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Gabourey Sidibe: The Rumors Are True!

Gabourey Sidibe: The Rumors Are True!

Gabourey Sidibe greets fans at an event held at Tokyo’s Cinemart Roppongi on Monday (April 5).

The 26-year-old actress headed to Tokyo to meet fans and to promote Precious, which opens April 24 in Japan.

Gabby recently dropped by her official Facebook page to update her fans on what’s next. “So the rumors are true,” she wrote. “Exciting things are happening!”

Gab is set to host Saturday Night Live on April 24 with musical guest MGMT.

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • CJ

    You go girl!…life is to be lived…♥

  • Two Cents

    How long before Gabourey’s obesity kills her?

  • Josie

    she needs to lose weight! she’s a joke to people, like a circus animal being shown around to stare at. I feel sorry for her, all the enablers who keep telling her she is great and is beautiful, they are not being honest and helpful! they are just wanting her to make themselves feel better and want to keep her in this horrible weight. She is a laughing stock, I hope for her own sake she loses weight and gets healthy because she looks big in these pics, it looks like she has GAINED weight.

  • Anon

    Go Gabby! Have fun in Japan!

  • Whamo

    What`s with the thumbs down when you mention her weight? Are people trying to pretend this isn’t an issue? Sorry, but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room! (Pun intended) She is unhealthy at that weight. There are not enough thumbs down in the world to negate that fact. The woman needs to lose weight, period. I think a lot of people on this site that says she looks good are trying to make themselves feel better about their weight issues.

  • Unknown

    I wonder whats her shoe size is?

  • edna

    Let her live, fat or skinny, whatever, at least she’s not stuck like us in a stupid job from 9 to 5 commenting about people’s lives.

  • Pandora


    Exactly! I couldn’t agree more. As if these people are genuine in their caring anyway. They just want an excuse to rag on her. She’s getting on with her life! Good for her!

  • Ronda

    I love Gabe’s spirit! I could stand to lose some weight myself so I’m for sure not talking about anyone else. If she’s happy, I’m overjoyed!

  • the truth

    Yes she’s large but she’s has things going for her and she’s smart. You all must be rachel bilson fans? She ‘s skinny and she don’t have nothing going for her at all. But an engagement that her and hayden hasn’t confirm yet and no wedding plans at all to talk about.What else for her to live for. This girl missed a class and got discovery. Her part was given to her like everything else she has gotten so far.This is a wok in progress.Rachel don’t even won’t to work. She turn down a movie to be with hayden.That says alot for girl around this girl age. SAo leave her alone ok.

  • Dog Lover

    She is NOT pretty

  • Macchiato

    she looks like she lost weight ?

  • helen

    does she need to lose weight? she DOES, people. let’s face it, she does. obesity is a medical condition. that pointed out, it doesn’t mean she has got to lose ALL her weight. she doesn’t have to be skinny. I think it’d be a great example for kids, to see a woman, a succesful woman, with a little more weight. expecially in this anorexic, bullimic -prone generation

  • jaye

    I don’t think anyone is saying Gabby should be SKINNY, but there is lot between morbidly obese and skinny. She’s not just plump, hefty, over-weight , fat or obese. She’s MORBIDLY OBESE. She’s only 26, you think she won’t gain MORE weight?
    She may feel ok now, but no one stays at the same weight unless they make a concerted effort to do so. Staying at her present weight will severely hurt her as she grows older. Yeah, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” is the saying ; Well, I’d think someone who has so much being given to her might want to live past tomorrow rather than die from something you can control or get help to control.
    On the other hand, she might feel that by losing weight she wouldn’t have as many opportunities in show business. Some people have weird thinking. She’s the present ‘it’ girl in a sense and everyone wants to make her feel good about herself, but eventually people will lose interest, as they often do; how will she handle things then? I hope it won’t be with a cheesecake and a gallon of ice cream, but it’s been known to happen.
    Hurray for her success, but let’s not be delusional about it.

  • stop

    Some of you are acting like people are CELEBRATING her weight. Everyone knows she is dangerously heavy, but how many people in Hollywood are DANGEROUSLY addicted to drugs, who show up looking a PSA for anorexia/Bulimia? Those people are allowed to have careers as well, right?

    And for what it’s worth, I think she is losing weight. She was much heavier in the movie “Precious”. It will probably take her years, as it should, if she doesn’t go the gastric bypass route. I for one, think she should be allowed to compete with everyone else as long as someone is writing the material and casting her. I see no harm in it. Unless of course, we want to really investigate how ‘healthy’ the anna lynne mc cord’s of the world really are. After all, Heath Ledger just dropped dead a couple years ago, and he wasn’t obese. But was he denied an acting career, despite looking like a corpse at every red carpet event? OHHHHH


    WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY IS SHE WEARING RED??? I’m a big girl (Gabby has about 200lbs on me though), but I would never be caught in all red. WOW!!

  • LuckyL

    Good for her.

  • kayfabe420

    Tell her that to her face..oh wait this is the internet where people post hurtful things so they don’t have to care who it hurts

  • xax

    Is she made of chocolate?

  • Ethan

    @Two Cents: Three years, twenty-two days, nine hours, five minutes…

  • Posh

    has she been eating all those chocolate easter bunnies lately?

  • Lisa



  • Rose

    The fact remains is that Gabby is a beautiful young woman that is conscerned obese. She does needs to lose weight for her health but I am glad that she has a wonderful personality to carry her through the BS that people are putting out there ona the internet about her. I think she knows what she needs to do in order to get healthy there is no need to down her for the way she looks. There will also be comments whenever she loses weight. The next problem in hollywood is that she’s to dark. I waiting for the media to jump all on that. Gabby continue to be you and best of wishes in your future endeavors. Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    Sorry for the mispell the word is suppose to be ” considered obese”

  • amber

    fat cow

  • Jerseybabe

    @amber: Grow up