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Jennifer Lopez: Easter Sunday with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez: Easter Sunday with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony take their two-year-old twins, Max and Emme, to Jennifer‘s parents’ home for a feast on Easter Sunday (April 4) in Pasadena, Calif.

Looks like Jennifer came prepared, carrying in her own dish!

The latest rumors in the music world are that Jennifer signed with L.A. Reid’s Island Def Jam label. No confirmation from the label has been made.

FYI: Jennifer is toting around the the “Gloucester” Bag from the Kate Moss for Longchamp Collection.

20+ pictures inside of Easter Sunday with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

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jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 01
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 02
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 03
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 04
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 05
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 06
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 07
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 08
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 09
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 10
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 11
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 12
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 13
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 14
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 15
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 16
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 17
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 18
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 19
jennifer lopez easter sunday twins 20

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  • Jo

    Oh wow, those legs! This woman is amazing, I cant get enough of her beauty!

  • jennifer

    She is the only celeb with “NOT SO CUTE” kids. eck.

  • Sofia

    OMG! Max is exactly like his dad!

  • Sigh

    does she ever carry her own kids?

  • Josie

    The kids look like Marc……god bless those poor souls.

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Why is it that celebs always hire black ppl for security ? Gosh the nanny is so fat. she looks like she’s all wobbly and having difficulty to carry one of the twins. JlO is MILF!

  • ejh

    beautiful family. the little boy looks just like his dad. Jennifer is beautiful, and I think Marc is a good looking man.



  • julie

    poor Jenn, she didn’t get the memo, (YOU CAN’T SING) i like marc, he is talented and handsome, even a better actor then his wife.

  • idani

    Nothing like notifying the paps where you are going to be! Like they were just hanging out at her parents house waiting to see if she would show up? Not to mention she is in full make up rather than just ‘everyday.’

  • LuckyL

    Poor children both look like their Skeletor father.

  • J.Lopez

    Amazing, cute Family

  • TnT

    The Big Black guys doing security for the entertainers are hired because they are big, usually former college football players who did not make it to the pros and are trained and work for real security firms. Turst me, JLo would not no way hire just anybody.
    JLo did right by hiring a very less attractive nanny, a seasoned nanny from a great entertainer/agency, but not a 24 yr. thin, young, pretty, tall model looking beauty.

  • Pinkrose

    I find these pix highly intrusive.

  • jfv

    I’m sorry…but Marc is NOT a good looking man!! and those poor kids…wao…

  • Honeybunn

    Jennifer Lopez know exactly what she was doing when she hired the nanny. I’m sure this nanny is highly qualified for her job. And she will not attract Marc’s attention at all. Well, not in the romantic sort of way that is.
    Job well done J Lo.

  • Apple

    I love her dress. She looks so Springy!

  • Yesss

    & Marc Anthony allegedly replaced Dayanara Torres with J. Lo. Marc Anthony’s loss! Dayanara Torres is way more attractive and classy than J. Lo. Ugh!

  • BEN A

    Those children are so ugly and Puerto Rican looking. Emme is even uglier than her ugly brother Maxx!!

  • Iris

    Why do they always hire fat Hispanic women for nanny’s, not that anyone would want Marc Anthony.

  • Glenda

    The unattractive fat nanny is probably related to her.



  • happy girl

    jlo is so pretty. love her legs. great family!

  • Boo-Hoo

    Poor kids are not cute. Imagine being ugly boy/girl twins in the era of the beautiful Viv and Knox Pitt.

  • Aidan

    Poor JLO. She must be so disappointed.

  • gillian

    LOL! i completely agree with Boo-Hoo

  • juk

    It’s weird seeing her without her wig.

    Looks bald.

  • Anon

    Cute family, happy Easter to them.

  • Simply M

    @Aidan: lol

  • Pac Man

    You’re disgusting, #19.

    What makes you think that, #21?

    You Brangelina fans are twisted and very scary, 324.

    Disappointed about what, #25?

  • Bathsheba Fazulo.

    Those kids look miserable and Marc looks pi**ed off in the pictures.

    As #10 said, nothing like letting the paps know your going to be at Mama’s for Easter. Carrying a dish to pass! Give me a break! Diva didn’t cook anything. And she has the kids all dressed to match her outfit in pale pink etc. This is a major photo opportunity. JLoa never does anything without a reason. I bet she never carries her kids. Her and Marc prolly fight alla time. He used to beat Dyanara.

  • Honeybunn

    Dayanara Torres is better off without Marc Anthony.
    The man cheated on her twice. He was a terrible husband to her and kids. Now, she has the opportunity to find a real man to love her. It is now Jennifer Lopez that has to watch out for Marc cheating ways. I’m sure Jennifer doesn’t want to go through anymore of the (who your daddy court ordered test) drama with Marc.

  • BBQ


  • go_away_JHO

    Does J-NO Talent even recognize these children? Do they know she is even their mother? They probably think the nanny is their mother. Since J-HO is an untalented ego driven horrid devil, I doubt she even cares.

    Her recording career is over, this movie will bomb, its time to give it up J-HO, its not the year 2000 anymore. The world has moved on from you, your various diva antics, and your ongoing failures.

  • Whynot

    These kids are not cute, it is sad that they resemble their father.
    I know people like to say that all children are adorable but these kids are not!

  • bre

    Not to be cruel but I guess now I know why you don’t see her kids much. Yikes!! Yeah she’s really gonna give Gaga and Taylor a run for their money, because if I was 20 that’s who’d I’d look too a 40 year old hippo assed (when a camera is there) mother of 2.

  • edna

    You hardly can have cute kids if the father is not handsome and JLO is not that beautiful either, so if the father is ugly chances are the kids will be ugly. Think about it before you choose you kid’s father, lol.

  • Pac Man

    Those kids aren’t ugly and taht’s a shallow and superficial thing to say, #37

  • Bonnie

    Emme is so ugly!!!!!!!

  • Rocky


    ITA! He’s got a great voice, but not good looking at all.

  • Inaru

    Love the shoes! the children are not good looking at all, i don’t think it is cruel to say that they aren’t. They look like their dad so they didn’t luck out in the looks department, hopefully they’ll inherit his talent.

  • ***

    Jennifer please stop eating greasy food, your body is turning into lard. Just look at your legs, arms and ass Ewww!!!

  • piperwest12

    To #19 The fact that those children are Puerto Rican is not why they are ugly, most of us Puerto Ricans are beautiful. Stop the closed mindedness and ignorance of other races. Those children are ugly because they look like their ugly ass father.

  • Pure

    Only White bins that are making bad comments to this lovely family!!! Or Jolie Pitt Fans that are crasy to say other kids are ugly…….

  • Carrie

    >>>Those children are ugly because they look like their ugly ass father.>>>>


  • lady j

    you can tell one thing about all this negative mess that every one says about jlo. she still have alot of old ugly white women who still are very jealous of her. Jennifer Lopez will never be a frumpy women the way Jennifer Gardner is so people need to accept that.

  • Una

    @BEN A: you are so sude and such and arrogant person.those twins are beautiful and they are angels ….FYI u must have been the ugliest person ever…o offence but you said ti yourself