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Kate Gosselin Dances to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi

Kate Gosselin Dances to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi

Kate Gosselin dances the Paso Doble with partner Tony Dovolani to Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” during week three of Dancing with the Stars on Monday (April 5) in Los Angeles.

“It was very hard to watch,” said judge Carrie Ann Inaba. “I don’t feel the emotion got to your face. That was very strange.”

“For once, you played the character, you had the look of the super b—h from hell!” added Bruno Tonioli. “You looked like you were walking. Next time, dance!”

Watch Kate‘s Paso Doble below!

Kate Gosslein – Paso Doble

WHO DO YOU THINK will get kicked off tonight???

30+ pictures inside of yesterday’s Dancing with the Stars

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kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 01
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 02
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 03
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 04
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 05
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 06
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 07
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 08
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 09
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 10
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 11
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 12
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 13
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 14
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 15
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 16
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 17
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 18
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 19
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 20
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 21
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 22
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 23
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 24
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 25
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 26
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 27
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 28
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 29
kate gosselin lady gaga paparazzi dance 30

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  • Dog Lover

    She is pretty with a good figure but she doesn’t dance all that great.

  • Holly

    I actually think it will be Buzz who gets the boot. Its called ‘Dancing with the stars’ Not “walking with the stars’.

  • Dianew

    This parasite does not belong on DWTS. She sucks the life out of everyone she comes in contact with. Women throughout the ages have given birth – shes done nothing special! GO AWAY KATE GOSSELIN!!!

  • SCHoli

    I hope Pam Anderson stays! She deserves to win!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahaha she’s fcuking horrible. worst women ever on this show. even her partner hates her. ahahahahahaha.. she’s outta here! and another thing, why does this show continue to butcher music?!? if they’re not going to play the original track and have someone sing it they should at least have someone who can actually sing good. ahahahahahahaaa.. oh man, that video was funny.

  • soccermom28

    If Kate’s dancing skills are any indication of how she was in bed, I am shocked it took Jon this long to start sleeping with others. Kate is an embarrasement to all women! The only star status Kate has is in her own mind….move on, and look after your kids you sad excuse of a woman!

  • Faded Glory

    I was actually embarrassed for her while watching that horrible, horrible performance. She also is a very rude person. Losing is a way of life and all of us have lost at something. You can be graceful about it or you can look like her–obviously upset, bitter, mad and childish. Her eyes were definitely shooting daggers when she got those 5′s. I’d take Buzz’s walking and good humor any day over her meanness.

  • happy girl

    This bothers me to no end. If she hates paps so much, why do a dance show where millions will watch? And doesn’t she have kids to raise? why are they in Pennsylvania and she is in LA doing DWTS? Does she have no clue???????? Argh!

  • J

    Totally embarrassing for her and just hard to watch. I cringed when she started to dance and then just laughed through the rest of it. She’s not even trying.

  • Rhonda

    She is just a total bitch! Who is keeping this witch in the news? What kind of woman, celebrates this women. Let us know, what is the good you see in Kate Gosselin? or were you married to a Jon Gosselin?

  • AVR

    She hates the paps but is always in her front yard in clear hot.

    Well, I can’t stand this loser. She is heartless, therefore, can’t dance cause she’s a cold blooded

  • L

    I feel second-hand embarrassment watching her. She’s awful.

  • laura

    I’m a fan of this showI thought but I was going to enjoy this season more than I am. I’m losing interest. AFter Kate leaves I’d almost rather see that pusseycat girl go too then it will be a little more even, she’s clearly way experienced. What were they thinking getting her? Oh wait they were obviously desperate. They should call the show DWTHB or DWTWB
    dancing with the has beens or dancing with the wanna be’s

  • What do I think?

    She needs to leave the show.
    She cannot dance.

  • LuckyL

    Ew ew ew, I watched like 15 seconds and skipped the intro-GOD ALMIGHTY

  • Marley

    The only bad part to her being kicked off, is that she will do the talk show rounds….we just can’t escape the madness…

  • Sheigh

    it sucks ! She doesn’t know how to dance !
    Pathetic the worst show i ever seen and the worst candidate too !
    Dancing with ducks, kick off!

  • Shopping Cart Gosselin

    Usually I am not hysterically laughing until Kate begins dancing, but last night I was on the floor laughing uncontrollably as soon as I saw her in costume.
    Was she trying to look sexy? Because she failed miserably. In fact, she really looked pregnant and demented. Don’t most of the celebrities lose weight while doing DWTS? She seems to be gaining more weight each week.

  • Shelly


    Why shouldn’t she be in HER front yard? I’m not the world’s biggest Kate fan but it’s her property and she has the right to prance naked if she so chooses. The paps are using those zoom lenses to get those pictures anyway. Is she supposed to stay inside 24/7 so she doesn’t get her picture taken? Keep the kids locked in the house?

  • Shelly

    Obviously some of you people are so demented you think she doesn’t have the right to be outside in her own yard? Seriously? Get a grip.

  • Cayenne

    She simply has no rythm or music in her body to express the moves and skill that Tony requires! You could not have a better coach than Tony! Why is he always getting placed – partnered with the most challenging? I must say it is clearly because the Producers know how absolutely unfailing he is at promoting dancing and those that he is training! Tony needs some glory in this so lets just be thankful that he is still dancing (which he loves) and that he is doing his best to get through this! Go Tony! I am here/there for TONY!

  • dani


    No one is saying she doesn’t have the right to be in her yard. BUT she has a huge back yard that is much less accessible to the paps. In the pictures I’ve seen, it would appear it is a better venue for egg hunting than the front yard.
    So why hunt eggs in the front yard.? mmmm. Paps taking pictures perhaps?

  • charlotte

    Kate did not dance well at all. It was a travesty but what is more disturbing is her dead expression. It is creepy as it makes her look like a sociopath and if an acting coach could not even get her to express emotion, how is she going to embark on the acting career she has said she would consider? I am seriously asking this and not trying to be insulting. I do not understand who her fan base is. She no longer appeals to anyone I know, even those who loved to watch her old show when it first started. Everyone has become so turned off. The comparison of Buzz and Kate is not fair as he is an elderly man who is actually quite endearing to watch despite the fact he is not the best dancer and she is a young woman who can’t dance and seems incapable of loosening up in the least or smiling sincerely. Also, whoever choose that costume and makeup for her should give their head a shake. Were they trying to make her look horrible? Maybe they don’t like her either.

  • KC

    It is sad day when anything that Kate Gosselins does is considered to be entertainment.

  • Haha

    forget about the backyard. If she hates the paps so much, she should stay away from the media and get a real job. If Jon’s paying $8200 per month for child support, why does she keep babbling about “providing for kids”? she always plays the victim card of being a mom and selling out her kids like a 2 dollar hooker. Being a mom is the greatest joy, and not a burden that it destroys her as a person.

  • Annabeth

    @Shelly: No one thinks she does not have the right to be in her front yard, they are saying that anyone with that much land could choose to go into another part of the yard where they would be harder to photograph, therefore gaining some of the privacy for herself and the children she claims to want. It only makes sense. Who runs around on their driveway for an Easter Egg hunt anyway? Telling people to get a grip because they spot the hypocrisy makes me think that you should consider getting one yourself.

  • Shelly


    My point is WHY does it matter to the people here on this site where she is in her yard? Would you change the things you do because someone is bothering you? It’s the paps that are keeping her in the spotlight in the first place. Love her or hate her, Kate Gosselin pictures probably bring in a lot of $$$$ for the scum bags. I still say that if she wants to prance around naked in her front yard she has that right. Maybe I should get a grip – I have no clue why I get so ticked when people trash talk her. LOL

  • beth

    She shuffled around slowly as if she had bricks tied to her feet……. the only entertaining part was when her partner Tony wiped the floor with her.

  • JibbersJabbers

    Come to my blog. I have pictures of Kate’s a$$ all over plus I took of the pictures of her in her yard and zoomed in on the crotch area and woot woot do I have a dirty mind. Come and see how crazeeeee I am.

  • she sucks

    Get the frig back home ..clean the toilets, wipe some asz, make a few sangwitches and disappear…YOU CAN”T DANCE B*TCH

  • joi

    She danced like a robot.

  • Down with Kate

    @Shelly: @JibbersJabbers:

    Boy, you’re a smart one you stupid poser.

  • boo

    Couldn’t watch past the acting coach bit. She is a f*cking nightmare.

  • Chegs

    Geez, I cannot decide which is more terrible: the dancing or the singing?! Very unfortunate choice of music…

  • just sayin’

    Poor Kate….Life is so tough for her, I really feel bad for this poor woman. NOT!!! Stop pimping your kids out and maybe the paparazzi will leave you alone. You love the paparazzi and the attention. Please, just go away.

  • Chegs

    And OMG, Maksim looks stunning!

  • cc

    She is totally uncoordinated.. and probably just as bad in bed.

  • Shelly

    @Down with Kate:

    Why am I a “poser”? I just don’t get the fact that people can’t see it’s the paps and gossip mags who keep Kate in the center of attention. I already said I’m not her biggest fan. I laughed myself silly watching her “dance” last night. If I could get paid six digits for making a fool of myself on live TV and putting that cash away for my kids’ college, etc, I would do it. Either way – I will never be able to listen to that song and now see Kate’s “angry” facials in my brain.

  • Gina

    I’d suggest Kate dance to a man hater song like “Short Short Man” if they want some real emotion out of her.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    This woman is seriously mentally ill. So much anger just radiating from her. Don’t let her fool you with her “paparazzi” crap. She has them on speed dial. Do you honestly think that Easter egg hunt wasn’t staged? The kiddies in matching oufits. Mommie in her hooker heels and dangly earrings. All of it done in the front yard of a multi-acre estate her children paid for. And her dance last night? Pathetic. No talent, no coordination. I’m sure her children were just thrilled to see Mommy dressed up like some pioneer hooker with some very bizarre makeup. Absolutely frightening. Go home Kate and get some therapy. Then take care of your children. Ugh.

  • eww

    Kate “danced” like she had a bad yeast infection. Btw, she loves the paps and attention, everyone knows it. The witch is losing it while America laughs.

  • flo
  • cindy

    Yeah, I watched this hot mess. She didn’t dance. More like walking. I don’t why she’s still on. I missed Shannen Doherty!!!

  • Diane

    For someone who likes to show off her feet, (even in the dead of Winter) she sure can’t use them.

  • okay

    DWTS were told not to score Kate lower then 5, huh? What BS! Boycott DWTS, it is rigged! With Kate’s blind sheeple….and the judges going no lower then 5…she deserved LESS. She might win. The good dancers will be voted off because Kate’s creepy fans register under many email addresses, use many computers and phones. Another thing, why is it that every star’s phone number has problems BUT KATE’S??? THIS SHOW IS RIGGED. JUDGES ALWAYS GIVING HER 5 AND ABOVE. MASTER P ALL OVER AGAIN.

  • hope she gets tossed

    Kate is the William Hung of dance—— the only difference is that William was likeable.

  • okay

    1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    3. Believes he is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    4. Requires excessive admiration

    5. Has a sense of entitlement

    6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

    7. Lacks empathy

    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

    9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

  • okay
  • meme

    i agree with #4…i think pam anderson should stay and WIN!!! kate needs to GO………..nuf said about her……she’s toooo awful to look at……..ugh……….

  • blah

    That was so bad, i had to turn off my computer. Seriously she needs to go home. This show is horrible anyway this seaon, thats one reason i refuse to watch it.