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Mischa Barton: Tied Up Tummy!

Mischa Barton: Tied Up Tummy!

Mischa Barton gets into the Easter spirit as she grabs an iced drink and newspaper to go at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 4).

The 24-year-old actress sported festive yellow pants and a flowery top to show off her tummy!

Mischa was recently spotted checking out the She & Him concert in L.A. while wearing the same versatile chunky red heels. Cute!!

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mischa barton tied up tummy 05
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  • Nic

    Eek, very unflatterng trousers, oh no no no Mischa!

  • A

    WTF? This looks like a bad outfit from a bad movie. Can’t believe she actually chose to wear this.

  • ashley.rose

    She looks terrible.

  • JG Freitas

    my diva like a grandmother.

  • ITA

    wrong outfit

  • Anna

    When is she gonna realise she’s not a size zero anymore.If she dressed for her shape she would’nt look so bad.

  • Josie

    WOw. Those are some childbearing hips she got there!

  • ace11

    sorry gang..she’s hot

  • mln

    anna you beat me to it. she’s still dressing like she is her size in the OC days. once she’s realizes she’s not and picks her correct size- she’d look fine

  • ashley.rose

    When did she get that shape? Im not saying she’s fat, because she’s not. Obviously. But I just never remember her having that particular physique until this year.

  • mmm

    There is nothing right about this outfit. She needs a stylist, the poor thing.

  • How do I put this?…

    Mom jeans.

  • Lulu

    what happened to this girl??

  • Poor thing

    I think she might be suffering from some mental health issues

  • jake

    ridiculous LOL

  • jess

    Worst legs in Hollywood.

  • infamous

    My guess is that she got off the Coke and has put on a few lbs. I don’t think she’d at all fat, but these types of jeans are not flattering on anyone except for models.
    She looks best in dresses and skirts, and should stick to them.

  • drooth

    Wow she can eat i see ^^

  • infamous

    My guess is that she got off the Coke and has put on a few lbs. I don’t think she’s at all fat, but these types of jeans are not flattering on anyone except for models.
    She looks best in dresses and skirts, and should stick to them.

  • D

    She looks slow

  • funderpants

    You have to look long and hard to find clothes that unflattering. I’m sure it was hard work, then, so I guess congrats are in order for Mischa?

  • Sonia

    I suspect she may be having some mental issues as well. She’s like a different person.
    She never used to dress like this and buying that old ugly car!
    What happened to this girl??

  • Stevo

    she’s got that undesirable PEAR SHAPE. just not sexy.

  • missy

    i like the top:-)

  • idani

    I don’t care that Mischa, Katie Holmes etc. have ‘big’ legs (well according to Hollywood standards), but the two of them and others with the same issue need to learn how to dress themselves to compliment their strengths and minimize their flaws. Geez, these pants look awful! Hugging fat rolls. Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear–Where the Heck are You?

  • sarah


  • Marta

    does she own a mirror?well obviously not.

  • the truth

    What do you all think she should wear in warm weather that they have in la? you all need to be ashame talking about her like that. And you too Jared just because you like rachel bilson so much. You don’t see rachel going out anywhere on easter. She either on her computer or trying to figure out how she get out are teliing people she’s not going to married hayden this spring are any other time. Why talk about mischa like that.? She has more sense than to be dress up all the time. Rachel don’t know when to dress down everything is the same. Wanting hayden to buy her some new clothes and he won’t do it. At least she’s not begging noone to give her nothing like rachel do.Jared its hot what she supoose to wear to the store. We don’t see rachel going to the store anymore.I like what she has on and it suits her for the weather. That’s how you suppose to dress anyway. Jared and others you need to stop putting her down like that. Don’t see rachel bilson looking any better when she go out.Since she suppose to be good in fashion.

  • wandd

    The way Mischa has been looking these past few weeks it will be very hard for her to get work.

    She’s clearly going through something and maybe it’s best that she leave showbusiness for a while and deal with whatever issues she needs to deal with outside of the spotlight.

  • Coldplayer

    I like her hips… I wish I had some instead of being straight up and down

  • cc

    what happened to your legs, Mischa? such a shock, ma chere……

  • Macchiato

    doesen´t she have a mirror ?????

  • @the Truth

    Jared isn’t putting her down. You are being overly sensitive.

    The pants are way too tight on her. Is this the way people should dress in hot weather? Wearing pants that are too tight in an unflattering style?

    She was wearing those horrendous harem pants awhile back with the dropped cro-tch. Why not wear a loose fitting pair that loosely hugs the waist and then drops straight down to the ankle without the dropped cro-tch. Would look much better than this outfit. And I hardly think most of the world walks around with their bra showing. This tends to be a Hollywood/celebutard move rather than most of us unbuttoning our shirts to let everyone see the bra.

    Mischa is not fat, but she is not slender in the hips and thighs any longer. You can see the pants digging into her waist. You can see them hugging the rolls of fat. If they weren’t made out of denim, then they would most likely have split at the seams.

    Is this look everyone should wear? Tight waist hugging pants where your fat rolls drop over the pant waist, tight pants on heavier hips and thighs so that when you walk it grabs your fat and rolls with it? Gee, let me get some today! NOT,.

  • theoclove

    she looks great and healthy..

  • Catherine

    What was she thinking when she walked out of her house? Does she not own a mirror?

  • bizbee


    idani and a few others are spot on. these pants are simply unflattering on her. a pair of hepburn style pants – fitted at the waist with wide trouser legs would look great on her. no one has a perfect body. one’s body also changes over the years. it’s natural.

    but when you are photographed and scrutinized all the time or when it’s part of your work to look good, get a stylist or a friend to help you select looks that make the most of what you’ve got.

  • LuckyL

    Can gianormous people wear high-waist things?

  • Linda

    Shes crazy. If I had that body and I had to put that outfit on I wouldn’t go out. With that body that makes you feel even more gross and angry. Mischa choose your clothes right or hire a stylist and of course be stylish.

  • Dusty Roper

    Most of your comments are a bit superficial. I doubt that a single one of you look as good on your best day as Ms. Barton looks on her worst day. All of this aside, she is an extremely talented and underutilized actress. Her day will come. As for you? Ha!

  • black

    When the hell did she get THIIIIIS HOT??!!
    I mean————I´ver never been a fan of her before. But now that´she´s brought up her body to a new level I might change my mind.

  • happy girl

    yellow pants: always tough to pull off!

  • ad

    Her face is looking much better at least.

  • ++Logan++


    you’re not fat, but those jeans make you look it!!

  • Marieme

    This girl just wants to look awful. Between her unforgivable choice in shoes (barf) and pants like this…Ay yi yi. There is no hope for her style-wise.

  • Linda

    those jeans look hideous on her.

  • Amber-louise

    Honestly, I don’t think those pants would look good on anyone.

  • Lisa

    Those pants look terrible on her lol

  • Annabelle

    Someone needs to get her a mirror!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liv

    Those are some seriously unflattering pants.

  • Sheigh

    Oh my god! She’s the sister of KFed now!
    so sad , she was so pretty and now sorry but i see a … cow! the pants she wears doesn’t fit well !
    Foolish by awfull fashion!