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Kate Gosselin & Easter Egg Hunt Plus 8

Kate Gosselin & Easter Egg Hunt Plus 8

Kate Gosselin and bodyguard Steve Neild set up an Easter Egg hunt for the Gosselin kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — in the front yard of her Reading, Pennsylvania home on Saturday (April 3).

Kate will soon head off back to Los Angeles to compete in another week of Dancing with the Stars. Even though she’s not the best dancer on the program, she’s been surviving week-to-week!

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  • Cayenne

    no comment

  • Disgusting

    Why are you still plugging this nobody, Jared? She is so FAKE she makes people sick.

  • Mike

    Hopefully sometime soon she joins Dancing in the Traffic

  • Dan

    gee, here’s a thought, how about having it in the back yard so none of the photographers that you claim to hate don’t take your pictures?

  • Anna

    When she frowns, she really looks mean. Which I think is her true personality. I’m glad that Jon has them for Easter Day. I hope all the relatives are there for the eight kids,. Minus Kate of course. That way they will all have a fun time. Kate’s a kill-joy.

  • Yv3tt3

    Love her kids, hate her

  • Sue


  • Sue

    Lets hope she get her butt kicked off DWTS

  • Inaru

    Well, Kate if having the paps take pics of your kids riles you up so badly then stop courting celebrity and trying to have a career in entertainment. It comes with the territory, Kate, either deal with it or get out.

  • christine

    i agree that her dancing is not very good. however, i think that angelina jolie is a very good actress.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Another weird case…
    Steve Nelid has no kids with his “wifey?”
    Steve is at Kate’s guarding her body,hahahah,even when she is not making appearances?
    These kids have no aunt and uncle and cousins from Kate? No maternal grandparents? Nope,Kate bannished them.
    Do these kids have any little friends? It does not seem that way. They are always playing as siblings. The Easter egg hunt was just them.
    That is unhealthly for children to have no other playmates than siblings. How will they develope a sense of others, belonging, being part of a sportsteam, etc?

  • Iris

    Kate can’t dance. She is as stiff as a board. Why does she look so fat while dancing?

  • http://justjared deke

    I guess she is staring at the “P People”. She never looks like she is having fun with her precious children.

  • ++Logan++

    i think Kate is a biatch and she finally got what she deserved. I think Jon went crazy from being treated like an absolute coww all the time.

  • Kai

    I wish I had a mommy like Kate. I only have nasty old Grandma Nina and her hunky imaginary hubby and ugly Aunt Grandma Troll Barbara from Texas. They are having fun. Where is daddy?

  • http://j ivanka

    @christine: totally agreed with you ..AMEN

  • Paulie

    She looks pleasant.

  • tish

    sad that she needs to use her kids for a photo op.

    if she was a responsible parent, she’d shield them from the paparazzi. maybe have the easter egg hunt in the BACKyard?

    Sad. sad. sad

  • Neil



  • Neil


    No fan of Kate’s but Jon is one big passive aggressive excuse of a man.

  • Marisa

    Looks like an absolute photo op to me… she probably called the paparazzi over to continue to fuel her mom image for the media. But at least her children are smiling! That can’t be a bad sign.

  • lisali

    Thats right Kate..make sure everything you do is in the front yard so the paparazzi can see it.. make sure everyone sees that you do occasionally see your children..(eyeroll)

  • Dee

    Surviving week to week, she survived one week. Hopefully, the viewing public will wise up and vote her off next week!!

  • Neil


    Paulie I think what you meant to say was: She looks…….pleasant.

  • Neil

    Anyway her kids are great. She must be doing something right. Hopefully her OCB is still a fit for them when they are teens. She should have joined the military. She would have fit right in.

  • xoxo

    She needs to stop bitching that the papz dont leave her alone…YOU HAVE A MASSIVE BACKYARD YOU IDIOT…how about doing the easter egg hunt there…oh wait….then you wont be seen…..hmm….famewhore!!! She and Jon deserve each other..i feel bad for those kids!

  • Katherine

    Love it!

    Glaring at the camera, AFTER she curled her hair for hours, applied her make-up, hanging earrings, and donned heels with a silk shirt.

    BECAUSE every mom with toddlers does this to go out into her own backyard!!!


  • KC

    I have one question about this Easter egg hunt……..Did Kate lay the eggs herself? The look on her face practically gives it away!

  • Missy

    So sad. I used to love watching their show back when it started. Can’t stand her now!!!!!

  • Deanna

    Where are all their little cousins and friends?

  • Payson

    Doesn’t this woman have one second of happiness when with her children she wanted so bad? No fun at home – yelling,screaming kids running through the house. All smiles when with Steve and/or Tony. She obviously doesn’t want to take care of her kids-NANNIES!!
    She needs the BIG $$$$ to pay for anything to do with the orphanage-then she’s free to leave and have fun somewhere else.

  • Payson

    Cousins and friends? Kate doesn’t allow them at the house. Remember how the kids used to hang on the people who did come to the house? Starving for one-on-one affection, from anyone. Maybe after mommy leaves they can have friends over!

  • lexy hates bilson

    My God, those kids probably can’t wait for her to go back to DWTS so they can get rid of her miserable a$$. Guess her horse hair isn’t helping her get a man…probably b/c no man wants to date a miserable bitter old hag clinging on to her 15 min of fame.
    Hey maybe she should try to hook up with K-Fed!

  • Holly

    Kate wouldn’t even allow the kids to have phone calls. I saw an episode once where the phone rang, and one of the twins said it was probably her friend from school. Kate complained how they were too young for phone calls. They’re probably still “too young” for all the other normals things too. Weirdness.

  • Courtney

    Funny thing is the kids look happier than ever, probably because mommy dearest is spending so much time in California…

  • beekeri

    I can’t stand this woMAN. Whoever posted about the hair & makeup & heels was right, I smell a PR stunt….”look at me with the kids having a moment.” Except she’s got that nasty look on her face like she’d rather be somewhere else. She has no talent, she’s as fake as her hair & teeth, and I wish she’d go AWAY!!!!!!!!! ABC will not let her get kicked off because of the $$$$ they gave her, and the ratings all of us who HATE KATE give them.

  • Colin

    @Katherine: 5 years old is not a toddler.

  • Pandora


    LMFAO. I love it. Couldn’t agree more!

  • suri

    those kids are always laughing

  • candi

    @ christine
    WHAT does Angelina Jolie have to do with this?
    You are a moron!!!

  • lesbian

    @christine You are talking non-sense. Don’t get so serious please

  • Denise

    I feel sorry for the kids. And I don’t understand why she looks so pissed if she wanted to be in the front yard, courting attention.

  • Stephanie

    I heard that the dogs were coming back. Anyone know when that will happen? Hope we see pictures of Jon and the kids on Easter.

  • Katherine


    I’ve never watched the show and prefer to NOT know anything about it. Reality Television, it’s stars, and fans are moronic to the extreme.


  • Tara

    Tony can dance, but Kate can’t. Kate looks like she pounces on the dance floor with her breasts bouncing up and down.

  • m


  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Good old photo op Kate. Drag out the kiddies she barely sees, probably dressed by nannies, and pretend to be a mommy for an hour. And wearing her typical bitch face. She can suck the pleasure out of anything. This narcissistic sociopath needs to go, soon. Let’s hope she falls on her ass on DWTS. Say a prayer for the children. They need it.

  • Sandra

    I feel sorry for those children with the parents they have. Jon’s not the greatest guy but she’s just as bad if not worse. He doesn’t strike me as the type of person who could be terribly, terribly violent when he gets angry but Kate sure does. I never watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 because that’s not my type of show but I did watch an episode of The Soup on E! once and there was a clip of Kate talking, going on and on and on (and she didn’t seem pleasant at all) and Jon had this blank stare on his face. This went on for at least two minutes. I was cringing at just how miserable he looked the whole time.

  • anna

    It’s part of their educational programme because those kids are so nice and clever. Success is with them and I think she doesn’t want them to be spoiled kids on the contrary, they must know that life sometimes is difficult. I don’t think is that serious but people always tend to exaggerate.

  • brightside

    Ok – try again….

    That pose, that face – proof that the laws of nature (i.e Darwin’s theory) can work in reverse. I’ve seen the exact same pose and facial expressions on our hairy, little cousins in Gombe’s National Park, Tanzania.