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Leo DiCaprio & Dustin Lance Black Hook Up for Hoover

Leo DiCaprio & Dustin Lance Black Hook Up for Hoover

Leonardo DiCaprio is in negotiations to play FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the new drama Hoover, directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk).

“It sounds interesting to say the least,” the 35-year-old actor tells EW. “There’s no contract, no anything, but I’m a huge fan of Clint‘s.”

The flick would follow Hoover from founding of the FBI in 1935 to his long tenure as director of the crime-fighting organization. He was reportedly a cross-dresser and a homosexual. It will be very interesting to see how Black writes that (if at all) into the script.

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  • luke

    totally ridiculous idea he looks nothing like him

  • Anon

    I like content like this and I like Leo, but goofy ugly Hoover? Oh well, at least Leo can act. He’ll be able to pull it off.

  • um

    Jared change that headline. How clueless can you be hoovers is not just a play on words it implies Leo is giving head to out gay writer Dustin Lance Black

  • errr

    @um: i think that was the point of the headline. :(

  • Nic

    Oh this could be great, Leo, CLint and Justin? I hope it comes to fruitition,.

  • Mari

    That sounds promising. I’d love to see Leo play a bad guy for a change. I’m sure he’ll bring depth to the role. Plus I love Clint Eastwood’s directing.

  • molly

    Leo is gay! Bar’s family in Israel, let that cat out of the bag!

  • r.

    Of course it will talk about Hoover’s supposed gayness, Dustin Lance Black is writing it. Do the math.

    He did a great job on Milk, so this could be interesting.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Leo’s a great actor – it should be interesting!

  • Sonia

    Molly; Can You please elaborate? Or better yet provide a link to prove your comments. Thanks!

  • Dog

    I cant wait I love Leo

  • errr

    @molly: what did they say? Maybe he’s bisexual

  • molly


    her family didn’t want her going back to him, I’ll try to find the link!

  • mslewis

    Of course he’ll write about Hoover’s homosexually for the movie!! Everybody knows Hoover was a closet gay and also a racist. If Clint is going to do a story about J. Edgar Hoover he would have to include everything about his life, including his boyfriend/sidekick and the secret files he kept on every politician in D.C. The secret files are the reason he lasted so long as the head of the FBI; nobody could dump him and continue their political career. Bobby Kennedy tried to get rid of him but Hoover had actual film of Bobby and JFK having sex with various women. This could be a really good movie!!

  • Toni

    I can see Leo finally winning an Oscar if he does this role amazing. Because everybody knows with Clint’s name attatched to a project that’s an automatic oscar nomination and if Leo does good and the writing is good, I can see Leo getting the Oscar.

  • Kiss

    could leonardo not kiss some director a** to try win an oscar for once?!…i m tired to see him doing this kind of role, he should stop his obssesion to win an oscar, vary the movies that he makes and at some point eventually he can win one… he clearly is the most desperate actor to win an oscar but there is so many others that deserves more than him and didn won yet, like Johnny Depp . He is always trying to work w famous directors because he knows there is big chances to be nomined that way he never will win one! If he is the most talent actor of his generation like some people say so he could prove doing diferents roles like everyone else does!

  • ella

    If he gain more weight, he probably could pull Hoover

  • goldie03

    why is JJ not posting real stories on leo? reportedly had to read elsewhere that leo was just out clubbing, stuck talking w/ lo ho, then left club w/ 5 girls in his car!
    It is most unfortunate others equate hoover’s name w/ inappropriate remarks. unless u can back up such accusations one should not imply such ridiculous nonsense!

  • goldie03

    @ molly:
    bar and fam r bitter. so if he is “gay” what does that make bar? she never thinks before she speaks. she can say adios to any more gigs since leo is the one who opened doors for her!
    i do not care one way or the other because leo is incredibly talented actor who continues to strive for his best efforts and performance. that is called being a true admirer- the proof of his character is in his films.

  • Angie

    @goldie03: where did you read that??

  • ???

    I saw a sighting from People but it said he gave LiLo a brief hug when she greeted him in that club and he was hanging only with his friend the whole night. I saw of him leaving a club on x17. Where did you read about the girls?
    These gay rumors are around all the time, people say they `saw him picking up boys` just like that in clubs. Yet nobody comes forward with evidence or anything.

  • goldie03

    It is fairly entertaining how one event can cause such varied reports.
    Who knows which is more accurate, but it does place 5 girls in his car this time- not just “following” him after he left.
    Honestly, does anyone know a gay guy that wears a plaid flannel shirt or dresses so sloppy?
    Regardless I think Leo is great!

  • lol

    I think the person who left with 5 girls was Akon, not Leo. At least that`s how the article reads to me. But even in that case it`s clear that Leo was flirting and that wasn`t mentioned in the People sighting. Actually they said he just said hello to LiLo… Very different interpretation indeed. Actually x17 has a video of Leo leaving that club with two friends in his car and I doubt he would have been able to fit 5 more. But thanks for the link, goldie03, I like the flirty Leo while Barf is away. LOL!

  • Angie

    Thanks Goldie!!

  • jilley

    hes fat gross and ugly looking and hes a bore

  • jennifer

    Leo doesn’t learn, isn’t it? he’s always flirting girls out there! maybe it’s better he stay single already and leave Bar if he doesn’t want a serious relationship, seems like that since Bar is in Israel and he kept going out and flirting all the girls, I’am starting to think you haters are UNFORTUNATELLY right, he doesn’t want to comitt, but if he really loves Bar he wouldn’t be flirting so hard, he probably would be there with her… if all this sight are true, the best thing it’s end up everything with Bar, it’s not fair for her, and for him too, because even that he used to this type of relationship, he have her when he wants and bla, bla, this is not nice, even for him because it’s so empty, and I think some day he will wake up, notice that this will not fill out his life, it will always be something missing, it’s true love, true involvement. I really feel sorry for have to say this, but seems like Leo doesn’t grown up when it comes to relationships, maybe he changes when he finds his true love, his soulmate, I hope so!

  • Lisa rose

    @jennifer: You kind of right! but, not all the reports are true!!! must of the time they made up by some trashy website/magazine!!! and has I said in the past , Leo is not acting like a MAN! a man doesnt need to cheat in his girlfriend! I think that he need to grow up a little bit, and just then to get into a relationship, seems like he still in that stage of f*cking any beautiful girl that he couch in his eyes. and its pretty sad, cus must of the man are over that stage when they are over their 30 (years old). but I guess that its just not the case of Leo. or maybe, he just not a person of a commitment and relationship, maybe he’ll stay single for life….
    anyway, its really unfair for Bar, but I guess that she sees what going on with him, and shes still staying with him. she need to do what feels good for her…

  • Ryan

    Why has Leo’s face gotten so bloated?


    Happy to see Leo going out and enjoying life without being tied down. This should make her “grow up” even more. and what is this? Her family doesn’t want her to go back to him? I still don’t understand why they are together. Too many breakups and they get back together over the holidays…not healthy.

  • Kate

    Fingers crossed for Dustin, Clint and Leo!

  • Ha!

    @HAPPY: Aint that the truth!!

  • lol

    @26&27 Finally we agree on something. Probably it would be better for these two to separate finally and for good.
    I know the reports are not always reliable but interestingly they are always the same: Leo flirting with pretty models ( the only kind of woman he dates ) while his gf is away. People said he was only with his friends the other site says he was flirting. Last week at the VS party initially he was said to be there with friends then JJ tweeted he was `of course` with the models… Do the math!

  • jennifer

    @lol: I agree. it’s to much coincidence that his sights are always basically the same, going out with his friends, but always have some models close to him, always… the problem it’s not the models it’s his behavior, as we heard from this sights Leo acts like he’s single, and he’s not, that’s not right in my opinion! I love him but I hope he grown up already and when it goes to have a relationship he should be able to know with sure that he wants to stay with this woman because he trully loves her and be faithful to her.

  • Candycotton

    BarRefaelicious We have to accept that life’s never constant; things change and people grow apart
    3 days ago ???? ( NOTE THIS TWEET iS FRM BARFY’s SO-CALLED TWITTER ACCOUNT hummm????)

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    @jennifer: you right!! his behavior is just disgusting, he should stay single!! I hate when he is doing such a things to Bar, she deserved BETTER!!!
    I hope that one day she’ll find a real MAN, that will worth her! Leo is just a little kid yet (he is act like he’s still in his teenage years), even that is already 35-year-old – PATHETIC!!!!

  • lol

    I honestly don`t think Barf deserves `better` at all. Plus she is free to walk away from him but she puts up with it so it`s her choice.
    This is a new Leo sighting from People. Lucky waitress! lol
    Leonardo DiCaprio, watching some basketball games on the flatscreen TVs with guy pals – and a cigar in his mouth and beers on the table – at new L.A.-area sports bar Goals. The actor was especially polite to his waitress: When it was time to leave, her rewarded her with a $400 tip – in cash!

  • Candycotton

    @35& @33…..Please NO one feels sorry for BAR!!!BUT U BARFY FANS….LEO’S behavior is no worse than BARFY’s marrying An oms MAN to avoid Serving in Her country…. refusing to PAY HER TAxES….!!!AND Using any excuse to PARADE Around HALF-NAKED For THE World to SEE!!! ……..BARFY iS NO ANGEL BUTBARFY FANS ARE so fooled by her …. they believe anything she says …..Lol PATHETIC!!! THERE is no proof of some these alleged storiesOf LEO W/models!!!AND BARfY FANS Are trying to MILK this for all it’s worth!!!BIG SURPRISE !!!I Think LEO Knows he Can Do Better than BARFY!! THat’s why he has NOt Fully committed to her ……and who can BLAME him. BARFY iS FULL OF SH*T and CAN NOT BE TRUSTED…. !!!She even talks about her own GRANDMOTHER!!!SO BARFY FANS Continue to be FOOLED BY tHE FAKE SMILES U WILL see the Real SHEDEVIL in the END!!! LEO HAS A RIGHT TO HANG OUT WITH hIs FRIENDS and just have FUN!!Instead of having the LIFE Sucked out of him by BARFY!!! SO GO POSTS YOUR PATHETIC THOUGHTS ON BARFYS THREADS!!! AND STOP BLAMING LEO for NOT WANTING tO MAKE A SELF-MADE FAMEWH*RE INTO A WIFE!!!!

  • laura

    does anyone know does bar own a house in L.A or new york or does she just stay with leo when she is there?

  • ….

    ok seriously wat is going on with these two ar they together or not?? bar is apparently still in isreal does anyone know where leo is?? if they are broken up thats actually kinda embarrasing for her like a week after she gave her 1st interview about their relationship and admitted she loved him to the interviewer and now their broken up if they are that is…..but what i dont get is why they keep breaking up and getting back together does anyone have any LOGICAL reason why, this must seriously put a lot of stress on them both all this making up and breaking up!

  • Lisa rose

    @….: as I know, Bar leaved Israel today. but I don’t have any idea for where she goes!

  • Moof

    Leo is still in LA! He gave a female waitress a BIG tip! He was probably flirting with her! :) It seems like he’s live la vida loca!!! :) Going to clubs and all with his friends!!!

    Barf is in Israel where she belongs!!! :))))

  • lol

    @…. I saw several Leo sightings in LA in the past couple of days but I`m not sure where he is now. I hate to say this but I don`t think they broke up … ( hopefully ) yet. But I have absolutely no idea why are they still together and keep going on with this on/off thing.
    If Barf really left Israel I assume we can brace ourselves for some unpleasant sightings of them together.

  • lol

    That sighting with the huge tip was posted today ( if it`s true there must have been flirting involved :) ) but who knows when it happened. Sometimes these sightings are posted a couple of days later. But he was seen at a concert in LA this Wednesday.

  • Moof

    @lol: what concert was that???

  • lol

    `Rockjazz pianist ELEW’s gig at L’Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills` on 03/31/2010.

  • momo

    Leo left a big tip because he is a sweetiepie with a good heart. He is a generous guy. That’s what makes him so great! He donated $1 million to Haiti because he knows that they are in need. Oh imagine to call the Haiti donation hotline and get gorgeous Leo on the line!!!!!!!
    He is beautiful inside and out.

  • Moof

    @lol: thnx


    I want to see Leo’s pooch. I miss the pooch. I love the pooch – it turns me on. More pooch.,0,6#6

  • lol

    @46 You are right, he is a generous guy but a $400 tip just like that because he is nice? Come on! I`m sure she was VERY pretty… lol

  • s

    i wana bang dat man soo bad!!