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Anna Paquin: I'm Bisexual

Anna Paquin: I'm Bisexual

Anna Paquin has announced that she is bisexual.

The 27-year-old True Blood actress, who’s engaged to her co-star, Stephen Moyer, while shooting a PSA for the Give a Damn campaign in support of equality.

“I’m Anna Paquin. I’m bisexual and I give a damn,” she said during a taping in L.A.

Sources tell People that no one knew Anna would announce her orientation at the shoot!

Other celebs involved in the Give a Damn campaign include Margaret Cho, Mya, Jason Mraz, Kim Kardashian, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Judith Light, Clay Aiken and Wanda Sykes.

Give a Damn Campaign
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  • OMG

    She is brave!

  • Liz

    WOW, do you think it’s true? Or did she do that just to give publicity for the campaigh…
    Seems real though. And it’s a serious issue, and if it’s true, it’s very brave of her to do that. Most celebrities are “outted” before the say it.
    I wonder what Stephen thinks of that… I really hope she told him she would do that beforehand. They will be followed even MORE by paparazzi now….

  • Liz

    oops! “campaign”

  • boston61

    There is not such thing as a BISEXUAL. People are either straight or gay.
    Anna is probably a lesbian without the guts to admit it. Her boyfriend should be very careful. He is being used.

  • Mike

    if that woman is 27 then Ozzy Osbourne could win Dancing with the Stars

  • t

    love it

  • true blood

    Good for her.
    Congrats, Anna!

  • hannah

    There are males and there are females. And then there are people who are confused about their sexuality…

  • Jen

    I’m glad she came out as bi. I often hear there is no such thing as bi, but that is just not true and people like Anna prove it, so I applaud her for coming out!

  • Hannah

    Okay, the guy at 0.06?
    I know his face but I can’t place him. Anybody know who he is?
    It’ll bug me for ages otherwise. :)
    And congrats to Anna. Always thought she was cool. Good actress. :)

  • boston61

    No. People are either straight or gay. She is not confused. That is crap. She is a coward. She wants the best of both worlds. Her boyfriend should run. She is GAY.

  • leon

    When you look like Anna Paquin, you’ll sleep with whoever will have you. You can’t be picky about gender.

  • tiffany hardi

    majority of actors in hollyweird are either gay or bi. brave for admitting it to the public, now when are the male celebs in the closet going to come out. tom cruise, john travolta and etc we are waiting. am sorry they cant come out because of homophobia in our society and comments on blogs inciting either the person is confused or playing pranks.

  • eva

    I’m at a lost for words, really.

  • gdfgd

    I saw this on ONTD site and thought it was April Fools.

  • claudia

    Oooh, you’re so shocking Anna. I think I’ve got the vapors. What’s next? Do you have a tattoo you want to show us?

  • john

    @claudia: LOL isn’t that the truth were so shocked anna, face it your just loose and will do anything and anyone P.S. this girl is so gawky. Notice when a girl comes out and says this she’s with a guy because if she wasn’t she might be a real lesbian and that would not be fantasy material would it honey.

  • Venom

    So wait, she is bisexual but she is engaged to be married?
    What a load of horse sh!t.
    So what does that mean to her fiance?
    Last time I checked in a real marriage you are supposed to be committing to that one person and that one person only so either she is not really bisexual, or she is not going to have a real marriage….

  • boston61

    No one is CONFUSED about their sexuality. People know what it is when they are a young teen. You either like boys OR girls. You can’t DESIRE both. They are too different from each other. I know many of you like to live in a dream world where anything is possible. But it’s not.

  • boston61

    No one is CONFUSED about their sexuality. People know what it is when they are a young teen. You either like boys OR girls. You can’t DESIRE both. They are too different from each other. I know many of you like to live in a dream world where anything is possible. But it’s not.

  • Jimmy

    As Jake Gyllenhall said, “If they think you are bi you can play lots more roles.” Good move. Now she can play everything.

  • mary

    who are we to judge whether she is bi, gay or strait. Honestly people real stupid comments here ….

  • Sacha

    I don’t know why but I find her really hot/cute.

  • boston61

    Well her boyfriend should JUDGE. Because he is with a woman who is gay. She is using him. It is not fair to him to be with someone who is not really into him. She would never have come out in the media and said she was “bisexual” if there were strong reasons for it.

  • Rach

    Haha boston and venom you pair of idiotic fools…your words are nonsense! Twits!

  • boston61

    Enjoy your dreamworld Rach. Why don’t you hook up with a “bisexual” guy and see what you get.

  • Neil


    Utter nonsense. what BIBLE are you reading from?

  • Rach

    I’ll hook up with anyone that stimulates my sense. MALE or FEMALE. Simple as.

  • boston61

    This has nothing to do with religion. I just don’t believe people can be true bisexuals. There is ALWAYS a preference for one or the other upon true introspection.

  • miapocca

    well, she has to be bisexual just to get enough people to look at that face..nothing oging on with that one..sorry, but if it wasnt because she was once a passbaly cute child, she wouldnt be on screen…

  • ok

    Clay Aiken makes my skin crawl.

  • jd

    Isn’t foolish to pick April Fools’ Day to make this announcement?

  • Venom


    In order for her to continue her bisexuality, she would have to cheat on her fiance/husband or have some sort of fake marriage that includes other women in it.

    If she has a real, traditional and normal marriage that does not include sleeping with other people, then she would cease to be bisexual.

    I know I only have 3 degrees, but even that concept should be easy for your pin head size brain to understand.

  • boston61

    Rach. You are not being honest with yourself. IMHO

  • boston61

    Rach. You are not being honest with yourself. IMHO

  • Anna

    The day these so-called bisexual walk hand in hand with their girlfriend on the red carpet and show their love for their girlfriend the same way they declare and show their love for their many boyfriends I will start respecting them. Until then, they are just AW trying to make themselves sound interesting by belittling the word ‘bisexual’.

  • X

    Maybe most bisexuals do have a preference but you’re still bisexual if you are physically attracted to both genders. And it is possible to like both.

  • boston61

    So it’s possible to be “in love” with both? Don’t think so. If you believe that maybe you have loved but never been in love. It’s very different.

    If you have a preference and are with the person who is not part of that preference. It is very unfair.

  • Lea

    Wow the ignorance of some people on here! What on earth are you even saying? That because someone is Bisexual they are using their partner?! So if she were with a woman, she would be using her too because she is Bisexual? Lol, are you even thinking before you’re typing?

    My ex boyfriend is bisexual, it is as if you are suggesting becuase he is, I could never trust him, and he was just using me ?? He dated a boy, and is now dating a girl, they have been together for 3 years and are adorable, I love her and them. I have been with my boyfriend for about almost years also. My ex and I were together for 5 years, broke up mututally, and remain close friends. Do you think Anna’s husband does not know she is Bisexual LOL? I can not believe some of you are actually saying that because she is a Bisexual woman, she is not commiting to her husband. Fergie is also a Bisexual woman, as are many others. Choice or not, it is not any of your business. If you are serious about any relationship, you commit to it.

    What utter nonsense.

  • boston61

    Anna’s relationship will not last. He has got to be humiliated that she said that. Even though he would probably not admit it.

  • boston61

    Lea. You ex boyfriend is Gay. Hate to burst your bubble. But a man who is really “into” women would never call themselves bisexual.

  • chrissysnow

    Let’s save Hollywood the trouble! They’re all QUEERS!


    @boston61: You are an IDIOT.

  • ?

    Who is the guy at 0.06?

  • boston61

    Enjoy your dreamworld folks. Enjoy your “bisexual” boyfriends and girlfriends. But remember they very well may be just not that into you. If they were that word would never be uttered by them.

    If you really believe what you are saying why don’t you marry a “bisexual” person. Bet you would not.

  • Jade, 25

    I am Bisexual. I lean towards men more than women (most Bisexuals lean towards one gender a little more, most, not all), and I will probably end up marrying a man and having children, but I do adore women, and all but one of my relationships with women, have been wonderful. Alas, you never know, I could end up happily married – or not married, to a woman, with or without children. I can’t speak for anyone else but personally, I fall in love with the person, not their orientation, their skin color, their preference. I fall in love with their character, their being. You can’t put a limit on love, it is never wrong to love. Hate is the problem, always.

  • sillyme

    So, then I guess Anna would support those people who want to have a husband AND a wife. After all, why should THEIR rights be violated, just because they’re bisexual and America is just so old fashioned. Many countries allow their citizens to have more than one spouse. So, yeah, I’d support that.

  • boston61

    Jade 25. My guess is you have never really been in love. You have loved. Most likely you are gay because a straight woman would never want to be with another woman. You are fooling yourself. And, if you tell your boyfriend he will freak. Even if he tells you it’s cool.

  • Jake

    @boston61: “You don’t marry a Bisexual person!”

    Oh really LOL? Who DO Bisexuals marry? Didn’t realize there only certain people were allowed to marry Bisexuals, and vice versa.
    What a rich statement to make. Care to carry on? Who else should we not marry, Oh Wise One? Lol, who on earth do you think you are making living rules for other human beings?

  • boston61

    Jake. People who call themselves “bisexual” are usually gay. They are just too cowardly to admit it. So it you want to marry someone who is NOT really sexually attracted to you. Who is using you. Go marry a bisexual.