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Angelina Jolie: Bosnia with Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie: Bosnia with Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie shares a laugh with a displaced Bosnian woman in the eastern Bosnian town of Gorazde over the weekend.

The 34-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and her partner Brad Pitt also visited refugees near the eastern Bosnian towns of Visegrad and Medjedja.

“After seeing these people and hearing their stories, I cannot overemphasize the need to focus on the well-being of the most vulnerable individuals of the population,” Angie said, adding that “…by ending displacement and ensuring quality of life, we can help to promote progress and long-term stability.”

Angie added, “I hope we can find solutions for the remaining tens of thousands of displaced people …only then can we really close one of the most tragic chapters in modern history. [I hope] to return to this beautiful country soon and meet with political representatives to further discuss the solutions that are so badly required… Bosnia and Herzegovina now has the opportunity to move forward by ending displacement and further capitalizing on the EU accession process. The local leadership has the ultimate responsibility to make choices to ensure that this will happen.”

Read more about Brad & Angie‘s Bosnian trip on!

10+ pictures inside of Brad & Angie in Bosnia…

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angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 01
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 02
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 03
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 04
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 05
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 06
angelina jolie bosnia brad pitt 07
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Photos: Aziz/UNHCR
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  • loyal

    She is so beautiful, inside and out. Amazing how she uses her celebrity to further insight into the world’s poor. She has grown into an outstanding woman.

  • eliott

    Cool pics. I love the smile on AJ’s face. She enjoys her humanitarian work. The JPs are special peeps. I’m glad they found each other.

  • Kansas housewife

    When I see a picture of Jennifer Aniston, I get so angry I kick my dog.

  • Lucas


  • eliott

    The trolls can have X and her mindless sun-bathing trips to Meh-hee-co. The JPs have a purpose-driven life that inspires and motivates people all over the world.

  • haters will be angry

    @Kansas housewife: well, hopefully someone will call the cops on you for doing that.
    Anywhoo, love seeing Angelina doing good work. I know that pisses some off. LoL

  • Josie

    I love how they are doing this together :)
    you can tell they both enjoy doing humanitarian work and travel all over the world to visit historical places.
    Brad has finally found his true match.

  • Josie

    I love how they are doing this together :)
    you can tell they both enjoy doing humanitarian work and travel all over the world to visit historical places.
    Brad has finally found his true match.

  • peter

    purpose driven life? To fool people like you. can’t wait for the book comes out about them Another phot0-op. These people don’t inspire anymore. I feel sorry for their kids. They are a joke in the US and hollywod.

  • peter

    doing photo-ops isn’t humantarian work. Go back to school

  • Dany

    Like always pretending to be the good girl.

    I hate publicity for this “couple”!

  • Love them

    Love Brad and Angelina. Such an inspiration.

  • eliott

    Poor name-changing troll. I know how hard it is for you to see the JPs together. Relax. Take a deep breath. It’s all good.

  • estelle

    Awwww, so sweet, the old lady gave Angie an Easter egg. I just love this picture.

  • gg

    What a heart warming photo it makes me smile with aw.

  • roar

    That’s really nice of them.

  • Pinkrose

    No other couple in Hollywoood can compare. Talk about Life with a purpose. This is how you turn a troubled life around. For all the uncertainties of her young adult life, Angelina has turned it around in a most powerful way. It’s human to mess up and be troubled as a young adult, but hopefully one matures and take one’s rightful place in society.

    To the posters here who have lived a mediocre life from start to finish, never messing up much, but never achieving much either, I say stay in your mediocrity. Angelina and Brad have lived with a purpose and achieved much more than you ever could.

  • Holly

    These are amazing individuals who deserve every bit of good fortune that comes their way.

    Its no surprise they have it so good, they devote so much to other people.

  • Queen

    love themmm

  • angi fan

    ı love you angii

  • Nic

    The pictures warm my heart, they are beautiful. And i just seen them on TV, both looked very happy and content, specially Angie, seemed like she loved being in Bosnia.

  • Elizabeth

    amazing and wonderful couple. God Bless their soul. Whatever the comments might be I believe JP are the most and being love in Hollywood. As I see on thier recent and past pictures they love what they do because there care so much so much to the world.

  • lucky

    They are not doing photo-ops or seeking publicity!!! Angelina has been working for UNHCR since 2001!
    Maybe you should read this AP article.
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited Bosnia on Monday, intending to spotlight the plight of 117,000 people who have not able to return to their homes, even though the Bosnia war ended 15 years ago.
    But they tried to do so while evading the spotlight themselves: There were no reported media sightings of the celebrity couple.

  • Lucky Charm

    Way to go Brangie! This is just one of the many reasons why you are admired so much.

  • luvangie4ever

    I love you, Angie! I love the humanitarian work you do, I love that you’re a captivating and talented actress, I love that you’re a beautiful person both inside and out. And Angie, I love that you’re a such a strong and incredibly loving woman. When I became your fan, I never dreamed you would become a woman of this magnitude and I was already more than impressed then. Love you, Angie, and so proud to be your fan.

  • Lucky Charm

    @ Peter – I think you’re on the wrong thread. The person who is “a joke in the US and hollywod” is Jennifer Aniston.


    I’m trying not to be mean but seriously Brad Pitt looks OLD and BAD!!!!!!!!

  • MsNJS

    Angelina looks a hot mess, but still beautiful!! :)

    Brad SHAVE!

  • cee

    Lucky there is no reasoning with haters. The world recognizes Angie and Brads relevance and the good work they do. Haters are just missing out on supporting two wonderful people to show their support for a selfish,pr driven stalker God Bless the Jolie Pitt family and all the do. Snarky people like Lainey, Popsugar and the rest just will never get it. I am glad that I do. Proud to be a JP fan.

  • eliott

    I’m trying not to be mean but seriously Yvonne sounds shallow and stupid.

  • karen

    See the fools rushed here to respond. No need to even answer the name changing hag or troll..

    Love that she and Brad had a personal day together.. Nice.. even busy celeb mommies and daddies need some Mommy and Daddy time..

    The people in the International community and such know how real both of these people are. And the cynics need to move on. If you don’t believe fine.. let the fans enjoy..

    Angie has great hair.. can’t wait for them to hit Cannes.. it will be the 4th time and they always bring the hottness. YEAH.

  • hmm

    That old lady looks like Uma Thurman in old.


    Angie & Brad doing their thing. Angelina looks quite young in these pictuers.

  • Kat


  • reBECCA

    Way to go. You know I bet it’s become natural for them to do this. I think Brad is now used to going on these visits with Angelina. He’s a true supporter of Angelina and everything she’s doing.

  • sofia

    They are excellent people!!!


    These loving people support each others. You can tell how much Brad respect and adores Angie’s humanitarian work. Brad is always behind Angie. They love each other and very good example to their children. BRAVO, Angie you are an Angel. Brad, you are her guilding light and protection.

  • andamentothat

    Wow, just wow!!

  • heaven

    I hope those political representatives take your advice!!!

  • saffron

    the picture with the old lady is so heartwarming and beautiful! more people should be like Angie, that’s for sure.

  • cee

    I agree Wow just Wow. They are a loving family and it shows. I wonder how the rags will try and turn this into something negative against Angie. Join the petiton to boycott In Touch. All fans of any celeb that you know IT has lied about in a mean and horrid way. Although they have not bashed anyone as badly as Angie , but Sandra B’s fans and others are welcome to join. I got my local grocer to stop bringing in In Touch. It was so easy. Give it a try. Hard to do with Walmart but not with Joe’s corner store. Times are tough they don’t want to waste their money on garbage. Note: If you sign petition get ready to be get rid of a lot of spam.

  • Some Bunny

    Amazing. I just love them both so much. OMG Isn’t Brad looking so fine here? And of course Angelina looks beautiful except for the last picture when there is pain on her face. It makes me sad too see her sad. I hope she writes another journal about her travels.
    Blessing to all.

  • sharon

    They are amazing.



  • QQQQ

    Sweet pic of Angie with the old lady.. This is the reason I will always be a fan!

  • Just-Me

    Loooooooooove these two! Angie is still beautiful without makeups. Can’t say the same about Maniston.

  • pretenders

    Take pics , drive fram in limo with bodygurds, WHEN SOMEBODY else
    workedto maintenece theirs visit.
    They suppose to stay in Italy!
    I am refugee myself and DON WANT HER to represented me!!!!

  • lsam

    Great post Pinkrose. Could not have said it better. Brad and Angie, the most inspirational couple in the world.