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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Motorcycle Mayday!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Motorcycle Mayday!

Orlando Bloom and his supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr leave a West Village clothing store in New York City on Friday (April 2).

Fun high tops, Miranda!

Unfortunately, the cute couple had a bit of trouble after their shopping trip. Orly‘s Ducati motorcycle stalled!

After getting help from some friendly photographers, Orlando and Miranda rode off together.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s Motorcycle Mayday…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr motorcycle 10

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  • who am i

    WOW that made sense. have a look a the pics again she’s dong the eye thing? no i mean she only act’s like she’s shy when Orlando’s there. why do u think she like the bike?

  • Yea!

    Do you think if we stuck a million needles in her eyes that would kill her? lol

  • Henry

    Lets set a group called “who wants to kill miranda kerr” and then we will all meet up and stone her to death! yea!

  • #52-53

    You need to see a psychiatrist, you psychopath. You SERIOUSLY need help. I fear the safety of the people around you.
    What has she ever done to you? I’m sorry some of you here are so passionate with hate for NO actual REAL reason. So what if she’s a public figure?! Does that give any of youse the right to always come here and wish death upon her? Some of you people here are just sad, mad, and above all INSANE. *shivers*

  • @54

    Oh, don’t worry too much.
    It’s just one idiotic, hater, sock puppet trying to rile people up.
    I guess that this is their new entertainment for the day.
    But yes, you are correct, they are indeed sad, mad and insane.
    poor things.
    No one loves them.

  • @51

    You just don’t give up, do you? You just keep getting more and more ridiculous!
    There is only one pic where you can see her eyes at all. And doing “the eye thing” ? You say that she is “looking for the paps”?
    Well if she was “looking for the paps”, why isn’t she looking at the camera?
    And if she loves the paps, she should HATE being on the bike. You have to wear a helmet on the bike, so no one can get a picture. If they were walking or taking a cab you could see more of them.
    Once again, you make no sense at all.

  • @henry

    it’s funny how far you delphi’s go. Outside the whole Orlando fandom you guys realize you have one of the worst reputations amongst fans of celebrities? No joke. And it’s comments like this that make people believe you guys are insane.
    Good on those who don’t push the line between “fan” and “obsessed”. And good on those who left the insane community in order to focus on their lives and not somebody else’s. And those who have a sense of humanity, and know that it’s wrong in soooo many levels to call a girl repulsive/degrading names, questing her morals, work ethics, and then going deeper into insulting her family, stalking her on the net, knowing personal details about whereabouts, and the ultimate, of course, wishing, hoping, so on, that she DIED. Or wished to attack her. Shame on you.

    I don’t care if you give me a million thumbs down, delphi’s. You guys have given his fandom a terrible reputation.
    But I guess you guys will keep going no matter what. After all, skies the limit, right? It’s not funny anymore though, you guys repeatedly push it to extremes, and take it too far. Enough is enough. I’m not telling you guys to keep your “opinions” to yourself, but why not state them respectfully? In a sane manner? Why not keep all your extreme comments at Delphi or whatever place is packed with you lot?

  • @57

    But I will say one thing….you don’t have to worry about getting a milliom thumbs down. There are only about six or seven of those idiots left. Of course, they can rate on both their home computer and at their work (if they DO work), and they may get enough to make your comment ‘hidden’, but that only makes it more interesting.
    But this is just their latest ploy.
    Their ‘bash kora’ campaign didn’t work because they forgot that they can’t lie without being questioned outside of their own site. And this is just them trying to bring their sad pitiful lives a bit of (what they, in their sick brains) consider humor.
    The person earlier is right. I pity them. They used to make me angry, but now I just feel sorry for them. If stuff like this is what makes them laugh, they must be horribly lonely and hateful people. But we knew that already, I guess. It’s just gotten more and more pathetic as time goes on.

  • wow

    The delph-idiots have sunk to an all time low.
    And with them, that’s saying a lot!
    But keep at it. You are just proving to the world how sad you people are.

  • Ted Casablanca

    Dear Ted:
    You confuse me. One minute you agree that Miranda is wrong for Orlando and they can’t break up soon enough, and in another post you seemed thrilled they are hot and heavy again and still together. What is it? Do you like them together just because they are so beautiful? Take a stand will ya!

    Dear Oh, Whatever:
    Look, as long as Orlando’s going to keep torturing us with these ridiculously unlikely pairings, I can at least enjoy the scenery in the meantime, can’t I? Life’s easier that way, I find. Try it!

  • @60

    And what’s that supposed to mean? Boy doesn’t that man love to contradict himself every ten minutes to keep all audiences happy.

  • LOL!

    Well, Ted knows that if he gives a straight answer, he loses half of his audience.

  • @62

    Yep. There are many possible interpretations of those words. Haters will read that they are fake, shippers will read that Ted doesn’t think they match as a couple but enjoys writing about them. So he’s merely trying to drive both groups crazy alternating shipping with mysterious words.
    If someone wants to play that game, up to them.

    Hilarious though that someone had to run and directly ask Ted for some hope after his last article.

  • @63

    “Hilarious though that someone had to run and directly ask Ted for some hope after his last article.”
    Oh, they do that all of the time. They always talk about going to Ted, because he is their martyr of ambiguity.
    You know how much those delphites love to twist things, so Teddy is their perfect go-to guy. Well, when they agree with what he is saying anyway. When he mentions them being lovey-dovey, he becomes a PR hack once again.
    They are laughably predictable.

  • @64

    And since Ted is no moron, he knows what people asking him questions want to hear so he becomes even more ambiguous and makes a little stop in his latest big shipping.
    I bet my dinner that if I went to Ted and told him that I loooooove Orlando and Miranda together he’d give a reply suggesting they’re the new Romeo and Juliet.

    That’s what I like of that site. Not Ted’s articles, but the loyal readers over-analyzing everything he says and going completely bonkers. LOL!

  • /

    Waste of time and space these 2 clowns and shippers.

  • @66

    Then why are you still here on this old thread????
    I guess that you have no life if you insist on wasting your time on a thread that you aren’t interested in.
    poor thing.

  • Billy bob


  • @68

    A mental illness/ state is not something to leave untreated. Go seek some help.

  • @68

    Quoting #58 here….
    “…this is just their latest ploy.
    Their ‘bash kora’ campaign didn’t work because they forgot that they can’t lie without being questioned outside of their own site. And this is just them trying to bring their sad pitiful lives a bit of (what they, in their sick brains) consider humor.
    The person earlier is right. I pity them. They used to make me angry, but now I just feel sorry for them. If stuff like this is what makes them laugh, they must be horribly lonely and hateful people. But we knew that already, I guess. It’s just gotten more and more pathetic as time goes on.”
    They got it right.
    P A T H E T I C

  • Joey

    we hope you die too!

  • who am i

    Has Orlando not got a car? and there is more than 1 camera there? and your not getting it are u? and if u get a car with black out windows than they can’t see them when they get in can they. Miranda going 2 keep her helmet because she getting on a bike she would look a bit mad taking it off and ORLANDO WOULD SEE HER DOH.

  • @72

    My goodness you are desperate!
    First of all, no, Orlando does not have a car in NY. NO ONE, who lives in NY, drives their own car in the city. Traffic and parking can be a nightmare.
    I guess that they could hire a car, though. But wouldn’t that be a more wasteful option in both money and time? Not to mention more harmful to the environment. Motorcycles are much greener than cars.
    Also, we would still get pics of them getting in and out of the car (without helments), so you would still be able to accuse Miranda of posing. That would make you really happy though, right? That’s really why you are mad. You know that you are making a fool of yourself by accusing her of posing for the paps when she kept her helmet on the entire time. Especially when it would have been perfectly logical for her to have taken OFF her helmet while Orlando was tring to get the bike started. She could have come back out of the store without it, and put it on just before she got on the bike. But since she DIDN’T, that must mean that she wasn’t posing. At least that is what any THINKING person would conclude.
    Have a nice day!
    Oh, and by the way, it sould be ‘you’re’ not getting it. Not “your”

  • @72

    No, I think you’re the one who’s not getting it.

  • who am i

    I never said she was posing but i did say she act’s like she love it WHEN ORLANDO IS NOT THERE ? SO YOU ARE NOT GETTING WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. it look’s like it’s getting 2 u not me im just saying what i c and what i think. im talking about other pics where miranda is walking away and still looking at the paps.

  • who am i

    And even with a helment on she still look’s at them and it’s like miranda trying 2 do it with out ORLANDO SEEING and the helment hide’s miranda face not her eye’s.

  • @76

    But once again…
    But I guess that you ignore that fact because it gets in the way of your theories, right.

  • who am i

    And once again THERE IS MORE THAN 1 CAMERA! and you are ignore that fact and the fact it’s other pic 2.

  • @who am i

    You’re right, I don’t understand a word. You’re angry because she looked at a camera with a helmet on? What’s so terrible about that?
    Besides paps can take pics of a celebrity even if they don’t look at them. Celebrities are humans, not ostriches that think nobody sees them if they hide their head.

  • LOL!!

    My goodness you are stupid.
    Your theory doesn’t stand up, get over it.
    The more you talk, the more pathetic you look.

  • Jayne

    Im not angry and i just don’t know why she does it ? but that is what i think and that is what u think so that it.

  • @Jayne

    Think what you want of course, I just didn’t understand anything.

  • LOL!

    Oh, so ‘Jayne’ and ‘who am I’ are the same person?
    Well, that explains a lot.

  • Jayne

    no who am i is not me?

  • who am i

    see any one can do it i just said i was some one im not and u when 4 It lol

  • @”jayne”

    If you aren’t ‘who am i’, then why did you answer a post directed at them?
    Plus the fact that your syntax problems, bad grammar and use of tech-speak identify you, no matter what you call yourself.
    Poor little sock puppet.

  • who am i

    c your doing it again i used the name it was me not jayne i went 2 show that any can do it.

  • Jayne

    @83 THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME AND THAT WAS NOT ME but l bet your the same one what when on at me?

  • LOL!

    Two posts.
    Both within a few minutes of the other.
    Both with the same language problems.
    Suuuuuuure, you’re not the same person.
    Whatever makes you happy.

  • @87, 88

    You don’t even bother to write properly with at least one of your names LMAO

  • Jayne


  • @90

    Hilarious, isn’t it!
    There’s nothing sadder than an exposed sock.
    No, wait.
    Substitute ‘funnier’ for ‘sadder’.
    Yeah, that’s better.

  • who am i

    yes keep telling your self that what ever made’s u happy. just so u can get off the fact’s about Miranda and i 4 got u when on and on about miranda not LOOKING AT THE CAMERA THAN U SAID SHE DID. lol

  • who am i

    ooops it’s happen again whatever make’s u happy.

  • @93

    Wow, the more you go on, the less coherant you get.
    Thisi just keeps getting better and better.

  • @89

    Another Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom thread derailed because of her fans resorting to nothing but bullying and name calling. Again. Just like all the other ones. So predictable, so stupid.

  • @93

    Uhmmm, when did anyone but YOU say that she was looking at the camera?

  • @96

    Sure, it’s all the fault of her fans.
    Her detractors have been nothing but sweetness and light. *rollseyes*
    PS: exposing lies and defending her against irrational hatred does NOT equal “bullying”
    If you haters can’t take it, don’t dish it out.
    But I forget.
    Hypocrisy is your life blood.
    P A T H E T I C

  • @96

    Are you kidding me?! Your biasim is clearly showing.
    I’d rather be a “bully” then a psychopath.

  • ?

    you are kidding? i would not like to be a bully or a psychopath thank you.