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Jon Gosselin: Home for Easter Family Fun!

Jon Gosselin: Home for Easter Family Fun!

Jon Gosselin takes his one of his sextuplets, adorable 5-year-old daughter Alexis, to the doctor’s office on Easter Sunday morning (April 4) in Reading, Penn.

The father-daughter duo was later seen picking up a prescription from the pharmacy for Alexis, who was seen holding onto an Easter egg.

Yesterday, Jon‘s ex-wife Kate Gosselin organized an Easter egg hunt for all of their kids. She will soon head to L.A. to tape more episodes of Dancing with the Stars.

FYI: Jon wore a Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

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  • happy girl

    Are these two promoting their next project because cameras sure are all out for the “kids’” easter day. Yeah. “for the kids”. sure.

  • victoria

    sadly, he looks bigger and bigger every time.

  • Crystal

    I miss those kids so much!

  • look again

    Actually, I think he has lost weight. Jon Gosselin is more involved with those kids then Kate would have anyone believe. I hope he gets it together, because the kids will need his help. He will be the one to understand the most how it is to live with Kate.

  • lalala


  • Allie Baby

    I see someone is preparing for their stint on Celebrity Fit Club…

  • KC

    These children have basically been abandoned by both parents. They were a great family when the parents were together but now they just represent another tragic American family devasted by divorce. Sad.

  • MYOB

    People need to mind their own business and stop picking on both of the Gosselin parents. The kids need to grow up without worrying about how every jerk on the internet thinks it’s their right to discuss every little detail of their private lives. It’s creepy.

  • xoxo


    agree with you, although in this case its more having complete famewhores as parents plus divorce…these two should be soo ashamed of themselves..

  • Jessica

    Alexis is such a pretty girl. The kids are adorable. Love the kiddies, no so much the parents.

  • boo

    He looks slimmed down.

  • andamentothat

    John Gross-elin!

  • http://justjared deke

    My first thought was that he looked a lot bigger.

  • Marcie

    KHate is pimping the kids out again to gain pity on DWTS. I hope they kick her off the show. She can’t dance at all. Pathetic famewh re.
    Sadly Jon seems better with the kids than that no patient clown.

  • Blech

    Why is he gaining so much weight? He needs to do some hard work instead of lying around and having sex with trashy women.

    I always knew Jon G. was lazy.

  • Jess

    She’s the cutest of the sextuplets!

  • Neil

    Everyone loves Lexi!

  • Neil

    Actually kind of scary to think she is smiling for the Pap. Makes me want to reach in and yell, Run Alexis, Run! He is a bad man!

  • tim

    What an a hole.
    I feel sorry for the kids.

  • hannah lightfot

    He always seems to be taking one of those kids to the doctors but it was not today that he took her it was yesterday afternoon so I don’t know who writes this story. The doctors office is open from 8 to 1 on Saturday and he took her at 12:15 on Satuerday not Sunday. Get your story straight Jared cause I know they were there Saturday

  • Jon’sBody

    @look again:
    How do you know he is involved? He is involved with his lunch that is it.

  • Jon’sBody

    @look again:
    How do you know he is involved? He is involved with his lunch that is it.

  • anon

    So they canceled the onair show of J&K pls 8 but continue it threw the tabloids and entertainment shows. Hmmm…her new show must be due to come out soon so time to photo op the kids again to keep the public interested. As long as they’re not being used on TV….right.

  • JustWondering

    hey mr. photographer, could you follow him to wherever he is living? That would be some new information we haven’t heard before. Or is he living back home? Or do you just live in the streets of Reading PA waiting for Jon or Kate Gosselin to show up and make an appearance? What Gives? Whose payroll are you on? Anybody know?

  • Disgusting


    I prerfer Jon over Kate any day. Jon has a gag order on him so he can’t bash Kate or TLC.

  • BootyCall

    @MYOB: When Kate stops putting herself on every media outlet and stops ALLOWING the paps to photograph them, maybe then folks will MYOB. Until then, Kate invites the public scrutiny.

  • CoffeeLvr

    @Crystal: Gross. Get your own kids. There is something wrong with you if you “miss” kids that you don’t know or aren’t related to.

  • CoffeeLvr

    @Jessica: Glad you love the kids. I’m sure they feel very safe knowing that strangers care about them, miss them, want to see their every move and watch them grow up. What a secure feeling for children.

  • CoffeeLvr

    @hannah lightfot: Stalking much, Hannah Kuntfoot?

  • CoffeeLvr

    @Neil: Nothing creepy at all about that, right? Don’t all 5 year olds have “fans?”

  • CoffeeLvr

    @Jess: I’m sure her 5 brothers and sisters will appreciate you clarifying who is the cutest. Why don’t you rate them all so when they google themselves they will knew who you think is the ugliest. What a great legacy mommy and daddy left.

  • BootyCall

    @tim: He’s an Ahole for taking his kid to the doctor? Where’s her mother? Oh, yeah . . . .

  • http://justjared anymouse

    omg, he is so huge! Kate is lucky to be not with him anymore

  • ft

    Fat ox


    Jon has ALWAYS been the the real and ONLY parent. He never did anything wrong.

    The difference is that Kate has a publicist who planted anti-Jon stories daily for months while he was simply home raising his children.

    I still cannot believe the rubbish about Jon being a bad person for dating ANYONE AFTER Kate filed for divorce! Especially, as Kate had and has been having an affair with her bodyguard for years while Jon was home changing diapers.

    It is clear who the real parent is to anyone who SEES the facts and doesn’t believe Kate’s distorted victimization press.

    Kate help a Easter Egg hunt on the front lawn in full hair/make-up, heels and silk, whereas Jon realized his child was ill and took her to the doctor SAME DAY.

    This has been the pattern since these children were born.

    I only viewed the show once. I don’t watch reality TV, however, I was appalled. Jon knew the children’s NAMES, Kate did NOT. Jon knew what each ate for lunch and breakfast, Kate did not. He knew thier individual foibles, toys, fears, loves, and insecurities. He was a one man daycare with an eye for detail and the memory of an elephant. Each child was cared for with rapt attention and patient care.

    Kate, on the other hand was too BUSY to ever know any of these things. Kate herded the children as one and shoved them around. Kate was clearly ready for her next interview, travel arrangement, and beauty appt.

    I fail to see how ANYONE who has ever watched the show could ever be confused to who is the ONLY real parent to these children.

    BTW, WHO CARES how much ANYONE weighs. It’s obvious that a hands-on parent to 8 children would have NO time to work-out or care for their appearance. Thankfully Jon has his priorities in order.

  • kady

    Awww how nice that they finally got a photo of him and his kids, TLC must have allowed the paid paps for the photo shoot this weekend, by the way the Ester Egg hunt was Friday and not Saturday, and he took his lil girl to the doctor Saturday, how come they keep getting the days mixed up?


    Is this what father’s are supposed to do or have things changed whilst I slept? This man has had his five of notoriety; let’s just forget him now and let him be with his children.

  • Caroline

    If he spends time with the children you gripe.. If he doesn’t spend time with them you gripe.. What would you have him do ?

  • Ema

    I live outside of Reading and Jon has been there with the children all this time Kate has been doing DWTS. Kate is the missing parent as usual, not Jon. I don’t think its right that people who know nothing about their home life other then what they read, never give him credit for being the great father he is. She just popped in on Sunday for the photo op and had her boyfriend hide the eggs. She will be gone by tomorrow and he will still be there. Of course TLC wants you to think she does it all, not true. I don’t think he cares if he get credit or not, he just wants his kids to be happy and they know who is with them even if you don’t.

  • towngrrl

    Mr. G needs to stop rushing off to the clinic for “daddy points” every time he gets the kids.
    That clinic will give you a prescription for a mosquito bite. I work at the pharmacy and we see it ALL the time. Mrs. G is going to be ticked when she finds out her kids are being drugged for a touch of swimmer’s ear.

  • towngrrl

    Ema why do you lie? Jon was in California until last week. Did you know that the “bodyguard” wasn’t present for the egg hunt, but his wife and son were?

    I actually DO live near the Gosselins and I’ve seen Kate around town quite a bit since the show started. Mr. G. has been living off and on at the house, he has nowhere else to live at present. My cousin is on staff at the G. house.

    Both parents get along as well as can be expected and there is no animosity in front of the kids at all. Of course Mr. G wants the kids to be happy, they both do.

    Sorry, I don’t usually speak up but your lies just ticked me off today.

  • gosselinssuck

    I bet your cousin just got fired towngrrl.

  • http://justjared kat

    @Allie Baby: Allie,what makes you think he is some kind of celebrity?he has done nothing more than make a complete idiot of himself for the whole see,I can not stand this foolish child like boy,all the mess he has drug his children thrue so he could go on trips, buy houses ,cars etc,those kids do not mean squat to him or his family,as for Kate she is not much better,they had it all and greed took it away!

  • Grandma Gayle

    I am glad he is spending time with the kids. They need the extra child to play with.
    Kate is just trying to provide for her kids. He is being the same jack-a** he always was.
    If anyone is looking for his character, maybe he ate it. That could land him on Celebrity (?) Fit Club.

  • Lynn

    Am I the only one who caught the word “staff?” I worked. I provided for my children as a single parent. I bought a modest condo for us to live that I could afford so I could be home every night. I worked my way up through the ranks until I got better and better jobs.

    Kate wants to stay in the limelight, explaining that she’s doing this all for the children. I didn’t spend my time going to spa, getting my hair done (except Fanstasic Sams) and took my kids to the doctor without comment from anyone. On the weekend I didn’t dress like I was ready for a photo op. I cleaned the house, did laundry, and went grocery shopping all by myself.

    Jon hasn’t called press conferences or paraded the kids in the front driveway for the paps. Yes, Jon acted like as ass for a while, but he’s back to being a doting Dad.

    I see some of the times celebrities are caught at the airport, and I rarely see a body guard with them Why the hell does Kate need one? Hells bells.

  • coolmom

    @look again: That’s funny, this is the first time in over a month that I have seen any pictures of Jon with the kids. How bad is that? He may as well not see them at all. This only shows that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Doubt he is paying his child support either!! What a LOSER!

  • di

    Looks like Jon is fixing to have his next child.

  • Jumper

    Both of the parents are the screw-up. Kate no doubt is super bitchy and delusional, from the beginning. I actually sympathized Jon’s cheating after I saw him was constantly abused by that woman on their damn show. But he turned out nothing better than his ex-wife. I don’t want to be cynical but their kids’ future is clear: some of them will turn out to be as horrible as their parents, the rest will suffer from depression or completely exclude themselves from their family.