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Robert Pattinson Gets Formal For Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson Gets Formal For Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson puts on a top hat and carries a cane as the dapper actor films some night scenes for his new movie Bel Ami in Budapest Hungary on Thursday (April 1).

The 23-year-old Twillight Saga: Eclipse actor plays a Parisian man who rises to power by manipulating the city’s most influential women.

The drama, expected to hit theaters in 2011, also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and Uma Thurman.

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  • yeah

    Ugh, he looks so delicious in that period costume!

  • Diana from Hungary

    I saw him here in Budapest:)
    He’s much sexier in live:)

  • russian girl

    Yeah Robert really looks like Gorgeous man from 19 centuries :)

  • zaraaaa

    i just have a hunch, that he’ll be this generations young Leonardo Dicaprio or James Dean

  • Liz

    Umm, Bel Ami was supposed to have a moustache! That’s an important thing for the character in the book!

  • @4

    April Fools day was yesterday. But that’s teh funniest thing that I heard all day!

  • ewww

    so ugly
    can’t wait for those idiotic twilight movies to be done so he can hurry up and fade away
    so sick of seeing him

  • luke

    worst actor of all time

  • ha!

    I bet that the producers are worried now after seeing how badly Remember Me BOMBED!

  • LuckyL

    So this one will bomb too. I see Jared has been shy about “Remember Me” bombing. My theory is correct–the book made the money, not these kids. They were just lucky enough to be casted and aren’t deformed.

  • Kristin M

    Once again, I will bet everyone $10,000 dollars that this movie will be a flop. He cannot act for his life, and everyone expecially saw that he can’t play people from the 18th century, IE-Little Ashes. They named that one of the worst movie’s of 2009 for his acting alone.

    If you all win and the movie is a big hit, you will be paid a handome $1 bill.

  • Anon

    RPatz, ought to play Jack, the Ripper.

  • juniper

    Robert looks great here. I love the Edwardian era in men’s fashion.

  • ZZ

    Actually, the people that actually gave Remember Me a chance said it was a decent film.

  • juniper

    Robert looks great here. I love the Edwardian era for men’s fashion.

  • Lizzy


    Then stop looking at him, leave that to the rest of us who love to do it!!!!

  • @14

    Doesn’t matter what they thought when it comes to box office. A “decent” film that doesn’t earn its money back = bomb.
    The only way that it would get any respect would be if it was an Oscar contender. But Remember Me is not that type of film.

  • Kara

    Remember Me by definition isn’t a BOMB because it’s made a profit. It’s worldwide take is $28 million +, budget $16. Summit poorly marketed this film. Most critics praised Rob’s performance. Enough with the negativity.

  • Chrissy

    Y’all sound so gleeful when you say RM bombed. It did not bomb, it is a moderate B.O. success based on RP’s name alone. If you’re looking for movies that bombed its Green Zone and Repo men. This movie is a small, sad family drama that only got this huge hype and unfair B.O. expectations because of RP, heck it would never have been made or gotten this much attention if his name wasn’t attached to it. Also, it wouldn’t have been sold in so many markets. It’s already made more money in international markets than Dear John which was an easier sell (DJ = 9M, RM = 10M). RM is not even out in most international markets yet like the UK, France etc.

  • blah

    Remember Me earned its money back so stfu you all. Robert looks great and i’m loling at “he’s ugly” comments here, i wonder what you whales look like.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    I thought Abraham Lincoln was in a different centur, what is he doing making color movie.? Robert has slipped off the page into another time zone, he looks like a reincarnation of one of our Presidents minus the beard.

  • sorry

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Remember Me WAS a bomb. In order to make back its money, a film has to earn at least DOUBLE what it cost to make. It still fell waaaay short. Especially when it starred a supposedly popular young actor. If he can’t open a movie now, at the height of his popularity, what hope will there be for him after Twitlight is over?
    And BTW, people wouldn’t be so mean to him, or to his fans if you didn’t do stupid things like comparing him to Leo or James Dean. That RIDICULOUS comparison tick people off, and they will respond with venom.

  • @21

    Your comparing that shallow idiot with one of our greatest presidents?
    Why? Because he is wearing a top hat?
    What a moron.

  • meh

    I don’t know if he is a good actor or not, and as far as the looks, go, he just isn’t attractive to me personally.
    But I do know that I am sick to death of seeing him EVERYWHERE because of that stupid movie series. And if I am sick of him, that probably means that others are sick of him, too. That doesn’t bode well for his future in show business, as evidenced by the weak showing of Remember Me.
    He may need to disappear for a while so people can forget how much they hate seeing him.

  • Aron

    lmao he’s such a

  • shame

    He can not act to save his life. Neither can his crachead gf.

  • rocknmovies

    @Kristin M:

    You have an amazing culture???? FYI Little Ashes was set in the 20th century, you know Dali and Lorca… And Bel Ami is set in the 19th century. Maybe you should read serious books instead of hanging around gossip sites.

  • szeleréka

    yet good that I live in Budapest

  • now apologize

    @sorry: no one can say if that filmed bombed because it hasn’t even been released on dvd yet. world wide dvd sales factor in hugely these days. it it has already earned over budget, hence, it has made a profit. AFTER the theatre sales & dvd sales, you have cable. that film would have bombed if it hadn’t had him in it, most likely. i’ve read a lot of people are offended at the story line & boycotted for that alone. personally, i haven’t seen it & could care either way. so you can’t accuse me of being a biased rpatz fan. you, however, seem to be waging a vendetta against him. the irony. whereas his fans blindly follow him, you won’t cut the guy a break.

  • Whatevs

    I don’t know what the Hell is wrong with people these days. I bet if they were to cast someone with Down Syndrome to play Edward they would swoon over him too.

  • LuckyL

    I love how people don’t understand when a movie is a bomb.

  • @29

    To earn a profit the STUDIO has to earn back its money. The studio gets less that half of each ticket sold. Which means that if the movie made 28 million, the studio has made less than 14. So they are still shy of earning back their initial costs, and that isn’t taking into account money that they spent on promotion, which could run another couple of million.
    DVD sales do not enter into these figures at all.
    No matter how you try to twist it, the movie failed. And the more you bring it up, the more people will slap you down.

  • shadows

    Watch for this movie that will be his next FLOP just becoz he’s not playing Edward Cullen – trust.

  • losers

    Wow a lot of RPatz haters on this site. It’s not his fault he’s goodlooking, popular, and talented and YOU’RE NOT. All you can do is stalk him on the net and hate on him. But then again what are you going to do? hate on fellow losers like yourselves? When you’re a winner you attract haters like bees to honey. So go on whatever make you losers feel better. That’s all you got anyway.

  • blahblah

    looks like “william hung” to me! bwahahaha! this guy should admit he’s gay. he should be wearing avant garde gowns not that suit.

  • mk

    ugly as always!

  • ewww

    super UGLY

  • freedom

    Bunch of shallow people, wonder if they’ve ever read his full interviews. That’s where the attraction starts, if his agent stays the hell away from him and just let’s him talk.

  • @34

    “It’s not his fault he’s goodlooking, popular, and talented”
    Good looking?
    To some I guess. But he certainly isn’t my cup of tea.
    Evidently not popular enough to make people pay to see his movies.
    That’s up for debate as well. And I think that the jury is still out on that one.

  • @32

    Remember me has only earned a little over 23 mill.

  • Casey

    Wow what a bunch of ugly losers here. If you think RP is ugly i can only imagine your husbands/boyfriends faces looking like a monkey’s ass.

  • just a thought

    A few hints from an Orlando Bloom fan….
    Haters will ALWAYS be here, there isn’t antything that you can do about it. But responding to them by calling them names will only make them worse. Present facts that they can’t refute, that way they have less ammunition to use. Don’t claim that he is ‘the best actor ever’, or compare him to well established, respected talents. These statements are just asking for trouble. Instead, remind people that he is new to the business, and that he needs time to develop. And for Pete’s sake, stop trying to twist the facts and figures to suit you. THEY can then come back, as they have done several times in this thread, to throw them back in your faces. Accept the fact that his movie didn’t do well THIS TIME, but hope for a better showing for the next one.
    Robert seems like a nice enough guy, and we will see if he has what it takes to make it in this business, but his fans have to stay calm and ignore the bait. Successful, young, handsome actors will almost ALWAYS get the short end of the stick when it comes to respect. You, and he, will just have to weather the storm and prove the haters wrong.
    Calling other commenters “ugly losers” because they don’t favor him is just asking for it.

  • Fer

    he is a bad actor

  • deena

    He is Hot, Hot, Hot, and for those who say he can’t act, you must of spent your $9.50 to see him act bad, hypocrite! He’s gorgeous. Best looking guy out there these days, and I’m a grown women, married with children, not a baby girl (or fat or ugly). (humor)

  • losers

    @39. To some is correct. My question to you is If he’s not your cup of tea, WHY ARE YOU HERE STALKER? Hypocrite Much!

    Oh he’s popular enough. l Go to box office mojo His movies have done quite well thank you very much. He also takes break to do more interesting indie fare like Little Ashes and Remember Me. You losers can try all you want to make RM sounds like a 100 mil blockbuster, IT’S NOT. it’s a small dark indie drama that cost 16mil. Remember Me requires people to think, but everybody knows you Americans are not too big on that. It’s no surprize. You like typical feel good movies and RM is not that.

    No the Talent IS NOT up for debate. (only among the Haters) He can act , he can sing, He writes arranges and produces his own song, He can play Guitar and Piano. Another words HE HAS MORE TALENT IN HIS LITTLE PINKIE THAN YOU LOSERS WILL EVER POSSESS IN YOUR ENTIRE MISERABLE EXISTENCE. DEAL WITH IT.

  • @45

    You evidently didn’t read the wise words of post #42, so you have no one to blame but yourself…..
    His movies do well?
    No, TWILIGHT does well, because of the popularuty of the books/characters. HIS movies have BOMBED.
    And a movie doesn’t have to be a “blockbuster” to be considered a bomb. Any movie that doesn’t make back its money is a failure. When a movie stars a guy who is supposed to have an enourmous fan base for support doesn’t make back even this tiny budget, that makes it a BOMB.
    And now you critisize Americans? American cinema has given the world some of the most beautiful and thought provoking films ever made. The fact that we DIDN’T turn out in droves to see this piece of drivel proves that we have taste.
    And yes, his talent IS up for debate. You give opinions, not facts. Opinions are ALWAYS up for debate. As this thread proves. Not everyone agrees with you.
    And then you go back to calling names? *sigh*
    Please go back and read the wisdom of #42.

  • @45

    You’ll never learn, will you?
    Stiil hurling insults?
    And Americans are smart to stay away from his latest piece of garbage. Any movie that uses the tragedy of 9/11 in in cheap ploy to wrench emotions from a people hit hard on that fateful day deserves to be shunned.
    It bombed. Get over it. Move on.
    Not everyone likes him. You have to accept that.
    And insulting people who come across this thread is just asking for more negative posts.

  • losers

    @46 I don’t need to learn anything from you. Anybody who’s stalking the internet looking for stories on PEOPLE THEY CLAIM THEY DON’T LIKE, HAVE NO LIFE.

    BTW you’re contradicting yourself. First you said the films only do well because of the books, then you turn around and said Rob has an enormous fan base and RM bombed. Which is it? Didn’t you just said RM is not doing well because it proves the fans are only there b/c of the Twilight Books. Uh Huh. Nice double talk.

    Everything I’ve said about Rob’s Talent is FACT. tell me which on the list is not fact. opinion is you not liking him that’s an opinion. My liking him is an opinion. HIS TALENT IS FACT. The only debate is whether you like him or not. that’s it.

    @47″Not everybody like him”. Who asked you to like him? My question is WHY ARE YOU HERE IF YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH. IS YOUR LIFE THAT EMPTY?

    @46 Remember Me is not a blockbuster you idiot. It cost 16mil and it’s still in theaters. So far it make a cum of 35mil worldwide, so I’m sure Summit will turn a profit. You seem to care so much even though YOU HATE ROB AND ALL. LOL

    Americans are Smart?. LOL LOL LOL weren’t you the same people who gave us George Bush? Please!.

    Cheap ploy? 9/11 written on a board and view of the two towers is what you call cheap ploy. Really! I’ll give you cheap ploy. George Bush EXPLOITING 9/11 victims to INVADE IRAQ AND MURDER 1.2 MILLION IRAQUIS. IT DOES NOT GET ANY CHEAPER THAN THAT NOT TO MENTION EVIL.

  • @48

    Ok, we understand you a bit better now.
    You have proven yourself to be an ignorant, juvenile, blind bigot, with absolutely no understanding of the world around you.
    Have a nice life.
    Rob must be so proud to have fans like you.
    Please consult your dictionary for the definition of a “fact”, versus an “opinion”.
    For example….FACT= Remember Me has earned only 23.67 million WORLD WIDE. Making up numbers in your head does not = FACT.
    You really need to grow up. I’ll talk to you again if and when you ever use more than two brain cells at a time.
    No, wait. Bigots bore me, so don’t bother straining your brain. I’ll just come here again and again just to insult your sweet little no talent lover boy. WHENEVER I WANT. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Thank you America! God Bless the USA!

  • josephine

    Sweet mother of Jesus!!!!! this men makes me swoon!Thank you Robert!