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Carey Mulligan Covers Wonderland Magazine

Carey Mulligan Covers Wonderland Magazine

Carey Mulligan is black, white and classy all over on the April/May 2010 cover of Wonderland Magazine, on stands Friday. Here’s what the 24-year-old British actress shared:

On working with boyfriend Shia LaBeouf in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: “The first time we read together we were so nervous. It was just me and Michael [Douglas] and Shia, and neither Shia or I looked up. You never know how these things are going to work. I’d wanted to work with Shia since A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. He’s amazing. He was so incredible in that film, and we ended up working together well.

On what comes next: “I actually don’t have a job. It’s been hard to make decisions whilst all this is going on because you don’t want to jump into something. I wake up in the morning and spend half an hour trying to figure out what I want for breakfast. I’ve been on so many airplanes! So I need to stop on Monday, take a week off, and then refocus. Two weeks ago I thought I never wanted to be in a movie again!

On taking a break from Hollywood: “I did The View, then a photo shoot, and took two red eyes in two days, and went to a critics’ award show, and at some point in the evening my agent came up to me and was asking for the only half hour I had in the next two weeks. And I was home, so I wanted to see my friends and I was like, ‘Don’t take the five seconds left that I have. I just don’t want to be in a movie! I don’t want to have the responsibility of being a big actress, I don’t want to be on a poster.’

On being more than just a fashion icon: “I was at a press conference and Woody Harrelson was answering questions in front of me and they were asking him what his motivation was, and how he felt about his character. I got up there, and they said, ‘What are you wearing?’ And I thought, ‘There was a time when I was an actress. Not just someone who wore dresses.’ I don’t really care that much about fashion, I just have a brilliant stylist who dresses me, and in my own life, I’m pretty simple. So that side of things has been wearing. But then I slept for 15 hours after the Baftas and felt slightly more normal again. I don’t want to become annoying. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, her again.’ I want to play supporting characters more often than lead roles, and I think that’s where the most interesting parts lie.”

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54 Responses to “Carey Mulligan Covers Wonderland Magazine”

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  1. 1
    mailey Says:

    I like everything she said.

  2. 2
    chris Says:

    such a cutie

  3. 3
    Bay Says:

    I like what she said too but she looks hideous in these photos, what a dog.

  4. 4
    dean Says:

    take a break, no need to rush.
    read through some scripts and find some gems ;)

  5. 5
    dean Says:

    she seems so mellow, i like her

  6. 6
    bailey Says:

    i just saw the greatest, she’s a fine actor
    i’d love to see her on a bbc miniseries

  7. 7
    laura Says:

    hollywood can be overwhelming
    i hope she cab stay grounded
    love these pics!

  8. 8
    laura Says:


  9. 9
    FroFro Says:

    I love this actress! I thought there was something great about her when I saw her in “Blink” – the award winning episode of Dr. Who and I loved An Education. She lights up a screen, and I love her attitude in this interview. I hope she is able to keep all the Hollywood stuff at bay and just do her thing the way SHE wants to do it. Bravo! A rare thing in show biz this one.

  10. 10
    spanky Says:

    a real gem, and grounded …refreshing change of pace from some starlets

  11. 11
    Don Sinner Says:

    ugly girl

  12. 12
    Infamous Says:

    I like her a lot but havent seen many of her movies

  13. 13
    F Says:

    Here comes the starlet’s whining song!

    If you don’t want to be a big actress then tell your agent to stop trying to make you happen.
    You don’t want to be a fashion icon? Then stop parading your dress and shoes in every f-ucking event in the world and fire your stylist.

    Celebrities should stop telling the public that they became famous just by chance or because fate “chose” them . It takes a plan and lots of ambition to make it big in HW. Who do they think are fooling?

    And why is wrong to show pride and happiness that they get to play in the high list? They worked for it and they acomplished it! What’s up with all the stupid humility act?? It is so annoying…

  14. 14
    deke Says:

    She sounds very intelligent.

  15. 15
    yo sista Says:

    ‘There was a time when I was an actress. Not just someone who wore dresses.’

    Blah Blah Blah yeah b!tch you’re too cool to wear dresses, we get it. Nodody cares.

  16. 16
    annasaurus Says:

    She’s an amazing young actress with a good head on her shoulders.

    @F: She’s not really complaining, she’s just illustrating what reality has been like for her this past awards season. It doesn’t matter how much planning/ambition you have, which almost eveyone in Hollywood has, it takes actual talent which this girl has. She just feels incredibly lucky about the way things have turned out for her.

    If she talked endlessly about her clothes, she would just be another vapid actress like Rachel Bilson. It’s a double standard in Hollywood where they’re always asking actresses stupid questions they don’t want to be asked compared to actors who are asked about their actual craft. She’s a classy lady with humility. Go worship at the altar of Miley Cyrus who doesn’t have a classy bone in her entire body. She’s just full of pride about how much deeper she/her boyfriend are compared to normal people.

  17. 17
    AutumnM Says:

    I like Carey, but she’s a fashion icon? Since when?

  18. 18
    Kate Says:

    Smart and talented.

  19. 19
    Lisa m. Says:

    very twiggy-like

  20. 20
    Scarey Says:

    what a bimbo! :P

  21. 21
    Michelle Says:

    All this chick does is complain.

  22. 22
    kerry Says:

    smart girl.

  23. 23
    ............. Says:


  24. 24
    Celia Says:

    She’s so pretty! I love Carey!

  25. 25
    Celia Says:


    She was in Bleak House.

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