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Adam Lambert Taps Simon Curtis for New Album

Adam Lambert Taps Simon Curtis for New Album

Adam Lambert walks arm-in-arm with two lovely ladies — former Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar and singer Scarlett Cherry — as he leaves the parking lot of the Soho House in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 4).

The 28-year-old glam rocker recently asked rising pop star Simon Curtis to write for his new album.

Simon, who turned 24 a few weeks ago, currently has his own 8-Bit Heart album available for download for FREE at!

“The album is sick!!!” Adam tweeted to Simon yesterday.

Be sure to check out “Beat Drop” from Simon‘s album and follow him on Twitter @SimonCurtis!

FYI: Adam and Scarlett regularly performed at The Zodiac Show, which was co-created by Carmit.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert-approved Simon Curtis

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  • cacey

    DOES he also apply make-up on his Brain THAT he can’t write his own songs. What a Talent.

  • lol
  • !!!
  • ! SW:
  • !! SW
  • awwww

    That’s Carmit Bachar (on his left)!!! From The Pussycat Dolls and The Zodiac Show where he used to perform with them all, incl. Scarlett Cherry. They’re all so fabulous!!

  • gagalupe

    They all have AMAZING voices :x

  • jada, 21

    Omg Carmit and Scarlett on JJ!?? Heee I love them so much, they’re absolute sweethearts and sooo talented like Adam <3

  • Castorella

    @cacey: He actually co-wrote 5 songs on his album, though.

  • Ben

    @cacey: HUH?? WHO can’t write his own songs? Are you talking about Lambo or Simon? Lambert has written over half of the tracks on his album (time restrictions are the only reason he collaborated more), him and Monte Pittman (Adam and Madonna’s longtime friend and guitairist) wrote a TON of tracks together when they fronted The Citizen Vein, what are you saying lmao?

  • wow troll

    @cacey: …………….wait what? Are you talkin about Adam? Who DOES write his own songs but also LOVES collaborating? Wtf. Do your research next time.

  • O_o

    Those girls are his friends. Big deal.
    rumors rumors rumors where do you get all this info. He just said that his album is sick. XP No wait Adam is also going to collaborate with Goldfrapp, Miike Snow, Dangerous Muse and Semi Precious Weapons for his next album.

  • porter

    I love that he’s still super close to all his old friends :)

  • omg

    Carmit, Adam & Scarlett! It’s like the old days

  • :)

    Adam did NOT ask Simon Curtis to write for his album. He didn’t even ask to collab, he said he is bringing something new to pop and said good luck, and Simon wrote him back saying thanks for the support, his support is an “honor, and that he’s a “sweetheart”. Get your facts right Jast Jared.

  • ^
  • Just Jared

    @awwww: Thank you!!

  • Zodiac!!!!!!!

    They are all SO fierce, and sweet!

  • 1.

  • Mari

    Awwww Adam is still really close to his old friends. <3

  • The truth

    Is OK people Jared is just pimping Simon. His album is cool thought and is for free download XD

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • J

    How does Adam have friends in every Continent. LOL.

  • -___-

    Um, Just Jared, where did you get that info, because it sounds like another rumor, also why are you so into Simon Curtis? I thought his album was rubbish but that’s just me..

  • STFD

    @Casey. It’s interesting that Adam’s entire band wear makeup – “get dolled up like pretty ladies” as he says, in the proper glam-rock spirit, but you have no problem with them, because LETMEGUESS why! Ugh people like you are so unnecessary.

  • Jen

    That’s great that Adam was able to get to Scarlett’s show last night, even though he’s still jet lagged from travelling to promote his album all month. Lots happened since they were in Hair together 7 years ago!

  • jeeezus

    How are all of Adam’s friends so talented

  • woah

    Adam and Scarlett look druuuuunk lol

  • jermaine

    @The truth: i thought curtis’ album was dogpoo, forget the music, dude can’t even sing

  • Oh Just Jared

    Oh dear lord the title lololololol EYEROLL

  • The truth

    @jermaine: His voice is not big deal but the sound is nice. I’m not crazy about him. It is not the music I usually listen to.

  • The truth

    Plus since when pop singers are that good? With a few exceptions the rest is pure dogpoo like you said. Right now the only pop singer that is great is Adam and he isn’t exactly pop. But Adam is not from this world. lmao

  • KV

    @TheTruth @Jermaine I’m not a fan of hype for hype’s sake AT ALL which is why I was put off the Simon Curtis hype. Hyped like crazy. He is unsigned and is doing things a little differently, by going Viral, he’s doing the promotion all via internet. Which is cool but then I listened for free and was like what is this, it’s not even half as good a male Britney, was disappointed but since it was up for free I didn’t lose much so wtv.

  • TheCure

    Adam talked about Soul and Funk/Punk for his next album. I hope he sticks to that, and does NOT go electro like everyone else is doing.

  • The truth

    I didn’t say that I love Simon’s album. It was simply OK. Damn people. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

    As for Adam doing electro. I don’t mind but it looks like everyone wants to do that and it is not working, at least for some people here in the US. electro-pop bands outside the US are ten times better. I like Adam’s rock side better.

  • BeeetleJ

    @The truth: Ummmmm, what about GAGA? She can sing her face off, and write GREAT songs like Speechless and others, not to mention play and dance design (she is an Art graduate) and produce for others and herself. I will always love Britney, when she first came out, there was no one doing what she was doing, and even though she battled with a lot, she still will be one of the most entertaining (& freaking gorgeous) female entertainers. Kylie? She is FIERCE :) Madonna, queen on Pop. Christina, a fab vocalist wtv you think of her. Same goes for Mariah carey lol. Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Shakira (although she transcends Pop), Pink, some people like Lily Allen. As for males, well yeah Adam is prob. the strongest right now but he’s still the new kid on the block- his own words. I guess the last male who succeeded in Pop was JT. Unless we’re talking about the legends MJ (who also transcended pop), Macca etc.

  • BeeetleJ

    @The truth: Sorry, I just used your comment to express my opinion, I kinda butted in lol.

  • amy

    Hey! I liked Simon’s album, it’s good Pop! And fresh. Plus he is hilarious, and kinda cute even if he is a bit short lol. Btw I LOVE Carmit she is soooo fabulous, her and Jessica were my fave. PCD’s :) Adam knows everyone haha. I don’t know much about them but I do know The Zodiac people are all MAD talented, I love Alisan Porter’s voice.

  • The truth

    I was talking about male singer. I missed that word. XD Gaga is great. Britney sucks sorry, she is the Queen of lip-singing (I used to be a fan when I was in middle school). Mariah is amazing and Beyonce too but I’m not a fan of their music. Shakira used to be great until Oral Fixation, her previous albums were amazing, I love the Alanis Morissette vibe on them. Waaaaaaay better than what she is doing now XP. Nelly Furtado doesn’t convince me. I like her old songs and the one she has with Juanes. I flove P!nk. My favorite pop female singers in terms of vocals only are P!nk, Kelly Clarkson and Christina. In terms of Entertainment and showmanship are GaGa and Madonna. Lilly Allen is cool too but I’m not a fan. I prefer singers like Tarja Turunen, Sharon Den Adel and Amy Lee and their music genre.

  • TheWho

    Ugh I love them all, they KICK A$$. All f-n fabulous rockstars. Scarlett’s husband Lee is so cool and in love with his wife, he’s an incredible photographer.

    Check out @Mamazun and @drummergirlakk on Twitter as well, all Adam’s friends are fierce and crazy talented it’s not even right.

  • Casey

    That’s a horrendous picture of Adam. Is he high?

  • Kels

    I heard the Simon Curtis album was really bad.

  • BeeetleJ

    @The truth: Oh I don’t like Amy Lee at all lol. Juanes! Love him! I agree Nelly and Shakira were better before, with their singer-songwriter stuff, than they are now. Ok, when someone says “pop female” don’t you think Britney? She has so many solid pop songs under her belt. So not everyone is the best vocalist, which is why we have rappers and such. She at least makes up for it (or used to make up for it) in her live performances? I’m not a huge Britney stan or anything, but I just will always have a soft spot for her, ha. Pink is so underrated, her Funhouse Tour was incredible, she sings pitch perfect with ease whilst moving and dancing like crazy and even hanging upside down. Adam seems to be the only male singer/showman/frontman in pop right now, which is good, the goal is longevity. He has the talent and drive, and support from both people and legends…to do it. I hope he can.

  • no.

    @Casey: Drunk and jetlagged.

  • STEP IT UP!!

    @Casey: JJ has a habit of posting bad photos of Adam. I’ve never seen him post any of the thousands of pretty pics actually resembling him, it’s always windy pointless pap photos where the pap is taking the pic from the ground or right in front of him and his friends heads from some awkward (remember the photos of Mark and Sam’s foreheads lmao) that showcase nothing, with a made-up article like this one accompanying it. LOL.

  • mhm

    @STEP IT UP!!: jj’s just being lazy and trying to get hits so he posts anything that will get his site hits. like this is not even true yet he posted it

  • ohgod

    There was a screencap of Adam’s global travel from above showing with red arrows the journey from America to Canada to Australia Sydney to Singapore to Japan to the UK to Germany, I felt sick just looking at it lol. His sleep pattern and body clocked would’ve gotten so messed up bc the amount of rest time he got inbetween the flights and performances was TINY. Plus he wanted to party as well so imagine lolll. I don’t know how he’s still standing but I hope he’s taking care of himself…..his life moves too fast, I think he should slow down sometimes.

  • ?

    @^: What’s that from? It’s cute.