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Suri Cruise: Stand Under My Umbrella!

Suri Cruise: Stand Under My Umbrella!

Suri Cruise keeps it cute in a ballerina tutu as she gets under her Princess Barbie umbrella while walking around New York City with her mom, Katie Holmes on Thursday (April 1).

Katie, 31, and Suri, 3, had some quality mother-daughter time as they headed to Le Pain Quotidien for some dinner.

Suri turns four later this month!

FYI: Katie is wearing a pair of Superga sneakers, a Madewell scarf and a Chloe “Marcie” top handle bag. Suri is wearing a Juicy Couture cardigan!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise standing under her Barbie umbrella with Katie Holmes

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  • ukala

    Devil Child. That’s all.

  • ……

    Suri’s features are maturing. She’s a pretty little girl. Poor Katie, she carries all her weight in those legs.

  • Five

    Suri turns FIVE, which is obvious.

  • kay

    ukala, you are the devil one. calling a 3 yro that? you need help….

  • Sunglasses & an Umbrella

    autism distraction props

  • mary

    Woa, she’s getting really pretty!

  • idani

    Harlow is a much cuter ballerina.

  • snoozapalooza


  • Troi

    Wow, Katie looks dreadful in that outfit. And what is up with Suri running around NYC in a tutu???

  • JJ

    @…… You’re right, her legs have gotten bigger. They seem like they’re on the wrong body.

  • Suri and Granny

    No Tom again.

  • kae

    Why in the world would you let your child walk around in ballet slippers in the city?!?! With all the litter in the streets! All it would take is one piece of glass to rip through the bottom of those and cut her foot. Irresponsible….

  • janelle

    It’s amazing that she’s only 3. I feel like I have been seeing pictures of her and pretty Shiloh for longer than three years. haha

  • Pac Man

    What’s wrong with you , #1?

    Right, #4.

    You’re an idiot, #5.

    Why compare, #7?

    She probably came from class or is going to, #9.

    You’d then just say that Cruise was being controlling and monitoring, #11.

  • ivanka

    too much mom&daughter posts lol

    i like suri, she looks so much like tom

  • idani

    @pac man

    Why not compare? The Harlow ballerina thread was right before this one. She is a cuter ballerina.

  • Pac Man

    Don’t be so dramatic, #12.

    ‘Cause it’s pointless and a matter of opinion, #16.

  • elle

    they both look beautiful!

  • Sheri

    Why is Suri roaming the streets of NYC, both day and night it looks like, in a tutu and ballet slippers. If she was going to a class wouldn’t that be just a brief venture out and not into the evening when it gets dark. I think Suri’s just dressed that way the whole day, because that’s what Suri wants. Looks goofy though…nothing like drawing attention to the kid as well. If they want to “blend in”, they shouldn’t have her dress like that…if she did attend a class, have her change at the studio.

  • Suri is very cute, but…

    A sad thing that Suri can’t dress like a normal little girl. She goes out in public only dressed as if for ‘roles”. This can be dangerous to inner self.

    She is 4 years old and almost every time she’s in public, she’s displaying personas; ballerine with tutu on NY streets, flamenco dancer in children play parks, mini woman (mini slut…) with earings and high heels… What gonna be left when she’s 10? Probably unable to act or present herself “normal” in public.

    And it’s absurd to let her walk NY streets with ballet slippers. Those are not made for that, they are for dance floors.

  • awww

    Suri looks different. This kids face is not suri’s

  • eh!

    Katie has very thick legs!

  • Pac Man

    What does it matter to you, #19? It’s just a dress.

    What makes you think they care about blending in or not drawing attention to themselves? (And this is just another example of TomKat critic hypocrisy. If this were ANY one of those ‘other’ kids that ALWAYS dress up in costumes or raggedy clothing, you wouldn’t say anything. Just say it’s cute or you keep your comments to yourself.)

    She’s dresses like a normal,little girl all the time, #20. Remember? You’re always complaining that she’s spoiled.

    Dangerous to the inner self? Playing roles? Are you crazy? It’s not that serious. She’s not dressed for different roles risking her identity. They’re just clothes she likes!

  • MK

    All NYers in the back as well as Katie are with coats, scarfs and boots, and you can see cigarette ends on the the asphalts. Suri is running around with very thin slippers and little pink dress with short sleeves, all to draw attention to herself.

  • Anja

    “Why isn’t she dressed like normal little girl?”
    You can read this in almost every thread about celebrity kids! For example: Suri is always in dresses, Shiloh is always in pants, Zahara is always in black, Violet is always in pink, Honor is always wearing headbands or hair clips, Suri’s hair is mess, Violet’s hair is too long, Shiloh’s hair is too short, ………………………………………………..
    There’s always someone who thinks that ……….. (put any girl’s name here) isn’t dressed appropriately
    I think all this is pretty stupid, they’re only little girls and they have right to enjoy, have fun, dress whatever they want, childhood doesn’t last forever. You don’t have to like their parents but leave them alone.

  • Alexandra

    Apart from Matilda Ledger, she is always dress appropriately, and always looks like a normal little girl.

    Well done Michelle.

  • anonymous

    the cute is gone.

  • Susie#1

    Katie is a pig and her daughter a troll.

  • Susie#1

    P.S. It’s 51 degrees in New York City. The troll should be wearing a coat.

  • peter

    What’s with the blanket still?? She’s 4 now for goodness sake. Let’s lose the baby blanket, Katie.

  • ++Logan++

    Mother and Daughter are both beautiful. One of the top hollywood families along with Angelina Jolie’s family.

  • claire

    Why does she have her umbrella opened when it wasnt rainning?? Just to show off her barbie umbrella? lol

  • anza

    i am sorry 2 say this: this is one unattractive little girl,and maybe it helps to do something with her hair!!!!!! just MPOV!!!!!!!

  • Haha

    @Pac Man: Shut up already. Every time someone posts negative comments about Suri or Katie Holmes you respond to every single comment. What are you a pedophile?

  • Haha

    What’s up with an umbrella in the evening? It didn’t rain in NYC. crazy parents, crazy child…

  • anza

    i am seeing to barbie-umbrellas, two for the price of one??????? what has a liitle girl to do in the streets of new york that late in a ballerina-tutu????? and pac blablabla just shut up,if they do such idiot-things, we comment it,eat it moron!!!!!!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    there is something wrong with this little girl. After looking at her from a close up, she seems to be ill, she looks sick and pale, and does not smile, as she looks so miserable. Isn’t a child supposed to be happy? Hmmm. I wonder what’s going on behind the closed doors

  • anonymous

    where are the suri pedos waxing disgusting “veiled admiration” for their dream victim.

  • Go Ask Alice


    I was going to say,meanwhile in Brooklyn,MichelleWilliams had her daughter dressed in a sweater,pants/jenas, tights/socks, a raincoat,and rainboots.

    Sorry TomKat fans, but it is just WEIRD about how Katie dresses her kid, always carrying her and the ever present secuirty blanket .

    Just as weird as Jolie with spinless Pitt dresses poor Shiloh as a boy,a urchin boy from a Dickens’ Tale at that.
    Jolie dresses Zahara as a cute little girl and purposely downplays Shiloh’s looks as to not give Zahara,who i s equally cute, a complex.
    That is really being reverse of what Jolie she says she stands for.

  • couture artwork

    Suri is a really sweet little girl. I wonder what she’s gonna be like in ten years or more. Is she gonna be a normal girl with famous parents or a spoiled annoying brat.

  • Bellissima

    this looks so stupid.. katie looks like a homeless girl and doesn’t get enough sleep.. suri looks like a girl without a home either

  • KMcG

    The tutu is just fine. I would put on sturdier shoes for the street, but Katie and Tom have never shown common sense. They don’t have to live in a real world and they frankly do not seem very smart. It really seems like that child is a doll to play with – look at me carry the baby with her blankie. Look at me dress the baby up. You rarely see any true parent/child interaction with these people. And I agree that the child looks so sad and frightened all the time. I don’t know if it’s autism or just plain emotional neglect, but something really seems off. Who knows, we could all be terribly wrong, but it seems to me that other celebrity kids, just as photographed and watched, are much, much happier and child-like. And Katie has to lay off those leggings.

  • soniaintown


    You are too harsh!! You should give Homely the Beard some credit for manage to keep shoes on the autistic brat.

    At least, that brat didn’t walk barefoot on the street, even though she still looked like a homeless feral child. Maybe, she actually felt like it.

  • http://justjared bob

    suri is fuggly. shiloh, vivienne and zahara are 100x cuter! anyone agree??

  • worried

    There is something about that child that worries me.

  • anon

    Kate looks like one of those deranged homeless women squatting in a doorway with her kid, begging for crack money. Both of them dressed weird in clothes pulled out of a dumpster. All the money and mansions in the world can’t fix ‘crazy’, I guess.

  • Lolol

    @Go Ask Alice: how is Pitt spineless when he was the one shopping for boys clothes for Shiloh. Nice try trying to give brad a free pass. Ain’t working anymore . brad is not innocent… He is a egomaniac creep.

  • Lolol

    Oh yeah, the same day he took Shiloh into the boys clothing store he had zahara shopping for girly clothes. Yep, no free pass for pitts ego eer again when it comes to those
    kids. It was a photo op in France and I’m sure Jared has the pix in his archive

  • AutumnM

    Suri is looking more and more like Tom all the time. I still think she’s kind of a brat, but that’s not her fault of course. Either way, Suri looks cute as always. She really is a pretty little girl.

  • Jolla

    When you walk the streets of NY in your tutu the umbrella is a must. Anyone knows that. Suri just likes to play which is sweet and normal. Who’s more weird: Suri wearing tutu and umbrella, the paps trying to get photos of a four year old from all angles or grown up people commenting on how the tot is dressed, if she smiles or not or if her feet are comfy??