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Laurie Cholewa: Gerard Butler's New Girlfriend?

Laurie Cholewa: Gerard Butler's New Girlfriend?

Earlier this week in Paris, Gerard Butler and local TV interviewer Laurie Cholewa were spotted on a lunch date at Café Marly and a dinner date on the Left Bank.

Gerry, 40, and Laurie, 29, were also seen holding hands while visiting landmarks like the Louvre museum. A source tells People that Gerry “completely cracked” for Laurie during their sit-down interview about The Bounty Hunter, his new film with Jennifer Aniston.

Watch Laurie in action below! She’s a film reporter who hosts a Friday-night show on local cable channel, Direct 8.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerard Butler’s new girl — HOT or NOT?

Gerard Butler’s New Girl In Action
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: WENN
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  • Fritz the Cat

    Oooo, G! *waggles brows*

  • Dawn

    Oh boy. Grabs the popcorn.

  • r.

    She’s beautiful. But where are the pics of them holding hands? Let’s be honest if someone really spied him out in public holding hands SOMEBODY took a picture of it. lol

  • Finanas

    I’m french and don’t even know this so-called TV Interviewer…

  • http://j ivanka

    too beautiful for him

  • Oh Well

    Me wonders who let this slip out to the media??. His camp to dispell the JA rumours or her camp to get publicity?? Nice looking lady in the clip. Her pic does not do her justice.

  • you know it’s true

    No wonder he just slept with Aniston and didn’t want a real relationship. he was waiting for someone hotter and This reporter is HOTT.

  • How do I put this?…

    Although she is his type — how is it possible that they went to tourist hot spots and were together all day/night long but not one pic has been presented? Especially with his recent relentless exposure?

    The paps need to step up their game…

  • Lina

    Like I said in the previous thread, perfect timing for a story like this to come out, coming from none other than People. Especially after the whole BH PR tour and all the rumours that were circulating. Just saying…

  • you know it’s true

    Btw, I hope he washed his fingers before this chick let him hold her hand

  • How do I put this?…


    Sorry for basically repeating your post.
    But ITA.

  • Hilarious!

    Gerry to Jen: “What more do you want, Jen? I’ve already fingered you out of the goodness of my heart, seeing how pitiful you are. Now I’m ready to move on from all that promotion crap and start living my life again. Thank heavens for How To Train Your Dragon. At least its box office success proves Bounty’s failure is not me, IT’S YOU.” Gerard Butler has no respect for Jennifer Aniston at all because she’s nothing but a cheap s* k an k who has zero talent and is a big, fat phoney.

  • vs

    WOW! One date and she’s his Girlfriend?

    He probalbly won’t call her again after he sees this.

    Is she a little too ‘giggly’ for a 29 year old?

  • Lina

    If there are no pics and vids and people mag had a source to tell the story it only means that her, or him, or both (aka their PR) wanted the magazine to run the story. Even if it came from an outsider source, People would have confirmed with his publicist to go ahead and print it. That’s how it works with them. Which only means, they wanted us to know that this took place or supposedly took place anyway.

  • Maria from Texas


  • QQQQ

    Douchebag still with PR antics; sold the fauxmance and now that the movie made a little money, he was into some other women. Douche, douche, douche… Just go AWAY! Wanna be Russell Crowe.

  • Melissa

    c’mon .. he has that low standarts really ???
    ohh wait .i watched her video now and she seems cute, gerard’s type,cheerfull
    but not beautiful , not hot !

  • gossiphound


    I do agree it is silly to consider one date = girlfriend, really people are you Mormons or something.

    I think the French are a little slow on the news, the only reason the butt story made news is TMZ bought the photo and French sites were just putitng up premiere photos this weekend, a little late guys, c’est la vie, que sera sera, Gerard quii?

    This is why BH will make its money back though I think this might be the last week in most theatres. My brother and his wife went to see it las night, He thought it was funny she thought it was meh. But it was the only “date night” fare playing here.

  • ugh

    I don’t believe any of the PR stuff about them – where are the pictures.
    She is an emotional hot mess and way too immature to be taken seriously as any kind of media professional. That is exactly the kind of stuff Gerry gets from out of control fan girls. He’ll hit on it the night before he leaves town then we’ll never hear about her again.

  • gossiphound

    What was so funny – was Ms. Cholewka reading the reviews for Bounty Hunter?

  • Trying to figure it out

    I’m back! Just passing through, have a lot of catching up to do.

    Hey Fritz the Cat – Is that you Fritzie? Thought of you, Spanky, Manny and Giggles while sucking back margaritas in the Caribbean.

    Until later ……..

  • Another load…

    Of PR crap. Is this dude so desperate for attention?

  • How do I put this?…


    What the frig is so friggin’ funny!?!? We need some translation over here!

    And what is that woman in the audience with her jacket on her shoulders reacting to, the camera being on her or something off camera?

  • jaye

    Who says he wants to take any woman seriously or MAN for that matter. He just wants to uh, well, you know.. :-). If the Anistonettes thought he would be the one to declare undying lover for her…whoops! lol Maybe next one.

  • sunny

    She’s pretty but doesn’t act like she’s 29. That might be why Butler likes her. He can’t handle a woman.
    I hope someone warns her about his crazy ways.

  • Fritz the Cat

    @Trying to figure it out:

    Aaaa! *mows her down* Yes, it’s me! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! While you were knocking back margaritas, we were all wallowing in here. LOL! J/K.
    Lots of news, though.

    Welcome back! XO

  • Cora

    France isn’t that far from Serbia. Maybe Laurie will be Gerry’s “European girlfriend” for the Coriolanus shoot. Or maybe we’ll never see her again. Just ask Cinthia.
    I agree with those who say this info is out there because GB wanted it out there. The Monday after a holiday weekend is a great time to break news. Maximum exposure. He wants to distance himself from BH and JA as quickly as possible.

  • Friends

    I thought he was dating the Loser-I-Can’t-keep-a-man Anniston.

  • This is People

    People has become as tabloid as the rest of the rags. This isn’t an interview or featured story in People. It’s a blurb in People, and for those, they don’t talk to publicists. I would question the story, not to mention there are no pics, and after the butt grab in Paris I would think the paps would be all over Butler if he was seen walking through Paris ALL DAY LONG. The story could be true, but it might be crap.

  • spanky

    welcome back Trying ..where’s my present…tapping foot with arms crossed..mmmm

    Cora your…..wink…

    Manny always

    And I like her, cute, love her laugh and french… tres bien Gerard

  • eha

    I know why she giggles so much – she has just far*ted. The audience gasped.

  • seriously

    When did this happen?
    It says earlier in the week, it’s only Monday.
    I guess they mean last week at the height of TBH pr sh*t.
    Then how come no one got a shot of them when all the papz were out looking for him and JA?

  • whynotafterall

    Direct8 is not a local channel, it’s a nationwide cable channel.

  • ktj

    this is gerry’s mo. he meets a girl he fancies and asks her to launch, then propositions her for sex. she’s lucky if she got him to the louvre instead of a visit to his bed.

  • Grace

    I’m not surprised. I believe the new is true. He wants to let people know that he is very HOT and can date with any beautiful woman in the world.

  • hmmm

    Wonder if he regrets all the press coverage he got with Jen. Everyone now knows him and he can’t easily hide his dates the way he use to.

  • nyc grrl

    is there a link to the interview laurie did with gerry?

  • Stinkylouise

    @seriously: JJ is a little short on details.,,20357828,00.html

    He returned to Paris after the PR junket was over in Madrid.
    Pics and/or a video aren’t necessary.The news is hitting the blogosphere and that’s all that’s needed.Au revoir Aniston fauxmance.Hello Gerard and (insert name of female here).

  • busted

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry.. we tried to tell you.. tried to warn you.. but you would not listen..

    she is a leach.. and now look.. the Jenhens are all over you because you dared not want 41 and fabulous.. 41 and evolving, 41 and cleaning house.. 41 and great hair, 41 and tight body..

    see Gerry this is how it goes when you dare not to want her. See Bradley Cooper got out at the beginning.. Never let the sh*t hit the fan. YOU were a fool thinking you could be your carefree self have a bit of fun.. Now look.. They are going to attack you and any woman you are seen dating and especially loving.. the Jenhens are relentless.. they think every man wants Maniston.. that she is cat nip.. but the truth is she is a phony bish and most people are seeing her for that..

    Now you poor thing. We all knew when that Promotional tour was over you would run like the wind. Like every guy before you.. And Gerry thanks for sticking your finger in her as* to show us and maybe a few people whose eyes had been closed that she is a Skank in hiding. She was with John Mayer.. and trust they did not have a G Rated relationship.. she is a lot more nasty then people know.

    good Gerry get away while you can. It will smart for a while, but take a shower and clean her stink off you.. I hope she didn’t spray you with that crappy fragrance she will be peddling soon..

    Don’t be surprised if the rag headline. Why Gerry left Jen.. Why did Gerry break Jens heart..OR The Gerry move that ended their steamy affair.. YUCK.

  • Camille

    I’m French, and I’ve met this girl…I think she’s too stupid to be Gerry’s type, what’s more once the camera is off she doesn’t seem nice and kind anymore. Hope it’s just a rumor.

  • thank God

    She tweezed her eyebrows! The picture in the link is not that great….she looks better with her eyebrows tweezed. I think all of this is a bunch of BS. I can’t believe nobody would have taken a picture. Can’t even picture him holding hands with anyone.

  • cubedweller

    Color me cynical. This one will disappear post haste like Arcade girl and Violin girl. Butler doesn’t like sharing the spotlight with anyone.
    Could be this was leaked to JJ by Butler’s pr as an official end to the BH Love Boat Tour of Madness. OR, this young lady saw her chance for a little reflected fame, grabbed it and blabbed it. Either way, she’s history.
    Hey Manny – how you be? We’re thinking of you.

  • Sweetness

    from the video clip she seems as stupid as they come..pretty but a complete bubble head. but then again he seems the sort who just wants to collect pretty YOUNG things…so the Jennifer Aniston dating Butler publicity tour is over huh?

  • juniper & lamplight

    #40 — No girl is too stupid for Butler.

  • Really???

    Seriously, she looks like his type and her age is right for him if he is seriously considering settling down. However,she seems immature and might not be able to handle him in order for it to last.
    He needs someone a bit tuff who can handle his lifestyle but at the same time not put up with his B.S.
    BTW, she is probably a self-promoter looking for publicity, and I think that’s her main issue to hookup with him. She may be a model also. Look at this pix:
    what respectable news reporter poses like this? Maybe in France. She’s a wannabe.

  • Please.

    @juniper & lamplight:

    Yeah. Not for what he probably has in mind.

  • gossiphound

    @How do I put this?…:

    Actually it makes even less sense when reportedly paps were following him around all day in Glasgow and there were twitter reports abound that GB was here and there and everywhere or did the Parisienne paps have bigger fish to fry that day?

    I would like to say though I would never want to be judged on the basis of one small video clip – would you?

  • spanky

    @cubedweller: I agree cube…just a link in the chain…chain of fools…as Aretha would say. :)

  • CJ


    I’m back! Just passing through, have a lot of catching up to do.

    Hey Fritz the Cat – Is that you Fritzie? Thought of you, Spanky, Manny and Giggles while sucking back margaritas in the Caribbean.
    Trying, I hope you had a wonderful time on your vaca..but I’m still jealous..LOL…♥

    Read more:

  • omg

    @Really???: Her features look rather manly in that photo