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Chris Pine & Jasmine Waltz: Date Night

Chris Pine & Jasmine Waltz: Date Night

Chris Pine and his rumored girlfriend, aspiring actress Jasmine Waltz, party together at Guys & Dolls nightclub on Good Friday (April 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Last Easter, Jasmine, 27, was dating media mogul Ryan Seacrest, 35. The two lovebirds frolicked around Paris during a spring break getaway.

Jasmine must not have been heartbroken for very long because a few months later in July, she was getting hot and heavy with singer Jesse McCartney, 22. The couple was spotted kissing in the water on a beach in Malibu! Jasmine was bikini-clad and revealed a lower back tattoo.

Chris, 29, was last romantically linked to 30-year-old aspiring actress Nathalie Walker.

10+ pictures inside of Jasmine Waltz and her famous boyfriends…

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Credit: Raffi, John Calabrese/Matt Symons, Pacificocastnewsonline; Photos: NationalPhotoGroup, X17
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  • nicole

    who is she? she better be good

  • andrelle

    wow…what a whore hahaa

  • personality

    She looks like Megan Fox

  • brightside

    Flat caps do not make a man look sexy, Chris! They make a man look like a grandpa. You’re a lovely looking guy so why take Andy Capp as your fashion inspiration….

  • mm

    She looks hot. He does not.

  • sami

    gold digger much?

  • dot.

    With all that plastic surgery, she looks way older than she claims to be.

  • Bonnie

    wheww, she does get around a lot, eh??

  • personality

    Shes got cold features

  • Andrew

    these 3 men have something in common, join the dots…

  • cacey

    Is she the only Slu..t in Hollywood, they better ask Tiger for some lessons, These MEN are SINGLE and this is the best they can do?

  • ++Logan++

    She is a High Class Escort. Ryan Seacrest usually dates high class escorts and playmates. She looks like one too, so i’m sure Chris Pine is just doing her.

  • Darlene

    I love how quickly a picture can generate the gossip. His “Rumored” girlfriend? You have one picture and all of a sudden he’s linked with everyone he is around. Same with Nathalie Walker. You had one picture and that was what supposedly led to him and Olivia Munn’s Breakup? I could never be famous, as people just make ish up just to put something out there. If they are, so what? Is this news?

  • BeReal

    Connect the dots. Good one. ;0) I think he and Carrie Mulligan would make a perfect pair but he likes the bimbo look unfortunately.

  • Christine

    Lol. She gets around..

  • i-i

    27??? I don’t think so. She looks more like 37, very old looking next to Jesse McCartney in the beach photos.

  • ynop

    There’s no way she’s 27…as someone mentioned in those beach pics she looks alot older than 27.

  • Plex

    Beard Babe same as OM.
    Bet money we start to hear a lot more about this one too in exchange.

    “Does anyone else find it odd that Olivia Munn has exploded in the last six months? We never really dug her on “Attack of the Show,” or even took the time to learn her name, but a few well publicized dates with Chris Pine and suddenly that girl is everywhere, from the cover of Complex Magazine to parts in two of the films we’re most excited to see this summer.

    Coincidence? Or diabolical PR stunt?

    Remember the episode of “30 Rock” early this year where James Franco, playing himself, fake-dates Jenna (Jane Krakowski), contracting her for five dates a week, one fight a month and a product placement deal with Jamba Juice, to distract from his real relationship with an anime body pillow?

    Now that we’ve discovered Munn shares the same PR rep as Beau Garrett, Pine’s only other well publicized girlfriend, we’re starting to wonder whasagoin’ on?

    Does the “Star Trek” star have some sort of product placement deal with LA Mill Coffee? Did Munn hitch her star to his for base commission and a Christmas bonus? Is someone hiding their love for a life-sized pillow named Izumi? Inquiring minds want to know.”

  • jaceym

    Ryan Seacrest, really?! She’s a professional beard obviously. Or just a professional….

  • beard

    “Last Easter, Jasmine, 27, was dating media mogul Ryan Seacrest”

  • go sox

    This woman sure gets around. And no way is she 27……if she is, she’s spent way too much time in the sun. I sure hope Chris has better taste than this one…….

  • Elle

    Chris must sure like fame seeking women. Kind of brings him down a notch in my book. Plus she is an example of why you should not use botox period.

  • Roar

    Does she date all the gays? Is that a kind of job? like a closet keeper?

  • [marie]

    Watch out Chris..! This one’s not a keeper…

  • bebe

    he is better be happy, i am chris pine biggest fans and i am sooooooo glad he is happy, no matter how ugly this chick is. but, whatever

  • XXIX


  • bb

    I know I always bring my Uggs with me when I’m on a date =/

    This is a totally convincing romantic encounter and NOT STAGED AT ALL. :p

  • Liv


  • c


  • Butter_Fly

    I’m thinking this is just an encounter but if it’s true I kinda agree with 28. lol. Sorry dude.

  • San

    “rumored girlfriend’ noway! He just flying again, and why not? he is young and free!

  • San

    We@Butter_Fly: Well she’s the kind of girl Chris like “flying”, remember Audrina, OM, nothing serious here too.

  • San

    Chris likes “flying”, of course!

  • Dee

    Take it easy, guys!….. I think CP is just having fun with “wrong girls” until to find “the right’….. but c’mon CP the same of Ryan Seacrest? please think BETTER … HIGHER hahaha…his face is weird this time but he doesn’t seem pissed with paps so definitely nothing serious. And 27? noway, too much sun perhaps.

  • Dee

    Love CP anyway!

  • Dee

    LOVE CP anyway!!!

  • reg

    @bebe: bebe, she’s really pretty so i don’t know why you think she’s ugly. she looks alot like megan fox and megan is hot. i understand that you’re a huge fan of chris and i guess i can understand that you are a bit jealous but ugly is not what she is.

  • Paulie

    Professional beard?

  • driq

    If you’re too dumb to connect the dots, ask Ricky Martin to do it for ya…

  • Deedz

    This chick sure is getting around isn’t she? =/

  • sil

    CP Fine, I like your grandpa sweater
    and every one is better than whorlivia

  • San

    @reg: Chris’ funny face and this girl with boots in her hands, it seems to be one scene of CP’s movie “Blind Dating”, it´s funny and Chris is awesome there. I’m thinking if does he find this kind of girl? or does this kind of girl find him? At least, good for Chris they are hot girls not “barangas”(uglies).

  • 7

    This girl sure gets around Hollywood. haha

  • 1983

    As much as I never thought any of his relationships were beards, I´m kind of rethinking that now.

    I mean, really. Is it possible for somebody as smart and funny as he comes off as, to have such horrible taste in skanks?

    I dun get it.

  • Don Sinner


    so does Chris, what is your point? neither of them are married

  • Dee

    @1983: Why beard? They probably are just having fun… both are young and hot… so what’s wrong with this? surely, they aren’t going to marry .

  • *

    How can you be a 30yr old aspiring actress? If it hasn’t happened by then, maybe it’s time to pick another path!

  • beck

    I think he would make a cute couple with Kim Kardashian!

  • Loserbunny

    Beau garrett and well-publicized? Really? um, no. They may have confused Beau with the audrina girl. Someone is obviously not doing their research. Poor Chris – it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • mailey

    WHY does he only date z-listers, nobodies and girls who look like streetwalkers? he’s sooo strange!