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Adam Lambert: I'm The Same Adam I've Always Been

Adam Lambert: I'm The Same Adam I've Always Been

Adam Lambert is one of Paper magazine’s Beautiful People of 2010!

The 28-year-old entertainer told Paper that he often doesn’t feel like he’s being controversial. “I’m just the same Adam I’ve always been, and in the circles I run in, it’s not all that shocking,” he shared.

As for his favorite designers, Adam cited Gareth Pugh, “the late and great” Alexander McQueen, Galliano and Dolce & Gabbana.

FYI: Adam is wearing a jacket by Gucci and a shirt by Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers.

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97 Responses to “Adam Lambert: I'm The Same Adam I've Always Been”

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  1. 51
    Sit down. Says:

    The troll posting as ‘Adam’, lol, just lol. First, L O L at you using the words “drag queen” as a negative term, way to show your intelligence moron. I know many drag queens, Adam knows so many drag queens, they EXIST, they’re HUMAN, they’re colorful and beautiful and a lot happier than you are. They are PEOPLE. You can be sure they don’t spend their time online trashing people they’ve never even met. Btw RuPaul’s Drag Race is a hilarious show, you should watch it sometime – although it’d be past your bedtime am I right, TH fan? Lol. There are tons of photos of Adam and his friends with drag queens, kings, performers, everyone. Unlike you, he doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover, unlike you and people just like you, he will befriend you if you are a nice person, not for how you dress, not because of your orientation or skin tone or lifestyle. Unlike you and people like you, he is not ugly inside. His best friend is Jewish, his brother is Atheist (Twit.ter. com / negativeneil – follow him if you understand & appreciate hilarious snark and politics), his father again has his own views, his mother is Jewish, his other friend is very religious, his other friend is Muslim, his other is Christian, his other is African, his other is Asian, his other is white, his other is into Art, his other is into Music, his other is into Business…..we are all human. Adam, himself, is a total hippie at heart, spiritual and open minded and beautiful. He is a BEAUTIFUL person. He is such a free spirit and has a huge huge circle of friends, “You will gravitate towards Lambert in a crowd, whether or not you intend to. He has a specific energy, a specific vibe. Those who radiate charisma with positivity become undeniably magnetic.”

  2. 52
    IVogue Says:

    LOVE this freak <3

  3. 53
    KILT Says:

    He can pull off pretty much anything lmao:

  4. 54
    ianaleah Says:

    Beautyiful looking & beautiful because he has guts, is honest, charming, articulate,witty, intelligent. He’s sweet , he’s sexy, poised,, confident, talente, stylish. Adam has rocked my world and I’m a straight gal. His energy is good, he’s a positive thinker with great attitude. I admire, respect and am infatuated with him. He is intriguing and interesting and exciting. Beautiful.

  5. 55
    RARES Says: ~glamour :)

  6. 56
    RARES Says: hahaa

  7. 57
    RARES Says:

  8. 58
    RARES Says: w/ anna <3

  9. 59
    Slash Says:

    @circle jerk: No, smarta$$. By circle, he is talking about The Zodiac Show where he performed for years with his friends like Carmit Bachar (PCD), Alisan Porter, Scarlett Cherry…The Citizen Vein, Burning Man, the underground LA scene with so many colorful, alternative expressive creative up and coming artists, fashionistas, performers. His circle of friends. His life has never been boring. I’d trade his for mine is a milli sec.

  10. 60
    RARES Says:

  11. 61
    um Says:

    Just Jared you should have printed the rest of the interview.

  12. 62
    Jen Says:

    Wow, looks like one homophobic prick spammed the comments on page 1 lol I don’t understand losers like that.

    Adam is so inspiring, just being who he is. You gotta love that! Especially when such an amazing person comes with an equally amazing voice!

  13. 63
    PREACH Says:

    “These Beautiful People aren’t your ordinary people’s beauties. The folks we brought together in this issue are a purposefully diverse, eclectic and slightly off-kilter batch — some of whom you’ll probably recognize, many of whom you probably won’t. These are the people we’re obsessed with right now. We think you should be, too.”

  14. 64
    christine Says:

    Now that I think of it… Ricky Martin & Adam do sort of seem similar… they may be from two diff music worlds, but they do seem alike in some ways.
    Maybe they should get together… soulmates.

  15. 65
    more RARES lol. Says:

  16. 66
    Oh honey, no. Says:

    @christine: Hahaha, except they’re nothing alike lol? Ricky Martin has a partner (who funnily enough, looks a lot like Rickey whaaaaat??), and Adam’s type is elfin creative, alternative types, he HATES tanned muscly men, that look.

    His longtime friend Josh is a good example of his type:

  17. 67
    Oh honey, no. Says:

    Or TJ:

  18. 68
    Oh honey, no. Says:

    Tommy again:

  19. 69
    Oh honey, no Says:

  20. 70
    TheNameIsManda Says:

    God. I wish people would quit judging him just cause he is gay. I mean seriously. He’s talented and HOT! I really dont give a f*** about him being gay. He is a good singer. I mean who agrees with me?

  21. 71
    goldfrapp Says:

    @TheNameIsManda: He’s an AMAZING singer. And he’s hilarious and really nice, so the hate is really bad. Someone said the hate comes from phobes and some gay men. It’s what I’ve found 99% of the time, when you track their comments around the sites, they always have the same tone and the bitterness clicks. As for the gay men, it’s always either the old gay men that are not used to anyone younger than them being sexual. They’ve spent their entire life presenting themselves as publicly Asexual so they find it hard with the new generation. And there are also some younger ones who present themselves as neutral, I don’t think they understand their behaviour is as bad as the hphobes, as they are basically saying you can only be gay if you are a certain way. There is not one type of gay just like there is not one type of lesbian and straight. It’s actually very offensive but Adam doesn’t give a f—-k. Him and his band are having mad success all over the world, everywhere he’s gone so far there have been thousands of fans. And there is a reason he has so many legends as friends and fans. He’s gonna be huge, I don’t get that feeling about a lot of people but watch him.

  22. 72
    Kristina Says:

    omg! look at his gorgeous face!!!!! how can he be so gorgeous all the time?
    Adam sings beautifully. He can rock it out like any true rock star (QUEEN wants him; Slash is interested in working with him) and then sing a ballad that will entrap you with the emotions emitting from his voice! He can do amazing things with a song so that it’s always fresh and exciting.
    This glittery alien is never boring and he will always entertain!
    okay, and his hair is just the BEST!

  23. 73
    CIRCLES Says:

    Adam Lambert speaking about Burning Man:

    “It’s an Art Festival that takes place in the desert, there’s music, it’s like a big party. Woodstock meets a big ol’ rave, meets the Louvre, how’s that lol? The pictures don’t do it justice at all, man it’s fascinating. It’s basically like a social experiment, a Utopian society for ONE week. And it’s mapped out, with over, I think it was 70 thousand, no it’s bigger than that, it’s huuuuge whatever it is, 1000s and 1000s of people. It becomes the 2nd largest city in Navada for one week, and then everybody leaves. And there’s NOTHING left. So it’s all camping, parties, costumes, people riding their bikes around, it’s the most free society, and…everybody there, is so positive, and just loving each other, it’s like something that doesnt really EXIST in real life, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. I went 3 years in a row, and it just changed my outlook on everything. I was like “You know what, it’s better to just be free and celebrate life, and to meet strangers and say hello. It’s like fantasy, it’s like a dream, on earth.”

  24. 74
    LOL Says:

    @goldfrapp: You forgot the Tokio Hotel fans – or fan, and the Claikens. Where do they even come from.

  25. 75
    Mari Says:

    He is indeed beautiful.

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