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Aaron Carter: Engaged to Maile Hochuli?

Aaron Carter: Engaged to Maile Hochuli?

Aaron Carter has reportedly popped the question to his girlfriend, student/dancer Maile Hochuli.

The 22-year-old entertainer proposed last weekend, according to Star, after the two saw Alice in Wonderland.

Maile, 19, currently lives in Orlando but is reportedly making plans to move to Miami and be with Aaron . The two have been friends for years but only began seriously dating at the beginning of this year.

Aaron was previously engaged to former Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche for a week in 2006.

FYI: Aaron hasn’t announced the engagement on his Twitter yet and Maile recently deleted her account, so stay tuned to see if it’s true!

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  • Just Sayin

    why does aaron not look healthy?

  • sillyme

    That chick is 19? She looks much older, in her 30′s.

  • mailey

    that girl looks like a drug addict. and the ring is horrid.

  • Cammie

    They both look way older then their ages..

  • awww

    something is wrong with him if he was dating kari ann. she is a megabitchasshole

  • Irene

    @Just Sayin:
    drugs and alco?

  • Infamous

    He looks sick!

  • Roar

    she is not pretty, imo.

  • Dreads

    OMG Aaron looks so weiiiiird!!! He used to be so cute when he was little! I remember myself and my sister being super fans of him and Nick back in the 90s and he was soooo cute. Now he’s soooooooo not cute and unhealthy! WOW. I won’t even comment on the girl and that ring!

  • april

    she looks like blake lively but uglier

  • rossy40

    To *mailey* – SHE “looks like a drug addict”… Seriously? She looks fine. HE, on the other hand, really looks bad. HELL!

  • vox

    he’s 22???? he looks at least 10 years older

  • haha

    april fools?

  • wow

    Married?! Are you kidding me… wow. People don’t know what marriage means anymore. Are they really ready to say I don’t want anybody but you for the rest of my life… COME ON PEOPLE

  • black

    He looks that way because he´s been into CRYSTALMETH waaay too long.



  • ++Logan++

    Regardless of if this is true or not, Aaron and Maile look so unhealthy.

  • annasaurus

    This is the meth face version of Alex Pettyfer.

  • the_boyfriend

    i wanna party, with both of them.

  • marge18

    none of this is true. its all just hyped up for media. aaron is supposedly a nice guy tho and i think maile is really pretty. she looks like fun. :)

  • marge18

    i think maile is a really pretty fun looking girl. aaron is lucky, his past relationships were all nasty.

  • Christina

    @SAMANTHA: Yea, you mean like she also said that his engagement to Kari Ann at the time was fake? Please…if it was fake his reps would have been denying this the second it came out! I’m happy for them, she looks cute and at least he’s being talked about again!

  • marge18

    haha i agree

  • shannon

    He used to be cute. he sorta somewhat is. I odnt think she is that pretty. and does any one think that his comeback will actually be good?

  • not needed

    I know her personally, went to high school with Maile. Her REAL name is Stacy Rodriguez and she is as fake as the name Maile. It is not true that she knew Aaron for a long time because she just met him and I know this for a fact. Also she came to my school because she was known as a drama queen at her old school Lake Mary Prep where she had a boyfriend named Mike Meridian and they made a sex tape. Also she is not in “love” with Aaron because she falls in “love” with all of the 25 boyfriends that she has had. Her recent one was Mike Kahn and Stacy started going out with Aaron a week after her and Mike K. broke up. SO i would say, stay away Aaron.

  • angelasexygirl

    she is dating him i know a friend that know aaron prersonally and they talk on the phone they are going out aaron dont have a twitter its fake .

  • be annoy me

    @angelasexygirl: lol he does have a twitter b/c Verified Account and that what celebs use to let they fans know it him

  • Amy

    Lol Angelasexygril lol thats funny…Aaron DOES have a twitter. I know fact thats really him cuz he posted a pic of me straight from his phone to there. and to everyone talking smack about him on here… leave him alone. IF this was true…which it is NOT!!! be happy for him. Aaron’s workin hard and if you can’t say anything nice just leave it be. And every1 that reads this go to and buy his new single plantet rock… its Awesome!!!! KTACPA

  • Brittany Ayers

    U guys leave aaron aloe he looks just fine im happy for him

  • amandaU

    okay everyone needs to STOP!! none of you know aaron or this girl. Aaron knows whats best for himself none of you do and if you are going to accuse him of doing things at least have proof to back it up. Yes, he has made mistakes in his life but dont we all! What gives you guys the right to judge him and this girl. You all need to lay off because putting people down and judging them before you know the true story is just WRONG and it shows how insceure you are about yurself!!!

  • lisa

    You are being very unkind and rude! Aaron looks great on health and the girl looks good too! What is your problem guys? Never tired of talking about those who do not know you? Get something else to do! Take care of your own lives!

  • Tina

    OMG Aaron is such a cutie and so is why don’t everyone just leave them alone and let them be happy together..The ring is Beautiful!!! Good Luck Aaron and Maile!!! HATERZ GO AWAY!!!!!

  • http://Twitter Tina

    OMG Aaron is such a cutie and so is Maile so why don’t everyone just leave them alone and let them be happy together..Congrats and Good Luck Aaron and Maile!! HATERZ GET A LIFE!!!!

  • http://@hollybird HollyBird

    Awwww. I think everyone should leave them alone. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Mark

    What is the deal with some people? Jealously of another’s fame or happiness? Why does Aaron always see to be the center point for which everybody has to have their blow outs and temper tantrums. If you knew Aaron you’d know how much he cares for what he does and who appreciates it. Not only does he care about those who appreciate what he does he even appreciates those who don’t for whatever reason they can convince themselves is relevant.

    Cut him some slack for Christ’s sake. I personally have never met a better man and more absorbed with helping others. How many of you would have taken the time to after buying into a restaurant bake up tons of pizzas to take to the homeless. Not to those that he’d be buying their loyalty as new customers, but to those he knew would probably never be able to come in and make a purchase.

    Aaron is a great humanitarian and I think his actions will speak louder than any of your words of hate that you decide to express anonymously or otherwise just out of jealousy.

    I know Aaron and I wouldn’t have anything to do with him in the least if it weren’t for what I see him doing and what I know he will one day be able to accomplish.

    People need to grow up and get their own lives not spending their short time on this earth tearing down others. Others that are trying to make a better world!

    GROW UP!!!

    Mark A. Hicks

  • Dangitpeople

    WOW really people Aaron looks Fine and if she makes him happy then WE should be happy for him!!

  • http://@darthgault darthgault

    Aaron is a sweet guy … had some crap to deal with growing up and is still sorting it out the best he can …. just because a blog ran by sleezy people says something doesn’t make it correct or even news.

    Leave aaron alone … and don’t believe anything this rag publishes.

  • Rachel

    All of you are idiots and don’t know what you are talking about. First of all, if any of you paid attention anymore, you would know that Aaron isn’t partying anymore because of Nick. I won’t explain that because I know you are all clueless!! Second of all, neither one of them look bad! You really don’t know what you are talking about!! Lastly, before you say anything, the only reason why people hate is because they are jealous, which is something I’ve told Aaron on Twitter!! You may deny that, but if you face reality, some day in your life, you will see that is true!! Grow up all of you!!! Don’t bother commenting on this if you don’t like it because I will not answer! Grow up and get a life people!!

  • Rachel

    @shannon: Have you heard his song Dance With Me? Its on iTunes! If its anything like that it will definitely be good!!!

  • Jessica

    I think everyone should mind their business..if they are happy dating engaged whatever the case is it shouldnt matter to anyone. people are just jealous. leave him alone about his looks and hers. why do you all have to make negitive comments you dont even know him. and I think he looks just fine

  • Joyce Wong

    Aaron, Aarron, MY Aaron, don’t marry that bitch. She is so ugly. I love you forever, whether you are sober or not. I am your BIGGEST fans, and no I am not some old lady or gay, I am a 20 years old hot chick, but I have always liked your music and of course everything about you.

  • caty

    aaron r u blind she looks like your mother

    ithink aaron needs to do eye test

  • http://website chare

    OMG! Aron Are you out of your mind? U’r too young to marry and the girl looks CRAZY! Stay away…………………from her

  • rebecca

    she is ugly

  • rebecca

    she is really ugly

  • rebecca

    she is really ugly


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so agree with your comment i do know this girl well not personally. i went to lake mary prep school with her as well lol and is funny that you said that she loves every 25 boyfriends that she has had!!!!!!! SO DAMN TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GIRL IS TROUBLE AND FAKE AS A WANNA BE GUCCI BAG!!!!!!!!!! I DEF DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE SEX VIDEO BUT I DO KNOW THAT SHE WENT OUT WITH MIKE MERIDIAN!!! SHE GOT TRASHED AT JESSICA BOYERS HOUSE I BELIEVE IT WAS HER NAME LONG TIME… LOL ANYWAYS SHE CRIED HER SELF OUT BECAUSE MIKE AT THAT TIME BROKE UP WITH HER OR HE FOUND OUT SOMETHING ABOUT HER AS USUAL…. I DEF DIDNT KNOW HER NAME WAS STACY RODRIGUEZ!!!!!! SO AARON I THINK YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY!!!