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Andy Roddick: Lacoste Challenge's New Face!

Andy Roddick: Lacoste Challenge's New Face!

Andy Roddick is the new face for Lacoste‘s Challenge fragrance, in stores now for $40-$60.

“I’m thrilled that Lacoste invited me to be the face of its men’s fragrance, Challenge,” the 27-year-old tennis ace says in a release (via People). “This fresh, and dynamic fragrance represents well the image of Lacoste as a chic, sporty and elegant brand.”

Challenge is a mix of citrus and aromatic lavender. Andy is replacing Hayden Christensen as the new spokesperson for the fragrance.

Brooklyn Decker, what do you think of your main man modeling??

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  • Rachel

    handsomeness! \
    lucky brooklyn

  • ahari

    So Hayden basically threw away his career, threw away a movie with Kevin Spacey so he could take Rachel to Paris for that LaCoste deal, just to be replaced after only a year? Wow, brilliant career move.

  • Alias

    @2 – Kevin Spacey hasn’t made a good movie since American Beauty, now tell me again what did Hayden throw away?

  • love andy

    Every year Louis Vuitton, Channel, Dior and Gucci choose a new face, Lacoste would not be different. Most obvious is having a tennis player than an actor. Hayden signed a one-year contract and now is over, this is normal.

  • mailey

    roddick is played out. literally too, he’s not very good at tennis (compatively).

  • Em

    Mailey you don’t know what your talking about .. I’m a fed fan but roddicks been top ten since 2003 .. I’d say thats good .. Not his fault he plays against rafa and rog .. I don’t see anybody else snatching majors..

  • brightside

    Should have gone with a tennis player before – especially Andy, he’s way more masculine looking than some pasty-faced canadian guy who can’t act!

  • Love Andy is an Idiot

    Excuse me, but how long as David Beckham been the front man for Armani???

    If Hayden hadn’t used his position as front man for LaCoste as a platform on which to promote his personal life on two excruciatingly public occasions, completely eclipsing the brand he was supposed to be pushing and all on LaCoste’s dime literally, he probably still would be the front man for Challenge. But he was totally unprofessional in every possible way on this job and now he’s paying for it. But the man can’t act to save his life anyway, as every knows. And his girlfriend is probably the great medi@wh07e of the world.

  • http://j ivanka

    he is so handsome .. great choice!

  • brightside

    Gosh – he had a career! I didn’t know! I just thought that he was some curse designed to ruin movies I paid good money to see. Kind of a human version of a computer virus!

  • Viper

    First off if Christensen had done a great job that one year would have been extended for another tour. Christensen doensn’t do anything fully and throws a ton of shit away if he was such a wonderful actor Directors would be banging down his door to hire him. Instead they won’t give him much screen time and this other movie Vanishing or whatever is a joke a horror flick gee big move there. Horro flicks are a dime a dozen and appeal mainly to the tweenagers. And yes LaCoste should have used a tennis player from the start not some want to be tennis star that could never be. HC is a walking joke his BFF is one as well only she is worse b/c she doesn’t have talent for anything but, acting out for the media paparazzi

  • jamie

    Brightside and her typical personal attacks again LOL
    Who are you to talk about career? You have one? You’re always here, you never work? Or was dismissed for incapacity??? Just curious.

  • Sheila


  • the truth

    Leave Hayden and his personal life alone. Maybe he didn’t want to do it again. Its up to the people and who they want. Hayden does has talented and will go far. Its also up to other people to hire him too. He’s suffering for nothing and he has house and money too.Also hayden was doing something else when they wanted him to do that movie last year. Also jared didn’t promoted hayden like he did this guy.He waited a longtime before he said something about it. He was too busy promoting rachel and what she was doing.All those who is bad mouthing hayden I don’t see you trying to give him a job. Hayden did a great job promoting it last year. Give hinm some credit he do work hard. See how long this guy is going to be around. They are going to replace him with someone else too.Leave hayden alone. And jj you need to be ashame how you wrote this. We don’t need to be fussing about what you wrote .Hayden really did do a great job with the lacoste chllenge. Its just it wasn’t promoted here right.

  • j

    designers ALWAYS choose a new face each year to represent their product. if you people knew anything about that kind of stuff, you wouldn’t be blaming hayden getting replaced on his not doing anything. it has nothing to do with it. unless it’s the celebrity’s own brand of cologne/perfume, they are bound to get replaced in order to keep things fresh

  • haaaaaaaay

    SUP Andy if you’re reading this! ;)

  • Hye

    ugly face!

  • Really

    not attractive!!

  • http://b Dillon

    Obviously, Andy Roddick’s hair is photoshopped!!!!!! He is balding much.
    Just like Brooklyn Decker always needs her face photoshopped for any pictures especially for cover!! lol

  • cat

    Anyone notice this particular picture looks alot like Penn Badgley?

  • helene

    @brightside: especially since Lacoste is a famous french player from the twenties…

  • brightside

    Fortunately my job doesn’t involve conning people to pay good money to watch my cr*p rubbish LOL…unlike HW’s worst actor! You must be a Hayden fan…

  • brightside

    Which is why it makes more sense to have Andy as the face of Challenge instead of the whiny Star Wars guy….

  • jamie

    You have a job? Really? How? LOL

  • brightside

    Easy – I found a vocation I liked and trained for it… :)
    The key to happiness…
    1. Don’t get stuck in a job you don’t like..
    2. Never rely on a man for money..
    3. Always pay your own bills..

    and own your own home – very important.

  • Viper

    Hey Jamie do you have one you seem to post more and more all the time to defend a loser actor.


    Designers will sometimes chose newer ppl if the older ones didn’t work out or give it up after a few years. In this case they had a low level actor they figure like his beard did to try to ride the idea of SW to sell this man. Only thing is he isn’t popular anymore for SW or anything but, being a joke. The colone doesn’t smell that great no matter who is pushing it. Hopefully Andy will push the idea of Challange which was something HC would and could never do in a million years he is too wishy washy.

  • jamie

    And if I like Hayden? What is the problem? And if he don’t have a good career? What do I care? I like him, I like his work, I find him a nice person and I’m a fan. Again, What’s the problem?

    Why do I have to respect two losers with no life like Viper and Brightside? Why? You two feel superior? LOL I’ll tell you one thing: Hayden is much better than you ;D

  • olivia

    Okay so maybe Hayden isn’t the best actor, but seriously, give the guy a break! Everyone is always attacking him and I honestly don’t understand why? He seems like a nice guy and I could find worse and more annoying actors out there..

  • brightside

    I’m intrigued…..who precisely? On the basis of lack of talent, that is. Hayden Christensen may be a really nice guy to meet (although there are those who have worked with him that say differently), but he can’t act. So who out there is a worse actor than this one?
    Whatever, Lacoste should have gone with a tennis player from the start….it’s not like there’s a dearth of handsome and talented tennis players….it would have made so much more sense and the product would have sold a helluva lot better….

  • Gisele

    Andy Roddick, the bald man. Photoshopped.

  • Parth

    He doesn’t have hair like this.

  • Pat

    the smartest career move brooklyn decker has made? marrying andy roddick, 90% of the ?s shes asked are about him ive seen it or about bathing suits, andys a chill dude tho love his sarcasm