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Suri Cruise Dons Piggy Slippers

Suri Cruise Dons Piggy Slippers

Suri Cruise wears an adorable pair of piggy slippers while being carried by mom Katie Holmes in New York City on Friday night (April 2).

It was a dream come true for the mother-daughter duo, who were spotted heading to dinner at Alice’s Tea Cup on the Upper West Side.

Katie and Suri were later seen catching the Broadway musical, Mamma Mia!.

Earlier in the day, Katie had a meeting with her Son of No One co-star Channing Tatum.

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suri cruise piggy slippers 02
suri cruise piggy slippers 03
suri cruise piggy slippers 04
suri cruise piggy slippers 05
suri cruise piggy slippers 06

Credit: Jackson Lee, Doug Meszler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    Why can’t the child EVER be dressed as a normal child.

    Shoes, Ms. Holmes, shoes are worn on the dirty streets on NYC.


    Further, a four year old child should be clean, groomed and out of her night clothes in the middle of the day.

  • sarah h

    Enfant capricieuse!

  • pow

    thick man legs

  • Katherine

    Photos of how normal children are dressed to have tea at “Alice’s Tea Cup”.

    Notice all are groomed and dressed in neat clothing with shoes. No pajamas in sight.

  • Messy Kid

    A street urchin hitching a ride.

  • Yesss

    Katie Holmes always look unhappy. I don’t know her and I don’t know anything about her life though…. However, for somebody who got “everything” she sure seems unhappy to me.

  • janelle

    Suri is a cutie but I hate how her parents dress her. NY is too cold for her to be in dresses and pj’s.


    Have anyone noticed the way Suri Cruise is gripping her hand in these pictures? What’s wrong with her? Suri Cruise is gripping her hand like a person who was paralyzed in a accident. I think something is seriously wrong with this little girl. As Suri Cruise grows older, I don’t think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be able to cover up what Suri Cruise may have.

  • Sara

    Katie, Katie, Katie. Suri is not a baby anymore! She’s 4!!! Not 4 months old. Stop carrying her around wrapped in a baby blanket!
    Geez, she needs to have another one to feed her baby syndrome.

  • it’s robo-bride

    What do you mean it was a dream come true Jared? Having tea again at Alice’s? Carrying a child with pig slippers? Makes no sense.

  • soniaintown

    Look closer, Homely the beard failed to cover up the diaper this time.

  • suri is stimming again

    poor thing

  • Susie#1

    Why do you keep posting pictures of this ridiculous mother/daughter duo.
    Enough already!!!


    i guess she need friends of her age, is good that you mommy be your best friend but not the only one.
    or maybe a sister, a brother, i know she had 2, but they are teenengers, how can she play with them.
    she is cute, but looks very shy and very spoiled not a good convination.

    and the obvius overprotectiveness of Katie and Tom…not helping

  • Dreads

    Why the hell does Katie carry the child like this?!? And why is Suri dressed like she just rolled out of bed?! Why does Katie always look worn out, exhausted and unhappy? And by the way Jared, what is “the dream coming true” ???The two going to Alice’s tea cup? Gimme a break will ya! I don’t know for you folks, but I personally bet that this little girl is gonna grow up to be a….Oh dear, forget it. She sure seems to be a little bit too spoiled!! That is not good.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • not trained

    why carry the child like that?
    Maybe Katie is worried her child will leak on her?

  • tst tst


    YOU are a sick and dumb freak.

  • CindyBrady

    This kid is so spoiled.

  • xyz

    Why in the world does this woman allow this child out on the filthy streets of New York in piggy slippers? And why is she always carrying Suri? I lived in New York for 20 years, and I saw a lot of weirdness, but I never, ever saw a mother and daughter act and dress like them.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Why is she exposing her own child’ behind like that ? Who does that ? What kind of nasty signs is she sending to perverts ?
    Kathie is irresponsible !!!

  • happy girl

    kiddie pig slippers at a public restaurant? these parents need help. suri will have no measure of what is appropriate in life. and it’s still march in nyc and mom is wearing a coat and suri wearing a nightgown? argh!

  • Joanna

    That child is never dressed appropriately for either occasion or weather. It is bizarre to see. She is still on a bottle and at 4 should be potty trained and not wearing a diaper. I feel sorry for her. Katie is always carrying her around and looks exhausted and miserable. not toward her child, but just in general. I get the feeling that Tom Cruise is not the easiest man on earth to be in a relationship with.

  • @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dats where u got it wrong they are 1000 times worse, n who exactly are CO!!!!!!!! Cos there r no greater exxample of a HORRID couple/Parent than dis pair, pictures of them surfacing on internet for the past 5 years says all you need to know aboit them I’m yet to see any Hollywood actor who trains their kids like they do n its no coincident that GMD doesn’t want to be seen in public wiv her anymore she’s an embarrasement to him he’s being on a major downward spiral since he hooked up wiv her…. FACT

  • yipee!

    those piggy slippers are so cute! and obviously so is Suri!! she is such and adorable girly girl.

  • *

    Suri seems to basically run Katie and get whatever she wants and do whatever she wants.

  • sussy

    i think suri is cute but she is older to be treated like a baby but well maybe she just was in a rush i dont know i really dont agree with scientology way to raise children i think sometimes kids need limits.

  • jenga

    in what pic do you see diapers

  • A

    This isn’t the first time Katie has flashed her daughter’s panties in public. How disgraceful. Katie needs to quit worrying about getting her media attention by making a circus out of this innocent little girl, and start worrying about protecting her as any decent mother should.

  • sussy

    i think we will never now what is to be in the middle of such a frenezy but i dont like the fact that you can see suri underwear i dont think is right for any child to be exposed but for a child that his pictures are going to be seen for a lot of people i think katie should be a little more careful maybe he dont realize but i dont know i always has find something extrange in that family she always look so unhappy.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Pardon me for repeating everything thatn has been said.
    Weird -
    child in slippers, thin nightgown, undies (it doesn’t look like a diaper), unkempt hair, dark circles under Katie’s eyes, never smiling
    alswayscarrying her 4 yr.preschooler, ODD!!!

    Anyone see Anderson Cooper’s show this week about Church of Scientology? Interesting in a disturbing kind of way.
    Katie Holmes is failing under The Church of Scientology.
    They need to send for her minder.
    She needs a cleansing or prgramming.

    You almost have to feel sorry for her. It is like she sold herself to Tom Cruise and The Church of Scinetology and has tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and should be so free ,but she is not free.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Oh,I forgot, the ever present security blanket, stuffed animal, that Kaite carries is just plain weird.

  • bob’s

    Still got that damn bump on her forehead. Still in diapers. What is she 6?

  • xyz

    #25 Gee, I wish I knew what you were talking about? Who are “dis pair” and GMD?”

  • xyz

    #25 No criticism, I just wish I knew what you were talking about.

  • Maria from Texas

    # 25—WHO, IS GMD.?

  • Simply M

    Haha I was there with my friend waiting for a table when they came in at around 7 PM! She said Hi to us lol
    They had tea in a back room. Katie and Suri were accompanied by a PA and a bodyguard.
    Ms. Holmes happened to look better in real life, I should say

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    weird and spoiled!! shame on Katie!!! Poor child.. Not normal child.

  • http://justjared Anne

    shes prego

  • Louisa

    GMD has a couple of meanings. Gay Midget Dwarf or Gay Mad Dwarf. Either one fits Tommy perfectly.

  • emma#2

    Cuteness overload. Loooooooove Suri’s slippers and Katie is a very pretty . None of us know what time , where and when these pics were taken , since it is well known that JJ gets a lot of facts wrong or alters them .

  • pr person

    I find it disturbing that this ‘mother’ would carry her daughter in such a fashion as to be flashing her panties to the world. Katie knows that she is being photographed!! Plus, who carries a four old like that?! If her mother was taking her to a slumber party or to spend the night at Grandma’s house… then I can at least see the p.j. part of these dumb pics… but taking her out to dinner?! OMG!! So MESSED UP!!!

    Poor Suri!

  • neil


    OMG, The English language is doomed.

  • Pac Man

    She’s dressed like a regular kids plenty of times, #1. You just then go on to say she’s spoiled.

    So what, #5? Why should Holmes care? Those parents will dress their kids how they see fit and she’ll dress hers how she sees fit.

    Why attack a little girl, #6?

    She doesn’t always look unhappy at all, #7.

    No, it isn’t, #8.

    She doesn’t have anything wrong, #9. You all just want her to because TomKat are Scientologists.

    Because you keep reading them, #14.

    You have no ideas on how she’s being raised and how she is like, #15.

    Not good for who, #16? You since you’re jealous of a little girl? Mind your own kids.

    Holmes doesn’t always look like that and doesn’t look like that here.

    How do you know she’s still on the bottle and not potty trained, #24?

    Suri Cruise walks ALL the time. Why do you always forget this?

    There are plenty of pictures of a perfectly happy Katie Holmes.

    How does it seem like that, #27?

    When has Holmes EVER done a thing like that, #30?

    She doesn’t need a little girl that doesn’t do anything to get media attention. She’s famous enough!

    What circus? You hardly see them anymore and the only circus is the one of busybodies complaining about everything.

    How is she being carried in a way where her panties can be shown, #43? (I can’t believe I’m talking about a 3 year-old’s panties…)

  • freedom

    @Pac Man:

    COS damage control?

  • tina

    a comb works wonders………just try it!

  • Holly

    I didn’t see a diaper. But I did see underwear, which is a bit much considering Perverts can access these photo’s just as easily as I can.

  • Sanne

    Who carries their kid like that? And why is she wearing her pajamas? She didn’t go to that restaurant looking like THAT, did she? :/
    Weirdo family.

  • to PACMAN

    Who appoint you as the legitimate authority in here, ?
    You act like a despot in a banana republic.
    Mind your own business and stop controlling people’s OWN opinion.
    Or better yet, go to Baghdad to appoint for Sadam Hussein natural heir’s position.