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Shannen Doherty Kicked Off 'Dancing With The Stars'

Shannen Doherty Kicked Off 'Dancing With The Stars'

Shannen Doherty was the first contestant voted off Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night (March 30). Pamela Anderson also landed herself in the bottom two this week.

Apparently Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin have really strong fan bases!

“I think that dancing isn’t really my thing,” Shannen lamented. “I’m an actor and it’s what I love to do. I did this for my dad, and I did exactly what I wanted. And I think it’s fate — my partner is hurt… I’m a bit sad but mainly for my partner [Mark Ballas] and my dad. I love you all.”

She tweeted to Mark, “I love you and I’m sorry.”

To her Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs, she wrote, “I love you. Now if I can stop crying…”

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37 Responses to “Shannen Doherty Kicked Off 'Dancing With The Stars'”

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  1. 1
    KVB Says:

    The votes of Kate G. must have been tweaked by either the judges or producers to continue having her pathetic face on the show after what she has put Tony D. through since he began preparing for the show. I cannot believe the viewers really want to see her at this point and she might consider true mothering since she chose to have in vitro fertilization after having twins. It’s time that she and Octomom become accountable and be real mothers instead of their sick and narcissistic pursuit of self-indulgence before the cameras when they don’t have anything to offer in return of all the money they are being given on behalf of their litters.

  2. 2
    Kristin M Says:

    I am genuinley surprised that Shannon Doherty got eliminated last night. She was good. She wasn’t the best, but compared to Nicole-already a dancer-Scherzinger and Eric-already a dancer on ice-Lisicek(sp?), you can’t look good.

    I thought Kate was going to go home. Buzz has the sympathy vote because he is an American Hero, and is over 80. Kate isn’t liked too well by the judges, or by the other contestants. But, at least we know the rest of the world likes her, though.

  3. 3
    Kristin M Says:


    Give her a break. She needs money. She didn’t have those kids voluntarilly (sp?). She had invitrofertilization. Those kids just happened. Anything can happen when you do invitro. She said herself that she’s doing the show to get some money. Octomom is a different story-she had those kids cause she’s crazy!! If Kate needs to dance and do media stuff to give her kids a good life, then so be it!!!

  4. 4
    simon Says:

    Shannen was the best ! The others suck … I only watched the show because Shannen was in. That’s a shame !

  5. 5
    chrissysnow Says:

    never watching that show again, Kate G was awful, at least Buzz accomplished something in his life and deserves respect. What did Kate do? she had a litter of kids she doesn’t even take care of. That’s probaby good for them! They’re probably better off when the wicked witch is GONE!

  6. 6
    BrendaWalsh Says:

    Shannen had heart and soul in her dance. Kate Gosselin has neither a heart, nor a soul. Why they kept her on is obvious. She’s a laughing stock and people tune in to watch her make a complete FOOL OF HERSELF!!.

    I think the kate’s kids would have a better life if they had a mother that put their needs before her own media whoring cravings.

  7. 7
    shamrock Says:

    @Kristin M:

    I’m in full agreement with you Kristin M. Last night was a shocker, Shannon should of stuck around for a few more weeks or so. It must really come down to the fan base, and she has not been followed since the good times at 90210. But, now thinking Jenny Garth went very far in this show. So, I’m really not sure.

    My two faves are Nicole and Evan to win!!

    Last thing, BROOKE BURKE is doing a fantastic job and is a perfect fit for the show~

  8. 8
    ProudHater Says:

    @Kristin M: NOBODY forced those fertility pills down her throat. Nothing “just happened.” She had over stimulated ovaries and was told to NOT HAVE SEX. She had sex and became pregnant with 7 babies. They hardly “just happen.” She was a labor and deliver nurse who abused fertility drugs. GOD DOESN”T MAKE mutliple births, science does. Who do you think is Octomom’s inspiration? Why is Nadya “crazy” but Kate is “just trying to give her kids a good life?”

  9. 9
    ami Says:

    I have watched that show from the beginning, I don’t ever remember seeing anyone as bad as Kate Gosslin! Not watching, finished with DWTS! They’re CHEATERS!

  10. 10
    ridiculous Says:

    Shannen wasn’t amazing but she did at least try to move her feat and keeep up with the music unlike Kate G.

    i was wondering if Shannen didn’t want to keep dancing b/c of nerves, etc.? b/c i really don’t believe people voted her off over Buzz Aldrin.

  11. 11
    BrendaWalsh Says:

    @Kristin M: The rest of the world does NOT like Kate. Google her. There are a handful of rabid fans that defend her right to exploit and ignore her children.

    The only people that “like” her are the people she makes money for. TLC, ABC, Zonderan, and all the other outlets that are cashing in on this moose in stilettos.

  12. 12
    rhonda Says:

    DWTS has jumped the shark, they’re probably finished. Its hard to get your credibility back (ask American “so called journalist) ! What celebrity is going to go on that show, knowing that the cards are stacked!

    Heather McCartney was hated, but she did a good job! Kate Gosselin stinks and should have been gone.

    Of course, Nicole or the skater will win, they’re professionals! no contest any more, no bother to watch anymore!

  13. 13
    ...I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …she didn’t deserve to go home. she was far from the worst. he know who was the worst female was. and she’s right, dancing isn’t her thing, but neither is acting. ahahahahahahahaaa.. her career consist of 90210 and charmed, she was disliked by almost everyone on both of those. ahahahahahahahahahaaa..

  14. 14
    Jlene Says:

    Fan base or not, Kate G. should have gone home last night, she stuck out like a sore thumb and is a rude insensative lady, hope she goes home next week enough of this lady, go back to watching your kids.

  15. 15
    BrendaWalsh Says:

    @Jlene: She doesn’t particularly like her kids.

  16. 16
    AutumnM Says:

    Aww I like Shannen. She wasn’t the best dancer there by far, but certainly not the worst and definitely better than that horrid Kate Gosselin!

  17. 17
    Michelle Says:

    Wow the votes were totally tweaked by the producers.. Kate doesn’t have a strong fan base and many people hate her… Give me a break.. They want to see her fail miserably and her melt downs.. I feel bad for her partner/teacher Tony to have to deal with her. She is a horrible dancer.. I wouldn’t even call that dancing..

  18. 18
    Anita Says:

    It was a total shock to me that they did not eliminate Kate. She did not have any rhythm or personality at all. I am convinced that this elimination must of been rigged. Its hard to keep watching this show now.

  19. 19
    Toni Says:

    How can Shannon leave. I at least wanted Buzz Aldrin to stay since i had sympathy for him for being in his 80s and still living life, but why didn’t Kate go. I don’t really hate her, just her evil divaish attitude and the fact that she seems annoying as heck. My mom even said that when the show was still on that she was annoying and that Jon would leave her. Anyways I atleast wanted Shannon to stay for her father and have Kate leave because she’s just annoying and too commanding to have fun. Ugh I’m very angry right now.

  20. 20
    Infamous Says:

    WHAT???!!! I missed it last night I cannot beleive she went home. NOT FAIR

  21. 21
    molly Says:

    am I the only one that notices all those ugly faces Kate G makes?

    She’s disgusting! Bet the producers are hoping she brings the children, they’re her meal ticket. she probably tells them she’ll bring them if they keep her on. Of course if they’re all as moody as the oldest one, no one may WANT to see them much longer either!

  22. 22
    butterflier Says:

    Dancing with the Stars is a joke. Why have judges when you are going to let the idiot public decide whether to keep someone on or boot them off? We all know Kate Gosselin should have been the first to go. I think many voted for her to keep her on, so they could watch her continue to make a fool of herself. And no, sheeple, she is not doing this for her children. She is doing this for her very own narcissistic self, the only person she has ever been interested in.
    God knows what she has put Tony through behind the scenes. Those rehearsal clips showed you the true nature of Kate Gosselin. Always blaming someone else when things go wrong. Then she turns on the fake tears. Everything about this woman is fake. Boob job, tummy tuck, obvious plastic surgery on her face, fake nails, fake hair, tears. There is something very wrong with her, something that would take years of therapy to work through. But Kate won’t have therapy. It’s all everyone else’s fault.
    And check out those Manson lamps of eyes when the judges give her an accurate assessment of her non-dancing skills. Like daggers.
    This witch needs to go. Ugh. Pray for those poor kids. No one deserves a mother like this.

  23. 23
    rdub Says:

    Why don’t you tell us what youreally think??? Buzz should have been buzzed before someone is voted off that is really good just for the sympathy vote.

  24. 24
    mare Says:

    I liked Shannon too. I think it was fixed. Kate and Buzz were terrible. Pam Anderson was better then both of them too.

  25. 25
    SuzyQ Says:

    You’re kidding right. Horse mouth. Who redid her teeth anyway!! And you really like people who are that mean to their partners and teachers and trainers. Plus she really wasn’t that good.

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