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Jessica Alba: Adoption In The Works!

Jessica Alba: Adoption In The Works!

Jessica Alba was recently inspired to adopt while interacting with a family of 13.

On Sunday’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the 28-year-old shares, “I’m totally inspired. If you have the love, and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it…. My mom grew up around a huge family, and they always wanted more kids, and I was like, ‘Why don’t you just adopt?’”

FYI: Jessica has a 21-month-old daughter, Honor Marie, with entrepreneur husband Cash Warren.

This special two-hour episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will air this Sunday (April 4) @ 8-10PM on ABC. Watch a preview of Alba below!

Jessica Alba: Adoption In The Works!
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  • ++Logan++

    wow jessica alba adopting awesome

  • Lola


  • ude

    tis the decade to adopt

  • sheila

    she could adopt me, please, i want to come to Hollywood!

  • LadyB

    i’ll bet you $$$ that she won’t adopt. It’s all talk.

  • Dreads

    Lawd have Mercy….. naaaaah juuuuust kiddin’! …well, kinda. I want to adopt too =)


    Good for her! As long as she is motivated by a genuine love of having a big and large family, and put the interest of the children above herself! She is young. She is also a mother. She is not the kind of those who didn’t bother to have children in order not to damage their bodies and their careers, and then later on find themselves old and lonely and decide to adopt a baby as they would adopt any pet!

  • jenny Craig

    What? She doesn’t want to gain weight by having a child the old-fashioned way.

  • CindyBrady

    Won’t happen.

  • shaar


    Why is it so far fetched that someone would want to adopt a child? It may not b for you, but a lot of people do it, celeb or not.

    I say good for her! there are so many kids out there who need love and a stable home. :)

  • bella

    Alba is just trying to get some good publicity wihout doing anything to deserve it. Once she actually adopts then she can expect admiration. Right now it’s just talk.

  • brightside

    The whole adoption trend among the HW elite worries me more than a little…..I can’t help wondering who benefits the most from these high profile adoptions, the HW stars themselves, or the children. If Jessica, who I like, by the way, feels she has the time and the love to provide a child with a stable and loving home environment, then, yes, she should adopt. But, and it’s a big but, it is always the needs of the child that must come first. If she can’t guarantee 100% complete and total support and love for the child and it’s needs then she should leave adoption well alone. It always seems a whole lot easier in theory than it is in practise. I’m sure that she will think about it very seriously with her family before committing to it ( at least I hope she does).

  • Roko

    Jess is very cute.

  • linda

    all this lady did was complain from start to finish about what pregnancy did to her body..she is still complaining about it. she is so arrogant and shallow. she wants to adopt ONLY because she doesnt want to have to go through having her body getting flawed any further.
    but on the other hand her daughter is not cute. if I were here I would adopt at least she can pick and choose and get one this time that is not so hard to look at. besides the fact honor has behavior problems getting along with children she is going to end up in jail most likely most kids that hurt other people and kids like honor does are evil inside. the kid is poaessed. you can see it in those beady black eyes and that unibrow.

  • turoc

    Jessica alba has got the ugliest kid in this entire world. she is flat out butt ugly.looks like a freak dude a himshe.

  • dkjd

    Saying that someone’s baby is ugly? Wow, that’s pretty low. She’s a baby for crying out loud! If you want to go pick on someone, try someone your own age, not a freaking 1 year old. I bet any money, that your not even close to cute, or pretty. You most likely look like a man, and just need to say shit to make yourself feel better. Seriously, get a life, and fast, because you obviously need one if you have to sit on Just Jared all day and talk crap about a little baby.

  • Nicole

    @turoc: And you are an asshole for saying that. She is adorable and even if you don’t think she is cute, you dont have to call her names. That is the most shallow thing you can do!

  • princess beauty

    I have to agree with turoc that little biotch is the ugliest little kid on this planet she resembles a monkey with a banana up its as$ her face is horrifying ugly .


    @nicole it is a major chop!…. that you cannot stop people from posting their view points HA!, also isnt is amazing how you mention not calling names while you are calling names? LMAO@U nicole hypocrit btw himshe isnt calling names “get over it” you pusy.

  • megan

    calling honor adorable is laughable at best.. OMG there are some blind people that need to wash the brown crap off of thier noses on here. and, they really need to scrub. it may not even come off.

  • cindym

    I hate to get involed in this little debate here, but, Honor is not one year old and she is not a baby.. she is going on three now. besides what does age have to do with the fact people find her unattractive? geeesh, just because people find her ugly is not a crime. after all she really is not all that cute. kinda sounds to me like the ones who are upset about others calling Honor ‘not cute, have no problem themselves spewing out nasty comments themselves. take a look in the mirror people you are no better than the ones calling her ugly.

  • 蛙鏡

    I strategy on publishing this post all more than the web. Should certainly I give any credit/references back for you?

  • Monica M

    @LadyB: If you did bet money on it, you would have won because this was said in 2010, and now it is 2014 and during the whole 4 years she has never even taken it a step further or even talked about it again, except having another baby of her own (Haven Garner Warren). I really don’t see her having another kid, much less adopt one that isn’t hers, because she said in interviews how hard of a responsibility it is to raise the two she has now. I don’t know, only time will tell.