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Kate Bosworth: Fred 62 Famished

Kate Bosworth: Fred 62 Famished

Kate Bosworth spends over three hours at lunch with a mystery male at the 24-hour eatery Fred 62 on Monday afternoon (March 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress, smiled and laughed and gave the guy a hug before going their separate ways.

No Alexander Skarsgard in sight!

Over the weekend, a solo Kate was seen power walking through Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Fred 62 famished Kate Bosworth

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kate bosworth fred 62 02
kate bosworth fred 62 03
kate bosworth fred 62 04
kate bosworth fred 62 05
kate bosworth fred 62 06
kate bosworth fred 62 07
kate bosworth fred 62 08
kate bosworth fred 62 09
kate bosworth fred 62 10

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  • spider

    I think that’s Kristen Chenoweth.

  • Quest

    A three hour lunch?

  • Quest

    What did she do during that time?

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    She should burn those shorts.

  • issie

    So, this is the new boyfriend.

  • mickey

    She used to be so cute.

  • Lola

    She called the paparazzi on herself again I see! I live a few blocks away and not ONCE have I seen them wait outside that restaurant.

  • Sway

    She’s been irrelevant since Superman Returns

  • twin peaks

    She is a blonde version of Rachel Bilson.

  • high c

    she is very cute but i don’t think she eats properly.

  • high c

    that is why her hair is thinning so young.

  • Question

    I don’t get it, are there paparazzi outside every restaurants in LA? How come every time she eats, her photos will be taken?

  • pr person

    @Question: Her publicist calls them. It’s how they keep her in the news cause her career is not that hot right now.

  • essence

    My granny has a pair of those shoes.

  • Whynot

    Not again!
    Here is the famewhore/homewreker, so pathetic calling the paps for herself!
    @ Spider, It is not Kristen Chenoweth, she actually has talent and has dated high profile men but she is not a famewhore like KateB. Kristen probably cringes everytime someone mentions are you Kate B? Her response , no I am not that trashy homewreker!!!! And does my hair look like it is thinning out???

  • who?


  • Dani

    @twin peaks: Agree, except Bilson seems to have a job, a part-time one at least.

  • Kate

    @pr person
    My sentiments exactly!
    Her career is not going to get any better if she keeps burning bridges with people who do have a lot of power in the industry. It was stupid allegedly mess the Gwyn’s marriage and other married men in the industry. Calling the paps is not neccesarily going to keep her relevant, she will not be given more offers to work, just ask Lindsey Lohan, who has a bad reputtion for other reasons. If… she were smart she would have stepped out of the limelite for a while to regroup but this just shows how pathetic and desparate she is to maintain what she had in hollywood……

  • Kate

    meant reputation!! Did not spell it correctly.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    @issie: Is she dating Perez Hilton?

  • hmmm

    don’t understand what does chris martin see in this one. why would he step out on a beautiful woman like gwyneth for a balding, little girl like bosworth.

  • Malanna

    Where that lawsuit she and her people have said she would have against star mag for the story of her having a fling with a married CM. ?

  • nanny825

    Just her type, he’s wearing a wedding ring. Three hour lunch eating nothing but ice. Clearly playing it up for the payparazzi. When will she just go away?

  • allmylove

    These pictures and the ones before makes her look like she has the body of a gymnist, short, flat chest, but at least gymnists have a booty.

  • bones

    truck stop chic.

  • pixie

    Now we know why Orlando Bloom looks so happy with Miranda Kerr, she is a daisey compared to this nutcase. He’s message to AS, run while you still can!!!!

  • evathediva

    It is so obvious, look at how she is looking into the camera, man !! Thi makes a believer out of me, that she is a famewhore..

  • WoWZA

    is it just me or does she seem more into this guy then she has ever seemed with alexander, proof is in the pudding..SHES A PHONY!

  • Not Really


    If you’re referring to her tipping off the paps, I’m sorry but she is nowhere near being as bad as Rachel Bilson. Rachel takes the grand prize for that.

  • me me me

    why so much hate? how is she a homewrecker? i haven’t seen any wrecked homes, just random accusations flying around.

  • you you you

    @me me me,
    There is the old saying where there is smoke there is fire!!!! There is probably truth to those rumors. Cameran Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and countless beautiful and talented actresses that have never been implied as being trashy or chasing married men. Ask yureslf why is it not even Paris Hilton or Lindsey are not plagued by these homewrecking rumors? Hey they may be party girls but at least they are smart enough to stay away from married men! By the way, where is that lawsuit against star mag????

  • JenG

    Do’nt you find it odd that the source from star mag stated that it happened at a U2 concert in a secluded area, then their publisists stated that they were indeed at that same event, even in a room together, but adamently state there was no physical contact, whatever, then they say they will have a lawsuit against Star Mag because it is not true.
    Where is this lawsuit??? Everyone in the industry knows that when they do not sue, hey it’s thier reputation… it is taken as in being true.
    I quess since it’s a fling, they thought it would blow over. So, Kate B defenders stop wasting your time.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @you you you: Penelope Cruz is actually notorious for being a homewrecker, and Cameron Diaz had accusations hurled at her too…

  • hotness

    Oh Snap!! Here we go again! This girl is the biggest cranked out nutcase in all of Hollywood. She seriously calls the paps at least once a week so they can catch her eating or shopping somewhere. Look at her she is seriously POSING big time for the cameras. I mean damn, what the hell is wrong with her? I know she is not working but does she value any privacy at all. And I agree with the person who said she should have disappeared and SUED Star after the Chris Martin thing. But she didn’t b/c she is pathetic and it must be TRUE. Another sign that it is true- NONE of her olds friends hang with her and she never goes anywhere near them. Good for her she is gaining weight- WHOPEE- yeah..who cares? She should have always been that weight and more so she does NOT get a gold star! She actually caused more harm than good to herself and young girls who USED to think she was all that back in the day and starved themselves to look like her. She ruins every movie she is in, she hardly works anymore, she is an alleged crank most of the time, she has to call the paps herself, she is skankwrecking ASkars reptuation, she is a HOMEWRECKER, she backstabs her friends, has eating disorders and body dismorphic issues, and is a big time phony person! Why does that get her on here once a week? She loves seeing herself on the gossip sites huh? Put people like Jessica Szohr, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, Zoe Saldana, or someone with talent. Oh I forgot they have talent and a career to speak of so they value their PRIVACY more than a desperate, talentless, famewhore who shouldn’t be in Hollywood to begin with. She is overworking the petite blond cutesy thing too much! Nowadays people want to see TALENT.

  • ++Logan++

    I don’t understand why she still gets publicity. She’s a mediocre actress, she has a little anorexic dudes body, her face is plain-jane with two weird eyes and hasn’t had any good work for years. Yet i always see her at fashion shows and banging hot guys…she’s so lucky!

  • Shiny_Happy_Alien

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: Have we met before?

  • Christelle

    Stink eye, tightly pulled back hair, and something of a man jaw.


  • http://JustJared irish

    Maybe the Swedish contingent gave AS a “thumbs down” when they were in town(was it my imagination or was KB the only one who did NOT get hugs after the group lunch?)
    Maybe he finally had enough of the cameras and is giving her space(please God, I promise I will go to church on Easter:)
    She is miffed so ofcourse she gets photographed with a “mystery dude”!
    Maybe I should stop with this silliness and get back to reality.

    PS She does have great legs in these pictures!

  • really

    what! 27 this skank looks 62. Please stop showing this “CLOROX” walking mess, its just wrong. She can gain 50 pounds, she is DONE.

    where is Candice Swanepoel, she is naturally beautiful!

    Just Jared get it together please, stop showing pictures of this STD junkie lookin infested mess. slam the brakes, JUST STOP.

    ps. and as for alex, I have no words for my husband (he looks like my husband) …all I can say is this junkie walking bleach joke: NO GO!

    can somebody call beautiful “10″ candice swanepoel and let alex and her do some shoots together! the name of the shoot should be called: HEAVEN.

  • really

    @hotness: :

    thank you!

  • Khristi

    Why are you guys so hateful…..who gives a crap about whether or not she calls the paps. She is someone who goes to lunch and has some weirdo following her around with a camera-it has nothing to do with any of you. Why don’t you all look at this site for purely entertainment purposes and stop taking it so damn seriously. Sheesh.

  • jdkw

    @Khristi: I agree with the majority on this one. It’s not entertaining to see the same B/C-List celebs on here who seem to call the paps on themselves. It takes coverage away from actual stars who have talent and actual careers.

  • @Khristi


    …any minute now someone will accuse you of being Kate. These idiots are so predictable. Nanny will be saying the same crap six months from now.

  • :)

    lol I agree with you
    ‘the united states on nanny’ is my favourite show on just jared
    seek treatment

  • twenty-two

    @++Logan++: I feel sorry for her if she’s truly tipping off the press to get attention. She’s been around for a while and should have evolved into better parts by now but doesn’t seem to have the talent of a lot of her peers. She should try working on her craft. Maybe she’d land better roles.

  • adrienne

    it is rather weird the amount of times shes on this website getting papped considering shes a complete nobody these days! more famous, popular celebs arn’t on here this bloody often!!!
    what alexander skarsgard sees in her [if anything] is completly beyond me!

  • suesturm

    3 hour lunch? Kate you’r not able to barf the food if you wait too long

  • suesturm

    Eating lunch and waiting almost 3 hours Kate you won’t be able to puke the food if you wait too long
    Girl you should know that

  • Wow

    Wow, some people are just flat out sick. Ridiculing someone for an eating disorder makes YOU the sick one, Suesturm.

  • Phoebe

    @suesturm: Good point, but I don’t think you can barf ice anyway