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Ke$ha & Taio Cruz: 'Dirty Picture' Video!

Ke$ha & Taio Cruz: 'Dirty Picture' Video!

Ke$ha balances on the the rim of a public bathroom toilet seat in British newcomer Taio Cruz‘s new “Dirty Picture” video.

Notice anything strange about the actual song in the video? One or both of their music labels edited the word “dirty” out! Instead of “take a dirty picture for me,” the song plays “take-a take-a a pi-picture.” Listen to the original song here!

Dirty Picture” is off of Taio‘s upcoming album, Rockstarr, set for a May 18 release. Watch the vid below!

Ke$ha & Taio Cruz: ‘Dirty Picture’ Video!
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  • fifi

    song sucks.

  • Infamous

    can she please just go away!!

  • Dreads

    Lame song. Horrible video. Can Ke$ha get more annoying?! I can’t stand her. Who lovess her?!!!! UGh. I hate herrrrr. I watched it just to see if something happened and made me love her a little, but nope. No spark, nothing at all. Sorry. At least I tried! I only like ONE song of Taio Cruz and it dates back to 2007. He’s not really a “newcomer” Jared. Well, maybe for people who don’t listen to ALL music genres. I’ve known him for quite some time personally.

  • Jamie

    i liked the song before, but now.. ugh, it sucks!! does kesha always have to ruin everything?! i mean, ‘tik tok’ was good, but now she’s really getting annoying.

  • kablamo

    She looks like something that crawled up out of that toilet. Better get a plumber in there!!

  • dadyn

    why do i need a picture of kesha on the toilet? horrible song.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..seriously, whoever this guy is.. this song is straight doodoo. a big pile of flaming doodoo. ahahahahahahahahaaa.. gaga wouldn’t spit on this nobody. ke$ha’s the only crackhead his label could afford to pay. ahahahahahahahaa..

  • Anonimo

    This version of the song sucks! They should’ve changed “dirty” to “special”.
    The original song is way better.

  • lolll

    Kesha on the toilet? How fitting.

  • Jason

    Why does everyone talk cr-ap about Kesha? There must be somethin’ wrong with me cos I don’t hate her, and this song entertained me lol.

  • ^^^^

    “Why does everyone talk cr-ap about Kesha?”

    Because SHE talks crap about everyone lol? I can’t speak for anyone else but I find her very obnoxious, immature and annoying in interviews. There are a lot of artists whose personalities are flawed but they make up for it with their talent. I can honestly say I find her 100% talent-less. She can’t sing, yet she can’t rap, she can’t dance, she can barely function, and her songs are beyond lame “D I N O S A U R, you are a DINOSAUR!” “blah blah blah, blah blah blah”. Perhaps if she made solid rock music, I would actually get her appeal, but because she makes autotuned bad pop music, she just comes across as quite an annoying and sloppy pointless bimbo. She has always sensationalized in her interviews that her mom brought her up alone and they were some kind of eccentric hippies, when the actual truth is she is and has always been quite a privileged young girl. Her swagger is fake, and that’s hella annoying.

    She’s literally the drunk chick who everyone laughs at because they’re wasted but then they sober up and you realize they’re just annoying as f–k, and have nothing to give. My friend is a fan because she finds her “fun, just fun, at least she’s just being herself, honest, making fun pop music, she’s just a good time,” but I don’t find her fun lol. There are so many dance tracks that are amazing to party and dance to, I find Kesha a little embarrassing. I think she tries too hard. It’s always cringeworthy when someone has zero sex appeal and tries so hard to be sexy. Wtv, JMO. She is basically Miley Cyrus after she’s had too many beers.

  • ri

    it’s a good catchy song, people need to chill! have any of y’all ever been around kesha? she’s FUNNY, she’s a funny girl, quit hatin’

  • Sacha

    I would love it if it were different people singing, ugh.

  • ++Logan++

    Taio is soooo crrap. His songs are lame. And after Tik Tok, Kesha’s songs are annoying.

  • s

    kesha needs to go straight back into the toilet that she came from. freaking trash. ive never seen anyone so classless and gross.

  • Alex

    woah… that is TRA$H…..

  • anna

    *NEW* To watch the video while we don’t get other links you can try this: open your Firefox window -> click “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Advanced” -> “Network” -> “Settings” -> (fill the spaces with: IP “″ and port “80″) and then go to the MySpace video link. It should work! Thanks to awwwDIP for the tip!

  • swas

    Taio Cruz isn’t new he’s been around for awhile. “She’s like a Star” came out a couple of years ago



  • LOVE it

    I enjoy this song so much. But the demo was much better!

  • fs

    taio is no new comer, been around since 2007!

  • Roko

    love this version, but when i heard it on the radio i hated it, how is ‘dirty’ a swear word?

  • covered in pee

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