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Jennifer Aniston Attracts Thousands For New Movie

Jennifer Aniston Attracts Thousands For New Movie

Co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Mario Joyner are spotted on the set of their new movie, Just Go With It, in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 6).

According to The Associated Press, over 3,000 people showed up at Maui’s Kihei Charter School last weekend for a chance to appear in the Just Go With It.

Hundreds of people are needed to act as hotel guests, “sitting around a pool, enjoying a luau and eating in restaurants. [Most extras] will be paid $100 for 10 hours of work, but those cast in special roles, such as hula dancers and ‘bikini girls,’ will get more.”

10+ pictures inside of Jen Aniston and Adam Sandler on set…

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jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 01
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 02
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 03
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 04
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 05
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 06
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 07
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 08
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 09
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 10
jennifer aniston thousands movie set adam sandler 11

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  • Robert

    Jen is so cool! Absolutely LOVE her!!!!

  • Robert

    And Hot!

  • Katsaridoula

    Robert seems to be either gay or desperate to have any “woman” out there. Bless you, Robert. I feel sorry for you!!! Angie forever, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ANGIE!!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    Poor Robert, are you into manly looking women? Aaah, we are all different, aren’t we? Bless you. ANGIE = ETERNAL BEAUTY, Maniston will never reach up to her beauty or class. NEVER!!! Come on, thumb me down, I don’t care less ;-)

  • DUH

    LMAO at the title of this thread. ofcourse it will attract thousands of people, it’s a casting call.

  • Katsaridoula

    bless you, Robert, some like beautiful women, some like them horse faced, we are all different :-D Angie forever!

  • Misled

    how misleading. she didn’t attract anybody. lmao they just wanted to be extras in an adam sandler movie. she’s looking cheap and low class as usual. s k A n k!

  • oh yeah

    where is Gerard butler and his finger?

  • oh yeah

    laura Cholewa Forever

  • tasha

    I don’t understand why Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz always do those stupid movies they are nearby the same crap!
    They can have a Job but no luck in private life, they will end old and alone. Anyway Jennifer looks younger and fresher than Cameron! she surely is using botox but it doesn’t help her to find a man!

  • LuckyL

    WTF? You think they came for HER Jared? LOL

  • Robert

    Excuse me but I am as straight as an arrow. I have thought Jennifer has always been hot since her days on Friends! She does not look manly imo whatsoever. That trait belongs to Sarah Jessica Parker. I would love just one night with Jen to show her what heaven is really all about!

  • dani

    It was a casting call! They always attract thousands of would be actors who want that chance to be in a movie.

  • Molly

    Oh Please! Stop trying to make Aniston look and sound so much more significant than anyone else! This happens all the time on most big-name sets that call for extras. This is no big deal. Just like Miss Can’t-keep-a-Maniston.

  • edna

    just jared did this intentionally to get more hits for this thread. lol it will delight jen fans and cause hysterical laughter in everybody else. i wonder how many trailer trash old men showed up for a go at fingering that white trash who thinks she’s a movie star………….

  • janelle

    lol, it’s a casting call. People didn’t come just to see her.

  • karen


    I was going to post the same thing. Really the heading made it seem as if all the people came to see her acting.. YEAH. such a misleading story header.. and yes in this economy.. I would turn up too to make a few bucks. Plus it is Spring Break.. lots of people on vacation..

    LMAO.. this is not her movie to begin with She is a co-star and trust this film is all about Adam Sandler..

    the heading should have read.. Thousand show up for the Sandler movie..

    Jared did the same thing with the Hait Telethon.. Bad form then and bad form now.

  • Molly

    “Robert” is just some fat girl Loonifer Heniston fan in diguise trying desperately to make everyone think Maniston is attractive to the opposite sex. Hang it up, “Robert”. Nobody wants the slag.

  • chin can’t act

    jennifer didn’t attracted 1000. how about jennifer & adam? btw, people didn’t come for her. they came because they want to be in a movie & money.

  • edna

    and robert, i can see your p u s s y from here, stop pretending to be a dude. your attempt at making jennifer sound hotter than she actually is isn’t really working for anyone else but you.

  • busted


    Stop pretending to be a guy.. Men don’t talk that way.. only in the movies and romance novels. Pathetic that you as a fan of the woman feel the need to pretend to be a man to make her seem desirable.

    Sad,, but expected..

  • Immature haters.

    Wow, haters are being immature again. When will you guys grow up and stop attacking people for liking her?

    And you lot think Jen fans are bad, but you refuse to look at yourselves.

  • chin can’t act

    Immature haters. @ 04/06/2010 at 3:51 pm

    when pig flies and when the JP haters stop attacking the people who like the JP. i guess that means never.

  • LuckyL

    LMAO Jared, you think they came for HER?

  • LuckyL

    Oops sorry, I thought you blocked my comment Jared sweety

  • edna

    once this thread reaches page 2 we, ‘haters’, should all be outties and let her mini troop of 3 or 4 worshippers oooh and ah about her hair, body and clothes. she gets way too many hits for a lousy, average looking has-been as it is.

  • Dawn

    While this headline is misleading, I love how you are all over JJ for it but when they posted the Heidi Montag stars with JA headline, you had no problem with even though it was a complete lie. Heidi filmed a one day cameo for Just Go With It on the same day that JA was in NYC promoting TBH. Heidi lied on her twitter and said she was filming all week when in reality she filmed one day and was back filming The Hills two days later.

  • http://guido guido

    I’m a guy and I know that what pleases the man is already a very beautiful woman, but his advantage over others is that it is funny and it has more legs of hell.

  • Lucky Charm

    You have the title wrong Jared, it’s not Aniston attracting 1000′s of people – it’s the chance to get paid to lounge around a pool and eat free food, in this economy, and probably the chance to hang around pretty Brooklyn Decker, that’s getting so much interest.

  • chin can’t act

    edna @ 04/06/2010 at 4:00 pm

    ITAWU! I will leave after this. And you know there’s one worshiper (i don’t want to mention this stupid poster’s name because I have decided to never respond to her post) who post the same non sense. I will give you a hint. Horrible grammars, spelling, & nothing she posts make sense. You are a smart JP fan. I hope you will be able to guess who that stupid worshiper is.

  • Lucky Charm


    That’s because Heidi Montag and Jennifer Aniston ARE co-stars. They are in the same movie together, and neither one is the lead. The difference is that was a true statement, this heading is not.

  • Gerard’s Finger

    @oh yeah:

    oh yeah @ 04/06/2010 at 3:33 pm

    where is Gerard butler and his finger?
    RIGHT HERE!!!! U DIG?!

  • Gerard’s Finger


    So true.

  • http://guido guido

    because the haters know that JP are dirty and ugly, they look like the adams family, always sad when they saw jen with gerry was like a ray of sunshine both smiling and very hot as a couple, and especially very nice couple. evidence that they are there to insult, but it makes no difference it will always be beautiful and loved

  • maria

    LOL! Is this a brangelina thread or what? I dont see her picture here, do you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha……….you never tire, do you. What are you people afraid of? Brad is with her, the kids are being taken cared of by a lot of good nannies, both making movies… what more do you want? They have made themselves known humanitarians, managed to keep secret whatever happened when she was gone from the radar, killed down the bodyguard tell all. You cant have everybody in the whole world worshipping her and her brood. Everyone has his/her own taste, beliefs. Some people like bitchy sexy looking women, some people like classy sexy looking women and it depends on what you consider is sexy, bitchy, classy. Hollywood is a make believe world and don’t ever believe the taloids. Pictures are pictures. Nobody knows what is happening behind the scenes. NOBODY! So, back off and just comment on whoever is your idol. I am a fan but I am not a fanatic one who commits idolatry and goes to every site just to bash on someone. Waste of time. Fill your hearts with love, not hatred. Just maybe, the world will be saved from an early ending because it sure is getting too full of hatred and materialism. Remember, idolatry is a sin. So is hatred, esp if it is consuming your very soul. Peace people. Prayers for you and your parents.

  • Anon

    Shows you how many people are out of work in America.

  • jaliah

    LOL at the title of the thread. PR damage control after the fingers up the pooper espisode where she didn’t bat an eye.

  • Bisexual

    Jen is caliente hot but Adam Sandler looks dirty and smelly. The only types of women who could possibly be attracted to Adam are trailer park trash, guidettes (female guidos), and lesbians who like like butch women since Adam dresses like a butch Lesbian.

  • Frenchie


    you are funny. They look like a bunch of hobos don’t they.

  • ykw

    Is JJ crazy trying to act like X is drawing the same kind of crowd that Angelina and JD had in Italy? Those people just want to be in a movie, it’s a CASTING CALL.
    These people want to work and make money…and in this economy…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    The crowd in Venice ogling and screaming for AJ & JD had were ADMIRERS, FANS!


    I’m starting to believe that maybe JJ is being pd.

  • http://. Well

    Adam Sandler has had only a few films that have been funny. She won’t help that situation.

  • Gerard’s Finger

    She needs a hip, modern short cute haircut. The hair in the face thing…NO MATTER WHAT…is just plain tired and haggy-looking…and NO…she don’t look fcukable.
    Like the book said of Jane.

  • http://guido guido

    Frenchie @
    entirely for JP yes, ugly brad especially now, I’m not a fanatic, but I love Jen, I think Jen is a beautiful woman but with something that makes it different compared to another woman, c Is gerry who speaks better jen

  • LuckyL

    God, her age is showing. She looks like a baked chicken in these new pics.

  • Linds

    Jen’s lesbian fans post under male names. Men are not posting nothing about her. They run from her. Jen attract lesbians. They have the hots for her not men. I believe Jen is a lesbian.

  • work hard for that money

    Deja vu all over again. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. The Bounty Hunter Switch to Rumor has it that he is just not into your latest bomb. So I guess you just go with it until folks say enough and you try your Rachel gig on TV.

  • callmewhatever

    The fans of this site are so biased when it comes to Jen. They can never give her credit for ANYTHING. And Jen is the only one not allowed to have natural human emotions or as a SINGLE woman not allowed to date whoever she wants without harsh judgement.

    All the people saying she’s ugly LMAO!! Id like to see what YOU LOOK LIKE. Most of you are probably half her age and as big as a house and raggedy looking. I actually think she looks better than Angie now. Pre Brad Angie was my girl. Now she looks so blah. I know she’s a mom and she’s busy but she doessnt have the same appeal.

  • Len

    Gross cow.

  • Junebug

    Who let the dog out?

  • Kimmy

    Too tight clothes, bleach blonde hair, and fake and tan face. Same old, same old.