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Gwen Stefani: Easter Sunday Fun Day!

Gwen Stefani: Easter Sunday Fun Day!

Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale take their two adorable sons — Kingston and Zuma — to a 650-person party on Easter Sunday (April 4) in Malibu, Calif.

How cute is Kingston in his bunny rabbit jumpsuit, straw hat and ring pop?!

The party was thrown by Ron Meyer, the President & COO of Universal Studios. Guests who enjoyed delicious Crumbs cupcakes included: Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer (with son Otis and daughter Ruby), David Arquette, Jamie Foxx, Barbara Streisand, Molly Sims, Goldie Hawn, Bryce Dallas Howard (with son Theodore), Oliver Hudson, Donald Sutherland, Kevin James and Antonio Villaraigosa.

20+ pictures inside of Gwen Stefani‘s Easter Sunday Fun Day…

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gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 01
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 02
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 03
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 04
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 05
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 06
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 07
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 08
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 09
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 10
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 11
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 12
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 13
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 14
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 15
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 16
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 17
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 18
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 19
gwen stefani easter sunday fun day 20

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  • Josie

    Tobey maguires daughter is so cute!

  • Maria from Texas


  • ++Logan++

    I love the color of Bryce Dallas Howard’s hair and her brown sunglasses :)

  • I’ll Say It!

    That bad little boy is too big to be wearing that pansy bunny rabbit short jumpsuit! Why isn’t he dressed in a pair of dress pants or dress shorts with a nice shirt and/or tie?

    He looks like a litte girl!

  • Lou

    Yes if it was JP—-you all would have said how cute———even if it isn’t!

  • mmm

    @Maria from Texas:
    I can’t think of what you are getting at. Just spit it out.

    They are two adorable boys!

  • ck_always

    Why is this kid still on a pacifier? Okay, I said it.

  • Josie

    obviously he is not on a pacifier, it is obviously his younger siblings and he just toying with it.

  • samantha

    I’ve always thought Kingston looks gay.

  • aw

    What a bunch of cute photos, I love this lol.

  • Mary


    It’s a ring pop, dude.

  • Pokeman

    you mean kingston’s outfit. I agree with you. if it was the JP kids, the haters would have posted 100 posts. But i don’t think its that bad. at least its not pink. he is just a kid.

  • I’ll Say It!

    It’s a candy ring not a pacifier.

  • C

    Adorable photos but definitely don’t like Kingston’s outfit.

  • SiouXin

    @Josie & @ck_always
    it is not a pacifier it is a ring pop candy.

    @Maria From Texas
    He’s only 3 and he looks adorable. If he was in a suit and tie you’d probable complain about how they dress him like an adult. It was nearly 90 degrees outside. The outfit is appropriate for the weather and the holiday.

  • Holly

    Please. He is not your kid, how he dresses is not your damn business. Get your own kid and dress him/her the way you want. Until then, put a fork in it. These forever child bashing posts have gotten way out of hand. Crap you would never in a million years say to a mother you know in person, not to her face anyway. Chicken sh*ts.

  • Josie

    oh ok. I stand corrected.
    And i see nothing wrong with little Kingstons outfit, i think it’s cute and it reflects his parents sense of style :)
    that’s also a part of what is so fun with having kids, you can dress a little human being the way you want, unless it is your kid, you have no say, so back off and let them enjoy dressing up their cute kids because as soon as they become teenagers there is no more of that :)
    and I love the fedora.

  • S

    It’s Barbra Streisand… not Barbara

  • slambang

    Oh my…what 3-year-old boy would want to walk around all day in a lavender one-piece outfit with a bunny on the front of it? Really?

  • Deedz

    Haha, Kingston is always so well dressed. I love this oxfords. Too cute.

  • Sheri

    Wow … it looks like each guest was given a tulle-wrapped, color-coordinated Easter basket! What a fun way to spend Easter ~ but I agree with the others … Kingston’s bunny romper is WAY too young for him to be wearing. What was Gwen thinking?! :O

  • Marieme

    Sweet Jeezus! First she dresses her kid like a mini Mick Jagger – and now this. This woman needs a Gap Kids gift card pronto.

  • nicole


    Why? So her kid can look “normal”. It’s funny how some people get scared if everyone doesn’t look alike. Gap?? Really?!

    We should all look like clones? It’s o.k. not to look like everyone else, and to wear what you like. Really.


    um………. is anyone gonna comment on the LEG WARMERS that she put on ZUMA??? i’m all for being different and having a cool “rock-n-roll” style or whatever but there are sometimes where i’ll put something on my son and his dad is like, NO. NO WAY. gavin needs to step up and stop her, moms have a tendancy to get too carried away with that stuff, especially if they are freaking out abou their kids growing up too fast. unless gavin likes it, which he might because those romper type things are very british and old fashioned. back in the day boys wore them all the time, but you know, we’re not back in the day anymore. its the leg warmers on zuma that kills me, my daughter wears legwarmers and she’s 3!

    also, its not a pacifier….it’s a ring pop.come on people! lol, know your candy!!!

    and how friggin cute is toby maguire’s son??? omg, adorable.

  • boston61

    Yes . She should make her son look “normal.” He is way too young to dealing with anything other than having a fun childhood. Put a pair of jeans and some sneakers on the kid from the BOYS department.



    i agree! it’s sort of like seeing Suri wear high heels, but katie holding her and feeding her a bottle at the same time. you’ve got this 4yr old boy with bleach blonde mohawk…..and and military style jacket, which is a very mature rock/punk/super crazy expensive style…and then you have him in a bunny romper that a 12month old baby should be wearing to get his easter pictures taken.

    i mean, i don’t think she needs to go to the Gap to learn to dress her kids, i like how she dresses them most of the time, they look cute and it reflects the style and personality of their family…. but sweet mary mother of helena, the bunny romper is just ridiculous and silly. waaaaaaay too babyish, even for zuma, even he’s too old to wear crap like that, that’s seriously for BABIES.

  • boston61

    I would think his father would step in. What man let’s his son go outside with saddle shoes on? They were in style for boys in the 60′s. But today they are considered girls shoes.

  • boston61

    I would think his father would step in. What man let’s his son go outside with saddle shoes on? They were in style for boys in the 60′s. But today they are considered girls shoes.

  • Amber-louise

    Kingston looks like a little girl in these pics

  • Deb

    @Maria from Texas:—— “COME ON—- SOMEBODY SAY IT. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THE 1ST ONE.”——-
    *YET, YOU are the second post on the thread…. Guess you just couldn’t WAIT to be a lil B!tc# , huh!? lol, Some people…
    Btw , Gwens boys are adorable! Next year she won’t be able to dress them all “Cutesy” (kinda a moms last hoorah)

  • 100mph

    OK!!!! I’ll say something the same as always to allllllll you children stalkers, mind your MF business…creeps!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    ok so i just have to say kingston is to old to be stilling using a pacifier

  • Cheery

    Kingston is a toddler, not a kid, there’s nothing wrong with his outfit. So people can take their homophobia (masked as concern) and shove it.

    That said, his parents really shouldn’t be bleaching his hair–that’s something inappropriate for a 3-yr-old.

  • boston61

    It’s not homophobia. I am gay myself. But he is a boy and his parents should dress him as such.

    When he is a teenager if he decides he wants to push some gender boundaries and he understands what that is then he can do so.

  • newginafes

    Kingston is too cute! and Zuma too!!!!

  • Marieme

    boston61 @ 04/06/2010 at 12:12 am #34

    Love your response. That finger-wagger thought she was calling you and others out. Little do they understand they DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW anyone’s background here.

  • couture dresses

    I like this couple a lot. They’ve been together like always and both Gwen and Gavin have restless rock souls so it’s probably not so easy. The kids are so big now and so cute! You can see they’ll be beautiful like their parents.

  • Julie

    Just wondering? Did they go to church first to celebrate The Resurrection of Christ the Son of God? Easter is not a celebration of a chocolate bunny and the egg it leaves. Just saying.

  • Lynore

    They are NOT leg warmers, they are called ‘baby legs’ and they are adorable. The children look happy and healthy and that’s what mattres. Looks like some ppl on this thread have a serious case of ‘get a real problem’.