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Adam Lambert: 'Remixes' Album Out Friday!!!

Adam Lambert: 'Remixes' Album Out Friday!!!

American Idol favorite Adam Lambert will soon release Remixes, a 6-track digital EP containing remix versions of his first two singles off his debut album, For Your Entertainment.

Remixes will be made available exclusively on this Friday (April 9) and at all other digital service providers on April 13th. Check out the track listing below!

1. “Whataya Want From Me” Fonzerelli Electro House Club Mix – 5:51
2. “Whataya Want From Me” Brad Walsh A Vivir Mix – 4:31
3. “Whataya Want From Me” Jason Nevins Electrotek Extended Mix – 6:22
4. “For Your Entertainment” Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix – 6:29
5. “For Your Entertainment” Brad Walsh Remix -4:56
6. “Voodoo” 3:14 (Unreleased Track)

FYI: Adam is rumored to be the music mentor on Idol for the April 13 episode.

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  • Ilia

    Finally! WTF took them so long to release this EP? Sony SUCKS!

  • Apple

    Cool, dude.

  • islandgirljams

    Thanks for always keeping me up to date on my fave guy Adam Lambert, everyone’s in for a treat with VooDoo, an AMAZING song

  • just

    Who cares? just another loser trying to sell different versions of the same floppy album, give up adam, you are a loser and will always be. Shame on you just jared for thinking he is ”american idol favorite” what about kelly, carrie, daughtry, david cook? the people who actually HAVE platinum albums and platinum singles?

  • ley

    alright! about time.. love this dude.. aww enough with the gay-gay convention.. thats like 5-mins ago, people.

  • GlamRockGodUK


    Adams gay alright he’s more than gay in fact he’s a happy as Larry you see his debut album has gone Gold in more countries than you have brain cells in appears….not only that but the album is Platinum and his latest single double Platinum in Canada. He’s my worldwide Gla Rock God gay or not.

  • ley

    @just: FYE album was gold in u.s. and platinum on canada. so, whats the hate? its not like he did something with kelly or anything. why shame on just jared, if adam have fans that actually are commenting in this site? loser and will always be? what do you mean? his career is actually successful.

  • blows

    garbage…..straight to the dustbin

  • 123

    I will buy his remix instantly! I can’t have enough ADAM, I will never have.
    Mr. Adam Lambert is and will continue to be a significant figure on the WORLWIDE music scene.
    He has the ability to infuse your soul with every emotion through his phenomenal voice, range, power, tone, charisma and his unbelievable talent.
    Adam sings with his soul for your soul delivering lyrics, inspiration, love, comfort, healing, arousal, excitement, fun. Adam is a truly fascinating, GIFTED performer. He’s never the same, always surprising, SMART and amazing.

  • Tay

    Worth it for Voodoo alone. Awesome track.

  • laura

    @Dan: Way too hot to be gay! Adam Lambert is faking the gay thing!

  • laura



  • Star

    Looks like his label is trying to cash in even more. And why the hell would Adam be a guest mentor for AI? He’s only been famous for about a year. AI must be really desperate.

  • James20

    Cue the butthurt! Cue the ignorant unknowing morons saying Lambert is a failure. Cue the bigots! Cue the whimpering jealous Allen fans saying Lambert didn’t “earn the right” to be a mentor.

    Two words for your people: Quentin Tarantino.

  • Philps

    “Earn the right to be a mentor” Are you serious? This is a reality television show. And it’s been a boring reality television show all season. If Lambert can breathe some life into the zombies of season 9 then I am all for it!

  • Maisie

    Gee, I remember all the good old times last year when people where calling Adam too professional to be on idol. Now he’s not professional enough!

    Ha ha! jokes on you!

  • Mel

    Damn it Idol, you sneaky bastards! Damn you for getting me to tune in again after I broke up with you during those painful semifinal rounds. Oh, I am sooo buying the remix EP, from the preview clips the two Brad Walsh trax are srsly jammin!

  • Terencec


  • Sacha

    I would actually tune in for the first time this Season.


    LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO at the stans of other Idols butthurt their flopped Idols weren’t asked to mentor. Mad your favorites don’t have friends and fans in Steven Spielberg, Zeppelin, Slash, Tyler, Tim, Burton, Paul McCartney, T&G, Rob Marshall, Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, LPerry, Muse, Gaga…………all the rest….like Lambo does? Mad none of them went PLATINUM and GOLD in over 9 Countries? Mad none of them are greeted with excitement and f-n mad love every Continent they go to? Keep crying LOLLLLLLLLL

  • CPandrew

    Vooodoo is a killer track. He sounds like Bassey at one point in the song, that’s a compliment. And I thought the Idol mentoring rumor was a rumor but it’s not? That would be fkn brilliant. I’d actually tune in, this season sucks so bad.

  • :)

  • Mia

    Lol, Adam would make a FABULOUS mentor “Tim! Do this heavymetal inspired version & wear a spandex bodysuit”. His album is the second best album of the Year, it’s SO good. Chuffed he’s doing so well, he deserves it after working in LA for over a Decade. He’ll be coming to Capital Studios next week, we LOVE him here. I love that every country gets it aside from the U.S. Why are you guys so backwards?

  • Aron

    Well they had to do something to boost the show’s ratings. The contestants this Season are like freaking bland half dead zombies. Hope the rumor’s true. As for the EP there ain’t many stuff I’m willing to pay for but his talent is rare, and he’s a really nice, solid, funny guy. And his album is refreshing so I’ll buy this.

  • ohhhhhhhh

    I thought the Idol thing was rumor!!!!!! That would def. be interesting. If Miley and QT could do it, Adam makes way more sense.
    When the Idol House were asked who they went to for advice they all said “Adam” – about music, life, anything. Kris Allen: “He’s just so easy to talk to, and gives amazing advice. He has so many words of wisdom, real genuine ones. He’s just an all round great guy.” He does make you feel comfortable, if it’s true I hope he mentors in his way and not how the producers may want him to.

  • lol

    @blows: You’re not very smart are you. Recheck your sentence.


    F YES X2

  • golfrapp

    @Terencec: It’s true, he just confirmed it, check his Twitter :- ]

  • baymin

    Adam appearing on Idol again will be the best thing to happen this season. Damn, does this season blow. And no, not in a good way.

  • haha

    @laura: no in the usa

  • M

    @haha: Your bias is showing.

  • Isabelle


    Platinum in Canada…did you even check how many albums you need to sell in order to get Platinum in Canada?…not a million copies that’s for sure.

  • Canada

    @Isabelle: You mad LOL? He’s not only the most successful contestant from Last Season, he is the most Successful male Idol Alumn from Idol ever – and the one who brings in the most ratings, and one of the most popular overall male or female. And still despite every ongoing issue America still possesses, he is still one of the most In Demand artists – and celebrities today even though I don’t think his career has even yet set off. He’s one of the most popular people – on and off Idol, that’s just fact, deal with it lol. Popular people have haters that’s how it is. You never hear people going “meh” it’s either “Love!” or “Hate!” which is MUCH better, and Adam loves it. Loves being polarizing, you’re not making any sort of Art if everyone is indifferent to you and forgets you even exist. Thankfully so many legends respect him, which again is another thing a lot of the other contestants haven’t managed to get. There’s such a long list of his Achievements and Awards he’s won already. Also aside from the fact that he causes like mass hysteria and excitement everywhere he goes (even in backward America, and strict Muslim countries), and everyone who interviewers him for some reason falls in love with him, you know he keeps some websites running – literally, because of the Hits they get when they write about him? He’s not on Gaga or Obama’s level of Site hits LOL but he’s above the half-way point. And, because he has been in the Industry for over a Decade, and decided to get his face on Idol for a mainstream-mass audience, and knew exactly who he was, what he wanted to do, sooo intune with himself, he also managed to break away from the Idol bubble with ease, so fast. No other Idol alumn has been able to do that so far. Even moreso than Kelly C. and Carrie who are both still instantly associated with that show. I think all the others are still IN the Idol bubble. That’s why a lot of people call him an IRL troll. He landed on the show and used it, instead of letting IT use him. His Queen duet and his Tracks Of My Tears performances are to this day pure class. He was amazing and different almost every week. I hope he’s relaxed and just himself next week. And I hope his performances goes well. I’m scared but excited for him. x

  • Isabelle


    You should have saved your breath because I REALLY DON’T CARE…about Adam that is. Good try though :-)

  • JG

    @Isabelle: You CLEARLY do otherwise you wouldn’t be on all up in his thread LMFAO.

  • Beat

    @just: Kelly Carrie Daughtry Cook? You basically just listed your own favorites LOL! I do not know ONE person who admits to listening to Daughtry or Cook’s music, they make buttrock – music almost as bad as Nickleback. Neither are popular at all, unless you’re inside their OWN Idol Forums LOL. Carrie is big in the country market, that is it. Even Taylor S. who is less talented than her managed to cross into the mainstream charts. Carrie’s still stuck in the Idol bubble, again, no one puts her tracks on their ipods, most boys think she’s hot, most girls think she’s a Not popular at all. Kelly is popular, although I’m not a fan. But her relationship with Idol is rocky, remember. And she doesn’t even have a new single to promote.

  • Carla

    It’d be awesome if he mentored!!!!! Love Adam. He’s super talented!

  • fP*

    omqosh i♥Adam(:
    he has the greatest voice ever.
    ppl need t stop hating.&& cant wait
    til’ i get this cd.i’ll listen to it non’stop(:
    ohh yeahh.adam=♥ lOl he’s hott tOO
    love ya bunches,