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Lolavie: Jennifer Aniston's Perfume Name!

Lolavie: Jennifer Aniston's Perfume Name!

Jennifer Aniston has chosen the name for her first fragrance!

The 41-year-old actress will team up with Falic Group to create Lolavie, her first signature scent, according to Life & Style.

“I’ve worked on it for over a year,” Jennifer shared on London’s Capital Breakfast Show.

“When they asked, I don’t think they really expected me to be [so] picky. But you’ve got to have it smell right.”

The scent will launch in the UK this month and in the U.S. later this year!

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  • Exciting!

    A lot of celeb perfumes suck, so this one will be one of the better ones.

  • ck

    Bet smells like a crap movie.

  • no place

    No you are stupid , ugly and delusional. I do not shop at Walmart because the are as ugly as you are! Picky you are not. Finger up your assssssssss anyone?

  • Lisa

    cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cutecute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute

  • Geraldbean

    Why is it every-time JJ posts something about Jennifer Aniston it gets like 200 comments and most of them are just people saying nasty things? How sad.

    Loves Jen but I’ll skip on the perfume thanks. Hope it goes well though.

  • Lennie

    I thought she was going to name Brangelina but I was not that far because it’s just Lola, kind of sounds the same…lol! Well I hope it won’t smell and stink like her movies.

  • Mrs.Whitelaw

    Cue haters…
    Just let her have her perfume for god’s sake. We don’t know anything about her perfume apart from the name so there’s nothing nasty to say about it. But I’m sure all the haters will find something stupid to say about her and the perfume.

  • Poor Jen

    Why do she get nasty comments? Because most people are sick of her. She’s a mediocre actress, has got an average face, makes bad movies and for the love of God … she’s so damn clingy. Why would anyone like a clinger ???

  • Geraldbean

    @Poor Jen: If you think she is mediocre, don’t buy into her. If you think she has an average face, don’t look., If you think her movies are bad, don’t watch them. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

    And clingy? How the hell would you know? Have you been with her? You do realise it’s the media that does the whole poor Jen crap right? She seems like a very independent happy person. She is pretty much the male George Clooney but hey he isn’t a loser now is he? No because he’s a man. Double standards in society wowzers. She seems pretty over Brad to me,, maybe you’ve been reading one too many gossip magazines.

  • Geraldbean

    And hey I think Angelina is a homewrecking freak b*tch but I don’t hate her and besides the comment just made, I don’t spend my time insulting her on the internet.

  • Carlos

    Couldn’t she/her team come up with a more creative name? Marc Jacobs already has a perfume called Lola out!

  • true blood

    What is the Lola connection? A nickname?

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    lola v – lonely vagīna?!? ….ahahahahaha..

  • chin can’t act

    i assume the V stands for virgina. i guess she wants every woman smell like her vjj.

  • Lurker

    @ Carlos,
    When has Jen ever been original? Oh wait she added V to Lola.

  • pewww!

    Lola V? Please. Couldn’t she think of a better name?

    Let me guess… Gerard Butler will launch his own scent Eau de a$$-çrack in a few weeks.

  • Sashaboombasha

    You don’t need to like her but the comments being made by some people on here are really horrible and it’s really uncessary. I suspect most are about age 12.

  • What’s it mean?

    L – lonely
    O – old
    L – lame
    A – a*s-s
    V – v A gina
    Smells like unwashed p uu ssy.

  • aww

    @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: LoL that was a good one. The name sucks!

  • LuckyL

    Everything she does is for self-vanity and egotistical. Who wants to smell like desperation and dogs?

  • kattau



    Angie has nothing to do with this thread.. YET you bring her in it..

    yeah.. let the Jen Hate begin..

  • boohoo

    She should have called it Two in the Pooper.

  • Kelly

    Desperation? Bad Movies? Now the ugly scent of selling out. Who would be stupid enough to buy this?

  • Tim

    What does old dog smell like?

  • Lisa

    What does loser smell like? Or hand in the bum?

  • Crazed fan

    I will buy this perfume even if it smells like Big Chin, Hand in A$$, desperation, loneliness and selfishness – because I am a crazed fan.

  • dope

    Gerry’s dog is named Lolita, dont kno about the V.

  • marissa

    what a dumbass name for a perfume. please SIT DOWN ms aniston

  • Sashaboombasha

    @kattau: Are yoiu a moron? I said apart from this comment just made.

  • dope

    Gerry’s dog is Lolita, dont know about the V.

  • happy girl

    Does the V refer to her ongoing whining about her past 5 years of misery??? wonk wonk wonk. Why don’t they call the perfume “Whining” or “Crybaby”?????

  • Jack

    Must smell like ‘I will do anything to fleece my stupid a$$ fans for more money’.

    They listen to JA whine about her ex-husband, buy tickets to her bad movies, buy magazines where she again whines about her ex-husband and uses her relationships to further her celebrity, now she just knows her fans will be stupid enough to buy her perfume.

    Calling all ugly, fat, lonely women – your hero has a new perfume.

  • Kelly

    She should have called it desperation.

  • aww

    @dope: seriously? She named her perfume after Gerard Butler’s dog? Omg

  • Tina

    Who in their right mind would walk into a department store and ask to buy this perfume? The sales people are going to be laughing their a$$es off.

  • Beany

    @true blood: Lolita is Gerard Butler’s dog’s name. So much for the “just friends” line! Why can’t they just be adults about it?

  • Hulla

    Who is going to buy this? Do people really support these stupid celebrity vanity projects even when their idol lies (about wanting kids), constantly brings up her ex (just did it again in another interview), makes horrid movies (cheats her fans out of the ticket price again), sells bottled water (major bad for the Earth), gives health advice while fake tanning and smoking and is constantly hanging off some new guy. What is there to admire?

  • What’s it mean?

    dope @ 04/01/2010 at 6:58 pm — Oh I see, smells like Gerry’s dog’s Vajaya.

  • Lidia

    She reminds me of Pamela Anderson and Liz Hurley – one of these tacky women who use every opportunity to further their celebrity even if they are quite talentless.

  • Team Aniston

    I bet that this fragance is great!!

  • Gog

    @Beany: It’s very complicated to assume a relationship when you’re famous…

  • candi

    OMG that is too funny!!!!


    she does act like a closet lolita, letting gerry butt finger and pee- boy go there.
    V probably refers to 5 , as 5 years later still can’t stop reminding people she was Brads worst mistake.

  • a realist

    Lidia @ 04/01/2010 at 7:08 pm ….#39

    She reminds me of Pamela Anderson and Liz Hurley – one of these tacky women who use every opportunity to further their celebrity even if they are quite talentless.
    This bearing repeating. I could not agree more.

  • Ali

    really??? developed by the FALIC Group? Couldn’t she find a better company to make her perfume? Is this an April Fools post?
    Anyway, Marc Jacobs already has a perfume named Lola – why would she choose that name? This all seems fishy to me, with the exception of her wanting a scent to smell good. She should consult with the LUCKY SCENT group in LA and see what sells the best on their site. They sell everything – even the most unique perfumes.

  • thats_right

    @What’s it mean?:

    loooooooooooooooool so funny hahahah BINGO THATS IT lol thas what it stands for hahahahahahahah

  • dope



  • Melissa

    I think that the best that jen has is her face!! It is so harmonic, delicate, sympathetic, gorgeous!
    Seriosly, I love her chin!!

  • T pain

    Awh the sweet smell of DESPERATION!!!

    she’ll hawk anything for a buck…

  • Mia