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Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: 'Beastly' Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: 'Beastly' Poster!

Check out the brand new movie poster for Beastly, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer!

The modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast also stars Mary-Kate Olsen and Neil Patrick Harris.

Alex plays Kyle Kingson, a handsome guy who has a spell cast on him by a classmate (Olsen) after he ditches her during an environmental bash. Vanessa plays the “beauty” in the story.

Both Vanessa and Alex were recently honored as ShoWest’s stars of tomorrow!

Beastly will hit theaters July 30, 2010!!

Bigger pic inside…

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beastly movie poster 01

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  • Carol

    I love it

    Creeby but incredible sexyy

  • dee

    Oh my God….. Alex Pettyfer has really grown up!!!!….. i still remember him doing the stormbreaker film all those years ago… well done Alex!!!! ; – )

  • Danielle

    could she have any more of a butt chin??

  • mikemiller1000

    I hope this one works out for Vanessa – the girl deserves a break after the bomb that was Bandslam.

  • peggy


    Thats the new featurette is great and teenage movies dont get PG-13 ratings.

    It’s a movie for al ages and as MTV reported the Theater owners and distributors (Showest) went nuts for it chastising CBS Films for not launching their film enterprise with Beastly.

  • annasaurus

    He looks like he’s in his 20s. Stop the aging Alex Pettyfer

  • mmm

    This should’ve been straight to Lifetime or maybe HBO or something, not a theater movie. Especially not a summer movie, a time when blockbusters will crush this.

    Save your $ and get it on dvd in September.

  • sj

    He’s hot. I cant wait for this

  • Johaan

    WOW!. I love It!

  • Johaan



  • pita

    i dont believe this happen why Beastly will hit theaters July 30 in America ,but here in October suppose to be we are the same opening date and one things this Alex country this is totally unfair .

  • dundies

    im too bloody tired to turn my head sideways to read the name of the film

  • vfan

    Ahhh! I so cannot wait for this film to come out.
    V looks so pretty and sexy.
    And is it just me or is Alex getting hotter every time I see him?! Haha. :)

  • Liv

    I don’t know much about Alex Pettyfer, but he looks like a young Dolph Lundgren in that picture.

  • julia

    I thinkhe looks like the beauty and she looks like the beast! the roles are switched!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! I doubt with these 2 headlining this movie anyone expects it to earn Batman money but I’m sure it will make a few bucks! Teenage girls will love him!!!

  • Malia

    Love the poster. Like that they have his face as half Kyle and half beast. Nice effect. And the word Beastly is transparent, showing his beastly side. Good design.

  • Here I am

    Aw… Beautiful … So beautiful

  • jess

    I love the poster!
    Both look hot, can’t wait for Beastly!

  • Johaan

    AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t stop watching it

  • suzy

    this poster looks good and i can’t wait 4 the trailer.

  • Melee

    Alex Pettyfer is hideous and arrogant and offputtingly vain. Ugh.

  • heather

    I love the posterrrr, those 2 are sexy together

  • Dee

    Blargh! I read the book and I loved it and I’m really not looking forward to the movie ruining it for me. That chick looks awful in that poster btw!

  • ivanka

    they look good. the movie sounds great

  • lexy hates bilson

    Vanessa is a natural beauty and she and Zac make a cute couple and seem happy. But don’t worry ladies…2 of the Jonas Brothers are still single!! Maybe one of you can snag them!

  • nathalia

    beautiful poster,
    both are beautiful

  • peggy


    This is considered one of the big movies of this summer and there are no disaster type blockbusters due in the last week in July.

    And the movie belongs in theaters. But thank you for sharing your complete lack of knowledge of movies.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Amazingly Stunningly HOT!!! Can’t wait!!

  • kgg

    What’s with the negativity on this thread? Jealous little haters, maybe? Vanessa is beautiful, talented, and smart. Alex is charismatic and good looking and both are great actors according to ShoWest where they won their awards recently. So all you hateful little twits can suck it.

  • go sox

    I think the poster is stunning….very symbolic!! Alex’s face is split by the word Beastly, and you can see two sides of him. Then there is Vanessa, the “beauty” who is “behind” his journey to love. And I love how they put the phrase “it’s what’s beneath”, under the word Beastly. That is the theme of the movie, or really, the moral of the story.

    It’s brilliant, really. And they look gorgeous!! The directors of ShoWest loved this movie. Can’t wait!!

  • Ashley

    I hope that Vanessa would leave zac and get free

    Vanessa and Alex are really a well-harmonizing couple

  • yets

    i love Vanessa, so excited for this movie.

  • birdie

    This poster is beautiful and it conveys the message of the film perfectly. I really can’t wait for July! For those who don’t know this film is not like the Disney “Beauty and the Beast” this is told in the boy’s perspective.

  • Sam

    ahh! I cant wait!!!!!

  • Sam


  • sizuka

    Vanessa has an exotic beauty…
    And they both look stunning in this poster…

  • Bee

    I love it, I saw the lenticular a few months ago. This is just as eye catching.

  • tata

    Want to see the movie!!! i’m waiting for it like years…)))

  • Karen


    What makes you think even IF Vanessa was not with Zac that she would WANT Alex? Just because two people are attractive does not mean they would want to be together—especially just because silly little fans want it to be that way.

    Also, there were backstage tweets from Showest and the person doing the tweets was someone who was working the show and worked these shows every year. He says that when Vanessa dnd Alex’s was behind the scenes that they DID NOT MIX that he stayed with his entourage and she stayed with her handler and they weren’t even set to be at the same table but this guy just happened to think it would be best if they were at least at the same table so he changed the placecards. But he also said that Alex and Vanessa were NEVER together except when they were on stage so even though they seem friendly to each other, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of fireworks AT ALL there. So now, go to your corner and sulk.

  • grkljan

    He’s hot, she’s not.

  • man with ****

    great , i like vanessa

  • annie

    omg..this poster is really cool, who’s made it, i wanna know, he/she is really talented, and OMG vanessa’s eye so deep magical, love it…fantastic

  • Rn-224

    love it…..

  • yeah

    That girl has great skin and killer bod, the guy looks frkn hot.

  • Johanne

    Very bad trailer :(

  • lslsharon

    Can’t wait for it!!It gonna be great!!

  • laura daniela

    I adore the poster. Very creative, full of symbolism as well. I think this movie will be succesful, plus, with Alex landing the “I am number four” main role, which will give buzz to beastly, it will be even easier to have very good BO numbers.


    i have really low hopes 4 this movie! i’m gonna’ see charlie st. cloud instead of watching this crap! all vanessa is trying 2 do is 2 try and break away from being gabriella montez in hsm (and is also trying 2 escape from being know as the hsm slut who took nude pics of herself on her phone that got leaked all over the internet!) i bet she didn’t do it ‘coz it sounded like a good movie! all she wants is the money, and she wants 2 be taken seriously! never gonna’ happen! i ain’t seen a trailer 4 cstc yet, but i bet it’ll actuallt be worth seein’! instead of this movie rip off!

  • Karen


    If you don’ like Vanessa that is fine. However, your comment shows just how bias you are and how immature the reasons for you not liking her are. Now you can bring up the n*de photos all you want but at this point each time someone does it looks more and more ludicrous. Everybody knows and most people are immune to it at this point unless you are under 15 years old. Vanessa is now 21 years old and has been toughened considerably by now. There are actresses who daily disrobe to go IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA and be seen by millions of movie goers and you want to try to use her private pictures from when she was very young to try to discredit her??? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

    All you have accomplished is to say that you have a bias against her for something she did and she could be the star of the next great epic but YOU would not find anything good about it just because it had something to do with Vanessa. You’d either see it as her trying to break away from Disney, have people try to forget she had n*de pictures on the internet, or that she was money hungry. Nothing you say will be taken in any kind of seriousness just because we have seen that you simply don’t like her for personal biases.