country where their spouse is in the dark while posting on message boards, declaring what a louse JJ is and telling Sandra Bullock what to do? glass houses, glass houses.
    Good luck to you, Jesse James. Break the cycle now so your children know better.

  • Pandora

    He’s just a trash bag. Didn’t know they have treatment facilities for that. I mean, he’s got it written all over him + his past is very telling. Wonder how she missed the signs? *DUH* Feel so sorry for his kids.

  • juniper

    I hope Sandy moves on from this guy. His cheating is a mentality that runs deep; he also made bad choices with the kind of women he cheated with. He does need help, but Sandy does not deserve this headache, nor should she have to deal with this embarrassing memory every time she looks in his face, his unfaithful behavior is grounds for divorce. She may be hurt now, but if she stays away from him she will eventually get over him and see him for the screwed up person he really is. She deserves better and I hope she realizes that.

  • A

    I believe that some people do have sex addictions. It is a legit problem. However, I doubt that’s JJ’s problem. I think he just didn’t care. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too…as the old saying goes. He has no respect for Sandy or his kids to do what he has done. Just immaturity and selfishness at its best. He’s probably only going into a “treatment facility” to snow Sandy into coming back. Or he might be worried about losing custody of those kids and having to pay child support. Then he’d be left with nothing. I hope Sandy doesn’t let him drag her back into HIS problems. He didn’t care about her so she shouldn’t care about him. I know she loves the kids, but she needs to realize that it’s not HER responsibility. Good Luck Sandy and God Bless the kids!

  • julie

    Every celeb who’s caught cheating, goes to a treatment facility, gets some massages, chants “I can change if I am willing to accept my mistakes”, repents and is all of a sudden okay. It wasn’t one slip. It was (a) long relationship(s). Bullshit asshole.

    I think Sandra will now take him back. I cannot speak of respect anymore, cause there’s none. Not that I care or that she cares about my opinon or that I KNOW about her life or what I’d (REALLY) do. But I’d like to think multilple women, months/years long cheating is a deal breaker. For me at least.

  • judge less

    As I said, good luck to JJ to breaking the cycle for his children. You too, Tiger Woods. This doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy for these guys’ spouses.
    When are women going to learn to say no to married men, stop playing dumb that they didn’t know a famous man was married? google anyone? Learn respect for themselves, seek fame and fortune another way?

  • mousse

    As if going to rehab is a valid apology for his actions.
    As if he wasn’t present every time he cheated on Sandra.
    Yuck to those man (like Tiger Woods) who are so selfish they can’t think further than their d*ck and prefer to put at risk the happiness of their wife and children. They do not have to go to sex rehab, they need to go to re-schooling their consciousness and moral values.
    I hope Sandra divorces him asap.

  • ck_always

    Lol, wow people have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to judging over the internet. This affairs weren’t anything recent and I found him and Sandra both to be very affectionate this past year(after the ‘affairs’). If I’m not mistaken he did this when she was off filming, which makes sense. I’m not saying that’s acceptable because it definitely isn’t, but it’s understandable ..not to be confused with justified. It’ll be interesting to see if they get around it and I hope they do. It’s funny how when a celebrity is caught cheating, everyone takes out their gossip telescope and zooms in on it, yet I’d be willing to bet a good fourth if not more of JustJared readers have cheated if not had their significant other cheat on them. I personally, am optimistic they’ll work through it. Whether people agree or not, they do much a good quirky couple.

  • Anonymous

    I really wish that sandra would divorce this guy. He seems to be a new Tiger Woods. Jesse actually looks a lot like his famous ancestor – the legendary Jesse James. The same features and blue eyes. But this Jesse seems to be a man who can´t keep his marriage to a wonderful woman alive. Don´t know the truth about his famous ancestor´s family life but I very much doubt that he was such a womanizer.

  • happy girl

    rehab is just an excuse. sandra don’t fall for it. don’t let the door hit you on the way out jesse. no rehab can help you unless it’s rehab for jerks.

  • Anna

    what a narcissist. he only does this to make her believe he’s gonna change… i hope she doesn’t buy it.

  • AutumnM

    Right. Anytime these men get caught cheating, all of a sudden they have a sex addiction! Give me a break! I do believe sex addiction is something that exists, but not in this case. Jesse is a serial cheater and always has been and I think always will be. He is arrogant and I believe manipulative. He probably does care for Sandra, but I think he likes the lifestyle and fame she has more than anything. And of course she helped him get custody of his daughter, so it’s more about the lifestyle than anything. I don’t think he’ll change his cheating ways at all. I hope Sandra doesn’t fall for this and take him back.

  • lurker

    Sandra should do what Bobbitt did to her husband. That is the only cure. No rehab or public mea culpa will be able to stop Jesse from doing the same thing over and overagain. The same goes with Tiger. Who are they kidding?
    Women who are in need of so-called love. There is no such thing. Men love themselves and nobody else. When the devil enters their mind, they do not think. They just want instant gratification. Amen.

  • mickey

    He doesn’t need to go into a facility. He just needs to divorce Sandy and STAY SINGLE. Then he can do as many tatted chicks with large melons as he wants without the scandal. It’s insane that he keeps getting married. He also should get a vasectomy so he doesn’t bring anymore children into his messy love life.

  • boba

    everytime this cheating people get in trouble they find the solution, rehab, but before it become public they seen not to have any problem, as long they can get away with it they are just fine.

  • Holly

    Moderation? For real? Come on Jared, there wasnt a thing wrong with my message.

  • Lisa2

    Sex addiction or not, cheating is cheating and you just don’t do it. So tired of all these celebrites that come out saying they are going to rehab. If they want to sleep with multiple people, then don’t get married. It’s just that simple. If you cheat, then don’t expect your spouse to forgive you. They aren’t the problem, the cheater is.

    I wonder who is taking care of Jessie’s kids while he is getting his so called “help” (vacation in hiding) while he is away???? hmmmmm???

  • Liv

    This is the typical b*tch move that all these famous cheaters do. All of a sudden he has a sex addiction. Except they only realize it when all of America hates them.

  • groundcontrol

    I’ll believe people like Tiger have a sex addiction when sex interferes with other things they want to do. If Tiger can’t make it onto the golf course for a lucrative tournament round because he is overcome by his addiction when he sees an attractive woman on the way out of the clubhouse or when Tiger misses his highly lucrative commercials or appearances because he HAS to have sex at the same time then maybe I’ll believe these guys have an addiction.
    Has Jesse ever missed something important to HIM because he was overcome by his addiction for sex?
    What these guys have is a lack of respect and love for the women in their lives. And an overabundance of narcissism and selfishness. Pure and simple.

  • guinness

    did anyone watch Blades of Glory with Will Farrell? “…and then what happened. yeah? and then what happened?….”

  • katya


  • Leila

    He don’t need therapy, he needs to man up. He’s a loser, a womanizer and possibly a white supremacist. All he wants therapy for is to make it seem as if he’s sick. He’s not sick, he’s a dick.

  • shaar

    I’m sick and tired of these cheating basta*ds who use rehab as their get-out-of-trouble card. Why don’t u just man up instead?

    We all know u knew exactly what u were doing, and made conscious decisions to cheat. Don’t try to pretend like u have some disease. that card’s been overplayed now!

  • Oh Canada

    I hope Sandra has the good sense to kick this loser to the curb; there’s no rehabbing his type of behavior.

    Jesse James is repulsive.

  • T Pain

    I used to like Jesse James but now i think he is lower than bacterial lifeform.

    You screwed up big time Jesse…deal with whats coming!

  • please

    if jesse was a nazi, sandra is a nazi because you can’t live with someone for years and not share the same beliefs. she’s upset that her secret is coming out…

  • please

    if jesse was a nazi, sandra is a nazi because you can’t live with someone for years and not share the same beliefs. she’s upset that her secret is coming out…

  • Lisa2

    I don’t think it’s the “sex” these men claim they need, it is the getting away with it that is exciting to them. Just an excuse because they get caught.

  • megan whitman

    All of you here that are criticizing sex rehab probably have never had to face sexual addiction yourself. I am a married mother of three children and sex rehab changed my life. At the height of my sexual addiction I was having either sexual intercourse or oral sex with at least ten guys a day. Now after completing a three month sexual addiction rehab I have cut that number down to 2-3 guys a day. Thank GOD for sex rehab.

  • Cora

    Guys are such dumbasses. They complain and write songs and books about wanting a real woman, and when they get one, look at what they do! He was LUCKY to have someone like Sandra: beautiful, smart, funny, and an Oscar-winning actress.

    Sorry Jesse that she was successful in her own right and didn’t follow your lead in everything, like your trash-tastic girlfriends. Why do guys do this? Someone please, explain it to me…

  • hank

    hey jesse so i like the old pee pee too

  • hank

    oh ahh ahh tubeular?

  • hank

    boys will b boys?