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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Easter Sunday at DanceBrazil!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Easter Sunday at DanceBrazil!

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise catch a performance of DanceBrazil at NYC’s Joyce Theater on Easter Sunday (April 4).

The mother-daughter duo went to City Bakery for dessert!

Earlier in the day, Suri accidentally flashed her purple underwear while being carried by Katie from their apartment into a waiting SUV. Suri was seen holding onto a teddy bear stuffed animal. Katie wore a pair of denim cut-offs, black leggings and a fierce pair of black heels.

Watch a preview of DanceBrazil below!

DanceBrazil Preview!

FYI: Katie is wearing a polka dot tank and scarf by Madewell!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise‘s Easter Sunday…

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katie holmes suri cruise easter sunday 02
katie holmes suri cruise easter sunday 03
katie holmes suri cruise easter sunday 04
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Credit: Doug Meszler, Janet Mayer, PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://justjared bob

    Thats halarious!

  • http://justjared sammy=-)

    who cares? shes a little girl. but there r some sick ppl out there! suri is adorable!=-)

  • Sue

    First yes. What is wrong with KH? I think she wants us all to see her kids underwear.

  • wtf

    underwear?? that kid is still in diapers.

  • Allie Baby

    Why doesn’t Katie let her walk? She is always carrying her like she’s a damn infant. If she wants to baby someone so badly, she should have another one.

    PS: Jared, kudos to blurring her underwear, but you should also blur it in the thumbnails…otherwise, the blurring is pointless.

  • cacey

    What the HELL is katie wearing, she looks very cheap but again she is looking to get noticed for all the WRONG reasons, Please get someone to cast her in a meaningful movie; this woman’s carrier is in the TOILET.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …you’re a real sick fcuker. `little kids do that all day every day, everywhere.

  • Carrie

    Maybe if she put a longer skirt or a pair of tights on her daughter she wouldn’t be exposed and vulnerable to the minority of peodophiles out there …

    Show some responsibility Holmes, she is obviously an incapable parent. She knows full well that her daughter is going to be photographs so should prepare accordingly.

  • What in the hell

    Why even post the pix ? Pix like that of kids should not be posted at all. Katie needs to learn how to carry her without flashing her kid to the world full of perverts. What the f kind of mother is she?

  • a girl

    i don’t think its ok to have this photo of a little girl on the website whose underwear was accidentally flashed, I mean the other pics ok but why bother to put that one on. I know that the photo is blurred but in this day and age where people can zoom in or de-blurr the image, and there are disgusting creeps on the internet I just really think that photo should be taken down. PLEASE TAKE THE PICTURE DOWN JARED.

  • Ruthie

    Actually, Jared, I think you should remove this post all together. Why bring attention to this?? I’m mean, seriously?? This is sick. I expected a little better from you.

  • pr person

    Ugggghhhh! That’s all.. just UGGGHHHHHH!

  • ashley

    solo es una niña, estas fotos no deberian ponerse!!!!

  • toot

    How much longer is Katie going to carry Suri around? Will she carry her around at age eight or age ten or age twelve? If she dressed her appropriately, with the proper shoes, she would not have to carry her around. Isn’t it about time this child walked on her own? What is wrong with this woman? Does Shiloh get carried around??

  • FM

    the Katie holds Suri is way ridiculous geeez

  • carrii ♥

    that’s not going to happen if she stop carry her like she is a baby, she is not a baby she a 3 years old girl.she have to let her walk. maybe she wants to protect her, and that’s fine. but must also teach her that this is your life and you have to deal with it. this girl looks scare all the time,they have to let her be as she wants to be.

  • Jo

    Wardrobe malfunction and ANY/EVERY child do not belong in the same sentence…

  • aisha

    she is just a Spoiled girl
    and i love her
    she is cute

  • Nic

    OMG who cares? This is a 3 year old we are talking bout, for gods sake some of you make me SICK!

    Get a life, step away from a computer, and then maybe you will be less bitter, and hateful!!

    No biggie, the kid had underwear on, and god knows if many mothers had paparazzi following them 24/7 there would be many moments like this.

    But um yeah, Katie has ZERO style, the woman just does not know how to dress, ever!

  • Anon

    Looks like Katie is having a wardrobe malfunction of her own. What has happened to her legs?

  • Maria from Texas


  • oy

    Do you really need to report on something like this, Jared????????

  • truth be told

    Ok, the truth is Katie’s little girl is frightened of the paps and they should leave her alone. Suri doesn’t deserve this, she is a beautiful little girl. If I was her age and their was a bunch of yelling guys with cameras all the time trying to take my picture, I wouldn’t want to walk either.
    Take a look at Collin Gosselin sometime, that boy is scared to death of cameras. Their mother should own some of that neurotic fear she instilled in her kids.

  • Neil

    Again, all the hate towards her and none to the paparazzi. Y’all do realize that many of these guys are psychopaths and share the same shady backgrounds as the greasy and criminal types that habitually spend most of their time looking for ways to make an easy buck. Probably 99% of them would fall flat on their faces if asked to do REAL photojournalism.

  • LeviKlein

    There are so MANY things wrong with this post, I’m actually speechless.
    1. She is 4 YEARS OLD. Why do I need to be agressed with a picture of that child “flashing” her underwear? WHY? Do we really need to know this? Is it actually breaking news?
    2. For the love of God, someone PLEASE tell her mother to dress this child appropriately. Katie is bundled up and her daugther is being carried around with nothing more than a cotton shirt dress. I don’t care that Suri is a girl, this child needs pants.
    3. Heels? Really? Mais c’est quoi ce cirque à la fin?

  • She’s Potty Trained

    We get it. Now stop flashing her pantie over and over Kate. We got it with the piggy slippers pics.

  • truth be told

    The paps/tabloids trolled this site last time and seen the fools remarking about Suri’s “diaper” or underwear showing. There you go….you people have made this little girl stalked. Now who are the sickos?

  • Pac Man

    I’m glad this was censored on this site.

    I’m betting TomKat critics are going to blame Holmes for this even though she did nothing wrong.

    What makes you say that, 33?

    She walks all the time, #5. You just ‘conveniently’ forget about those pics. Why do people complain about such trivialities anyway?

    There’s nothing wrong with her skirt or what else she’s wearing or not wearing, #8. It’s not her fault that the wind (or at least that what I think was) blew her skirt up.

    Anyway, if she wore a longer skirt you’d just say that Holmes shouldn’t let her kid wear such a long skirt because she might trip. It’s a catch-22.

    It was an accident that wasn’t even her fault, #10.

    You make a good point, #12.

    She carries her because she WANTS to not because she HAS to, #15. She walks all the time. You just ‘forget’ about all those pics you can easily access.

    It wouldn’t matter of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was carried around a lot or not. TomKat will do what they feel like and not just copy other parents.

    Right about the self-righteous, busybody critics, #20.

  • WTF

    This is disgusting jared.
    Are u some kind of paedophile??????????????

  • Pac Man

    No one is bundled up since it is hot today, #26. She doesn’t need pants.

    You’re sick, #27.

  • Whaaa

    Can u Imagine if his was Angelina flashin one of her kids. People would say she did it on purpose. This is not the first time Katie has let this happen. Yuck

  • Apple

    That outfit would of looked much more flattering with some denim leggings instead of the denim shorts/tights combo.

    Katie needs to visit:

  • LuckyL


  • Holly

    Jared, its rather pointless to tell us about it, and then blur it. Yes I absolutely agree that we don’t need to see it, there’s an overload of sick in this world that prey on children. However there was no point in reporting about it either.

  • juniper

    Katie’s outfit is not flattering, I think she should stick with the basics instead of trying to be creative, because if you do it wrong it looks odd, and not in a good way.

  • idani

    Holy moly, who cares about Suri’s purple underwear when her mom looks like a street walker.

  • Amy

    Jared is a pervert. There’s no reason to talk about a child’s underwear.

  • mmm

    Shame on you Jared for posting these and for the “wardrobe malfunction” comment. Leave children alone and save the “accidentally flashes” posts for the Lindsay’s and Paris’s of the world.

  • Shan

    Is Katie still going to be carrying Suri when she’s 5, 6, 7….? At 4 she needs to stop being babied and allowed to walk.

  • lj

    Why are you even posting this!!! I really hope you get sued for this, with the rest of sickos! She is a kid, little girls run around, their dresses twirl. There must be space for child’s innocence! Look how scared she is! And who cares what the mom wears! And the reason she is carried….Its their problems! THEIR! Did you give sugar to your kid today? Shame on you…Go take care of your own families!

  • luxegirl

    Has this ever occurred to the sickos posting here that this happens to all kids – the difference here is paps and deviants hounding them w zoom lenses. creepy posting anyway.



  • xenu sucks

    Sweet Jesus Katie looks like a hooker. Disgustiin!
    She should know how to dress by now. But she comes out with some real winners. NOT.
    There isn’t anything Katie would allow Suri to do while walking the streets with her kid that would shock me. Zilch.



  • Ivy

    Suri is so beautiful!

  • rainbow

    I’m glad you took the underwear shots down, jared, but you shouldn’t have posted them in the first place. If you had just been patient and waited to see where they were going, you wouldn’t have had to create a story out of nothing.

  • emma#2

    Katie and Suri look beautiful. like what Katies wearing, and love the flower in Suri’s beautiful hair, too precious!

  • lr

    Suri looks sloppy as usual. Katie has ugly legs. Kids of Scientologists are allowed to have their way. I doubt Suri knows what “no” means.

  • her egg ,but sperm donor ?

    Kaite looks a mess.
    How is this pitiful girl called fashionable, beats me.
    All she needed washer pulledback in a nice, neat high twist,make-up, jeans, the shoes, a matching handbag, and cute top and jacket.
    A smile is a great accessory.
    Suri needed : a cute pastel colored sweater with a pasgtel colored collared shirt underneath, a jean skirt, tights, and Mary Jane type shoes/white patent leathers.
    Her hair needed to be combed and brushed in two or three ponytails.

    This child is wearing a thin lil housedress with nothing, undershirt , under it. Sleeveless too. Those flats she wears gives no support .
    Leave the blanket and stuffed animals at home. She is 3yrs. old and not 1 yrs. old.
    Thanks JustJared for blurring the kids’ undies.

    YES,I do wish Kaite would put Suri in school. Stop carrying her. Stop keeping her everyday as Kaite runs through her day of adult activities/business meetings and night fun like seeing plays. Doesn’t Kaite have any friends in NYC that she could have taken to a late night play instead of her 3 yr. old?
    The press would then not always be taking pics of the petrified child.

  • Cayenne

    I don’t mean to be rude and I know it’s Easter Sunday but something is just strange and odd about this pair.