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Angelina Jolie: New 'Salt' Trailer!

Angelina Jolie: New 'Salt' Trailer!

Check out the new trailer for the Phillip Noyce-directed thriller Salt, in theaters theaters July 23.

As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt’s efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: Who Is Salt?

Angelina Jolie: New ‘Salt’ Trailer!
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  • Neil


  • menise kenja

    brilliant! you need medicine!

  • Nat

    We will see the movie for sure…very interesting.

  • Some Bunny

    I can not wait to see this Movie. I bet the tourist will even be better! Love love love Angelina Jolie and Brad and their beautiful family!

  • Memememe

    Such a horrible actress.

  • Maria from Texas


  • fresh

    Amazing. Can’t wait.

  • Michelle

    a play on who is john galt?

  • http://justjared LOL


    now that I saw her trailer.The housekeeper from WA in NYC Anna may be right after all. The person she had steamy sex scene with was tall,dark hair and they shot their hot scene in New York. Could he be the person she had seen entering Jolie’s NY hotel room? The one who used black rubber and used all the towels?She is so interested in him as you can see in the movie. How will Brad handle this? He will ask her during the screeing , Is this the guy you cheated on me with? Poor Brad. Jolie was busy cheating on him behind his back. How humaliating. The guy is laughing behind his back. NO WONDER Brad Pitt has left her in Venice and is hiding.

  • april

    I’m gonna see this movie.

  • shanex

    Forget Salt. Here is a better display of Skankelina’s “acting talent”

  • youyouyouyou
  • Celia

    I can’t wait to see this!! Finally an action movie with a female lead!!

  • http://justjared LOL

    Jolie will make those Easter baskets but there is no daddy around this time with the kids. it’s Jolie’s fault Brad Pitt ran away during Easter. if she hadn’t cheated last year and hadn’t put a rift in their relationship and if she hasn’t been continuing her sex relationship with her ex and other boys and girls, Brad Pitt could be there now with the kids to celebrate Easter as a family. she blew away and ripped apart her family. Brad Pitt is in Sydney on Easter. no real family man would do that if he had a loving home and a loving wife. Brad Pitt knows When he leaves the home, Jolie will invite her friends for some fun. hope she use protecter during it like those black rubbers otherwise who know if the twins are even Brad Pitt’s. they don’t even look like Brad Pitt. if i were him , i would check it.

  • cee

    LOL + Aniston = Sad Love Love Love IT!!!!!!!!!!!Can not wait for SALT. Haters are losing their minds get ready for the hate fest JP fans. Brad is finally busy filming in Autralia for a little while. I don’t think he realized how bored he would be without much work going on. They are such a supportive couple. God Bless the Jolie Pitts.

  • youyouyouyou

    @shanex: she was adorkable in that movie. You do know it was one of her first, right?


    Finally we get to see Salt trailer. Can’t wait to see Angie in cinema again.

  • youyouyouyou

    @LOL: so all brad wanted was angelina and now that he wasn’t good enough in bed he doesn’t even want the kids? Hey, women have needs and if Brad Pitt can’t take care of those needs than good for her for finding a more attentive sexual partner. brad pitt seems like he would be very selfish and his weiner is nothing to write home about. sux for him .

  • Neil

    Love Angie kicking butt! The camera work seems to have that non-airbrushed raw look similar to Paul Greengrass’s Bourne movies.
    So looking forward to this.

  • sofia

    Awesome!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luvangie4ever

    Yay, new Angie movie coming soon! I’m not going to watch the trailer even though it’s terribly tempting. I like to know as little as possible before watching her movies, like with Wanted and The Changeling. It couldn’t be prevented with A Mighty Heart because I already knew how that story ended. I’m so excited about Salt. Love Angie.

  • LoriLori

    Looks great i will see this movie
    i wonder why comments like #10 are allowed to remain when i said something unkind about the chins pink dress- i liked her shoes- it was removed and the remark was not that bad

  • Ellen

    This will be another hit movie of Angie.

  • youyouyouyou

    I think Brad was good looking when he was younger and that helped him a lot, but now he looks like a mix a California raisin and Santa Clause. What does he have going for him other than his looks? As I said his weiner is nothing special… now it has to be all about his personality and he seems so full of himself. If she cheated on him it’s his own fault.

  • http://justjared LOL

    Who is Brad talking to in this post on his twitter page? Could he be talking about …….hmmmm
    I think of “happy” when I think of you . So wherever you are , I hope you’re happy.
    2:51 AM Mar 31st via web

  • Nat



  • niwatori

    Cannot wait to watch this :D Jolie all the way!!

  • mousse

    She looked better and less tormented (for whatever reason, we’ll never know by the way) with more chubby cheeks.

  • Salt is awesome

    The trailer looks awesome and so much better than Knight and Day. Salt will kick Tom Cruise’s ass with no doubt.

  • paris

    This looks beyond stupid. She does the same movie over and over. At least she’s not trying to do an accent this time.

  • lol

    look at how she’s all up on this guy. imagine if that was johnny deppp. ooo lalalala

  • Ellen


  • teri

    Can’t wait for SALT to come out.

  • http://justjared LOL

    lol @ 04/01/2010 at 1:28 pm 0

    look at how she’s all up on this guy. imagine if that was johnny deppp. ooo lalalala
    when was the last time we got that smile and that suggesting smiole of her at Brad Pitt. now Brad Pitt is talking about thinking of someone who makes him happy. it’s so over between them and knowing Brad Pitt has been away for weeks makes everything more interesting.hmmmm

  • lol

    @paris: she played a russian spy in Changeling and a mighty heart and wanted? that’s news to me. —
    Angelina Jolie is one of the very few actresses who can actually control her own career. Other actresses still have to fight for decent roles in a climate where there aren’t many female leads to go around (apart from romantic comedies of course). Jolie however has the luxury of turning down parts, as she recently did with Wanted 2 and Gravity. For every action role such as Wanted and Mr. & Mrs. Smith Jolie balances it out with an Oscar-type drama like A Mighty Heart and Changeling.

    Next up its time for another one of those action roles with Salt (which originally had Tom Cruise as the lead). In the film Jolie plays a CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian spy. Liev Schreiber plays a character called Winter, Jolie’s ally and supervisor in the CIA’s Russian office and Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a counter-intelligence officer who is trying to take her down.

  • Neil


    Your intentions are too transparent and quite stupid….but I do like the picture.

  • chelsey

    The end of that trailer totally gave away the ending! She was peeling her face off, which means shes two different people lol how dumb of them.

  • lol

    @Neil: what ever do you mean? at least I’m not going on about brad on twitter. as if rotflmao

  • Movie Fan

    SALT looks awesome! can’t wait for opening day.

  • Neil

    Sorry lol, I confused you with LOL.

  • lol

    Angelina aint afraid of doing sex scenes no mo. lmao Brad has lost all control over her. I wonder what is in store for the Tourist. to be a fly on that set. SOOO many good looking men and Angelina is the only woman in the film. Lucky betch! – I think Angelina and Rufus would be hot together … on screen of course :)

  • http://http Amazing SALT Trailer

    Jolie makes great movies! great beauty, great talent.

  • Zayne

    WOW! that was simply great! looking forward to watch it soon.

  • awwwww

    The trailer looks great. Angie is hot. Brad is one lucky man.

  • jonathan

    Jolie has a great career ahead of her. She is young and very talented. She’s got five years before she hits 40. She can still play these amazing roles. It suits her age perfectly.

  • Nat

    Angelina’s movies are worth watching for !

    4 months is too long, opens in July ?

  • jamie

    What a kick ass trailer. Angelina’s career is being managed very well. She keeps getting well-planned projects. Talent + luck = great career.
    God bless Angelina.

  • SALT will do well!

    All that matters is the Box Office. That’s Hollywood folks! And it’s all about $$$

  • pilar

    I am curious as to why Jolie keeps getting very worthy projects? … and she gets well paid too. Probably her manager is really an ace.
    I will be watching SALT. It looks great.

  • dark angel

    Love you Angie! You inspire us with your good deeds as a humanitarian and as a person who loves her family. You are God-given to the less fortunate.