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Katie Holmes & Channing Tatum: Queens Kids

Katie Holmes & Channing Tatum: Queens Kids

Katie Holmes heads to the set of hew new movie, Son of No One, with her on-screen husband Channing Tatum in Queens, New York on Tuesday (April 6).

Queens! Holla!!!!!

Both Katie, 31, and Channing, 29, were seen smiling and laughing with fans. Of course they were gracious enough to take pics with them in between sceenes.

Earlier in the morning, Katie was seen picking up a coffee on her way to work.

15+ pictures inside of Queens kids Katie Holmes and Channing Tatum

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katie holmes channing tatum queens 01
katie holmes channing tatum queens 02
katie holmes channing tatum queens 03
katie holmes channing tatum queens 04
katie holmes channing tatum queens 05
katie holmes channing tatum queens 06
katie holmes channing tatum queens 07
katie holmes channing tatum queens 08
katie holmes channing tatum queens 09
katie holmes channing tatum queens 10
katie holmes channing tatum queens 11
katie holmes channing tatum queens 12
katie holmes channing tatum queens 13
katie holmes channing tatum queens 14
katie holmes channing tatum queens 15

Credit: Cam Griffith, Castro, INFdaily; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • Katsaridoula

    she is the most bizzare mother out there… she is a kid herself

  • idani

    I think Katie has gained some weight. Those jeans are way too tight in the bu-tt area and thighs. I know this is a movie role, but that wrinkled blouse and baggy pair of pants don’t do a thing for her either.

    Katie get some fashion help.

  • uncle patrick

    She looks a LOT happier there than in the recent pics with her daughter! It can’t be fun having a 4 yr old as your main source of company. Likewise, it can’t be fun for Suri having a 30 yr old as her main source of company.

  • Lisajane

    She looks so pretty!

  • Faded Glory

    MORE PICS OF CHANNING–he is so much hotter than Holmes!!!!

  • lisa

    omg thts so weird the 2 people they happen to post the pictures of them with aree my friendsss

  • CULT



  • bebe


    She’s not copying anyones’s style. The jeans that she’s wearing are obviously her own style. The brown shirt and slacks are part of her costume for the movie.

  • bebe


    She’s not copying anyones’s style. The jeans that she’s wearing are obviously her own style. The brown shirt and slacks are part of her costume for the movie.

  • Why

    @Faded Glory:
    You are actually right here!
    Channing is way fresher, hotter and more charming than Homely by 1000 times!
    Maybe way more talented too.

    Homely cannot act, nor sing, nor dance, heck, she cannot even talk.
    The only thing she does best is to swipe Tommy girl’s AE card.
    Guess how much Tommy Girl paid to send this wannabe out his way?

  • sickofMANISTONchinchin

    She’s not a very attractive girl. With all of Tom’s moolah why can’t she get her teeth fixed? Plain jane. move along…move along…

  • Bogus

    She looks like an imbecile when she smiles with her tongue out like that.

  • CULT



    LOVE HER!! These are not her best pictures but I’ve seen her in person and she IS stunning. A natural beauty.

  • Priscila

    Katie Holmes is beautiful!

  • LuckyL

    I don’t know why, but I felt the vomit in my throat. I guess she’s vomit-inducing. She has granny features.

  • @bebe

    “She is not copying anyone’s style” r u sure?
    When VB got a haircut, she got one, when VB started growing her hair back, she did, VB has being seen since the beginning of the year with her hair “neatly pulled back in a nought” bride of GMD has being doing the same difference is her hair looks ‘DIRTY N UNWASHED”

  • Why


    Are you guys sure this Homely the obscure copied anybody’s style?
    I don’t recall anybody in this ‘business’ looks as frumpy, saggy, chunky and stupid.

  • Billie

    She really is nothing to look at. And I agree…get those damn teeth fixed!

  • @Why

    I agree, because this homely don’t have personality that’s why she always copied other celebrity as CULT #7 said.

  • joi

    I don’t think her “STYLE” is the problem here. It is her “BODY TYPE”… she has long-skinny upper body, and short-wide lower body, that is why she looks kind of…. bad.

  • Susie#1

    Jared, why are you showing pictures of Katie Holmes? People aren’t really interested. She seems to have two expressions: Dull, robotic I’m-a-Star stare, and her sideways smirk-smile. The tongue-in-the-teeth smile is a very non-flattering version of the smirk-smile. As others are saying, why hasn’t she done something to fix her teeth? As always, she looks unwashed and sloppy.

  • blah

    Kates a pretty girl, but she l ooks older than her age lately. Im not sure if she is unhappy or maybe stressed

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Her smiles seem fake and forced, tthe other pictures reveal her treu mood

  • Yesss

    I am not sure where is the hate coming from.
    1. Is it because Katie Holmes is Tom Cruise’ wife? – jealousy?
    2. Is it because she is a scientologist? But this is America, so what?!
    3. Is it because she is not a knock-out beauty? but there are other women in hollywood who are not knock-out beauty?
    4. Is it because she’s not an award winning actress? But so what?Jennifer Aniston is not and yet adored by many.
    5. Is it because she chooses to hang out with Suri? But so what? How many of you here actually have a social life?
    6. Is it because she doesn’t dress well? Oh well…she’s from Toledo, Ohio….nuff said.
    7. She is Tom Cruise wife so get over it! Some women just get “lucky”

  • @Yesss

    I don’t hate Katie Holmes, but I definitely don’t like her.

    I could care less who she marries.

    Yes, Scientology is a problem for me. It is a CULT, not a religion. And it hurts people, takes our tax dollars as an approved religion, and is NOT accountable to any one. Say what you like about the Catholic church–but they are being held to the fire for centuries of ignorance and abuse and so they should be. But Scientology is not. Their members are abused. If they leave they are ostracized and abused. Scientology charges members for everything and they demand that members take courses, buy phoney lie/audit detectors for way inflated prices. So her being a member smacks of stupidity.

    I don’t care that she is not a knock out beauty. With make up she is. What I do find offensive is her sense of style–she has none. That would be okay, but she frequently wears clothes that are wrinkled and sometimes stained or dirty. Ditto on the hair. Shows a remarked lack of respect for her fans and herself. If she can’t respect her own personal beauty by being clean and neat, why should I respect her?

    She is not an award winning actress because she can’t act and has deserved her razzies and non-nominations. Aniston has won emmys for TV, but not a whole lot for Big Screen because she doesn’t do well on big screen. Katie should go back to TV because she is also not a big screen actress. And without her marriage to Cruise she would not be getting the parts she is getting.

    Who cares that she hangs out with Suri? It is the pimping of the child that bothers me and others. If you know NYC–there are many ways she could move more freely about with Suri without a pap entourage. She certainly does in LA unless you think the weeks we don’t see the child that she is locked in her crazy father’s compound??? There are also weeks we don’t see her in NYC? Again is she locked up in Xenu jail? No. Katie doesn’t want to be seen those weeks so she manages to do things without alerting the paps.

    Again, don’t mind that she doesn’t dress for her body type and age, but do mind the wrinkles, the dirtiness, and carelessness with her clothes. Again, if she doesn’t respect herself, why should I.

    And as to lucky being married to Cruise? HA HA HA. Poor girl. She rarely looks happy anymore even when she is with him. She used to glow and smile those big smiles. Now she doesn’t. She often has that little side snarky thing she does with her lip.

    And Yesss–if this were the Brange or JLo/Marc or Afflleck/Garner et al–the rags and blogs would be blowing steam big time about divorce, separation etc. due to the lack of togetherness the couple has shown. Unfortunately Cruise is extremely litigious and they are all probably afraid to say what the posters on many blogs are saying as well as many blind vices–splitsville. All is not happy in Xenu land.

    I also dislike her because of her interviews. She gives intelligent women everywhere a bad name. Her vocabulary is limited, she sounds like she is on drugs as they all say the same thing–magickal, awesome, wonderful. There has not been one interview with this bimbo brain that has had any substance at all. Even the folks at Vanity Fair said they were amazed at what a ditz she was.

    Does that answer your questions?

  • ++Logan++

    oh be quiet, katie hasn’t gained any weight, she looks fantastic

  • beeeeeep

    check out this thread and scroll down. Suri likes her nanny more than she likes katie

  • Pac Man

    You don’t know them to say that, #3!

    You can’t copy a style, #17.

    Obviously people are interested since these threads are always hits, #22.

    It’s because she’s a Scientologist and married to a one too, #25.

    What’s to pimp, #26? Holmes is famous enough and a little girl that doesn’t do anything can’t help with PR and it hasn’t worked. Either Holmes is a moron for continuing this ‘plan’ or she just doesn’t care and is doing what she feels like doing raising her kid. Suri Cruise probably hasn’t been seen much lately because she’s been in her home most of the time.

    Why are you holding anyone’s bad acting against them? How do you know that Cruise is the only reason she’s getting roles? And how can you hold someone’s religious beliefs against them? She can believe in whatever nonsense she wants to believe in.

    You hate her because of how she doesn’t care about her clothes? It isn’t a sign of a lack of self-respect; it’s a sign of her not being materialistic and a working mom. And even if she didn’t, why do you care? It’s stupid. (Jennifer Garner gets the same flack. It’s idiotic.)

    You don’t know her or how happy she is in her marriage.

    How can she give intelligent women a bad name if you don’t consider her intelligent in the first place?! And it’s silly to dislike a person because of that. You don’t have to read her interviews and she has no effect on your life whatsoever.(When did Vanity Fair say that? Link me.)

    You’re actually naive enough to think that the tabloids are scared of making divorce accusations about TomKat despite the fact they’ve done it before in the past AND that TomKat is splitting up after constant claims for 5 years now? No. You’re not naive/ You’re just a straight-up moron.

    Those pictures insinuate no such thing, #28.

  • peter

    That smile she does, biting her tongue and wrinkling up her nose — is really not very pleasant to look at, at all.

  • little cockroach

    not much make up, no hair extensions or false eyelashes no boob jobs or botox, no red carpet fashion, no plunging necklines to distract from not so good attributes—————just out of curiousity of course.

  • annie

    I have always found her a very pretty girl in every way, and in every movie. When she gets dresssed up I always think she is very stunning. I like that she takes risks in her dress and chooses very different styles, whether they work or not, a lot of actresses don’t , most actresses keep the same look for years and years, every day her hair is different, down , pony tail, a variety of up hair, I like that.
    I don’t hold it against her , that she is in scientology, but I truly think most of you here have a problem with that …..big time., but you are not honest enough to admit it.
    I would like to think that her marriage is good, so until they actually seperate, there is no point saying otherwise. Everyone is seperating at the moment, this is Hollywood, you never quite know what is real and what is not anyway.
    Everyone she has ever worked with , has always said the best things about her , co stars, producers , directors, especially Kevin Williamson, the creator of Dawsons and the guy that wrote Teaching Mrs Tingle for her, and Diane Wies from All My Sons.
    As mother myself I appreciate the places she takes Suri and the time she spends with her, a child needs more than kindy everyday, she introduces her to so many new things.
    I must admit I get the shivers over some of your comments, paticularly when some of you rearrange truths to suit your selves.
    I have liked Katie since Dawsons. She is and has always been a private person, but for the past few years has been thrown in the public arena, where every part of her life is disected and talked about .
    I like Katie, I have followed her for many years, and will continue to do so, I also think she is very genuine. I’m not easily taken in by a lot of actors and actresses, because they never stop acting, but I think she is different, in every way.

  • Jokergurl

    At least she’s getting back into movies, she does well with an ensemble (The Gift, Wonderboys) she’s not the worst actress out there, she doesn’t always choose the best parts though. I still think of her as Joey from Dawson’s Creek, and I loved that show, I have nothing against Katie, now Tom, well he’s put his foot in his mouth too many times in the past three years for my taste ( not to mention leaped on too many unsuspecting couches)

  • Josh

    When she bites her tongue, and wrinkles her nose she is at her happiest!

  • batshit crazy

    New pics- Suri on her own in front of paps …in a nightgown:

  • Why

    And in the picture, the feral child in her nighties was holding tightly a lipgloss!!! What’s up with that?

    That feral child looked just like a frail old lady in some nursing home.

  • @pac man

    You can deny all you want, but you are definitely a cult plant on this thread.

  • Twatlight

    @batshit crazy: I think they need to change the name of the site to free suri

  • Anne

    She is so so cute smiling like that with her toungue