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Jennifer Hudson: Weight Watchers Woman!

Jennifer Hudson: Weight Watchers Woman!

Jennifer Hudson talks about being the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, her mission for women to stay fit, and also reveals the secrets of her weight loss, on Good Morning America on Thursday (April 1) in New York City.

“I was very comfortable with myself before,” she shared. “I have a child now and I want to set a great example for him. Make better life choices, health choices, and just create a good example for him growing up.”

Watch Jennifer‘s commercial below!

Jennifer Hudson: Weight Watchers Woman!

10+ pictures inside of Weight Watchers woman Jennifer Hudson

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Credit: Jennifer Mitchell; Photos: Steve Fenn/ABC, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Mike

    well, when you have millions of $$$ to hire trainers to tell you what to eat — when to eat — and how to exercise — no shat!

  • xiopio

    Wow, she looks great! You go girl!

  • chachhe

    she looks really good!

  • mousse

    I won’t say this so quickly about someone, but I admire this woman. After all she had to go through, the terrible family drama in 2008, she finds the strength to raise a child and is able to refocus herself on what she considers as being best for her son. With all the efforts that go with it.
    The result may be seen, congratulations!

    @Mike of the 1st comment: this isn’t about $$$, this is about strength of character and good values. And she proves she has both. What cannot be said of everyone with $$$…

  • chrissysnow

    she had surgerys, why is she lying!

  • Some Bunny

    I really think she is terrific as a singer and an actress. Looking good.

  • facts

    Uhhhh…its like her whole family being murdered never happened. I know it was 2 years ago but 2 years is nothing in an instance like this. There was hardly ever any news about it and nobody really cared. She seemed to get by it then just as easily now. I’ll never undertsand it at all. People dont even remember that it even happened. Everything was swept under the rug. Sketch.

  • Catchy

    she looks great

  • Nic

    Woah this is quite a change, she looks fantastic, and healthy beautiful.

  • Dog Lover

    She is a horrible singer with a horrible wig

  • anon


    there’s a reason. It’s an on going investigation. I don’t think she is allowed to make any public comments about that ugliness. It’s also a security issue.

  • mailey

    she already looks good. i dont think she needs to lose any more. it would look weird if she became super skinny.

  • Bennetton

    Looking good, Jennifer, stay healthy.

  • dee


    You should ask yourself how long is long enough to mourn a family tragedy for you? And follow that question up with, why should Jennifer care about what you think? As you were not there and have no idea what she went through.

    People mourn and deal with major events in their lives differently, but what good would it be for her or her son if she dwelled on it forever? Her life has to go on seeing as she is still here. It’s not something she can change.

  • pop86

    She looks great. She didn’t have surgery. Jennifer did Weight Watcher plus her bf works out so that probably encouraged her as well.

  • bre

    Looks great, she’s doing good for herself.

  • bre

    Looks great, she’s doing good for herself.

  • Infamous

    She looks great!

  • im bianca and ima say it.

    go ahead sexy momma.she looks good.

  • Just Me


    Are you serious? Were you there with her, identifying bodies, preparing for and attending homegoing services? Do you know the people that reached out to her? She was out of the public eye for a minute dealing with that and I’m sure she still deals with it everyday, as her immediate family is gone and her son will never meet his maternal grandmother, uncle, and cousin. I swear some people are both simple and closed-minded. I guess she should wear shirts with her mother’s image and cry in every interview to appease you? Yeah, that’ll go over well for her and her career. You have no idea how this woman is dealing with her grief so please stop ASSuming.

  • AutumnM

    She looks wonderful! SHe’s lost a ton of weight. Jen has been through so much with members of her family being killed and all. SO sad. I always feel bad for her, but Jennifer is a strong, talented and beautiful woman. GO JEN!

  • T.O.

    @facts: You’re sketch. Go crawl back under your rock.

  • Ryan

    you go mama WERK!! looking good j-hud

  • happy girl

    there is a healthy looking bigger woman. lovely. this is a healthy bigger sieze. bigger than this for her age and it means trouble.

  • Alice

    I can’t believe how much weight Jennifer’s lost! I read here ( about what she’s eating and can’t imagine how she lost so much weight. Either way, congrats!

  • sunsui

    She looks absolutely fantastic! The hair, her body, her style… wow!!!

  • Jenn

    I am a Weight Watchers member and Im sure they wont let her go too small. Your weighed in weekly and pick goal weights within your BMI and also where you feel comfortable at!

  • Lovely


    I don’t know J. Hudson personally and I didn’t watch A-idol all that much but I can tell you that there is not a day that goes by when this young woman will not think of her family and the horrible ordeal they went through at the hands of a killer. So that is every birthday for her, her child, her significant other and the deceased. That is also every major holiday, anniversary and when David’s family comes to visit or they visit them. The thoughts of how her own family would love to have seen/experienced all that she has accomplished and to see the baby or babies to come. So isn’t that enough pain? Can she have some enjoyment in life? Congratulations on the weight lost effort, and keeping focus and determined on wanting to be healthy mentally and physically for yourself and your child J. Hudson.

  • http://facebook Laura

    I have a question why do you think she had surgery?she was’nt that big any way so there was not a hole lot for her to lose,don’t hate her,for what she have done.

  • PV

    @Dog Lover:
    bitch please stop hating u must be white

  • piss in mouth

    Just a quick hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your blog following researching physical fitness connected things on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been doing! Anyway I’ll be back once again inside the long term to check out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  • lose belly fat plans

    Wow look at Jennifer Hudson, she really lost a lot of weight. I remember when she first started out on American Idol, she was much chunkier back then. Not that there is anything wrong with fat chicks, they make great friends. It’s good she is doing weight watchers, Jennifer is the perfect spokesman.

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  • oaknyc

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  • Refurbished Computers

    for me, it;s easy to loose weight,,you have many options..but what matters most is discipline.

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  • Jenette Hilz

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    She’s a sweet heart so I’ve been told. Seems like it. Good for her that she lost the weight. It’s not healthy to be heavy anyway and she seems to be a positive role model for a lot of young women in the world.

  • Online Therapy

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